Saturday, April 29, 2023

Aimless Wandering Post


Did Hell Freeze Over?

I have something to applaud Emperor Polis and (P)regressive Democrats in Colorado.


More surprises. The (P)regressives failed to pass:

Safe Injections Sites aka Drug Dens

Local Rent Control

“Assault” Weapons Ban

State Government Control over zoning and land use state wide

 All went down with bipartisan support. The defecting Democrats are likely looking towards the next election and know many of their constituents are outraged by these proposals.

Never Was (COVID)


People worldwide are to resistant so come up with a face saving “scientific” retreat.

More Face Saving? (COVID)


Almost as Strong?


Researchers still can’t duplicate Roman concrete.

Critical Component

“The electrification of aviation is viewed as a crucial component in the creation of a fossil fuel-free future”. 


More “climate change” wet dreams (but the science is “settled”)

Social Equity Business

WTF is that




We’re #2

Tornadoes. Weld County is the #2 county in the USA for tornadoes.  Past two days two have been reported along Interstate 76. We are fortunate most are F-2 and seldom more than one quarter mile wide. Not like some areas with F-4+ a mile wide and travel miles.

 Sisty’s insurance adjusting goes from Wyoming truck wrecks in the Winter to hail damage claims in the Spring and Summer. She now delegates climbing ladders to roofs to others.



Who decided to put these two stores adjacent in a town of 1,500? My apology for the picture quality. It was difficult to get a good angle.

 Lonely Duty

One of many Minuteman III silos in an arc East of Cheyenne. Maintenance being done on what OldAFSarge calls “Armageddon on Demand”.

 Spotted on my rounds.


The pictures are the extent of my knowledge about this vehicle.

As always, YMMV.



Saturday, April 22, 2023

Welcome to Wyoming, Pilgrim

Sorry Californian, Wyoming’s EV fuel is only available unprocessed (but it is abundant).

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Low Humor and Political Comment


Robbing the Public Purse – Green Energy Scam

Money for this but not much to improve roads. Ironic, the Colorado School of Mines is nearby.


100 Years Ago

From the local rag.

 • Five national liquor agents in Colorado were forced to resign because they were selling whiskey. The whiskey was taken in raids on illegal stills, then the agents were caught selling the whiskey themselves. They will appear in court.

 • In Denver, two youths, both under 18 years of age, were arrested for stealing 20 cents from a street car conductor. They will be sentenced to 20 years in prison for the theft of 20 cents.

 • At its meeting Tuesday night, the Greeley City Council dispensed with the position of Special Police woman, whose duties were to censor movies and some public dances. That position will now be served by a committee of three women and two men, who will perform without pay.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Scientific Lies

 Settled Science? Figures don’t lie but liars figure? 


 Human caused climate change? If you bother to read this, look who funded these “scientists”. Listed at the end of the article. 


 Military Service Story

 Prompted by a conversation with another veteran.

 Germany, 1965, First Lieutenant Fuckup was leading a road march to the Rhine River near Leeheim (49°51’17.99”N 8°23’18.55”) and directed his driver to turn right at an intersection.

 “Sir, I’ve been to the bridge site several times and this isn’t the route”.

 “PFC, I gave you and order”.

 “Yes Sir!"

 The road quickly became dirt then a dead end.

 Our unit was a float bridge company with some 112 vehicles. Most were five ton trucks pulling a 5 ton trailer.  Now about a dozen were sitting on this “road”.

 Soon the German farmer, who owned the fields, and maybe the road, came bouncing over the field in his VW. The M151 driver spoke decent German and the farmer was of an age to have been in the military. Lt Fuckup had walked back towards the trucks and was ordering the drivers to back up.

The irate farmer came up to the driver saying,

 was hat dich dazu gebracht, diese Straße hinunterzufahren?“

 To which the driver answered, with a gesture towards Lt. Fuckup, replied, “Leutnant”. The farmer simply nodded his head.

After the company commander and 1st Sergeant arrived, it took an hour to get back on the correct road. Those trailers were hard to back up and we resorted to towing with another truck to keep the trailers straight as the driver backed up the five ton.

 Lt Fuckup was by far the most incompetent officer I ever served with and has appeared in previous blogs.

 Earth Day

 I’ll pass, thank you. 


Dominion (Voting machines)

The vise tightens and the (P)regressives win, again.


 Out of Control Senior Rebels

Peakview Trails Senior Apartments don’t allow this kind of decorating. As one fourth floor resident said, “F**Kem.

 Positive Walmart Story

 A resident, 84, wanted a rocking chair to put on her balcony. She was shopping from a powered shopping cart at Walmart. All of the rockers she saw were out of her price range. An “Associate” overheard her talking to her aide and directed her to a simple white rocking chair with a reduced price. When she said she couldn’t assemble it, he volunteered to come to her apartment and assemble it after he picked up his kids from school. He showed up with his kids, assembled the rocker, and refused any payment. What a kind act and what an example he set for his kids.

Just for Men or Grecian Formula?

In the past few months a lot of white hair has appeared in his coat.

As always, YMMV

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Fools will be Fools until they learn


Foolishness seems to be the dominate theme of the USA now. Those of us who see this and try to warn, even fight, this foolishness are losing the battle.

Perhaps we need to act like parents with unruly children and just step back and let them pee on the electric fence.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Clickbait Title Needed


Lassie II

Banner to the rescue!

Returning to our apartment Banner didn’t immediately come in and I didn’t notice he was still in the hall scavenging for hidden treats. About twenty minutes later there was a knock on my door. My wheelchair bound neighbor Tom was there with Banner.

As Tom related, when he came out of  the elevator Banner was at my door. He trotted down to Tom, then back to my door. This kept happening and Tom was concerned I might have had a heart attack. No, I had my head__________.

Banner rarely barks but will whine. He was sitting quietly outside my door. Tom was impressed that Banner was, in his gentle way, determined to get Tom’s attention and help.

 I won the dog lottery when I adopted him three years ago.


It may be an age issue but the three a.m. bladder void is usually followed by an hour of remembering every mistake and mishap in my life. Recently this memory surfaced, but put a smile on my face.

 Circa 1970 the new wife and I bought our first house, a 750 sq ft cracker box in Aurora, CO. One neighbor was from Mexico and had a restaurant. A very nice neighbor. The other was a barber who brought back a German bride from his time in the Air Force. They were not nice.

 Her: “I learn English in school. Why the fuck you ask”.

 They had two teen age sons who threw rocks at our dog and once stole my p.o.s commuter car. The father and sons were carefully rebuilding a car and had rebuilt the engine. Once they had it running I slipped some engine enhancer into the oil so they could continue to enjoy rebuilding the engine.

 Captain Obvious

Some people don’t trust our benevolent civil servants and ivory tower inhabitants?  Who knew?


Considering the source of the study they are likely trying to find better ways to control us ignorant conservatives.

Senator Rhonda Fields (D) Colorado Senate and Firearms Legislation

This is a remarkable woman who has done much to help disadvantaged people. I somewhat admire her.


She also is a (P)regressive with a reality blind spot on some issues, particularly firearms. That tempers my personal feelings about her; not that that matters at all in the larger scheme. She is the major force behind the entire cocked up gun laws currently working their way through the State legislative clown show.  None, IMO, will withstand court challenges.

All the time and effort anti-gunners put into passing “feel good” gun control laws are wasted effort, IMO. People are the problem.

Why some people act the way they do is complicated, and always has been. Cain and Abel, anyone? Much of the current malaise  is the result of “improper fetchings”.

My solution? Anyone using a firearm in the commission of a crime does five years, no parole, in state prison. A minimum $100,000 cash bond until trial. Second conviction, twenty years and third conviction, life. No lesser plea allowed.

Oh, WSF, prisons cost a lot of money. Yes, and worth the money spent. Use the money currently being pissed away on “climate control” to fund them. Further, fund prisons enough so correctional officers are properly compensated and their equipment is up to the task. More prisoners have died riding in unsafe state vehicles than have been legally executed in Colorado.

Criminals will continue to be criminals but won’t be harming innocent people if they are in prison. Harming other prisoners, yes, but that is a separate issue that has been handled with some success when the will to do so exists.

Likely to not vote Democrat

Did Emperor Polis just step on his wee wee?


Should he get credit for bi-partisan outrage?

Accountants and Revenuers

My neighbor Tom was a successful entrepreneur until a bad heart and diabetes cost him a leg and forced retirement. I admire his positive attitude. Recently we were discussing taxes and tax collectors. I have an ongoing dispute with Colorado dating back to 2016 and them wanting to tax income I earned out of state. Tom talked about getting hit with capital gains after selling one of his companies. Then the related subject of accountants came up.

Tom: “Accountants! They step out of the shower to piss”.

Seems he is not a fan.

American Patriot   

A1c Jack Teixeira was arrested for allegedly leaking classified war plans regarding Ukraine. If he did, I applaud him for being a patriot.

Like many who have served I regarded classified information as sacred, that lives of my fellow soldiers were at stake, and I would never violate that trust. At the same time, I trusted my superiors.

Had my superiors violated laws, over and over, and were making plans that were wrong, reckless, illegal, and endangering my fellow soldiers, I might have done the same.

The military depends on loyalty up, loyalty down.

Gen. Mark A Milley has set the current standard. He has publicly boasted he told Red China he would warn them if President Trump ordered an attack. Why is he surprised that a patriot Airman decided to warn his fellow citizens?

As always, YMMV





Sunday, April 9, 2023

Over, Finally


The scene 4/29/22 after a min-tornado hit our neighborhood and the last house and/or duplex being built on our street.

Yesterday someone moved in.

It is finally over, after four years of dumpsters, construction equipment, mud, debris, and flat tires from nails.

The good: Banner and I can safely take our walks without stepping out in the street to avoid obstacles.

The bad: My neighbors will need to find something new to bitch about.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Low Humor

Wiggins, CO

How a small town builds a speed bump by the elementary school when the town funds are exhausted by a hard winter.


Wyoming Wind

And that’s all, folks.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Stuff - Nothing Profound


Working Road Trip

Assignments took me to Southwestern Nebraska and then to Scottsbluff Monday 4/3. I can’t remember seeing so many dead deer alongside the road. Did a harsh winter force them to look for food along the right of ways?

Other than a bitter cold wind from the East the day was sunny until I approached Scottsbluff. Tired after driving 400 miles I spent the night in Scottsbluff. I knew a storm was coming but better some bad weather driving than falling asleep at the wheel.

The next morning.

The roads were passable and by the time I hit the Colorado state line they were wet but clear except for the usual places with wind driven snow drifts.

Sisty keeps reminding me I now have time and am not doing offsite sales and working/driving 18 hours a day. I still enjoy the challenge and the extra pay that comes with these assignments. The Jackie Cooper, “Winners do what loser won’t”, is too ingrained for me to quit.

Fringe Political Parties

The upstart, “No Labels” party, is gaining some attention.


Before you dismiss them, there is a lesson from 1976 in Washington State.


This close election went to Dixie Lee Ray (D) who went on to prove women can be as incompetent in public office as any man.

Local Crime

Our area is fortunate to have good law enforcement. Still, they get frustrated as shown in this FB post.

Weld County Sheriff's Office

This is what leniency on crime looks like in Northern Colorado

In late March of this year WCSO investigated a felony burglary where some lawn equipment and tools were stolen from the victim which amounted to them losing around $4,000. The investigation lead deputies and detectives to several local pawn shops where the victim’s belongings were either pawned or sold. This is not a post to blame the local pawn shops. After all, the suspect(s) in this case committed the burglary-not the pawnshops. Deputies worked tirelessly to follow up and solve this case and ended up arresting the suspect(s) within days from when the burglary was reported. The agency was able to recover 23 of the 53 items stolen from the victim, however more stolen property is still out there, and WCSO Detectives are working to find it. The suspect(s) were booked into jail the day of the arrest for three felony charges, relating to this crime-this will be important later in the post.

Fast forward 20 hours after the arrest-yes, we counted, and the suspect is back in the community because they were given a personal recognizance bond. It is also worth sharing days prior to the suspect(s) arrest, another local law enforcement agency responded to a traffic crash where the same individual(s) hit a local business building with a car and did not provide insurance for the vehicle at the crash and were driving under restraint.

Ask yourselves Weld County, are cases like these “just property crimes?” The items stolen were used for the victim’s business to support their livelihood. If you were a victim of these crimes and you later learned the suspect(s) were able to get out of jail so soon, would these still be, “just property crimes?”

Edit: in review of some comments, it is apparent that some very unfair judgements have been posted about the Weld County District Attorney’s Office. I Would like to publicly state that the Citizens of Weld County are fortunate to have DA Rourke and his team; this post should not reflect on their performance in any way! (Sheriff Reams)

Kimball, NE

Convenient one stop shopping. Who needs a mall?    

One Way to Name a Town

The town was originally a 30 acre manufactured housing development that is an eyesore. Now it is surrounded by new two story stick built houses on tiny lots. The name comes from the first two letters of each ladies' name.

Personal opinion; in thirty years the new houses will look more decrepit than the current forty year old manufactured homes.

When You Lose, Claim Victory

This fine Democrat (who wants to be a Senator) had a 200% office turnover in her first eighteen months in office. Yes, she is a "Karen".


Woke Journalism

This should be a straight news story on a legitimate public interest situation. Instead, the reporter didn’t resist sneaking in (P)regressive “talking points”. YMMV


Green News

No mention of the dollar amount we taxpayers are fronting. Given the usual suspects present, most likely a lot.


Save our Democracy!!!!!

Current meaning; keep Democrats in office, peasants.

Good News

DrJim is home from his ongoing broken hip repair.

As always, YMMV