Thursday, August 16, 2018

Summit Springs

Scene of a big fight July 11, 1869, the site is on private land. Once open, abusive people leaving gates open, trash, and firing weapons brought about the scene above. The land owner/lessee will allow vetted visitors. Located a few miles SSE of Sterling, CO the history surrounding the events interests me.
One of the books listed in the brochure, "Sound the Charge" is in my library. Part of the book goes into some detail of ordeals of 'white' women in the hands of natives. Something fuller:

My view of Indians differs from current orthodoxy, shaped in part by listening, as a young child, to relatives and family friends who experienced life in the West in the last part of the 1800's. 

Sterling, CO has an excellent museum well worth visiting. Located just of I-76, it across from the Colorado Visitors Center (Rest Stop). Admission is a scandalous $3.

The quality of the following photos is poor. My cheap pocket camera is better than the user and the user was too lazy to go to his truck and get his SLR.

 Both my mother and sister would ride side saddle on special occasions. My sister, a superb rider, would jump side saddle. Showoff!

A large section is devoted to rural electrification and the nearly unfathomable positive impact on the lives, and life spans, of rural people.
There is far more than these few snaps show. It humbles me the amount of volunteer effort that goes into creating these small city museums.

Two more museums of note should you be passing through Colorado would be at Burlington, CO on I-70 just past the Kansas line and Craig, CO in the Northwest corner of the state on US 40. 

Can't forget the "Tread of the Pioneers" museum in Steamboat Springs, CO. A good friend has spent many years making that a regional resource. 

A passing note on Native Americans. I have no, repeat no, animosity towards those living today. I would say those who view socialism and trusting the 'government' favorable should examine carefully the current state of Native Americans. As always, YMMV.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

(P)regressives as Missionaries

IMO, the political problems we have are caused by the ‘liberal’ elites viewing themselves as missionaries with a duty to enlighten the ignorant masses. Secondly, to protect the masses from those who reject the elite’s message.

From Google.

plural noun: missionaries
1.    a person sent on a religious mission, especially one sent to promote Christianity in a foreign country.
evangelistapostle, proselytizer, preacherministerpriest
One blogger was kind enough to explain in a private email the Chinese control their ethnic/religious minorities by confining them to specific geographic areas and not allowing them to leave.

While being completely unconstitutional, wouldn’t it be a boon to wall off blue counties and not allow the residents to leave without permission?  

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Not a Bowtie Fan

I’m no Chevy fan even though I’ve owned a few. That said, IMO, they got it right with the 2018 Camaro, both appearance and sound.

Guess I will always be a Ford guy, promiscuous as hell to be sure, but that is where my heart lies.

I like the Mustang GT. To me, it looks like a clenched fist ready to knock you on your butt.

MOPAR? Cannot be a fan so long as their bean counter mentality, “The quality comes out before the name goes on”, prevails.

Thursday, August 9, 2018


An entirely personal blog posting. You have been forewarned.

“You are not impatient”, says my sister. “To be impatient, you need to have some patience to begin with”.

She is spot on.

Today I started watching an “infomercial” about a subject that interested me. On and on it went, droning over and over the same points. No way to skip to a “bottom line”. Clicked it off midway.

Sure, I remember all the advice that to reach an audience you need to tell them the same thing five ways as different people learn different ways. Guess that might work with a captive audience, that is, those still awake.

A question I sometimes ask myself is, “Have you missed golden opportunities because you are too impatient to hear the whole story?” Probably.

“Are you ahead of the game because you didn’t waste time with damn fools that can’t get to the point?” My ego wants a positive “YES” to that question.

One would surmise, after seven decades of breathing air and taking nourishment, I should have learned to be more patient. Hasn’t happened. If it does, I will need to change my blog title.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Unalaska Lite

From our local newspaper.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is a summary of crime reports taken from the Greeley Police Department's daily logs. Only a few of the hundreds of reports will be used in this weekly column because of space limitations.
July 22
Noon: Greeley police responded to the 200 block of 20th Avenue Court for a report of a man who borrowed a car but couldn't return it to the owner because he forgot where he left it.
One could surmise alcohol was involved at some point.
3:30 p.m.: Greeley police responded to the 1000 block of 11th Street for a report of five people so inebriated they kept stumbling into traffic.
Party hearty.
July 23
1 p.m.: Police responded to the 1300 block of 6th Street for a report of a naked man.

It was a hot day.

1:15 p.m.: Police responded to the 200 block of 35th Avenue for a report of an injured domesticated rabbit. The caller insisted the rabbit was domesticated because "it's the white, fluffy kind."
Knows Peter Cottontail when they see him.
5 p.m.: Police responded to the 3000 block of 13th Street for a report of two kids listening to music on the roof of a school.
No, no, being on the roof.
6:30 p.m.: Police and Weld County deputies responded the 5200 block of F Street for a report of three mischievous goats that escaped their pen to go play at Rover Run Dog Park.
Were the police forced to become goat ropers?
July 24
5:30 a.m.: Police responded to the 2100 block of 30th Street for a report of a theft. The caller told police he was with his ex-girlfriend earlier in the day, left some stuff in her car and couldn't get ahold of her. He wanted officers to go to her house to get his things back for him. The man was told he needed to get his stuff back himself.
Hint of relationship problems?
9 a.m.: Police responded to a supermarket in the 2700 block of 11th Avenue for a report of a woman sitting on a pole wearing black lace pants, a little top and nothing else.
New advertising campaign for King Soopers (Kroegers)?
3:30 p.m.: Police responded to 65th Avenue for a report of a naked man running toward U.S. 34.
Did someone come home unexpectedly?
3:45 p.m.: Police responded to the 500 block of 24th Avenue for a report of a Port-a-Potty fire ignited by some kids.
Just training to be future enlisted soldiers.
5:30 p.m.: Police responded to the 2500 block of 10th Avenue for a report of a man changing his clothes in the caller's yard.
There were clean clothes hanging out to dry?
11:45 p.m.: Police responded to 35th Avenue and U.S. 34 for a report of three men digging.
City employees caught in the act of working?
July 25
9:30 p.m.: Police responded to the 1800 block of 8th Avenue for a report of a bat that flew into a house through an open window and was now hanging from the Christmas lights.
She’s a redneck woman channeling her inner Gretchen Wilson.
10:30 p.m.: Police responded to 30th Avenue Court for a report of kids peeing on a front lawn.
Just a little contest on who can pee higher/farther.
On a more serious note.
Two Greeley transients were hospitalized Monday night following a fight at an encampment on the banks of the Poudre River.
A registered sex offender was arrested last week in Greeley after becoming the focus of a sting operation by a vigilante group on Facebook.
A Nebraska woman was arrested early this past Tuesday morning on suspicion of driving high on cocaine with a child in the car.
The Weld County Sheriff's Department on Tuesday issued an arrest warrant in connection with the death of a 65-year-old woman in Longmont.
To end on a positive note, one of my sister’s many “daughters” retired as a sergeant from the sheriff’s department after nearly 26 years of outstanding service.

Gala of the Royal Horses

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Road to Hell

(P)regressives continue to prove the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Seemingly they can ignore reality because their dreams are so powerful reality can be ignored. Such is the case with the $12 minimum wage as put into law in Seattle and elsewhere.

Examples of the negative effects of this dream are everywhere. Been to a chain burger joint lately?

Please allow me to put it into personal terms. My oldest son, now in his late forties, was born autistic. Through a long and torturous journey he ended up some years ago living in a residential mental health facility. He quickly progressed and no longer needed the mental health treatment but was kept on as a renter in another wing and as a dishwasher and kitchen helper, a job he successfully held for years.

The kitchen provided simple meals for all the residents of the facility at a cost the residents could barely afford. Along came the $12 minimum wage and the facility, which has always operated on a shoestring, was forced to close the kitchen.

My son, who is very good at his work, quickly found a job washing dishes in a restaurant just outside the Seattle city limits.

As for the residents of the facility? They are well and truly fucked.

Remember the hippie anthem, Give Peace a Chance? Too many people don’t want peace for that to work.

I do understand the altruistic motivation of (P)regressives. In college, the book by Edward Bellamay, Looking Backwards,

spoke to me. Like so many hope and dreams, the perfectibility of mankind is necessary to achieve them. That tain’t happening, IMO. YMMV

Sunday, August 5, 2018