Wednesday, October 25, 2023

F**K You, Feds II


 Bureau of Land Management Plans

A prior post was about the BLM’s plans in Wyoming seemed to spark some interest among readers. This is a follow up. Key.

“That’s because it represents an attempt by the Biden administration to exercise authority over public land that only Congress has,” he said. “Congress declares how this (BLM) land is to be used. And it’s for multiple use, not preservation.”


Another point of view, tree hugger edition.


Note the snide reference to Cliven Bundy?

Future Tech or Current Booddogggle?

As a Latter Day Luddite I can’t decide. Along the lines of even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally, a federal program might achieve something of value. Bluntly, my math and science skills are so woeful I don’t understand the technology or theories.


Smug Liberal Unicorns and Rainbows.

 At first, this wasn’t going in the blog. Total bullshit. What changed was rethinking the way her message is written.


This is clearly an educated person who writes a well crafted opinion.

What comes through, to me, is the clear liberal mindset that those who disagree with them are ignorant. She points this out in what, may seem to her, a kind way much like one speaks to a child. A faint tone of irritation seeps through. Why would anyone doubt her brilliant conclusions? Her other opinions posted on The Colorado Sun have the same “better than thou” tone.

The rag leans left but has enough content the America Media Maggots (h/t BZ) ignore, I find it  of some value. Whether I continue to pay to subscribe is under consideration.

A rebuttal. Colorado is more than the Front Range, Fort Collins to Pueblo. The state is 103,641 square miles. Much is sparsely settled. Much of the state isn’t favorable to electric vehicles. The state has extreme climate variations. I wonder what, if any, electric vehicles are suitable for a trip from Boulder to, say, Cortez in March?

I’ve personally driven 100,000 miles in a Prius. I was paid to drive one 420 miles a day, three days a week, from Northern Colorado to Wheatland, WY, then Scottsbluff, NE, and finally DIA. I have a very low opinion of the two the employer supplied. Real life, 42 MPG, dangerous on snow covered roads and no protection should you hit an animal.

Civilized Civil Disobedience


Yellow Journalism doing Government Bidding


For second year in a row, domestic violence deaths in Colorado reach all-time high in 2022

Devil in the details. In 2022, 94 deaths. In 2021, 91 deaths. Clearly, a need for more robust Red Flag laws. Colorado 2021 population was 5,812,000 + or -.

For the record, I abhor domestic violence and have never struck a woman . Rarely raised my voice no matter how angry or provoked. Tried to set the right example with my three sons.

All Aboard the Boondoggle Train

Five million dollars is chickenfeed, right? Provides employment for people to ‘study’, not to implement anything.


Why not just give the Union Pacific the money with the stipulation it is used to restart rail service? They are more likely to know how to run a railroad.

 As always, YMMV

Friday, October 20, 2023

Working for a Better Re-Education Camp Hut Assignment


Google and Constitutional Rights

A thorny question where the Denver PD served a warrant on Google and Google complied. A grisly crime was solved with the information.

The Colorado Supreme Court, by a split vote, made a troubling decision.


Right or wrong? I can’t decide.

Fools Paradise?

Much applause for “renewable energy”. It doesn’t ‘pencil’ long term economically. When the inevitable collapse comes, what then Colorado?


Not everyone is on board.


 This property is now a “white elephant” that shouldn’t sit vacant. Instead, newly built warehouse facilities have been, and more are being built, less than a mile away on the east side of I-76. Many of them are still vacant. The nearby I-76 access is a nightmare.

39° 58.19’ 19.13”N    104° 45’ 04.09”W

39° 58’ 33.04”N           104° 45’ 54.15”W

How Colorado went Blue

Dark money politics. People can spend their money as they please. Everything has consequences and the level of loathing for rich outsiders and trust fund snots by many residents is one of those consequences.


Seasonal Employment?

Wyoming is woefully short of snow plow operators. Part of the reason is pay starting around $20 per hour. Overtime out the wazoo. You need a Class A CDL (and a strong constitution).

WYDOT crews have more than 400 conventional snow plows across the state and 18 snow-blowing rotary plows they can throw into the battle. At that point, the department's statewide snow-re- moval plan goes into effect.

Sisty, due to her work as an insurance adjuster, learned from a source only four drivers are available for I-80 over Elk Mountain. If this coming winter is like last year, that section will be closed for days on end.

We are on TV!

The Sheriff’s Department will appear on reality TV. Guess I will miss it  as I haven’t owned a TV for several years.


Cancer and Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

This is something I’ve posted several times before and will continue to write. I’ve been putting a few drops of H2O2 in my morning coffee and evening adult beverage since reading the One Minute Cure for All Diseases by Madison Cavanaugh. I changed my diet to keep my body in an alkaline state instead of acidic state. This is now going on 12 years.

His position is cancer doesn’t thrive in an oxygenated and alkaline state body. Is he right? I don’t know. What I do know is around 60% of my extended family, paternal and maternal, have fought cancer and many have lost the fight. At age 79 I remain cancer free.

I sunburn easily and have occasional basil cell spots. The usual treatment is drops of liquid nitrogen. I get the same results with drops of H2O2. Hurts like hell for twenty minutes.

Food grade (20-30%) is getting harder to find. Seems you can make explosives using it. Amazon is your friend.

My annual cost for using H2O2 is about $50.


I’ve refrained from commenting on the current events mainly because I don’t know what I don’t know. There are plenty of pundits to fill the gaps. What I do know is animals that bind children then burn them alive need to be eradicated. No mercy, no compassion. 

 “Innocent” Palestine civilians? Enablers and supporters of the evilest among them. Fuck’em. Find idle cruise ships, load the Gaza civilians aboard, then run the ships aground in, say, Turkey.

As always, YMMV



Sunday, October 15, 2023

F**K You, Feds

 Wyoming, Stand Firm!

Unelected bureaucrats with no skin in the game, but with their own agendas, constantly interfere with citizens. In this case, an area in Wyoming often called the Red Desert.


Hillary Clinton Light

Like Shillary, she just needs to go away.


Look, you trust fund snot, your fellow Wyoming citizens kicked you to the curb. Too bad you are missing out on all that graft. Given what you already have, we doubt you will go hungry.

Frontier Justice

Some Wyoming history. This period interests me as many of my ancestors lived in the area and had interactions with some of the outlaws.  Among our great aunts and uncles it was impolite to suggest any of them, or their parents, aunts, and uncles were actual participants in any of these activities.



Cowboy boot Crocs

1st Amendment 

This blog seems to be getting comments that have little to say about specific points in the blog. Rather, the comments are political in nature. So long as the commenters put a name with their comments I’m letting them stand. So far, nothing has come from a liberal point of view. If some are, I will let them stand. What impact any of these comments will have on people, the 100 or so who view most  posts, is likely minimal.


Why so much Wyoming in this post? I was born in Wyoming, done and still do business in Wyoming, and come from a homogeneous geographic area split by an artificial line. (Northwest Colorado/Southwest Wyoming). I always feel at home in Wyoming.

 As always, YMMV.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

New Home Construction

Manufactured Housing

Before falling into the car biz in 1986, I was involved in UBC compliant modular housing and prefabricated wooden buildings. I’ve never lost my interest. Now there is something new that is occurring in my town.

3D printing concrete construction. A company is locating here and collaborating with our local community college. I see a lot of benefits with building this way.


A closer look at the system.

Everywhere I see new residential construction, I see OSB sheeting. Rarely do I see plywood sheeting on traditional exterior stud wall construction. I question the long term life of OSB and the quality of the product.

With all the wildfires we have in Colorado, concrete structures make sense as they are practically fireproof.  Roofs are another matter. Proper roofing materials and eave protection are viable options.

Granted, the quality of the concrete is important. Since the premix will nearly always be local, the methods to insure proper mix are in place. Enforcement? The human element comes into play.

Usually my post  involve politics but, on occasions, I post something I find of interest. 

As always, YMMV

Sunday, October 8, 2023

End Times?


End times?

Revelations?  Current events in Israel? Conspiracy theories are on steroids. In the past few years the time between a conspiracy theory and actual information proving the theory is measured in months, even weeks.

We should count on two things. The Israelis will prevail in the end, and the SloJoe train wreck will dither.  

Walking the walk vs Liberal Bullshit


Mike Coffman is someone I admire. He truly cares about the underdogs. He, at the same time, is hardnosed about solutions. Aurora has always been a pimple on Denver’s ass and a tough political environment. His official posting.


Mega Money Snit Fits – Aspen, CO

Russian interference! Gasp! Why should we care?


Firearms and Car Sales

Sunset Cars, Renton, WA , a thirty something mixed race woman bought a 200,000 mile Nissan Maxima from us. Paid cash. A few days later she came back and wanted her money back. The car needed some repairs. Of course, we said no way. That was prompted, in part, by the new set of fancy aftermarket rims now on the car. Money for rims but not repairs? Maybe the rims were ‘borrowed’. No matter, late that night a small black man appeared demanding we refund his niece’s money. The manager, Al Vetters, politely declined. The man then pulled a handgun out of his coat and pointed it at Al.

Al looked at him across the counter and said, “Shoot, nigger!”

The man started shaking then said, “You are crazy”. He put away the handgun and ran from the dealership.

Al collapsed in a chair muttering, over and over, “Oh, my God”.

For those who will object to my using politically incorrect words, tough shit.  Your opinion may matter, but not to me.

On two separate occasions I saw handguns fall out of pockets as the customers were getting out of a car. What to do? Point out to the customer they lost something.

A comment I made on LL’s blog was about having a handgun pointed at me during a test drive. The dealership had a fixed test drive route that started with the salesperson driving off the lot to a nearby dead end cul- de- sac. Then you switched seats. On this occasion, the ‘customer’ was a young Caucasian male. As we exchanged positions he “presented” a p.o.s. semi-automatic, Jennings if my memory is correct, with the safety still on.  He was quickly disarmed. He was then subjected to a few blows to his snot locker and cheekbones with the butt of what was once his handgun. Since we were only a ½ mile drive from the Renton Police Department, I drove him over (pre cell phone days).

A saleslady I was acquainted with had a customer try to rape her on a test drive. Said individuals learned about messing with an Alaska fisherman’s daughter. They raise them tough in Angoon and they all carry knives.

Back in the 1980-1990’s Renton, WA had at least 16 new and/or used dealerships  within a few square miles.

Most managers I know in the biz keep a handgun handy. When I was running the sixty or so off site sales we did, I was always packing. Scofflaw that I usually am, I’ve had a CCP for decades.

YouTube Experts

Still on the subject of the car biz, do you think salespeople don’t watch all those, “How to Buy, How to Beat the Dealer’, etc. videos too?

Back in the day I always bought and read all the books on the subject and became adept at dealing with people who came in with a “book” strategy.  They usually found the best planned strategy, like war, doesn’t survive the first contact with the enemy.

Those who count the votes pick the winner

Yes, I’m an election denier. This is a Colorado specific example that probably is replicated all over the country.


Image vs. Substance

Emperor Polis recently went on a “listening tour”. Of course, each stop entry was by invitation only. Seems the choir gets to preach but his staff picks the choir.

Oregon to the Rescue - Wolf Edition 


Oregon will supply the wolves to Colorado. To save reading the whole article, here is the key sentence.

The wolf reintroduction ballot measure drew heavy support from voters along the Front Range, but the wolves will be released west of the Continental Divide.

Ray Stevens

My Fate?

 As always, YMMV

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Dangerous Wanderings of an Unfocused Mind

Third Amendment

 No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

  As Justice Joseph Story stated in his Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, the provision speaks for itself as secur[ing] the perfect enjoyment of that great right of the common law, that a man’s house shall be his own castle, privileged against all civil and military intrusion.3

Just a question from someone with no legal training. Does the arming of nearly every federal agency blur the line between civilian and military? Can an innkeeper deny lodging?

More Slippery Slopes

Electronic Log Books

The electronic logbook law, also known as the ELD Mandate, is a federal law requiring qualifying commercial motor vehicle drivers to use electronic log devices (ELDs or elogs) to record driver and vehicle activity such as hours of service (HOS) and records of duty status (RODS).Dec 21, 2020

How soon will these appear in all non commercial vehicles? We conspiracy nuts are convinced the (P)regressives and world government champions want every possible means to control our lives.

The legality of ELBs was challenged and a circuit court has ruled the law as constitutional.


To my knowledge, the Supreme Court hasn’t  taken up the question.

Seems to me that, if you want to operate a commercial vehicle, you must agree to always be a witness against yourself.

Long article here about the Commerce Clause.


After reading through this, in light of the 2nd Amendment Bruin decision, what was “commerce” at the time? Seems to my lay mind the idea was to prevent states from imposing import duties on products imported from other states. When written, was the intent to give Congress the power to regulate teamsters engaged in interstate commerce?

Silly questions, WSF. You are not now, were never, and never will be a lawyer.

As always, YMMV