Wednesday, December 1, 2021

#2,000 YGTBSM

 As near as I can tell I started blogging in December 2008. Dumfounded, I am, that I still blog. This will be post #2,000.

It deserves something “epic”. My “epic” tank is running on fumes.

Those bloggers who post daily, or even several times a week, blow me away.

There is always something of interest on the political scene.

Another “woke” candidate. Just what we need, no?

Changing times and morals? I was surprised to find this article in our local rag.


To date, we have had just a skiff of snow. Winter snow is not here and not yet on the horizon. This is bad news for the region and for those depending on the Colorado River.

Speaking of winter.

Last week, driving to McCook, NE, I didn’t see any “green” in the planted winter wheat fields. This year’s crops were decent, even record high, in some areas. Most of the small town grain elevators were operating, even on a Saturday, and railcars were lined up for loading.  Next year?

Farmers are the biggest gamblers. Next in line are farm implement dealers. The sales yards I passed seemed to be low on inventory. Someone more knowledgeable than me needs to draw conclusions from that observation.

The used car lots I passed seemed to have a decent inventory. Prices? Unknown; I didn’t have time to stop and check.

Preaching to the Choir – will the sinners take head?

The auto repair shop I prefer is busy but I have an appointment on the 10th for a minor tune up. What I suspect will be their recommendations.

The neighbor across the hall got these for Banner. He wears them with aplomb, much to the delight of others in the building. The strobe effect lights are hard to capture in a snap.
He was moping this morning. Instead of my usual bacon and eggs, I had a bowl of blueberries. He kept pushing into the desk well.

"Where is my bacon grease?"

After an hour of this, I cooked some bacon in the microwaves. After the plate cooled, he got his bacon grease fix. Then he went to the couch to catch up on his napping. I forced myself to eat the bacon. After all, waste not; want not.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Social Outcast

 A neighbor in our 90 unit building, 78 years old with health problems, recently had a severe asthma attack her inhaler didn’t stop. Visiting the nearby Urgent Care facility (right across the street to our East) she was found to be asymmetric positive for COVID. That had no bearing on her asthma problem she has had for a decade or more.

Our building is full of people, mainly female, who never left Junior High School emotionally (I’m too old to have known middle school).  

Somehow two snoopy neighbors found out, or deduced the COVID diagnosis and hustle their butts into the manager’s office. That resulted in this letter being taped to every door.

The neighbor in question is a retired surgical assistant. Her knowledge of medical facts most likely exceeds most of our residents. She wouldn’t put other people at risk. I know she is a good person; Banner adores her and will go running up to her if off leash. He doesn’t do that with most people.

I can’t fault the building manager as he is in a damned if I do, damned if I don’t position. At least he didn’t go full lockdown.

Most likely the snitch bitches are congratulating themselves and are feeling righteous. The stigma they have created for my neighbor probably doesn’t cross their minds.

A few of us in the building will now go out of our way to include our neighbor in our social gatherings. Several of us take our dogs out at regular times and visit while the dogs do dog business.

My neighbor told me she had a 1 ½  hour wait to be seen at the “Urgent” Health clinic. Seems the COVID scam propaganda is working so well people panic over a sniffle. A question comes to mind; what is the long term economic cost of all this?

As always, YMMV.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Road Trip

Visited McCook, NE yesterday for business, with other stops along the way. A 509 miles round trip on Highway 34. No problems, decent weather and light traffic made for a pleasant outing.

My part time gig is delivering notices to folks behind on their mortgages. These are not legal papers but are a notice that the lender wants their attention. There is often an offer for refinancing.  The company, and the manager for my area have treated me well over the years and I don’t mind going out on these trips to help them. It doesn’t hurt I’m paid well for these out of area assignments. Then, there is a saving by the late Jackie Cooper, car sales trainer; I took to heart many years ago.

“Winners do what losers won’t”.

There were other assignments along the way. One was at a new subdivision way off from anywhere. For affordable housing, people working in Metro Denver are now driving 50+ miles. Common sights in rural Colorado are take home cars.

All along the route you see Trump signs. One was a lighted sign on a tall pole. This is definitely Red State country.

When traveling this route this is always a place I visit. First, the bladder, and second to reflect on the nature of man and the value of government promises.

A favorite sight on any back haul.

The COVID scam allowed many folks to stop paying on their mortgages. How many doing so were for legitimate reasons I can’t say. What I can say is many of the people I visit are $28,000+ delinquent.  My sympathy is muted when I see full dress motorcycles, ski boats, ATVs and $80,000 trucks on the property.

Banner spent the day at  my sister's house. He does well on road trips but he can be a distraction. Home, this morning, he seems to have recovered from the ordeal.

Why bother making the bed?

Yesterday was my late son’s 13th wedding anniversary. I called his widow. She and my granddaughter were enroute to Charlestown, S.C. to visit granddaughter’s boyfriend who is attending Navy A school (whatever that is). I offered to come to S.C. and shoot him but was told that isn’t needed. My daughter-in-law approves of the boyfriend so grandfather needs to just shut up.

Granddaughter and DIL live near Spartanburg, SC. Am I proud of granddaughter?

DIL tells me all the tailoring and pressing was done by my granddaughter. I do believe she can pass any inspection.

Sister Kink Update

As always, YMMV

Wednesday, November 24, 2021


Infrequent blogging has become my norm. While I spend a lot of time reading other bloggers, the daily assaults on our liberties and freedoms wears me out. The hits just keep coming.

An analogy, if I may. Living with our government, at all levels, but especially  Xiden and the  (P)regressives, is like being in a inescapable marriage to an unfaithful spouse.

Perhaps this feeling will pass and the piss and vinegar will return. For the 100 or so visitors to my infrequent posts, thank you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Give an Inch

The neighbor ladies asked if they could put up a couple of pictures on my hallway wall a month ago. They were running out of space on their walls.

“No problem”, said I. “Feel free”.

Seems I’m now in the Christmas spirit. I fear this is just the beginning.

There are four floors in this building. Some halls are nearly barren while others are “decorated”. It pleases the ladies to have me be a bit grumpy when in fact I quite enjoy their efforts.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

A Reach? Maybe.

An observation by a retired surgical nurse, militantly anti COVID vaccination, and neighbor started me thinking about side effects not recognized. Is depression a long term side effect?

Our building has 90 apartments. Other than the maintenance man (no spring chicken) everyone is over 62. Most are over 70. Many are dependent on public transportation since they no longer can drive. Many get few visitors. During the overdone COVID restrictions our common areas were closed and little interaction with neighbors was allowed. Many residents became deeply depressed and withdrawn.

Banner the beast became the Ambassador of Smiles as some residents would perk up and break out in smiles as they petted him. One day I kept score and 17 different people petted him. Banner graciously allowed them some of his time (mine didn’t count).

The building is now back to a pre COVID state physically but not socially. The three public computers are seldom used. The great room with fireplace and big screen television stays empty unless the Broncos are playing. Even then only a few are watching.

What is back and larger than ever are jigsaw puzzles with as many as six at a time being worked. Still, only half dozen residents are doing them. The Coven is playing their dice game most afternoon but they seldom have enough players. In the past there would be two games going at once.

My neighbor is convinced COVID shots cause long term depression and lack of motivation. At least within our building, that seems to be true.

I’m not around younger people as much as before so cannot say if they are acting the same. I do see little “spark” among people when I’m shopping but that may be a sign of our current national funk.

Our building has, on average, one to two deaths a month. Not surprising with so many seniors with health problems. Do they die from COVID? More likely, existing conditions that may have been worsened by COVID was the reason. Or, regular seasonal flu which isn’t getting much notice now.

If my neighbor is correct that side effect won’t be mentioned by our corrupt, at all levels, institutions, IMO.

As always, YMMV


Thursday, November 11, 2021

Sister Kink

The recent Census has given Colorado an eighth congressional seat. Lori Saine has announced she is running. 

If you search my blog postings for “Sister Kink” several posts come up. I worked with her in the car biz.

She is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever known, and her determination when she sets a goal is downright scary.

Years ago my bosses decided to open a used car lot in Windsor, CO. I found and leased a location, got the permits, etc. Who to run it? I picked Lori. 

Across the street was a radio station and the owner, Dudley Brown was the founder of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Association. He and Lori became acquainted and he helped her first run for political office as a State Representative.

I won’t have a dog in this fight as I live in the Fourth district.

Good luck, Lori!