Friday, April 29, 2011

On the Road + Obama Mentality

Another week away from the computer, blogging, and reading blogs. Our client wants new test cycles and routes with a new prototype after the current one is back in their hands. Will be a nice break in routine. Will also be a great opportunity to live up to the blog name. Need to avoid that.

The great thing about this trip is being solo; not leading a group and being responsible for them. I’m getting too grouchy to be herding cats.

Rubin Reports has one of the better explinations I've read about Obama, et al. Worth the time.

TSA Scanner Backlash?

Since January, none of the TSA checkpoints I've been seem through have had the scanners in use (mainly Denver and Las Vegas). Seems the back scatter systems slow down the lines. Wonder if TSA is becoming more sensitive to the public? Nah! Probably a pain for the TSA employees; they don't want the extra work.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Being a Prepper

I admire “preppers”. Taking personal responsibility, taking measures to protect their “people”, and being aware of potential calamities are commendable. My mother, a child of the Depression was, until her mental decline, a prepper. Actually, she was an obsessive hoarder.

There is an undertone among this community that bothers me. They seemingly want a disaster, so that they will be proved right, and everyone else wrong. Gleeful anticipation of others misery and misfortune seems to be a muted theme.

We are a strong, robust country with a large portion of our populations energetic doers. We may suffer declines and reverses, yes, but the end of the world as we know it? Don’t think so. Are there scenarios that will have horrible consequences? Just think of Katrina.

The value in being prepared for adversity is much the same as being armed. Potential tyrants must recognize they can’t control everything. Would you submit to a tyrant if your children were starving? Would you, if your garden, stored food, and successful hunting was keeping them fed?

As always, your mileage and opinions may vary.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Support the Troops - Small Acts

All my mail goes to a post box. Recently mailed a large envelope to my son in Afghanistan at the same post office. Found it in my box with a small postum, "Need 40 cents more postage and the Zip Code is wrong".

Kind act by an anonymous postal worker, who probably violated several regulations, so a service member could get his mail in a timely fashion. To that person, "Thank You".

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Women and Self Defense

Reading Brigid today started this thought.

Questioning women protecting themselves with firearms puzzles me; why it is even a question. My first exposure to the answer happened when I was going on six.

We lived, at the time, in a small house next to the railroad tracks. The area is still isolated. We were two miles from the nearest telephone in the small town next to the state highway. No law enforcement personnel were in the area unless they happened to be patrolling the state highway.

My father was away from the house, working, when a hobo/tramp/transient came by looking for a handout. Upon seeing a small (5 foot), attractive young woman, alone with a small child, he decided to try for more than a handout. He was soon looking down the barrel of a .30-.30 Winchester Model 94 and ran for his life. My mother encouraged his departure with three of four rounds near his feet as he ran. The misses were deliberate; she was very proficient and had handled firearms her entire life.

When I’m asked advice about firearm protection, I refer people to the Cornered Cat blog . Great advice for woman and good information for everyone.

People’s attitudes toward self defense also puzzles me; why it is even a question. If I sense danger, suspect someone will hurt me or mine, or they make threats, they will meet a dirty white boy. Promptly.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why Obama Can be Reelected

My reading covers a lot of ground and includes "Progressive" sites. Given how cynical Obama is, this commentator makes more sense than most of the "Conservative" commentators.

All of us, regardless of political philosophy, need to recognize Obama and his ilk have no principals other than naked power.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fool At Auction

Auctions are a weakness and online ones tempt more. Recent online "win" for a H&R single shot 20 ga. Youth model. Only $50 (plus shipping and the whole FFL background, etc. with a local dealer) becomes around $96.

I have absolutely no need for this gun. My intent is to give it to FDIL and grand children. Shoots well and shows little wear. Will probably upgrade the recoil pad.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coal Trains 24/7

Colorado High Plains at dawn.

Ground Blizzard, Please

Six days without a computer. Will read all your posts and try to comment.

I would rather drive 500 miles in a ground blizzard than 500 miles in heavy rain. A stationary front stretched from New Orleans to Pennsylvania and I got to drive across it. Rain, wind, tornado warnings and hail were part of the mix. The client's vehicle is one of only two made so far. NO DAMAGE ALLOWED. Meant sitting under a bridge for two hours watching hail come down. Oh well, I was being paid; not my money!

Easier money then the roadside merchant on a minor off ramp in Kansas. Didn't see his MOTOR anywhere.

Fun watching fellow Colorado residents meeting the Kansas State Patrol. One gentleman in a Mercedes got two greetings I saw. Yes folks, the speed limit is 70 MPH on I-70. Just grit your teeth and endure.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Get Out The Vote

News that isn’t news? The Colorado Secretary of State estimates 5,000 illegal immigrants voted in the last election. That is about 1 per 1,000 residents. US population around 300,000,000. Same ratio; 300,000 or so illegal’s voted in the last election cycle nationwide.

Off on a trip to old Dixie tomorrow for a week. May not have computer access. Will catch up on return