Saturday, October 20, 2018

2020 Democrat for President

Watching parts of the 2004 Democrat National Convention, I found myself asking, “Who the fuck is this?”

It took awhile before I realized this was the start of grooming him to be elected President. Who was backing him?

I see striking similarities with the current darling of the liberals, Robert Francis (Beto) O’Rourke. He will probably  lose to Ted Cruz in his Senate race. No matter, his campaign has raised tons of money and his national profile is high and rising. Watch it grow in the next two years.

We are being played, IMO, and the forces that foisted an obscure Illinois Junior Senator on us are working to foist an obscure Texas Congressman on us. YMMV

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Save Our State

Those of you with Facebook accounts might want to check out “Save Our State”. Two ladies dedicated to keeping near billionaire Jared Polis from buying the Colorado governorship have some hilarious homemade videos.

Nothing ad agency slick about this site. I applaud their involvement in the political process. Helps I agree with them.

Polis is the spoiled only child of parents who hit it big in the early days of the internet with an on line greeting card operation.  He has parlayed his inheritance into a multi-million fortune with business practices that don’t pass the smell test. A Boulder County resident, he is a natural (P)regressive.

Integrity?  After Bernie Sanders beat Shillary, he was one of several Colorado super delegates who voted for Shillary at the Democrat convention.

Will his self funded $18 million campaign land him the governship? Likely. He has little support in the rural areas (drew 20 people to a rally in Craig in NW Colorado) but the Front Range voters dominate the state by sheer population numbers.

His opponent is a typical GOP nice guy. Competent and well qualified, he is no Donald Trump or Joe Arpaio. Not a lot of excitement there.

So bravo for the two ladies and their Facebook effort. I hope it isn’t in vain.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Crazy State

Saturday needed the car a/c. Saturday night 7" of heavy freezing snow. Yesterday 18°. This afternoon 44°, clear, and sunny.

Per normal, the mountain passes were closed from time to time due to idiots spinning out. Smiling, I sat in my warm apartment sipping coffee and looking at CDOT cameras.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

President Trump Is A Democrat

During the Reagan years I was a Democrat Precinct Committeeman in the Seattle area. One time in a friendly debate with the GOP Precinct Committeeman, he challenged me as to the differences between a Republican and a Democrat.

“We have this pie. The Republicans are all about how the pie is distributed, who gets what. The Democrats are all about making sure there is a pie”.

Fast forward to the present where the Democrat Party has been hijacked by the (P)regressives. I would change definitions.

“The Republicans haven’t changed. The (P)regressives say it is our pie, and we will decided who gets what. Your input, your desires, aren’t welcome. You just keep making the pie”.

Why do I say President Trump is a Democrat? What other politician is making sure there is pie?

Do you think the Jeb! Elephants voted for Trump?

 Do you think conservative Democrats voted for Shillary?

Trump got voted in by Democrats and the policies he is pushing are traditional Democrat policies, IMO. YMMV

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Idle Speculation

Pondering all this anger coming from the left. Seems to be two different groups.

Group one, the idealists. They wanted a woman president and excused Shillary’s corruption as necessary for a woman to fight the “patriarchy”. Anything she did was justified because she was fighting male oppression.

Group two, the greedy. They invested heavily in a “pay to play” candidate and ended up with nothing positive to show for it. Others, not as affluent,  are now sitting on overpriced Washington D.C. area condos and homes they are underwater on and didn’t get the lucrative salaries they were expecting. Nothing like financial reverses to piss people off.

Mixed in are the millennials and their parents who expected their student loans would be forgiven.

Of course, this is just my opinion.  You can print it out, present it at Starbucks, and pay full price (if you even get served).

Monday, October 8, 2018

Getting Old

Comment being shared all over Facebook now is, “I didn’t think getting old would happen this soon”.  That rings true today with my sore body.

My recent automotive purchase, the Ford Taurus, had the bottom radiator hose come loose. No big deal. Got out the small floor jack I’ve had for decades, jacked it up, loosened the hose clamp, slid the hose back into place, and tightened the clamp. A one tool fix (screwdriver) not counting a flashlight. Took maybe 20 minutes.

My body is taking longer to recover. The same body that once did 50 mile hikes for the hell of it and then went out for beers.

I do keep exercising. In a year, yes a year, have taken off and kept off 50 lbs. Only a 100 more to go. 

I’m still a stud in my head until I see myself in a full length mirror. Oh well, just suck it up and keep putting one foot in front of the other. And, of course, whine about it.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Creditable Witness

“Creditable accusations” and “creditable witness” seems to be the current phrase (P)regressive writers keep using to discredit Associate Justice Kavanaugh, and by extension, President Trump.

Creditable to whom and by what standard?

What has been established, by numerous accounts, is a then fifteen year old prick teaser went to a party 35 years ago and got her tit grabbed.

Not fair to call her a prick teaser? No less fair then this whole bullshit fabrication.

Risky behavior can bring unwelcomed consequences. Risk takers need to own their own shit, IMO. YMMV