Sunday, April 11, 2021

Breaking Bad


I’ve been on a restricted food plan going on two years that restricts food containing lectins. It works; I’ve lost 60-70 lbs. Right now I’ve hit a plateau and have been at the same weight, plus or minutes five pounds, for several weeks.

Maybe once or twice a month I go off  the food plan, and this morning’s Sunday brunch with friends and my sister was one of those times.

The restaurant is family owned with three or even four generations working. The “bus boy” this morning looked to be about ten. Nothing fancy about the place, just good food at reasonable prices that is always busy.

Greeley, CO is transitioning from a primary agriculture town to a diverse city. My sister credits people re-investing profits from selling property to re-purposing existing buildings instead of taking their money elsewhere.

The city is still agriculture orientated but much of row crops are being processed elsewhere. Petroleum is a dominate industry but other businesses are growing. An example is Burris, maker of high end firearms optics.

Union Pacific rail is big in the area with a large switching yard just a few miles South across the South Platte River. A small railroad stays in business moving cars from the BNSF routes through Ft Collins a few miles to the West to the UP.  

Greeley is the county seat of Weld County, the reddest county in the blue/purple state of Colorado. It is a decent place to live, well run, a good police department and a fairly low crime rate. Too bad we are part of the Emperor Polis’ cluster of Boulder and mountain resort towns  trust fund snots.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Banner on Guard


Who does he think is going to take his food bowl? He is the only dog.


I’m quite comfortable. Use your other desk.

The question is; is he spoiled or well cared for?

After a hour with the groomer yesterday his odor isn’t as bad. He was getting rank. Now all the building ladies are complimenting him.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Emperor Polis


The mask mandate has been extended another month depending on where your county/community falls on some “color” scale, purple to green. My county is currently listed as “yellow”.

After a year of this nonsense, I see increasing scofflaw behavior. Most common is the mask below the nose. My guess, over half of mask wearers including store employees,  don’t cover their nose.

Must all be mouth breathers?

This morning I visited Harbor Freight where around 1/3 of the customers weren’t wearing masks (including yours truly).  As a major downstream China outlet, their stock is low and many bare shelves were to be seen. What I wanted wasn’t in stock so I left without buying anything.

 Emperor Polis will claim credit after MLB moved the All-star game from Atlanta to Denver. Interesting, MLB moved it to a city with around a 15% black population in a state with 4% of the population counted as black by the Census Bureau. The state has stronger voting laws, including ID requirements, than the recent Georgia voter action. Of course, Colorado is mail in voting only.

(Doesn’t matter really with the blue counties dominating the population and enforcement/scrutiny of voting absent in those counties.)

See where the American Media Maggots (h/t BZ) are all atwitter over SloJo “gun control” Executive Orders. What I see so far is a focus on fringe points that will still energize their base. Firearms owners will continue, “We Will Not Comply”, and trillions of innocent electrons will be killed as polemics are written. Fund raising by groups on all sides will be stepped up.

I think I will go take a nap.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Fresh Air

 I live in a small city surrounded by farms, feed lots, and dairy operations. Lots of “country” smells.

 Yesterday called for traveling about thirty miles to see the dentist. Such a great start to the week, no?

 This time of year the farmers are clearing their irrigation ditches of vegetation. The usual way is to burn them. In addition to the usual country smells, we have smoke. On the plus side, the air does clear your sinuses.

 Spring seems to have arrived and the ground vegetation is turning green. The deciduous trees and bushes haven’t leafed out yet which is good; we will probably get at least one more snow storm. Springs snow storms tend to be wet and heavy.

 We’ve seen a few days in the 70°’s and I’m enjoying having the windows open. The downside is the air is “fresh”.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Woke Bullshit


More of an editorial than a news report, this has so much “white” stereotyping as to be cringe worthy. All to support the current woke narrative of white privileged, white supremacy, insert something derogatory here _________.

The first question comes to mind, was the food truck couple current on what they owed the kitchen owner?

Second question, why was the kitchen owner so pissed?

Does this whole thing smells of a routine business transaction gone bad?  Race had little, if anything, to do with it.

People have disputes that often have nothing to do with skin color. When tempers flare, words often fly without much thought  behind them.

It may well be the kitchen owner is in the wrong but the “reporter” is clearly biased and pushing an agenda, and doing so with a tone of smug superiority. As BZ terms it, an American Mainstream Maggot.


Different slant, something that made me snort, then cringe because it is so apt.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Tis' A Privilege to Live in Colorado (Sometimes)

Out walking the dog this morning. 60°, no wind, 100 mile visibility, robins singing, and hints of green in the winter brown lifts my spirits.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Author, Author


“You should write a book”, a neighbor said, “Your blog is interesting”.

After thanking her for her kind remark about my blog, I told her authors needs both talent and discipline, qualities I lack. As Dirty Harry said in several movies, “A man should know his limitations”. In ten years, my blog has had around 11.7K page views. Many of the bloggers on my sidebar get that many in two months. Clearly, my “audience” isn’t that large.

I still retain a clear memory of “constructive criticism” from 1979. At the time, while working for a UBC compliant manufactured home company, I wrote a detailed instruction manual on how to install a modular home. I floated a draft among my colleagues. One, who was blunter than even me said, “This is the best set of instructions I’ve ever read, if I could read it. We need to have a ‘professional’ writer redo it to make it more readable”.

As it happened, I was married to a ‘professional writer’, so I hired her. Painfully, sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph, she questioned me as in, “What do you mean here?” Her re-write was received to high praise by my colleagues and was soon printed in a pamphlet and given to customers.

We should have applied for a copyright. Our competitors copied it and used it with their customers.

My blog is my personal worldly, and wordy, bloviating. If others enjoy it, or it really pisses off people, so much the better.

My only other writing endeavor is a series of agitprop postings under the heading, “Stirring the pot”, published on a Facebook page. The gaslighters, aka “Fact Checkers” often jump on my posts. That is a big ego boost. 

Maybe I need to get a life.