Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Went to Otis, CO (population 534) Monday on an assignment and failed to find the property. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Gad, I hate to fail!

The address was on Fourth Avenue. I ended up checking every house that had an address number (many didn’t) and every mailbox on the entire miserable Avenue from West to East.  Used both map programs on my tablet. Neither agreed with the other.  OK, went over the railroad tracks and checked all the streets on the South side. Finally said, “Fuck this!”

Otis is just one of many dying towns on the High Plains. Located on Highway 34 that runs from Estes Park, CO to Wray, CO, Otis is between two towns that are not dying, Yuma to the East and Akron to the West. That is not to say both are booming, but are stable. Beyond me why.

Akron is an interesting little town. It was started by the railroad solely because it is the highest point between Chicago and Denver. Well known to pilots, there is a nearby VOR and a 7,000’ runway. The hilltops are a jungle of communication towers.

The area was the scene of several significant battles during the late 1800’s Indian Wars. One needs to look but you can find some interesting geology in the area.

I like exploring the area in the spring but not when it is 10° with a 50 mph North wind.

Mostly I hate ending the year with a failure. Yes, I’m my harshest critic. In truth, other than my sister, I don’t give a rat’s ass for most people’s opinion.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Last One Standing UPDATE

My sister called today to let me know our last uncle passed away today. 

Chuck Wyatt, Mills, WY was nearly 95 and still productive. About ten minutes before an aneurism took him, he was reworking his walker.

 He leaves a daughter and three grandsons. His wife preceding him in death about ten years ago and a son, felled by a stroke and left disabled, died two years ago. They lost a girl as an infant.

My youngest aunt was a teen when her mother died leaving her an orphan.   Chuck and Kathleen took her in and she graduated high school while living with them.

Born and raised in Moffat County, CO, he was a WWII vet. My sister describes him as the finest human being you ever met and I certainly don’t disagree.

He was always a “blue collar” worker; a self taught jack of all trades, and was known to be utterly reliable.

An early memory of mine was his propane fueled car. He worked for a propane distributor and had a sideline converting vehicles to run on propane.

Come this May we will all gather at the old homestead during the Sombrero Horse Drive weekend to inter his cremains  in the private family cemetery.

My hope is only his cremains will be interred. My sister and I are down to two aunts, both in their 80’s.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Well, That Sucks

Last night it seemed this storm would miss us. Not so. Plans for the day are changed.

On the upside, my new Service(d) dog was enjoying himself this morning like a trust fund skier in fresh powder. He is the dog, I’m the service. An exuberant 65 lb. Lab pulling on his leash can be daunting when you are on snowpack.

Social Skills

Two days ago the women who gather for morning “coffee” in the common area informed me they are to be called, “The Ladies of The Round Table”, and not the , “Coven”. My innocent question, “Is this the Coven’s unanimous position”, received a frosty reception.


Speaking of things that suck, our ultra (P)regressive Governor issued eight pardons to mark the holiday’s including one illegal immigrant who has spent years living in sanctuary churches.

That takes care of the state charges. Good luck with ICE!

The rest? Shrug here, as I’m not familiar with the facts, and not really interested. I do have an opinion on murders. As long as they are breathing air and taking nourishment, and their victims cannot, let them rot.

Meanwhile, the (P)regressives have not been idle.

Former Governor and wanna be Presidential candidate, John WishyWashy, keeps stepping on his peepee.

and more and more. Wonder who he managed to piss off?

Local Scandal?
Inquiring minds want to know.


A common Colorado story. Often involves Californians.

Other Texans not welcome.


What a fucked up goat roping circus! Hope it bites the (P)regressives in the ass come the next Congressional elections.

Oh Well

For the readers who have made it this far, I apologize for the lack of anything remotely profound. The Muse has been AWOL for several days and events have only caused irritation instead of outrage.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Memory

Out on a long walk with the dog, he was in need of a rest, so I took a seat on a big landscape rock and watched a neighborhood scene unfold. Two kids received a pedal go-cart for Christmas. They, along with Dad and Granddad were trying it out on the sidewalk. Mom and the family dog soon joined them. There was joy and happiness on display.

Nothing out of the ordinary. That scene is being played out coast to coast but it put a smile on my face and brought back a 35+ year memory of my youngest son and his “Big Wheel”.

We lived on a ¾ mile street with no side streets. That kid wore out two Big Wheels tearing up and down the street. In that more tolerant time, the neighbors enjoyed watching him go.

The dog needed a rest? That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Merry Christmas to all you Christian readers, and the joy of the season to all. May your days be blessed.

Sunday, December 22, 2019


We are never too old to learn and to share new experiences. This was brought home to me this morning when a favorite leather glove was pinned to the bulletin board. Seems I had dropped it in the parking lot and some resident found it. Another put it on the bulletin board. A small thing to be sure but it set me to thinking.

This 90 unit 62+ Senior Housing unit started filling up a year ago. Since then, we residents have become a community. For me, it has been an adjustment, having been a “lone wolf” for many, many years.

With an average age of 70+ residents, it is not surprising we lose one a month on the average. Aid cars parked in the Porte-cochere are a too common sight.  Walkers, wheelchairs, canes, and portable oxygen are just part of the ambiance.

Acquiring the dog has lead to many small changes in my life. He needs to go out four times a day, and I’m getting a lot of exercise as a result. The other changes are my interactions with other residents. The dog lovers all want to pet him. Many want to give him treats. The dog soaks it all up.

Many residents are dirt poor. I’m one a handful of residents who pay full rent. These people tend to be lonely and withdrawn. The way they open up and start smiling when they see Banner, the dog, is amazing. Going through the lobby and common areas, we must stop and let them pet him. It warms me to see their smiles and enjoyment. I’ve become far more social as I chat with those petting the dog. A good thing for me, I believe.

Like any community, clicks form. One group I call The Coven (and I call them this to their faces) gather for coffee in the common area which has a kitchen. One always has treats for the dog and the damned beast can’t wait to see her. A 65 lb Lab can pull mighty hard on a leash, I’m here to say. While he is being loved on, others in the group try to bust my balls with verbal skills honed over the years doing the same to husbands.

Gathered in the lobby is the click who doesn’t like The Coven. The lobby has a coffee bar. One of them always has treats for the dog.

Other residents don’t join either click but have dogs and we end up talking.

Around each of the holidays a potluck lunch is held and I usually find myself helping, that is to say, being bossed around by the ladies.

To date, I’ve avoided any “romantic” involvements. There is one resident who might change that as I am attracted. Mutual? Time will tell.

A Senior Housing situation wasn’t my first choice. I was content with the apartment I had until they didn’t fix my a/c for an entire summer then raised my rent $145 a month. I feel fortunate to have this place which will serve until I can execute COLOEXIT. The biggest regret is no carport or garage.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Thanksgiving Surprise

Skilled photographers impress me with their ability to capture moments and convey emotions.

Recently my daughter in law emailed pictures taken Thanksgiving by her friend who then introduced my late son’s photograph into the picture. Took me aback for a moment. So appropriate, that he is still watching over them from the other side.

She has two children from a previous relations ship and he had two. Together they had another son.

 Soon after they became a family her children asked me what they should call me.

“You can call me whatever you want”, was my reply.

“Can we call you Grandpa?”

“Sure can”, was my response, with a big grin. Been Grandpa every since.

Admiration for my daughter in law is off the charts. The way she has dealt with the loss of her husband, and kept on keeping on, vindicates my son’s good sense in marring her. I say this even though she refers to me as, “Grumpy Old Bastard”.

Yep, she isn’t easily fooled!

Thursday, December 19, 2019


This impeachment business has enough nuisances to leave me befuddled. As I understand it, the House of Representatives passed a “resolution”. They still need to vote on, and send to the Senate, the actual impeachment. In other words, a two step process.

Pelosi had a press conference where she said that won’t happen until she and the (P)regressive leadership are assured of a “fair trial” by the Senate.

So what is going to happen?

The (P)regressives must believe the  ongoing bullshit will help them and weaken President Trump. Mark Levin says it is to prevent President Trump from appointing another Supreme Court Justice before the 2020 election. Is Ruthy about to croak?

My guess is the Democrats haven’t anything concrete to run on, nothing that they can claim as an accomplishment, so their strategy in 2020 will be a constant drum roll of “impeachment, he was impeached, he is illegitimate”, and on and on. This will be the talking points of their syncopate allies, the American Media Maggots (h/t BZ).

Both groups will be praying for, and trying to trigger, an economic downturn.

Unless the Deep State can get to McConnell, he will continue to tell Pelosi to pack sand. She probably thinks she is in a win/win situation. She gets her “fair trial” or she can pontificate about the evil Republicans.

Yes, we have no bananas today. Give the (P)regressives what they want and we will have bananas, a Banana Republic.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Too Much?

The ladies in our Senior Apartments seem to be competing decorating Christmas trees. This is on the 3rd floor where I live.

My contribution? I put it together, erected it, and hooked up the electricity. Then, coward that I am, I got the hell out of the way.

For my taste, the tree has too much on it, and the ladies aren't finished! 

So I look at and say, "Wow!" That is not a hill I'm ready to die on.

The No Brainer Masterpiece

For ten years Ford produced and sold the best no brainer car on the market, the Tempo.

There are many people who don’t like cars but need one. They want ease of use, cheap to buy, cheap to operate, and stove bolt reliability. That was the Tempo! Turn the key, put it in gear, and drive away. 

I sold scores of Tempos. Not a high profit item, they padded my monthly numbers to push into bonus country. Three or so Escorts, four Tempos, a couple of Taurus and several F-150/F2-50s would push a months earnings into the $7,500-$10,000 range. Loved that car!

What prompted this post was the following:

Which brings me to my favorite Tempo memory. A customer walked in one day. A 4’6” totally androgynous human, she identified herself as “Angel”, a resident of Unalaska (Dutch Harbor) Alaska. She had exactly $10,000 to spend and her other, inflexible requirements, was 4wd and new, no used. She had been shopping for two days all along the Seattle corridor.

In a few hours she was the owner of a blue AWD Tempo. We were able to fit in Ziebart  rust protection and a decent undercoating while staying in her price envelope. Off it went to a barge destined for Dutch Harbor.

We never heard back from her but I’ve often wondered how the Tempo fared in Dutch Harbor.

The European Modendo, sold here as the Contour, replaced the Tempo. Whatever the qualities of the Contour, it was not a no brainer and was far more money. The Tempo buyer types soon looked elsewhere.

About that time the FCC started requiring dealers to disclose the capitalization costs of leases. My store, about 14-20 in nationwide volume, was the #1 Ford Red Carpet Lease store in the country for 14 straight years. Seeing the handwriting writ large, I took my happy ass off to the best used car operation in the area.

Many readers of this blog are smart, or think they are. Whatever, the one truism of the car biz that never changes is, “Bore and Stroke”.

Down payment and monthly payment.

The true cash buyer is extremely rare. The smarter ones have shopped for financing, bank or credit union, and have a loan commitment in their pocket. They call themselves, “cash buyers”. No Bubba, you are not but I can probably get you in and out in a couple of hours. That works for me so I will play your game, almost to the end.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Facebook Humor

Swiped this from a David Dye post.

Dave is an interesting man. Now in his mid seventies, he is a successful and, probably, wealthy used truck dealer.

A tough juvenile semi literate delinquent, he joined the Marine Corps as a teenager and credits the Corps with turning his life around. Now suffering from COPD, he straps on oxygen and goes snowmobiling at 10,000’ ASL.

I’m proud he considers me a friend. We have done business over the years on a handshake or verbal commitment over the phone.   

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Red Flag Law

Coming in the New Year is the (P)regressive passed and made into law the “Red Flag Law”. IMO,  part of their ongoing effort to disarm all of us Deplorables.

I found this article in our local rag informative.

I am more comfortable with what will happen, at least in my immediate vicinity, by the well reasoned responses by the two who will be faced with enforcing it, our Chief of Police and our County Sheriff.

The nut cutting will happen when a judge’s order is not carried out.  The judges will not sit quietly if their power is challenged. While they, in theory, face the voters the reality is once they are in, they are in. Rarely has any judge been voted out in Colorado.

Since I’ve lost all my firearms in a tragic boating accident, I shouldn’t be affected. While it is true I’m bat shit crazy, I’m no threat to the physical safety of anyone.  Other’s tender feelings are a different matter.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Old Aphorisms

Bet a few will make you smile.

A short, pointed sentence that expresses a wise or clever observation: 

1. The nicest thing about the future is that it always starts tomorrow.

2 Money will buy a fine dog but only kindness will make him wag his tail.

3. If you don't have a sense of humour you probably don't have any sense at all.

4. Seat belts are not as confining as wheelchairs. 
5. A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you're in deep water.

6. How come it takes so little time for a child who is afraid of the dark to become a teenager who wants to stay out all night?

7. Business conventions are important because they demonstrate how many people a company  can operate without.

8. Why is it that at class reunions you feel younger than everyone else looks?

9. Stroke a cat and you will have a permanent job.

10.  No one has more driving ambition than the teenage boy who wants to buy a car.

11. There are no new sins; the old ones just get more publicity.

12. There are worse things than getting a call for a wrong number at 4 a.m - for example, it could be the right number.

13. No one ever says "It's only a game" when their team is winning.

14. I've reached the age where 'happy hour' is a nap.

15. Be careful about reading the fine print - there's no way you're going to like it.

16. The trouble with bucket seats is that not everybody has the same size bucket.

17. Do you realize that, in about 40 years, we'll have thousands of old ladies running around with tattoos?

18. Money can't buy happiness but somehow it's more comfortable to cry in a Cadillac than in a Ford.

19. After 70, if you don't wake up aching in every joint, you're probably dead.

20. Always be yourself because the people who matter don't mind and the ones who mind don't matter.

21. Life isn't tied with a bow but it's still a gift.

Monday, December 9, 2019


Our community is made better by volunteers and the programs they support. One is the Community Grief Center, the subject of a past blog.

Last night was a third annual fundraiser, “Lights of Hope”.

Cut out of the snow is the word “Hope”. The candles are being placed within the letters.

Around two hundred people came.

My sister is one of the board members so I was there in support of her along with being a donor and a beneficiary of the Center’s Programs after the death of my youngest son last March.

During a Veterans Day event I helped her man a booth.

How bleak would our communities be without volunteers supporting hundreds of programs and events?

My sister has been a board member of Salud for many years. From a clinic in a small Weld County town where migrant farm workers could receive basic care, it has grown into a dynamic organization.

It should be pointed out my sister has never, ever, received monetary compensation, other than expenses, for any of her volunteer work.

My respect for volunteers of all types is off the charts.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

A Dog Life

 Amazes me, it does, how this dog has altered my life. His needs have completely changed my routine, for the better.

He doesn’t bark, ignores the comings and goings outside my apartment door, hasn’t had an “accident” and hasn’t chewed on anything other than his dog toy. We have had a strong discussion regarding the trash can. Much to my surprise, he hasn’t touched it since.

Being a Lab, he is always interested in food and comes to the kitchen even if I am just getting a cup of coffee. The old cliché, “No five second rule when you have a two second dog”, certainly applies.

Riding in the back seat of the car is no problem and he seems to be content even after two or three hours. The seat in the Mighty Max is a little on the small side for the two of us but he copes. It is a challenge shifting with his head on my right thigh.

In this building there is a group of women, divorced or widowed, who gather in the common area each morning for coffee and gossip. They are middle school “mean girls” grown old. In the lobby area is another group who don’t get along with the “mean girls”. Both groups like the dog so we run a gauntlet going and coming.

In passing, I should mention the “mean girls” enjoy busting my balls at every opportunity. I enjoy giving it right back at them. Happily, I’m not married to any of them.

Life has a way of keeping you humble. I replaced my autistic son’s cell phone with a smart phone. I sent him the picture atop this post. His response, “Dad, you don’t have any hair”.

He likes his kennel and will retire to it at the end of the day. Companion  dog?
“You’re on your own Bubba. I’m done for the day”.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Financial Fantasy

Impeachment, elections, Donkeys or Elephants, will it really matter? When will all this debt overwhelm us?

Discussing a real estate boom in Steamboat springs, CO during the early 1970’s with my late father gave me some food for thought that has never faded. He explained mortgages were being exchanged but no “hard dollars” were involved. He said, and he was proven correct, there would be a collapse.

Old NFO’s blog, Nobody Asked Me ,  https://oldnfo.org/  has some interesting side bars. One I read today in particular struck a nerve, https://accordingtohoyt.com/ where she talks about aging and shrinking populations and the financial positions of our younger people.

Another blogger, http://www.kimdutoit.com/2019/12/02/it-aint-that/ had an observation I find relevant.

My opinion is that young people aren’t interested in cars for two reasons:
·         They all look the same.  (I’ve ranted and raved about this situation so many times, I’m starting to bore myself.)
·         New cars cost too much, and youngins don’t have the cash to buy them — hence the popularity of the “no-car” ownership and Uber.

Looking at the financial situation of younger people, I don’t see a bright future for them.

Under President Trump the economy has taken off, jobs have been created, and capital investments are being made. At the same time, debt has soared. So the question I ask myself is where the “hard dollars” are and who has them?

Please understand after the eight retched Lightbringer years, our situation is far better, IMO. Is it sustainable?

As a private citizen, President Trump has a long string of bankrupt business endeavors. Will he bankrupt the country? Who will get shafted? Does he have that mindset as President?

In my thirties I was hustled hard to buy Icelandic bonds that were paying 13% interest. The country defaulted, but still functions as a country. I declined the opportunity, yeah me, while at the same time I worked with a man whose father was the stockbroker for the first issue of Microsoft on the Spokane Stock Exchange. I declined that opportunity, boo me!

As a country we have defaulted, under the Lightbringer, so there is a precedent. I don’t claim to understand all of this but try to get some glimmer of what is coming. More boom, or a big bust?

The bright side is, Shillary wasn’t elected, or we would already have answers to some of my questions.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Not One Dime More

The National Rifle Association and I have a one sided on again/off again relationship.

Their range master programs and safety programs are admirable. If there was a way to support those, and nothing else I would be in.

When President Trump took office, the GOP controlled both the House and Senate. If ever a time existed to pass a National Reciprocity act that was the time. Didn’t happen.

What the NRA seems very good at is flooding my email inbox with fund raising appeals and dire warnings. Way too much “Chicken Little”.

Seems to me the people running the NRA day to day are part of the insular elite crowd infesting our National Capitol (and surrounding exurbs). Their greatest achievement is living well off the patriotic impulses of their countryman. They can do so without any contribution from me.

The Gun Owners of America do get a few bucks from me. While there is a lot of “Chicken Little” in their broadsides, they do actually get things done  while operating from a place that makes the Peoples Republic of Boulder look conservative.

As usual, YMMV.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Perfect Storm

Nasty weather the past few days with 50 mph winds yesterday afternoon. The adults dig out while the kids on Thanksgiving break enjoy themselves. A perfect storm with perfect timing for them.

For adults, not so much fun.

We should have a two to three day window of  decent weather until the next system rolls in.


Wyoming was shut down for two days and is just now digging out. 


Nebraska didn't escape. See Prairie Adventure.


The shuttle bus route I quit at the end of October was closed yesterday (CO 292, CO14, CO77). So glad I'm not out driving in this weather. I've been a licensed driver now for 61 years. There isn't many road conditions I haven't seen. Maybe Musk Oxen migrations is still on the list.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Wuss Dog?

Wuss dog? Nasty out tonight, snowing and cold as we went for his “constitutional”. He knows where all the doors are and tonight wanted to go to them.

Sorry, no pictures. Me or the camera, I’m not sure but all were blurred.

Check out DR JIM’s blog for more on our storms. He is about 20 miles from me but Front Range weather varies mile to mile.

The East/West Interstate corridors have seen tough conditions. I-80 in Wyoming has been closed off and on. I-70 was closed from Kansas to near Denver and the mountain passes by rock slides and avalanches. So glad I’m no longer a road warrior.

The storm tonight is supposed to clear by late Sunday with Monday forecasted to be clear. Hope so, a client has given me an assignment in NE Colorado they want done “immediately”. I told them I’m not driving in High Plains blizzards, period. Turns out the “immediate” was somewhat flexible. (Which means all the other agents in the area declined).

The dog is being spoiled by the female residents. Petting, treats, cooing, etc. There is a coffee klatch group in the common area every morning plotting conspiracies against the management and generally acting like middle school mean girls. The dog sees them and pulls hard on the leash to go over where they fawn on him and give him treats.

Then it is off to the lobby and the elevators where the other ladies who don’t like the mean girls gather. More attention to the dog.

My thought was the mutt would be my wingman.  Hah! I’m his wingman.

My policy is getting along with everyone and avoiding clicks.

Three days ago did the fall on ice maneuver.  Cracked a rib high in my chest under the pectoral muscle. All I can do is cowboy up. The miscellaneous bruises are already healing but I think the rib will take a couple of weeks.

Did some business today with the local Cricket cell phone store. Black Friday, and their entire computer system went down. Bet some IT people need to update their resumes.

Had a nice Thanksgiving meal with some friends. Sisty is off to Reno to see her daughter and grandkids. Her grandson, a high school senior, is a good football player. His team plays the semi-final State Championship game  tomorrow. I’ve set aside bail money for his mother and Sisty. They get a bit intense.

UPDATE: Wyoming is getting hammered.


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Double Damn Damn

Icy parking lot, not paying attention and boom, down on my left side. Had to crawl over to a vehicle to pull myself to my feet.

Nothing broken but it will be a four aspirin and shot of whiskey night.

Was there an audience? Of course. I was on my way to “assist” one of the comely female resident’s clear snow and ice off her car. Age 75, and the damn little head still does a lot of thinking.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Readers of this blog know I’m enamored with steam locomotives. Today the UP 4014 Big Boy came through town on its way home to Cheyenne after the Southwest tour.

Let a pesky winter storm keep me away? I think not.

Monday, November 25, 2019

That's Different

When you go to a U-Pull auto salvage yard, perhaps the last thing you expect to find are showcases filled with museum quality model airplanes, ships, and the odd locomotive. Most are military with a preponderance of  WW II types.

The owner of the business makes them. His employees say that he doesn’t watch TV, just works on models at night. My understanding is the ones on display in the lobby are a fraction of what is in his home.

Interesting, the things one runs across.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Senior Employment

Working at age 75 is challenging. First, finding something to do, and second, finding someone to hire you.  The third issue is physically being able to do the work.

Right out of the Army I got a job working on a core drill. We had a three man crew, the driller, helper, and water truck driver. Damn hard physical work. We had an old man driving the water truck. He wouldn’t admit to his age but he was probably in his 80’s. Watching him, I realized he never moved until he needed to, never picked up drill stem higher than necessary, and conserved him strength. I never forgot the lesson I learned from him. It didn’t matter in my younger years but now it does.

This past summer I worked driving a shuttle bus hauling water truck drivers out to the producing oil fields in Northern Weld County. Quit when winter came. I didn’t feel up to driving two lane roads with no shoulders in Colorado blizzards.

For the past 18 months I have been acting as a “collection agent” delivering dun letters to people behind on their mortgages. Paid on a per job basis. Very much part time work.

When the shit hit the fan in 2002 and banks quit lending money for car loans, I fell back on my younger skill sets in the construction field, inspecting and securing houses abandoned by their owners. The collapse of the subprime mortgage business coupled with George II’s economy kept me busy. This continued under the Lightbringer’s inept presidency.

Recently a company I did work for back then contacted me. I’m currently going through their HR’s torturous road. Assume I survive the journey; the job is a simple inspection for insurance companies. Simple, yes, but convoluted. Sketches, measurements, photographs and the use of computer programs (me weakest skill) are all part of the process not to mention finding the property in the first place. Yeah, Magellan!

I’m asked why I don’t get back into sales. Simply, I don’t want that much interaction with people. Yes, my daughter-in-law’s label GOB (Grumpy Old Bastard) is apt. Being a WalMart greeter/loss prevention isn’t for me.

I don’t need to work, financially, but I enjoy getting out and about and solving problems.  The problem, while I don’t care about age, my body does. It reminds me frequently. Oh well, so long as I’m breathing air and taking nourishment, I’ll keep on keeping on.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Dog Report

The dog is settling in nicely. Doesn’t bark, rarely whines, and has shown no aggression to any person or animal.

Something I put on Facebook:

Pet training.
Wake up, petting session. Walk, do business, check PMail. Breakfast. More petting. Nice nap. Wake up, nice drink from water bowl, more petting. Frank's training is coming along nicely.

He has become the building’s pet. Whenever we pass through the public area we stop for pats. Not everyone cares to remember my name but they all know his.

He does well riding in the car. I’ve let him off the leash a few times in dog parks and he seems willing to come back to me when called (after awhile - he is a Lab). He is not a fan of my truck as the seat is on the small size for him.

We are walking three to four times a day and I feel myself getting 1. Stronger and 2. 75 years old. My weight loss is happening faster now. My annual physical is in two weeks and I’m hoping my chart goes from morbidly obese to just obese.

All in all, I think I’ve won the adopt a dog lottery.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Commander in Chief

When was the last time a Commander in Chief fired a General or Admiral? Truman and MacArthur?

Now we see where the Presidential pardons and the restoration of Chief Gallagher’s rank has the top military in an uproar.  Seems the top SEAL dude, one Rear Admiral Collin Green, is kicking Gallagher out of the SEALS and is going after some very junior officers.

I don’t understand just how SEALS qualifications and retention works – not in my wheelhouse to paraphrase Nutty Nancy, but the Commander in Chief has spoken. Case closed.

The upper ranks are infested with Obama administration lackeys. They are very much part of the Deep State. A cleaning is needed. Perhaps the Commander in Chief should start by firing Green.

I’m not including the retired generals and admirals that President Trump has fired. They lost whatever protection they enjoyed by accepting civilian positions.

IMO, President Trump needs to make it crystal clear he won’t tolerate any “Seven Days in May” bullshit.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Improvised Lethal Weapons

DISCLAIMER: This post is politically incorrect, racist, speaks to harsh truths, and is not for snowflakes or those easily offended. Think of it this way. You can walk around dog shit. You don’t need to step in it.

The USA  Armed Forces during the 1960’s and 1970’s were full of racial strife and barracks could be dangerous places.  Mid 60’s when I served, in Germany, most of the strife came from black soldiers. White soldiers probably knew all the people in their units and maybe a handful from other units. The blacks seemingly knew every other black soldier from all  nearby units.

There was a lot of intimidation going on. I, being a contrary asshole, wouldn’t be intimidated. When the blacks were gathered around the front entrance, the white soldiers would use a basement entrance. I didn’t.

“Chuck motherfucker, you going to get yours”, I would hear walking past a group. My response was to invite the speaker to, “Come try, cocksucker”.

Let me add here I was too selfish to get involved with any “white power” bullshit or cliques. I operated on the basis of getting along with everyone. However, fuck with me and I will fuck you up! (Come to think of it, I’m still that way).

A word here about Army bunks that will make sense a little later.* You had your sheets and two blankets. One blanket and the sheets were tucked in.  When made up, you best be able to bounce a coin on the blanket. To achieve this, all the sheets and the blanket were pulled tight under the mattress. The second blanket was the “dust cover”, folder into a rectangle and placed over the pillow with three sides tucked in (sides, top). Most soldiers slipped under the blanket and top sheet. Fine, but damn difficult to extract yourself quickly.

I slept on top of my tucked in blanket using my second blanket, the dust cover, for warmth. Not cozy, or very warm, but I wasn’t pinned. I also slept with my entrenching tool, unsheathed. Many soldiers were assaulted in their bunks and I took the threats I heard to heart.

At this point I was assigned to a small room with two other soldiers. One night both had guard duty so I was alone in the room. Around 0200, three black soldiers burst in the room and ran towards my bunk. They met my entrenching tool. My hours of bayonet drill in basic training weren’t wasted. All survived after prolong hospital stays and surgical procedures. I got a few lumps and a cut across my ribs.

The shit hit the fan. Turns out all three weren’t even from our Kaserne but one several clicks down the road. I did get a glimpse of our unit agitator as he ran away. Assumption was he was their guide.

Nothing of a legal nature came my way and I was never called to testify in any court martial. At that point I was a “Short Timer” and rotated Stateside about ten weeks later.

Nothing more happened to me and the threats died away. I still continued my sleeping arrangement.

We spent about half the year “in the field” living in tents. In the field we seldom had any friction. Garrison was a different story. Alcohol and communist agitators fueled a lot of the troubles.

Almost any tool can become an improvised weapon. The Soviets in particular consider their stout entrenching tool to be an essential weapon and train how to use it. In my situation, it was the only “weapon” we were allowed to keep. Rifles and bayonets were locked in the arms room and anything bigger than a pocket knife was verboten. That policy was rigorously enforced.

Adapt and survive.

*Making a rack. Current, but some things hardly change.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Specific Need verses Utility

Shot shell handguns? A recent article started a memory thought process.

My late great friend, Dirty Al Imhoff, was not stranger to firearms, or using them. After leaving Army Special Forces, he worked for awhile in Africa for a unit who sported an Osprey symbol.

His health and eyesight failing, we discussed self defense options. He still had hand and arm strength. The critical need was defense inside his 40’ Prevost motor home parked in the Arizona desert. The secondary need was in his car. After some talk, he settled on two handguns. First, a Taurus Judge. He was sure he could score hits from his bedroom in the rear to the entrance in the front.

 The car handgun was a Bond Arms derringer in .45 Long Colt. Top barrel loaded with a .45 Long Colt and the bottom with a shot shell. He decided any action in and around his car would be at bad breath range.

Given his background, I wasn’t surprised he practiced with both on a regular basis and had acquired some interesting .410 loads.

He never had to put them to their intended use. Per the coroner, he died from a blow to his temple area caused by fainting and striking a countertop corner.

To the point of all this. Most of us look for versatility in our firearms. There are times when getting something to fill a specific and defined task is more appropriate. Only you can decide which way to go.


What has ridden in the passenger footwell of every vehicle I've owned since  around 1973.

And what rides in the center console of Sisty's F-150.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Don't Do The Crime. You Will Do The Time.

The community and area I live in is still old school when it comes to violent crime.

The sheriff is a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment and is of the Peace Officer mentality rather than a “Cop”. He won’t put up with unprofessional behavior.

The City Chief is of the same mind. Be a professional, or be gone.

The local rag does take community safety seriously.

They catch flak from the local (P)regressives. We are home to a teachers college, excuse me, university.

So far the Denver and Adams County rot hasn’t spread to us.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A Dog Life

Going into week three with the dog. We seem to be bonding and he seems to be settling in to his new home.

He is well behaved. Doesn’t bark. Hasn’t shown the slightest aggression towards other animals or people. He gets very excited around children.

Many of the residents love him and he gets lots of pets and treats as we move around the common areas. He seems to lift the spirits of some of the residents.

He loves car rides and is well behaved. So far, his potty training has held up with zero incidents within the apartment. It is a requirement to pick up after him outside and I can tell you he is a two bag dumper.

I feel fortunate to have him.