Friday, August 25, 2023

Banner Got Skunked


Banner Made a New Acquaintance

The internet sources recommend a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and a few drops of dish washing soap. At 2330 choices are limited. That helped. Three baths later there is still an odor. A cousin in Texas recommended this product.

It worked better than the H2O2 mixture.

 My fault. I let him off the leash before checking out the hillside he likes to explore. The ladies in the building all have opinions and are not shy in offering them.

Banner? Once his mouth was cleared, he didn’t care at all.

Conspiracy Theories – Climate Change Aligned

Starting with the word “robust”, the current buzzword for wannabe tyrants, suspicious minds can find several ways this “scientific” study feeds into the NOW agenda and general econazi goals. Note that it comes from Satan’s laboratory.


Yeah, That Will Work – Denver Edition

Solving the homeless problem?


The devil is in the details. For example, with an already underfunded/understaffed police department how will public safety be assured?

The picture is off the internet. Location is  San Francisco.

 Will the current tent dwellers be willing to move to a place with rules and restrictions?

Denver has always been a city with an unlawful edge. What makes the mayor think that will change?

Finally, the City of Denver is a financial disaster.


Is Denver a long term Democrat controlled city? Does a bear............?

H.O.A. Scams and Abuses

A long report by real investigative reporters.


Circle Firing Squad – Environazi Edition

Nasty little fight brewing on who is the most righteous 


Somewhat related, the local rag publishes a weekly oil spill report. Please keep in mind the county has 17,000+ wells. Many are inactive. 


Attempted Suicide by Cop

The story isn’t unusual but the prison sentence shows the difference between rural areas and Democrat run big cities.

Fort Collins is the county seat and much of the I-25 corridor is being built up. Think of Fort Collins are a blue smear in a red county that voted GOP 76% in the last presidential election.


UFO Interest

Colorado’s San Luis Valley (Headwaters of the Rio Grande River) has long been a hot spot for UFO sightings. One resident has made a business out of public interest.


While neither a believer nor skeptic, circa 1972, I had an experience I cannot explain.

Around 0100, traveling westbound on Wyoming Highway 39, in a moonlight valley with the Wasatch Mountains in the distance, a huge irregular shape passed in front of me traveling north to south. Perhaps five to ten miles in front of me, it absorbed all the moonlight. My car, a 1972 Ford LTD, started running poorly and I stopped. I could clearly see the mountains in the distance on either side of the object but not directly toward the object. All of this lasted about ten minutes (long enough to exit the car and empty my bladder) then the objects was gone. The car went back to running normally.

To answer a question others may have, I was stone sober and not a drug user.

Damn, as if our traffic on US 34 and I-25 isn’t bad enough


Environazis screw Eastern Utah


The Moffat Road never extended past Craig, CO. There are no geographic challenges to extend it to the old D%RG, now Union Pacific, line in Utah. This might be an alternative solution.


 Snide side note. Utah has significant deposits of tungsten. Right now all of our tungsten is imported. One guess as to who is the primary supplier.

Regulation!!! More Regulation!!!

OK, this is from New Zealand. Who doubts the woke USA crowd salivates on this kind of news?


As always, YMMV

Monday, August 21, 2023

Hypocrisy, Writ Large


Al Gore, John Kerry, et al


Of course, the wealthy are justified as they do so much to insure the well being of the world and they must continue their work.

What is unusual is for them to be called out by environazis.


Careful, biting the hand that feeds you may cause you to need a real job.

Cutting out the Middleman Pawn Shop

Want to bet thieves have already found ways to defeat whatever safe guards these machines employ?

Yes, not much of a blog. Others bloggers have done a better job writing on topics that frost the family jewels, you should read them. Besides, it is only Monday.

As always, YMMV

Friday, August 18, 2023

Every Blade of Grass


We had a nice phone conversation this afternoon. He is doing well, stabilized, and may be home in a day or two.

Being Mr Tech Wizard, he is frustrated with just having his cell phone to work with instead of enough computers at home to launch a moon mission.

He said to say, “Hi”, to all and that he will soon be back in battery.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Back to Being Pissed Off - Blog to Follow


Cheerful Story, for a Change



Someone may own a dog.

A sliver of sunshine? Electricity.


The City of Greeley is purple (Teachers College, aka UNC) and the county seat of Weld County which went 73% for Trump. From the internet.

Colorado has the eighth- largest natural gas reserves in the United States. Colorado has the eighth-largest natural gas reserves of any state, accounting for almost 4% of the U.S. total. It is also the eighth-largest natural gas-producing state in the nation.

Weld County, north of Denver, was the leading county for natural gas production, accounting for nearly half of the state's natural gas production in 2019. 

Will the City Council step up? Footnote. 17,000 wells exist in Weld County. Goggle Earth 40°22’49.76”  104°20’22.57”

Not Good? Electricity

Now we have another green boondoggle in the works, a huge solar energy project.


The local residents oppose the project for two main reasons. Who gets the output? That question isn’t being answered. Suspicious minds are saying Boulder County. Second reason is the physical location. See the above coordinates for sites already chopped up. Not disturbing unspoiled land plus good access roads are already in place makes more sense and there are very few homes in that area.


My beard is tough and my skin thin. Blood thinner medication doesn’t help. I’ve been using this for a few weeks and it is the best product, for me, that I have ever used. I buy it locally. Amazon shows it but not in stock.

“Settled Science” debunked

This is, IMO, the way science should work.


Oh no! Is the Gravy Train running dry? 

Once again, Boulder.


Science benefiting Bill Gates?

Who has been buying up farmland? The ‘elites’ and China.


What this report doesn’t mention is the aquifers are being depleted. Prediction: When the water is gone the ‘investors’ will move on and leave a desert behind them.


The last time I bought one of these it was under $2. This one, $5, after rounding up for a charity donation (.09).

Dining out? There is this little tidbit.


Nothing is immune. Our little group supports the VFW Sunday breakfast whose profits benefit disabled veterans. During the Xiden disaster, the price has gone up $2.

Recently my buddy Santa Claus and I had breakfast at a cafe serving the stockyards. They serve a huge breakfast but I dropped $40 with a tip.

Shucks, Just a Land Mine


The land was a ranch owned by Frank and Pauline Byers. They were given a month to vacate, in August. They waited ten years to be paid for their land.

Another day, another disaster

I wish. With our current crop of office holders, both state and federal, it is another day, many disasters.

As always, YMMV

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Angry, Yes! Anyone Care? No


My neighbor down the hall was a successful businessman until diabetes and heart problems crippled him. His stated position now is he no longer cares what happens in the world. “Fuck it” is his motto. Then some event or government action sets him off and he starts bloviating.

“Tom”, I say. “You keep saying you don’t care”

That prompts a glare and one or two suggestions for me  that would be very uncomfortable indeed.

More and more I find myself in agreement. The blatant criminality at all levels is out front; the bastards don’t even try to hide it. Maybe that is the master plan. So overwhelm us we quit caring.

Banner’s response.

So, less blogging. A couple of things tweaked my interest.

Green Wet Dream 

It is only money.


Oh, the virtue signaling! Did the Colorado Legislator pass funding for this boondoggle? How many apartment fires will result from faulty battery fires, especially frozen batteries?


Riding in the winter? As someone whose sole transportation was a motorcycle for two years, college years, I can attest that Colorado winters are a challenge.

From the (P)gressive point of view, this will help keep Colorado blue.

Yet, Banner might enjoy riding on the back.

Gaia Shrugs

Paychecks matter.


OK, University of Colorado, keep your funding coming by reaching “settled science” conclusions that the funders expect.

As always, YMMV

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Down a Rabbit Hole



The 1970’s saw a great effort to “de-institutionalize” housing for people incapable of caring for themselves. Closing ‘insane asylums’, for lack of a better description. The grandiose idea was for community based group homes to provide a better setting.

 How has that worked out?


This is an issue that deeply affects me. My first born, now 51, was severely autistic from birth. All of my adult life he has required my attention, and finances, to deal with his challenges. NOTE: I don’t ask for anyone’s pity. God gave him to me and he is my responsibility. Case closed.

Who doubts much of the homeless in our communities are individuals with major mental issues?

Acceptance by others is the greatest desire of the mentally impaired. Of that I am certain. The community they fit into today is the drug culture/homeless population.

What are their alternatives?

A decent overview our history of people afflicted with mental illness and developmental issues can be found here. This isn’t light or pleasant reading and will bring out many shouts of, “yeah, but”.


It does illustrate people who recognized the problem and made efforts to come to solutions. To me, that trumps apathy.

I will be blunt. We need ‘insane asylums’ to safely house those who cannot care for themselves or are a danger to others. Policing one or more state institutions will always be easier than scores of private group homes. Advocates, such as myself, can and will raise hell when One Flew over the Cuckoo Nest.

Not one of my usual posts, to be sure. 

What brightens my day and eases my burdens.

As always, YMMV