Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sad Ending for 2013

My sister got a call tonight from a coworker asking my sister for help. The coworker doesn't have a driver license, and received a text from one of her sons that he had been in an accident a few blocks from my sister's house. Please go there and check it out.

Young man caused an accident. Was under the influence. Is now under arrest. Is still on probation from some earlier infraction. The only good news was no one seriously hurt.

So, jail, bail, a tow bill, impound fees, vehicle repair and probation revocation. Court, lawyers, fines, more probation, classes, random whiz tests, and an ignition interlock (and that is a maybe). Depending on his past record, maybe three years in prison.

I have no sympathy for the son. The burden will fall on the mother. Her I feel terrible for. I've been in her shoes, and it hurts! 

You can talk tough love all you want, but, that is your child. You don't stop being a parent.

So many friends, family, and coworkers have been hammered by this problem. A favored cousin was killed by a drunk driver. She had one of the happiest marriages I've ever witnessed, and two young sons.

Here is hoping for a sober 2014. A special thanks to all the first responders that deal with the blood and carnage. Stay safe and go home to your families at the end of you shift, please.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Future Family Fued?

A large number of my relatives are Bronco fans,  while a few of the more discerning types prefer the Seahawks. With both teams in the playoffs, the slight possibility of the Broncos making it to the Super Bowl to face the Seahawks does exist. Such a scenario would make the family reunions look tame.

Now is the time to scout a good bug out location and make sure the bug out bag is well stocked.

In reality, I'm a lukewarm fan at best, but I am a perpetual pot stirrer. The next few weeks should be entertaining. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Poor equine. Wonder who he angered? Worse, not even in Boulder County.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Good Man Is Gone

Former State Senate Majority Leader (CO) Ken Gordon has passed away at age 63 from a heart attack. An unabashedly liberal Democrat, he was fiercely independent and a man of high principals. In some ways, he was a Don Quixote politician refusing to accept PAC monies and fighting to take big money out of politics. The organization he headed was Clean Slate Now.


He was admired and respected by people across the political spectrum.


Had the jackasses who recently got themselves recalled modeled themselves after the way Ken Gordon served in the Legislature, they would still be in office. When he became Senate Majority Leader, he refused to let his fellow Democrats drub the GOP legislators. "They did it to us, " they said to him. "Yes they did, and it was wrong. We don't need to be that way." He mentored the new House Majority leader to lead the same way. 

He could disagree without being disagreeable. He accepted other people had different views and worked to find common ground. Too few moral people go into politics. The country needs more Ken Gordons.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Scum of the Earth

What is lower than low if it is someone raking in money on the plight of wounded service people? The Wounded Warrior Project may qualify.

This was found on the Facebook pages of DysfunctionalVeterans.

I follow this site for several reasons including some wonderfully twisted humor. Check it out.

One seemingly legitimate organization you may want to support is Soldier’s Angels. I haven’t heard anything bad about them.

For years I supported the Military Order of the Purple Heart until it was overcome by the rat bastards.

I hope there is a special corner in Hell waiting for these leeches.

Now, I realize charitable organizations need talented people to run them and volunteers have their limitations. Been there, done that, more than once. Full time talented people need to be compensated. There must be oversight as to the compensation and fund raising expense. 

Please, check out organizations before you send them money.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Five years ago today the first entry on this blog was posted. I’m surprised by two things. First, that people read it. Second, I haven’t run out of things to day.
With all the political correct crap going on today, I’m happy to see this Facebook posting.

Of course, that place is so far off the beaten path most people don’t know it exists. The residents call it Area 52.

Sorry, that is all I have today.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Risky Business

Northeast Colorado is in the midst of an oil boom. Unlike North Dakota, a substantial infrastructure is already in place. Also, unlike North Dakota, the area is well populated. A decent article about the energy development is here.

What isn’t discussed are some of the political implications. While the gun control uproar has been the most prominent reported part of the 51st State effort, the core issue is, as always, money. The tax revenues are being grabbed by the dense population area representatives, and spent in the urban areas. The location of the revenue sources, rural areas, gets the problems, and not the benefits. Add a renewable energy mandate, that is not economically feasible, rammed down the rural area’s throats by the urban voters, and the anger grows.

One obvious danger of all this development isn’t being discussed. That is a possible contamination of the Ogallala Aquifer. Already being depleted faster than it is replenished, contamination would be a major economic disaster for a wide region. Look at the maps, please. See the overlap? The aquifer is relative shallow as is the drilling in the DJ basin, as shown here.

I’m in no way qualified to answer these questions, but as a resident of the area, I feel free to ask them. What I see on the surface is a lot of care by the petroleum industry to mitigate the impact of their operations. What is happening underground? We know contamination can happen. Natural gas has bubbled up in streams in the Silt, CO area (Garfield County).

As always, development brings risk. Questioning risk management and mitigation is appropriate.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lights On For The Progressive's View Of The Lightbringer?

Reading “the other side” stuff on the Internet makes me realize they see as much to criticize Obama as does the right. This article isn’t, IMO, too profound, but the 200+ comments are surprising.

What surprised me was the amount of negative Hillary comments, and the criticism of the MSM along with the scathing Obama remarks. Looks like the next presidential election run up will be “interesting.”

I have hope, faint though it is, that there are many non free cheese sheeple left in the country. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Arapahoe High School

One confirmed dead, one seriously wounded, and one slightly wounded is about all the facts known right now.

Already Facebook has exploded with, "See, see, see, I told you so, I told you so, I told you so" postings.

Don't worry about facts, emotions and feelings are FAR more important. Once again it will be the firearms owner's fault. If we didn't insist on having our dangerous toys, something like this WOULD NEVER happen. What, you don't AGREE??? You vile person!

Here come the waves of smug self righteous and indignant posturing. How nice to target a group with spite and hate, and have it socially acceptable.

Kiss my ass, gun grabbers.

Family Lore

This is a post about some family history for family members. It may be of interest to others.

My father’s family was in dire financial condition during the Great Depression. There was a total of twelve children. One passed during infancy. My father was number five in the birth order. Each year they did attend the Moffat County (Colorado) Fair where each child received their annual allowance, 25 cents.

One year at the fair, when my father was five, he disappeared while a barnstormer was preparing for his show. The brothers and sisters were becoming concerned when they couldn’t find him.

After the barnstormer landed, my father climbed out of the plane. He had convinced the pilot to accept his quarter to give him a ride. During the barnstormer’s performance, my father sat between the pilot’s feet. The story goes that he had a grin from ear to ear.

My father never lost his interest in aviation. His eighth grade education kept him out of pilot training during WWII, but, in the CBI theater,  he did make some trips “over the Hump” as what he called a cargo kicker.

In later years, he and I shared a Piper J-4 while getting our Private License. He then bought a Cessna 182. The man could fly an airplane as well as anyone you might meet, but was damn careless. We had a few heated conversations about that. The Cessna pictured wasn't his but is the same model.

He died at age 64, probably from undiagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea complications. I miss him to this day.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tired of Being Called a Racist

I’m so tired of being called a racist when I criticize Obama. Why does he get a pass because of his skin color? How racist is it to think, or say, someone’s performance can’t be discussed because of their race; that they are somehow inferior and need to be protected? That they are judged by a lesser standard? That is plain bullshit!

Any long term readers of this blog (boy, are you a glutton for punishment) know I criticized George W. Bush. His assault on the Constitution by way of his “signing statements” was as wrong as Obama’s trying to rule by fiat.  The economic mess created by removing the firewall between commercial and investment banks continue to drag us down. The end game on that is financial ruin for the common citizen.

Methinks the Obama supporters are beginning to sense the disaster that his administration is proving to be, and they can’t stand the idea they were duped. It’s time for that Egyptian River.

Now, when they play their race card, my response, mentally or verbally, is, “Is that all you got?”

Am I a racist? Most assuredly, I have some deep seated racist thoughts and feelings. I can say I have never discriminated against anyone in the workplace based on their skin color, ethnic makeup, religion or sex.  Socially? I hope not. I do reserve the option of treating assholes like assholes, and do so with some vigor.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Yea For The Grand Nephew!

 Grand nephew from Reno is playing today at San Diego in a tournament. Yea Kayden! His team has won all their tournaments to get there, and the parents and sponsors have raised the money so they could go. What an experience for an eleven year old!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Storms

My sister is an insurance adjuster/investigator. Yesterday, she had a bizarre case in the Nebraska panhandle to investigate, and other follow up calls. With the weather moving in, decided to accompany her. Four hundred miles later, we made it home. We beat most of the weather, but this morning we have snow.

The case? A commercial driver going down a busy through street came upon a man face down in the street. The driver stopped, got out of his vehicle, and approached the man to see if he needed help. The man got up, ran to the driver’s vehicle, and head butted it. The man then ran off and has not been located. 

Still, scene photographs needed to be taken, statements taken, and a police report obtained to complete the file. Why? In case the man decides to sue sometime in the future. Any wonder our insurance rates are high? Sisty doesn’t work for free.

(Note to Rev. Paul. Alaskans have no monopoly on fools on drugs/alcohol.)

The snow this morning is welcome as we are experiencing a mini drought. Ah, Colorado! A 1,000 year flood event followed by a drought.

 We are on the fringe of the storm system with most of the weather to the North. So happy we made it back before the worst of the storm hit.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anger Management

Coffeypot has a funny post on, “Reasons I Was Sent to Sensitivity Training” at

Brings to mind a past experience.

Going over my commission settlement statement, I found an A/R for $526.00. Went to my boss.

“Dan, how come I have this $526.00 deduct on my washout check?”

“Rich (the owner) thinks you need Anger Management classes,” Dan replied. “That is the cost of the classes.”

About three weeks later Rich comes up to me. “Tank,” says he, “When are you going to your Anger Management classes?”

“Shit, Rich,” was my reply. “I thought I had to pay for the classes. I didn’t know I had to attend them.”

His response wasn’t positive. He went storming off waving his arms and making noises.

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Pick up one asshole and toss him in a dumpster, and suddenly people think you have an anger problem. To be fair to Rich, there may have been other incidental incidents where feathers were ruffled.

Never did go to the classes. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Change? One Can Hope

Are the winds of change blowing? What follows is a meandering political rant. You have been warned.

Looking for political trends in Colorado is, for me, frustrating. I’ve been consistently wrong. Still, I see some hope.

The political status quo got blindsided by the Colorado Model. Four trust fund babies funded it, and it has been tremendously effective. A good explanation of it is.

Starting with this political Pearl Harbor, the “Progressives” got control of both chambers of the State House, the Governorship, and both US Senate seats. Using their power, they have forced passage of many of their pet protects including “gun control” and renewable energy.

All of this has generated a grass roots pushback. A good summation is in a recent Michelle Malkin column.

The Progressive whine against recall elections seems centered on the meme that regular elections only should be used to remove legislators.

Much has been written about the 51st State initiative. One ultra liberal high school classmate (Class of 1961), retired teacher, and Boulder resident (where else?) called it a,

“Rural temper tantrum against a majority opinion”.

Seems she has forgotten our system of government is designed to protect minorities, of all kinds and beliefs, from the tyranny of majorities. Seemly, she has forgotten her ranch raised roots. It does seem some politicians are hearing a message. Governor Wishywashy is making conciliatory noises. Individual Democrats planning campaigns are finding a chilling climate among rural Democrats. Local party officials (Committee men/women, Treasurers, Precinct leaders, etc.) are not welcoming their visits nor willing to drive them around and make introductions to local mover and shakers. My few contacts among the GOP types are telling the same story.

An interesting trend is the pushback against the Common Core education collectivists. Some of the strongest pushback are in “liberal soccer mom” districts. Again, Michelle Malkin.

With my move, I’m now in a different county and different Congressional district. One immediate benefit is this county’s sheriff is CCL friendly so will go ahead and get one. Will start doing legally what I’ve been doing illegally for years. While Colorado is a “will issue” state, a sheriff can still make it damn difficult.

Should you have made it this far, thank you for your interest and patience.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Move is 100% complete. My body is trashed. Three aspirin, a glass of wine, another glass of whine, and off to bed.  Once again, I'm reminded if I knew what it meant to get old, I would have put it off for a few years.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

99% Done

Move almost done. Tomorrow, a few pieces to storage, trash dumped. and a final vacuum.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Leaving the Barrio

The move is proceeding on schedule and should be completed by Wednesday.

Two nights ago, I was going out to my truck when I heard a loud "crack". A grey car was going down the street with the passenger side window down. The passenger was hollering at the driver, "Go, go, go!" The car reached the T intersection, ran the stop sign, and sped off.

I didn't see a flash, and the noise didn't seem to be a bullet breaking the sound barrier. Doubt if I was a target, too random,  and my path downstairs wasn't visible from the direction the car was traveling. Nothing has developed in the neighborhood in the past two days.

My sister, the Northeast Colorado dispenser of snark, attributes it to residents getting an early start celebrating my departure.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veterans Day

On this day we honor our veterans and those serving, I think this picture sums up the majority of our population.

A tad bitter? Me? Hell yeah. 

There is one service member I know who, when some civilian gives him the supercilious, "Thank you for your service", nods, says aloud, "Thank you." Under his breath he is saying, "Fuck You!"

Yes, I know, some people are sincere in their appreciation. Most are thinking, "Thank God I'm not you." If not, more than 1-2 % of the population would want to serve.

I graduated from high school in 1961. I never doubted I would serve. In my "community" it was expected. Vietnam heated up after I was out. By 1971, people, against the war, gleefully pissed on those who did go. I once hired a 173rd vet, for a minimum wage job, because he demanded it.

"Glenn," I said, "I'm embarrassed to hire someone with your qualifications for a minimum wage entry level driving job."

"Damn it", he replied, "I need a damn job. Any job!"

He did well with the company and replaced me in a few months. Ended up making a career with them.

There were far too many Glenns. I suspect today those leaving the service face hidden obstacles being hired. Let me make this plain. Those mealy mouthed chicken shits making the hiring decisions don't want people around them that remind them of their true nature; gutless wonders.

The people who have my sympathy are those who want to serve and can't.

November 11th might not be the best day for this rant. So be it.

I'm not going to be part of the hypocritical crowd with their phony one day of honoring veterans and the rest of the year pissing on them. 

As always, your mileage may differ.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rudderless Ship of State

Dick Morris had a disturbing video up on 11/5, talking about how Obama’s lies will start hampering his ability to maneuver. He goes on to talk about past Presidents and how their lies and/or missteps hampered them. A similar article appeared in PJ Media. Worth a listen/read.

None of this prompts any joy on my part. While I loath him, his cronies, and the Chicago style politics, we are stuck with him. We don’t need another Jimmy Carter sitting in the Rose Garden picking fuzz off his sweater. As a rudderless ship of state wanders, the Rahl Emanuels of the world flourish, pushing their own agendas. I came of age during the Johnson Administration and the chaos of Vietnam and the stateside riots. I don’t want to see that again.

Another view, in PJ Media, of the Middle East and the Lightbringer.

Maybe I like this because I’ve always believed we should stay the hell out of their affairs and let them settle their own problems. It is not our job to change the world. Yes, I am an isolationist.

Just finishing reading, “All Hands Down” by Kenneth Sewell, a book about the loss of the USS Scorpion. My biggest conclusion is Walker should be taken to sea and dumped into shark filled waters several minutes after several buckets of chum have been dumped.

Don’t know why a landlubber like me is interested in things Navy. The closest I’ve been was a trip on a troop ship, and operating a 27’ Bridge Erection Boat in the Engineers. Many less enlightened relatives were, or are currently, sailors. We even have a couple of naval infantry in the mix.

Here is a nasty threat looming regarding Obamacare. Have children, don’t have health insurance? Expect a visit from Child Protective Services.

The move is proceeding on schedule. The recently acquired property inspection client I’ve dropped. What they required was too much brain damage for not enough money. Shocking, to those who know me, was a sober reflection of the risks verses my age. Climbing around snow covered structures taking measurements is dangerous, and I don’t heal as fast as in my younger days. Someone will undoubtedly accuse me of using common sense. Alas, I must carry that burden.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Free Cheese Central

After twelve years in a “lower socioeconomic” neighborhood, I’m preparing to move. The initial attraction was, and remains, cheap rent. For ten of those twelve years, I was on the road most of the time. The joke was, my clothing lived here. Now, the landlord wants to take advantage of the gentrification of the neighborhood, fix up the dump, and move in his sister. Oh well, I’m tired of the place, and the twelve steep steps up to the deck and entrance don’t favor my arthritic knees. Despite the upgrading of the neighborhood due to the outflow of illegal  immigrants, this is still Free Cheese Central.
Before I got too disgusted with the Democratic Party to continue attending meetings, I became acquainted with many people in the neighborhood. That is why I feel free to call it Free Cheese Central.

 I’m living in a Progressive paradise judging by my neighbors. The occupant of the unit below me is on disability, receives Section 8, food stamps, Medicaid, and free or reduced utilities. She has been married five times to three different men, proving that some men are slow learners. She has five adult children. There is a parade of men who appear to be halfway house residents visiting her. I will grant that, for her age, she looks “hot” in a trashy way. Of course, dressing like a sexy teenager when you are fifty may not be the best look. When she worked, she was a bartender, and she dresses like she is on her way to work every day. None of this bothers me. What bothers me is she is a negative, passive aggressive professional victim and a viscous gossip who doesn’t mind her own business.

Next door I have a sixty year old hippie, a mental health counselor with a huge temper issue, and perpetual student. As long as she can get student loans, she is in school. Last I heard, she was going for a doctorate. She will never live long enough to pay back those loans, but she gets enough to live on plus her work earnings.  She has several dogs, none that has ever been groomed, cats, finches, fish, and a cockatiel, all in a one bedroom 800 sq. ft. house. In her yard there is a greenhouse, three or four chicken coops,  and several chickens. Her place is overgrown with unkempt flower beds. She feeds the squirrels and the squirrel population in our block needs to be seen to believed. Need I say, Hillary is “her girl”? She loathes me for being a knuckle dragging misogynist NRA member who is homophobic. I’m not homophobic. I will call a duck a duck. She seems to think she can go all wretched on me and is horribly offended that I won’t “take it”; that I’ll tell her what trees make shingles. Two views of her yard.

I haven’t decided just where I will move, but will probably stay in the area. Most likely, the move will be a few miles North of my present location.

The moving won’t be too bad as I’ve never been one for accumulating many possessions.

Blogging will be sporadic, unless something really pisses me off. Your patience will be appreciated.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I've Got Nada

Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.
Proverbs 17:28

Does this apply to blogging?

Picked up a new client for my property inspection work. Much studying, organizing and updating computer programs involved. 

After twelve years at the same address, moving next month a few miles North. Eating up a lot of time.

Maybe something new in a few days.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Democratic National Committee Running Scared?

As a long time Blue Dog Democrat I have yet to tell the Democratic National Committee to pack sand. Hence, I’m still on their mailing list. Don’t know why, haven’t given them any money in years.  They recently sent a mailing piece. It was an oversized legal style envelope with, in the upper left corner, large font, PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA.  Centered on the envelope were the words Do you still have my back? Below that in small letters my name and address. The contents are shown here, should you have the stomach to read them.

To me, this letter reeks of fear. Of course, that is a motivator in many a fund raising letter, and stump speech, but this seems more strident than usual.

Since they enclosed a prepaid envelope, I will send it back empty and without the stamp.

The small gift mentioned in the P.S. will find a home on the bumper of someone I dislike. Yes, I’m mean and petty that way.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Proud Father

Received word today the Medic qualified Expert with his M4. Makes him the third generation to earn one; fourth if you count a great, great uncle.

Always knew he could do it with a decent rifle and an honest scorer. Way to go son, proud of you!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Mighty Goose Hunter

The Service Manager at the dealership I spent several years with was a fanatical bird hunter. Our dealership, while along side the Interstate, was rural with a lot of farmland to our East and lakes and rivers to our Northwest. Geese flew low over our lot on a regular basis. Their honking would drive him nuts.

“Look Doug”, we would say. “They are giving you the finger.”

One day he snapped, got his shotgun out of his truck, and dropped a goose. The goose fell on top of a 53’ long haul trailer we used for storage, and then bounced behind the trailer, out of Doug’s sight. Leaving his shotgun, Doug walked out to and around the trailer to get his goose, only to be confronted by a large hawk who got there first.  The hawk wasn’t going to give up his free meal, and Doug wasn’t going to give up his goose. He came back with the goose but wouldn’t tell us how he got the goose away from the hawk. We suspected urine was involved.

Great guy, even is he did have bad habits, like being an old Chevy fan and restorer.  Not a current events guy, he drove around for two weeks with a rainbow sticker we put on his truck’s rear bumper before someone told him the significance. 

He had a great sense of humor, and was always willing to laugh at himself. One day he and his senior mechanic were trying to solve a difficult repair. Always helpful, I suggested, “Why don’t you send it out to a real mechanic?” Yeah, that was well received!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Captain Will Swenson, American Hero, And Our National Disgrace

A brave soldier is finally recognized. The reasons for the delay?  I suggest reading a report in MilitaryCorruption.com.

Another brave soldier, the late Colonel David Hackworth, often spoke out about the “perfumed princes” that infest our armed forces. A typical post.

Over and over, we see men, and now women, who rise to the top by never seeing a conflict between the good of their service, and the good of their careers.

I’m so very happy to see Captain Will Swenson recognized for his achievements. It is deplorable the rotten command structure needed to be exposed for it to happen. As always, your mileage may vary.

A personal note to any of the officers and senior NCOs who were involved in "losing the paperwork", should any of you happen to read this, FUCK YOU VERY MUCH! You are a personal disgrace to your oath and the Army.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Silly Question? Maybe Not

I wonder how many adults who are all for gun control were, as children, bullies or "mean girls"? Just from my own youth, I can think of a few.

Think they miss the delicious feeling of power over others? Now, the once powerless have the means to balance the power? That enrages them?

Nah, WSF, you are getting dotty in your old age.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When WSF Got Schooled

For those who like stories about me stepping on my pee pee.

One fine Colorado Springs morning, on a sales call at an auto repair facility for an engine remanufacturer, I received  about the best “schooling” ever.

At the counter, I introduced my self, product, and firm. To the side, I saw a man’s head snap around, and he came over to me. He was the owner. 

“XXX Engines”, he said? “Won’t ever do business with them again.”

“Oh”, said I. “Did you have and unsatisfactory experience with us”?

His staff started gathering around. They knew what was coming. He related a story, of a few years ago, of receiving a defective remanufactured six cylinder engine head. Called customer service/warranty desk wanting to return the head for a refund. He was told, rather emphatically, that he must properly package the return with enough padding so that there would be no damage. This irritated him, as he was already irritated that he was shipped a defective part.

He chose to use a large quantity of dried horse manure for packing material. Having told me this, he went silent, and stared at me.

I started laughing. What else could I do? It was damn funny. He stated laughing, his staff started laughing, and everyone ended up with a big smile on their face.

After a few minutes of further conversation, I went on to my next call. Guess I wasn’t that good a salesman as they didn’t buy from us after my call.  

Somehow, I don’t think even Zig Zigler could have salvaged that call.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Meanwhile, In Utah

With apologies to my LDS friends (if I have any left).