Friday, January 29, 2021

Feeling the Years


The last two days have been 8+ hours working the mortgage gig. Tomorrow is more of the same, this time a road trip ending in Scottsbluff. Blogging, and witty comments, will resume when I return.

The days when I shrugged off 18 hour on a job are long ago. Oh well, I'm 76 and still out work younger folks. What keeps me going is the late Jackie Cooper's words of wisdom, "Winners do what losers won't".

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Election Integrity


A theme I keep pushing is the 2022 Election and 2024 Elections will not change anything so long as corruption runs rampant in the offices of those in charge of elections. That should include rank incompetency. Consider my home state, Colorado.

Griswald walked into a well run and honest office held by Republicans for many years. Even as the state turned blue the elections were honest and accurate (ok, maybe not in the counties of Denver, Adams, Arapahoe, and Jefferson). 200% staff turnover tells me honest people couldn’t stomach what was happening.

Nationally, perhaps the worst of the worst is Georgia. My take is that will not change without extensive vigilante action. Perhaps something along this line reworked for the current situation.

Local vigilantes, operating solo, can plan their own operation. There is no need for me to go into detail.

With Homeland Security now seeking legislation to label people like me enemies of government authority, I don’t know if I will be able to keep blogging.

Then again, I'm probably too insignificant to be bothered with.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Wayback Machine


Someone I served with sent an email asking if I still had some pictures. Yes, not the greatest quality after 55-56 years of benign neglect. Maybe some of you might enjoy them.

The title picture is a float bridge across the Rhine at the place Patton crossed. We could only close the river on Sunday for an hour or two.

LL talked about the Danube, which is the Donau in Deutschland. This is our bridge across it in the dead of winter. The water was so cold when you filled a bucket and set it down, the water immediately froze. If the picture seems especially weird, we were being covered with a smoke screen.

The Army was modernizing, slowly, and going to what was called a Mobile Assault Ferry. This unit didn’t succeed in building a complete bridge.

The next picture is a footbridge, all built by muscle, and not much different than the Romans used. That is ice floating in the water.

We used 27’ Bridge Erection Boats, powered by two 6 cyl gas engines. The stern section rode in a 2/12 ton truck with the bow section in a towed 1 ½ ton trailer. A crane was necessary to launch.

With no NCO’s around, the lads wore Air Force Mittens for this picture. The truck wasn’t stuck; just in Rhine River mud as was the 5 ton with a bridge section. The trucks could always move but sometimes had trouble getting out of the ruts.

Finally, two PFC’s ready to hit the Strasse and find some trouble.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Rhetorical Question


Excluding the military and many in law enforcement, how many Biden supporters and Trump haters are not receiving paychecks from public funds (to include educators at every level)?  If not them, then their spouses/significant others (see, I can be socially correct).

Readers of this blog know I have an adult autistic son. He has been dependent on social programs his whole life. His late mother and my ex wife, while married, fought long and hard for many of those social programs. Does that now make me a hypocrite? Do I really give a rat’s ass if it does?

Every social program I’ve ever seen starts with staffing from the top down, often well paying staff positions. Trickle down, if you will, to the day to day providers and the citizens for whom the programs were created, of the allocated funds.

Are all these various public teat suckers going to be supporting someone like Trump? Rhetorical question, no?

To add to my hypocrisy, I support those front line providers who put their lives, and often their physical safety, on the line. The maze of bureaucrats living off their efforts while claiming most of the credit, have my undying loathing and contempt.

As always, YMMV.


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Tuesday, January 19, 2021



Something different, I’m burned out on politics for the moment.

Swiped the picture off a post on Facebook because it reminded me of a time when a marketing campaign was conceived over hot wings and beverages at a Santa Ana Hooters.

For many years I worked for a professional bullrider turned car dealer, Steve Lance, selling used pickups, utility trailers, and stock trailers. Then he became a KIA dealer. Things got “interesting” and at one time he had four KIA stores. For three years he had me organize and manage an offsite sales campaign, some 60 sales in 28 different Colorado towns. It had never before, and never since, been done on that scale.  My other duties were to be his “bitch”, doing whatever needed done. The various managers loathed seeing me walk in the door. No problem if they were running the store correctly; I was their ally. If they were stealing, loaning cars to their side chicks, not staying on top of the inventory, etc., then I was their worst nightmare.  I answered to Steve, and Steve alone. Bragging on myself a little, they couldn’t bribe me, deflect me, intimidate me, or keep me from doing what was required. I should add that Steve paid me a handsome compensation for what I was able to do.

KIA of America’s President was a former Ford executive, Peter Butterfield. He and my boss became good friends. One day while a dealer meeting was being held in Las Vegas, Peter was called into the hall and fired!  Soon, the Koreans learned the hard way what kind of contract they had signed, and the very large sum due Peter.

Soon Peter bought ATK/Vega Remanufactured engines, a company founded in 1938 in Santa Ana. Vega, a Dutch company, had built a plant in Mexico to remanufacture engines and had formed an alliance with ATK. He wasn’t satisfied with the sales and invited Steve to take a look. Steve, and three of us, flew out and spent two days looking things over.

The majority of their sales came from incoming telephone calls and they had a staff of eight to handle the volume. We spent two hours with them observing and asking questions.

In any sales force, there will be two to three “killers” and a practiced eye can spot them. In this group one was a thirties something woman. I decided to work with her. After our two hours I asked her what they needed the most.  “Make the phone ring”, she said, “and we will do the rest”.

Our flight home left in four hours so we adjourned to the nearby Hooters and put together a sales campaign. Later, on the flight home, Steve and I put a polish on it (the other two were enjoying drinks).

After some shakeout, Steve’s youngest son and I spent a year on the road “making the phone ring, a lot”. The process we used was much the one put together at Hooters.

Steve and I parted ways after that. He had turmoil in his personal and business life, divorce, bankruptcy, etc., and I got a lucrative gig doing handicapped accessibility surveys of retail gas stations. These ran to 40+ pages of notes and 100+ photographs. Union 76/Conoco was being shaken down (sued) by a man in a wheelchair and his lawyer buddy and needed many stations under their banner surveyed.

Horrid job! Started in San Diego and ended in Seattle. Best part of the job, other than seeing a lot of the coast, was no need to talk to anyone after introducing myself to the manager.

That was the first time I was in a Hooters and I can’t remember if I’ve been in one since. Not my thing.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Definitely Older, Maybe Wiser


My son’s Focus needed new spark plugs. As you can see in the picture, the job is about as easy as they come. Got the plugs and set a day to do the job.

One of you bloggers had a meme up, “A twenty minute job is one broken bolt away from a three day ordeal”. Struck a nerve.

The job was done in about thirty minutes by a young man who rents from my sister with just a minor hiccup or two. I gave him $20 for his troubles.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Heemeyer Inspired?


Something a bit little lighter. National uproars come and go but local uprisings are a fact of life for any LEO.

Will anyone ever surpass Marvin Heemeyer?

Hope you were diverted from all the bad news, if just for a few moments.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Something I recently posted. Looking forward to the reactions.

Age Card

For those friends, relatives, and others who haven’t “deleted” me, allow me to play the “age card”, seeing how I’ve been on Earth 76 years and have always been interested and/or involved in my community and country.

I’ve seen the civil rights era, the Weatherman madness, the Reagan Presidency, and the Evangelical political ascendancy. I was in the Army when Kennedy was murdered. The singular lesson I’ve learned is, in the USA, when any portion of the population is being crushed by another portion of the population, those being crushed fight back. They do not go meekly to the slaughter and/or subjugation.

At this point the Trump hating (P)regressives are on a roll. You know in your hearts the election was rigged. You won, so you are fine with that. Not content, you are kicking those you despise who you perceive as down. Stop! We are all humans, not labels. You really won’t like the outcome if you back too many Deplorables into a corner.

Facebook is a convenient way to stay in contact with my extended family. At some point in time, I had over 50 first cousins. Many are still alive and have children and grandchildren. 

We are fractious clans. Gather any three and you will get five points of view, vigorously defended and advocated.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Getting Real


By most accounts, there are 300,000,000 firearms in the hands of USA citizens. So what? Unless they are used, they are just so many inanimate objects.  There is no compelling, to me, evidence that the owners will use them.

I’ve served in the US Army but never saw combat. Did have a few stray rounds from East Germany come across the Fulda Gap that passed very, very close. Collateral damage, if you will, from the East Germans firing at “escaping criminals”.

Men I’ve talked to who have been in combat tell me it is the most exhausting thing you will ever do. Even the hardest training we ever did and it was damn hard, let me tell you,  doesn’t come  near  the real thing. At 76 I’m going to do combat? Hell, I have trouble walking my dog 1 ½ miles on sidewalks. Should I know people who will go to war, I would never burden them with worrying about me.

Over the years I’ve stayed clear of “milita” types. Too loose security and too much b.s. to my salesman ears. Give credit to the government employees who have infiltrated these groups and rendered them impotent. I don’t approve but have grudging respect for work well done.

So, what can I do? What can other civilians who want to join the fight do? How can we contribute? Damned if I know, but I’m looking for some leadership and some examples. Finally, what am I personally willing to give, to contribute, to anything but peaceful resistance?

For me, this is a time for some deep soul searching.

As always, YMMV

Friday, January 8, 2021

Something on the Light Side


Years in the car biz can leave you jaded; you’ve seen so much iron it no longer quickens your pulse. Once in awhile I see something that stirs me, like this all original 1966 Ford Bronco. Even the hubcaps are correct.

The only big flaw was the passenger door was sagging; an easy fix.

Didn’t have time to wait and see who was driving it but hope to see it around town again.

Once in awhile I like to post something that isn’t doom, gloom, and anger.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

President Trump


Took this from a relatives Facebook post. He copied it from elsewhere, didn’t say where. One of the better things I’ve read, IMO and kudos to the author!

 This post is not open for debate. I have listened to everyone else’s hatred, rhetoric and outright lies for the last four years, so now I am having my say. If you don’t like it, you know where the delete button is.

Let me be clear, I am not a Biden fan. I think he is corrupt, a liar, a racist bigot, is in bed with China and probably suffering from dementia. He has done nothing to improve anything in his 47-year political career.

But what has Trump done in the past 4 years?

The "arrogant" in the White House brokered four Middle East Peace Accords, something that 71 years of political intervention and endless war failed to produce.

The "buffoon" in the White House is the first president that has not engaged us in a foreign war since Eisenhower.

The "racist" in the White House has had the greatest impact on the economy, bringing jobs, and lowering unemployment to the Black and Latino population of ANY other president. Ever.

The "liar" in the White House has exposed the deep, widespread, and long-standing corruption in the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the Republican and Democratic parties.

The "buffoon" in the White House turned NATO around and had them start paying their dues.

The "fool" in the White House neutralized the North Koreans and stopped them sending missiles toward Japan, and threatening the West Coast of the US.

The "xenophobe" in the White House turned our relationship with the Chinese around, brought hundreds of businesses back to the US, and revived the economy.

This same “clown” lowered your taxes, increased the standard deduction on your IRS return from $12,500 to $24,400 for married couples and caused the stock market to rise to record levels, positively impacting the retirement accounts of tens of millions of citizens.

The “clown” in the White House fast-tracked the development of multiple COVID Vaccines which are now available or will be soon. And yet we still don't have a vaccine for SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola, or a host of diseases that arose during previous administrations.

The “clown” in the White House rebuilt our military which the Obama administration crippled and fired 214 key generals and admirals in his first year of office.

I got it, you don't like him. Many of you utterly hate and despise him. How special of you. He is serving you and ALL the American people. What are you doing besides calling him names and laughing about him catching the China virus? Some of you were even hoping that COVID would be the cause of his demise. (Ah, the left. The party of “tolerance”. )

Please educate me again as to what Biden has accomplished for America in his 47 years in office, besides making the whole Biden family richer? By the way, where is Hunter?

I’ll take the “clown” any day versus a fork tongued, hypocritical corrupt liar. I want a strong leader who isn’t afraid to kick some butt when needed. I don’t need a fatherly figure. I don’t need a liar. That's what Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and the New York Times are for.

Call me a chump, a racist, or part of the basket of deplorables. I do not care!

God bless Donald Trump - the best, most unappreciated President in U.S. history.

This relative is no shrinking violet. Rodeo rider, Seabee, and a twenty+ year career in law enforcement (and he didn’t drive a desk). He has sisters who will vehemently disagree as will several cousins we have in common.

Summer family gatherings may prove to be “interesting”.

Our former Presidents, Deep State pawns to a man, chimed in. Predictable. Strong stomach needed to watch.

Perhaps the current crop of politicians should re-read the Constitution.

First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Yes, dismiss the thousands who peacefully assembled because of the actions of a few. As to the actions of the “few”, sure made the insulated Congresscritters aware they are not invulnerable. Bravo!

Lest we forget, a Trump legacy is the number of Federal Judges appointed and confirmed including a Supreme Court Justice who did not graduate from Yale or Harvard.

He still hasn’t conceded despite what the American Mainstream Maggots (h/t BZ) are reporting. It is not over until it is over.

Well, Shit!


Slo Joe and Ho election certified by Congress. The Deep State wins.

What can one pissed off senior citizen do?

I will never accept them as legitimate and so long as they are in office I WILL NOT stand for the national anthem or recite the pledge of allegiance.

This will be my personal way of showing respect for all the men and women who died or suffered wounds, mental and physical, to make this country great.

My hope is to live long enough to vote against them, assuming we ever have another Presidential election.

Future family gatherings, if allowed by our new masters, may not go well if different points of view are discussed. From comments on Facebook, our tribes seem to be split, even fragmented, by this election with several expressing sentiments that are extreme and derogatory. “Trump supporters can all go to hell”, as being one of the milder ones.

This probably reflects the country as a whole.

As always, YMMV.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Simple Pleasures


Other than the time in the Army, I’ve always lived within sight of, or in, mountains. Seeing them always gives my spirits a lift. Not seeing them last summer and fall during the horrific wildfire smoke was depressing.

This must be a philosophical morning because I’m thinking of the small pleasures in my life.

.Seeing the mountains.

.Watching Banner enjoying our walks.

.A good cup of coffee.

.My sons sharing their small life victories with me.

The large events going on, stolen elections, wearing filthy rags over my mouth, overreaching government officials, etc., are largely beyond my control.  I need to enjoy the small pleasures as they come.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Colorado Specific


Starting the year with a rant.

The (P)regressive enclaves really don’t care about rural Colorado.

No surprise. Down the road? Taxes! Weld County produces upwards of 75% of the oil and natural gas in the state, products that are heavily taxed. The (P)regressives are determined to shut the industry down. Once those revenues dry up, where will they go? Ask the federals for bailout? They are limited in Colorado (TABOR – see below) and are having problems with the courts in calling new taxes “fees”.

From the same source, this little gem.

A detail that speaks volumes as to (P)regressive values.

“Reports revealed earlier this year the CDLE operates with antiquated technology from the 1980s, something John Hickenlooper failed to address when he was governor.

Surging unemployment claims have strained the system and few IT professionals today are fluent in the decades old coding language used by the department.”


The (P)regressives have been in control of the Governor’s office, the House and Senate, and most statewide elective offices for the past ten years. The single thing that has thwarted their programs is TABOR. 

the House and Senate, and most statewide elective offices for the past ten years. The single thing that has thwarted their programs is TABOR.

I fail to see where the (P)regressives have shown much interest in the welfare of Colorado’s common citizens, especially in rural areas. Seems every program they have created is top heavy in well paying management jobs and miniscule benefits for those the programs are supposed to help. One guess as to the primary qualification of those getting the management jobs?

As always, YMMV.

(Sorry about the different fonts. I compose on Word but the fonts change when I copy and paste)