Monday, July 31, 2023


Damn Fools

Too easy to judge the actions of these people when facts and motivations aren’t known. Disillusioned? Escaping a domestic situation? Who knows?

Certainly the high Rockies in winter are dangerous places to be.      


Forest Fires: Climate Change or Management?    

This study ignores the poor management practices prevalent today. Piss poor science, IMO.



Mega dealer Cal Worthington had a Yugo dealership in Federal Way, WA. The dealership had some weird financing scheme where you could get a Yugo for under $100 a month. What was weird was the balance owed didn’t go down at all until the final payment.\

When a Yugo pulled onto the lot the experienced salesman scattered. Some green pea would get the up. The Yugo drivers usually had a ‘thousand yard stare’. When the dealership called for a payoff on the trade, it was always $4,000+.

My only Yugo experience was driving a trade in from the customer’s house. They were afraid to drive it! No big deal for the twenty or so miles; just another car. It didn’t seem any worse that a Chevette we once owned. That was a tough car! It lasted nearly eighteen months with my ex driving it.

The Chevette had a toothed pulley that drove the timing belt. This pulley had a tiny pin that slid into the driveshaft. The damn pin was always breaking. Whenever I visited the wrecking year to find one I would collect as many as I could find and would end up using them.

Luckily the kids weren’t with her when she wrecked that wretched little car. I replaced it with a huge Chrysler. 

Shit stirring question?

Federal payroll taxes are direct taxes and are remitted directly to the IRS. Constitutional? Is there a way that those taxes are remitted to the states first, and then the states remit them to the IRS? Imagine if individual states controlled the process. Might bring the swamp/sewer to a breaking point.

In Your Face

Emperor Polis continues to stick it to rural Colorado.


He has presidential aspiration and is trying to position himself as some kind of Libertarian. In fact, he is now, and always has been, a Boulder County (P)regressive.

Failing to win the Presidential nomination, and being term limited, he will likely set his sights on the 2026 senate seat.

More Scientific Gibberish

Will more public funding be needed? Does a bear………


Even someone with a modest education, such as me, can learn via the internet. When it comes to ‘climate change’ YouTube offers topics like, Milankovitch Cycles and Polar Vortecs. The more I learn, the more skeptical of breathless Chicken Little pronouncements like huge increase in sea level, the Gulf Stream dying, greenhouse gasses, etc.  

As always, YMMV

Friday, July 21, 2023

Climate Change Money Trough

 Going Green Full Throttle

With no good evidence to prove it, I’ve always believed locals are being paid off by Vestas to ease their way.


On the other hand all those jobs are welcome.

XCEL Energy

They sent an email with a multi question survey. Big whoop, a $100 WalMart gift card given to the lucky 100 respondents who filed out the questionnaire.  The questions were written in a way to get the response Xcel wants. Reminded me of the surveys the Dems sent me until I unsubscribed. I doubt Xcel will appreciate my remarks.

Bat Shit Crazy

The spillover of strong evidence COVID started in a Chinese lab keeps people on edge. Witness the butt hurt of “scientists” over public skeptics about a bat research lab to be built in Ft Collins.


There are good reasons for doing this research.


I have some confidence in the integrity of Colorado State University (Go Aggies!) but can agree with the doubters. This needs careful ongoing monitoring IMO.

As to the butthurt “scientists” your silence and go along, get along means you no longer have the benefit of doubt with a large part of the population.

Banner – The Accidental Hero

We have a routine. In the elevator I take off his harness and when we arrive at our floor he gallops down the hall looking for treats neighbors often leave for him. He makes a lot of noise.

My 86 year old neighbor had fallen and lay on the floor for four hours. She had managed to crawl to her door. When she heard Banner running she managed to open her door and call out to me.

With the help of other neighbors we were able to get her up and the neighbor’s wife helped her with clean clothes.

My neighbor said she was so happy to hear Banner running down the hall.

Yes, we have talked to her about an alert button or a holster for her cell phone. The lady is a tad bit stubborn.

In other Banner news he has a new collar that not only provides contrast but is reflective. He doesn’t care but the ladies in the building are complimentary.

Found on Falsebook

When I say “I’ll figure it out” I mean I’ll just adapt to whatever new level of hell is coming.

 Seems spot on.

 Coming Retail Automobile Market Crash

I’ve written about it in previous blogs. This YouTuber does a good job explaining what is happening.


Disclaimer. The video contains ads. I won’t offer an opinion on their products. Caveat emptor.

Idaho University Murders

I’m no true crime junkie. Once in awhile I come across something that interests me. I like this lawyer and enjoy his posts. 


Lesson here is being a hick police force is no guarantee that the police force isn’t damn good at policing.

As always, YMMV



Sunday, July 16, 2023

Stirring the Pot - My Favorite Activity

Democrat Dissenters

Colorado House of Representatives


Hope this ends business as usual. Interesting that newly elected Democrats are doing this.


In my youth I was told, bluntly, by a Sheriff that with my temper I was not suitable material for law enforcement. He was correct. This, from our local rag, would rapidly end what little patience I may or may not possess.


Bless those who can interact with idiots and still keep their cool.


Another example of demanding special treatment of illegal immigrants.


Yeah, let the inmates run the asylum.

Grudgingly giving credit where it is due

For all my bitching about the American Media Maggots (h/t BZ) I think this news article is creditable. I find bias but note opinion from both sides are presented along with the name and city of those expressing opinions.


So rare, today.


My 79th Birthday has passed. An amazing number of people left good wishes on Falsebook. It surprises me that many people are still willing to speak to me. I thanked all individually then posted this.

Many thanks for the birthday wishes and calls. Today I count my blessings that I still have health, mobility, and purpose while avoiding the scourge of cancer, dementia, and Alzheimer's. Fortune has smiled on me.

Few of us know how many days we have left. When I leave or return to my apartment I see this reminder.

The jigsaw puzzle was contributed by one of Banner’s admirers.      

Science I can Support


Useful and beneficial. Now to see how the spin doctors can tie this to climate change (yep, I’m a cynic).

Drag Racing

While never a big fan of drag racing, I’ve watched a  few races here over the years.


It will be sad to see that site covered with ticky tacky condos and apartments.

The family is planning a new facility east of DIA.  Good luck with that. High "Karen" factor.

Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

The Republicans flaying the Statsi director. Who believes anything concrete will come of it?


My personal opinion is Ken Buck is about as close to an honest congressman as to found in the D.C. sewer these days. Sisty probably doesn't agree.

Bottom Line First

Something that I learned early on in business; state the bottom line first. Then expand to details as necessary or desired.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos. I understand the need for “click bait”. Too often the talking head drones on and on without getting to the bottom line. That results in me either clicking off or zipping to the end.

A popular video I watch is Matt’s Off Road Recovery. It gets a million views. They usually start with, “We got a call for……………” Bottom line first. Details follow.

OK, WSF, you slipped in a rant. Hypocrite!

Climate Change Propaganda

Never ends, rarely accurate.


“Settled science” is regularly contradicted.


The cynics among us know scientific studies will find what those funding the studies want to be found.

What is needed is a study why public confidence in science studies is diminishing.  Yes, yes, Captain Obvious.

Gaia’s cycles span centuries. How arrogant of us mere mortals to think we can alter those cycles within our puny lifetimes.

As always, YMMV

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Sometimes You Eat the Bear and Sometimes the Bear Eats You

 Wet Year     

Life is a bitch, and then it has puppies if your livelihood is agriculture. After years of drought farmers east of the Front Range should count on a great crop. Then along comes massive thunderstorms with tennis ball sized hail. Those crops not pummeled by hail are flattened by high winds and/or drowned from excess rain.


West of the Rockies, the Intermountain West crops are being devastated by katydids (Mormon crickets).

Enemy of the State

Recently, circumspection was advised to avoid being labeled, “An enemy of the State”. Good advice, but too late for me.

My activism began

in the late 1960’s after leaving the Army and then attending College. The VA was screwing over Vietnam era vets. Three other students and I started with a table at the end of quarterly college registration. A few years later, long after I’d moved on, it grew into a fairly large and active movement among the colleges and Universities in Colorado.

I married a stubborn 1st generation Norwegian (Ya sure, ya betcha), who as a USO volunteer, had stirred up a hornet’s nest about the mistreatment of certain airmen at Lowry Field. These were fuck ups that were in a disciplinary barracks, with no heat, and very limited medical care.

Later, our first born was severely autistic. This prompted us to become active once again.

Wife was hired as a reader/aide for a blind employee of the Department of Education. After six months she was still a temporary. The manager told her getting clearance was the problem, that her and my combined FBI file was 5” thick (before computers took over). Eventually, she was “let go” during a “reorganization”.

How do you become an enemy of the state? Seems all you need to do is exercise your rights as a citizen.

From time to time the FBI actually catches real criminals. It seems most of their efforts are directed to compiling information on vocal, but law abiding, citizens.

Soon to be “Settled Science”

Gas stoves are bad? Electric stoves don’t pollute? Where does the power come from for those non polluting electric stoves? Unicorn farts?


 Semi Informed Rabbit Hole

Seems the courts are taking a dim view of the ATF assuming the power to write laws that Congress didn’t pass. Could this be a trend?

Currently the BLM is radically changing rules on use of public lands. Primarily this affects cattle and sheep grazing but can easily be expanded to all types of recreation. Might the courts put the BLM in its place? One can hope.

These are hardly isolated practices.

Perhaps President Trump’s greatest legacy will be the 500+ Federal Judges he nominated that are now on the bench.


More Wokeism – Colorado Edition


Some are just silly, like the OWL Party. Laugh, but it took enough votes away from the GOP candidate to elect Democrat Dixie Lee Ray. She went on to prove women can be just as incompetent as men in high political office – a true pioneer.

We were living in Washington State at the time so remember the OWL Party. For those interested, here is a long and detailed article on how a bunch of drunks in a bar affected the outcome of  an election.


Whiskey is for Drinking – Water is for Fighting

Colorado water wars never end.


Fired for Caring


They are owned by Kroeger.

Build Back Better

Colorado Bankruptcy filings up again.


My “part time” job is keeping me busy. I could easily make it a full time job if I accepted all the assignments offered.


One of my two remaining aunts died this year (cancer). This past Saturday a remembrance was held at the Wheatridge, CO Historical Park. The land was once settled and worked by several generations of our family. My remaining aunt was born in the sod house and my late aunt in the brick house.


She had five children. We lost one to cancer several years ago. Her surviving children organized the remembrance. As I sat there I thought of her children. Good, honest people raising good honest children and great grandchildren are her true legacy, IMO.

As always, YMMV


Sunday, July 2, 2023

Mr. Maytag - Always Agitating

Integrity at CU Boulder???

Who wuddathunk.


Pressure Relief Valve

There is a lot of chatter about censoring the internet which prompts my contrarian nature to see another angle.

The internet allows anyone who wants, to bloviate.  Does that have any real impact on those in control? Rather, does it keep the level of “pissed off” low enough to prevent an uprising?

The downside, for the “elite” is the occasional exposure of chicanery and debauchery. Over time, they seem to have become adept at “managing” the problem through stalling and creating new hot topics to deflect and divert scrutiny.

Given the millions of dollars spent developing psyops, that can be applied to any enemy, should we be surprised when we citizens are targeted?

From Google.

The joint PSYOP process consists of seven phases: planning; target audience analysis (TAA); series development; product development and design; approval; production, distribution, dissemination; and evaluation. Each of these phases is designed to apply to any type or level of operation.

 (P)regressive Neighbor

Neighbor: “Can’t you say anything good about Gov. Polis?”

WSF: “He is term limited”.

Colorado Air Quality

Recently exchanged comments with DrJim (Every Blade of Grass) on the subject of Colorado Vehicle Emission inspections.  I no longer do mechanical work on vehicles beyond adding fluids. My motor skills have declined and, due to thin skin and blood thinners, any bump produces ugly bruises.

Recently my middle son’s car needed a catalytic converter replaced. On his car it is a fairly simple bolt and replace. As anyone who has ever worked on exhaust systems learns, bolts freeze, threads get stripped, etc. In the past I would have bought/rent/borrowed the tools needed.  That was a rabbit hole I didn’t want to go down.

Seek Out the Advice of Elders

This I believe. The problem, as I will soon be 79, is finding elders. (Yes, I stole that joke)


Headline from our local rag. The Monfort’s own the major league baseball team. I don’t have a dog in the fight but do admire a good wordsmith.

Keeler: If Dick Monfort hustled as hard as Rockies ground crews during Thursday storm, Denver could be great baseball town again

Accidental Hero

That would be me. Here is the long and convoluted background.     

The 92 unit building I live in, managed by and partially owned by Weld County Housing Authority,  has rent subsidies for many residents. The majority owners receive a substantial tax credit. New owners are buying the building.

Lack of trust in local government may well highest among senior citizens. The rumors about the consequences of new owners started flying among my neighbors.  

Right or wrong, my approach to any problem is hit it head on. How to deal with this one? Contact a county commissioner.

Years ago I promoted Lori Saine to the manager of a used car lot we operated in Windsor, CO. Across the street was a radio station operated by Dudley Brown, one of the founders of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. He helped Lori run successfully for state representative where she served two terms (Colorado is a term limited state).

Lori than ran for an open seat on the Weld County Commissioners and won a very close race.

I contacted Lori, she responded, and promised to investigate the situation.

Friday my cell rang. On the line was the head of Weld County Housing.

“Commissioner Saine asked me to call you…………

Cliff Notes: The new owners are obligated to continue the rent programs.

So now I’m a hero with my neighbors. Folks, I don’t want it, don’t want to be the go to man when they have problems, etc.

For the record I moved in here because it was available (still under construction), had an elevator, and was less than my new rent (jumped $145 a month) where I was living.

One paranoid question remains. If the issue wasn’t raised, would the outcome be different?


The plantings in the raised boxes at our apartment building are doing well.

 The poorly made boxes, not so much. Too much rain and not enough drainage it appears.

 Discrimination, Facebook edition

I’ve never been in Facebook jail despite posting many swiped memes, etc., under the heading of, “Stirring the Pot”.

I’m often hit by the false checkers but haven’t even been threatened.

Coffypot is a repeat offender. My middle son has been in Facebook jail three times. It hurts my feelings to be ignored!


This report shows Colorado losing population.


Out of Africa?

“Settled Science” credits humans as originating in Africa. I’ve never accepted that as the only answer. Now we have this study. 


Years ago my thinking was challenged by Elaine Morgan’s book, “The Descent of Woman”.

Hello “Unknown”

My header clearly states anonymous comments won’t be posted. I’m willing to have nearly any comment, that isn’t a scam, posted but, but, but put your handle on it!

As always, YMMV