Thursday, December 5, 2019

Financial Fantasy

Impeachment, elections, Donkeys or Elephants, will it really matter? When will all this debt overwhelm us?

Discussing a real estate boom in Steamboat springs, CO during the early 1970’s with my late father gave me some food for thought that has never faded. He explained mortgages were being exchanged but no “hard dollars” were involved. He said, and he was proven correct, there would be a collapse.

Old NFO’s blog, Nobody Asked Me ,  has some interesting side bars. One I read today in particular struck a nerve, where she talks about aging and shrinking populations and the financial positions of our younger people.

Another blogger, had an observation I find relevant.

My opinion is that young people aren’t interested in cars for two reasons:
·         They all look the same.  (I’ve ranted and raved about this situation so many times, I’m starting to bore myself.)
·         New cars cost too much, and youngins don’t have the cash to buy them — hence the popularity of the “no-car” ownership and Uber.

Looking at the financial situation of younger people, I don’t see a bright future for them.

Under President Trump the economy has taken off, jobs have been created, and capital investments are being made. At the same time, debt has soared. So the question I ask myself is where the “hard dollars” are and who has them?

Please understand after the eight retched Lightbringer years, our situation is far better, IMO. Is it sustainable?

As a private citizen, President Trump has a long string of bankrupt business endeavors. Will he bankrupt the country? Who will get shafted? Does he have that mindset as President?

In my thirties I was hustled hard to buy Icelandic bonds that were paying 13% interest. The country defaulted, but still functions as a country. I declined the opportunity, yeah me, while at the same time I worked with a man whose father was the stockbroker for the first issue of Microsoft on the Spokane Stock Exchange. I declined that opportunity, boo me!

As a country we have defaulted, under the Lightbringer, so there is a precedent. I don’t claim to understand all of this but try to get some glimmer of what is coming. More boom, or a big bust?

The bright side is, Shillary wasn’t elected, or we would already have answers to some of my questions.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Not One Dime More

The National Rifle Association and I have a one sided on again/off again relationship.

Their range master programs and safety programs are admirable. If there was a way to support those, and nothing else I would be in.

When President Trump took office, the GOP controlled both the House and Senate. If ever a time existed to pass a National Reciprocity act that was the time. Didn’t happen.

What the NRA seems very good at is flooding my email inbox with fund raising appeals and dire warnings. Way too much “Chicken Little”.

Seems to me the people running the NRA day to day are part of the insular elite crowd infesting our National Capitol (and surrounding exurbs). Their greatest achievement is living well off the patriotic impulses of their countryman. They can do so without any contribution from me.

The Gun Owners of America do get a few bucks from me. While there is a lot of “Chicken Little” in their broadsides, they do actually get things done  while operating from a place that makes the Peoples Republic of Boulder look conservative.

As usual, YMMV.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Perfect Storm

Nasty weather the past few days with 50 mph winds yesterday afternoon. The adults dig out while the kids on Thanksgiving break enjoy themselves. A perfect storm with perfect timing for them.

For adults, not so much fun.

We should have a two to three day window of  decent weather until the next system rolls in.

Wyoming was shut down for two days and is just now digging out.

Nebraska didn't escape. See Prairie Adventure.

The shuttle bus route I quit at the end of October was closed yesterday (CO 292, CO14, CO77). So glad I'm not out driving in this weather. I've been a licensed driver now for 61 years. There isn't many road conditions I haven't seen. Maybe Musk Oxen migrations is still on the list.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Wuss Dog?

Wuss dog? Nasty out tonight, snowing and cold as we went for his “constitutional”. He knows where all the doors are and tonight wanted to go to them.

Sorry, no pictures. Me or the camera, I’m not sure but all were blurred.

Check out DR JIM’s blog for more on our storms. He is about 20 miles from me but Front Range weather varies mile to mile.

The East/West Interstate corridors have seen tough conditions. I-80 in Wyoming has been closed off and on. I-70 was closed from Kansas to near Denver and the mountain passes by rock slides and avalanches. So glad I’m no longer a road warrior.

The storm tonight is supposed to clear by late Sunday with Monday forecasted to be clear. Hope so, a client has given me an assignment in NE Colorado they want done “immediately”. I told them I’m not driving in High Plains blizzards, period. Turns out the “immediate” was somewhat flexible. (Which means all the other agents in the area declined).

The dog is being spoiled by the female residents. Petting, treats, cooing, etc. There is a coffee klatch group in the common area every morning plotting conspiracies against the management and generally acting like middle school mean girls. The dog sees them and pulls hard on the leash to go over where they fawn on him and give him treats.

Then it is off to the lobby and the elevators where the other ladies who don’t like the mean girls gather. More attention to the dog.

My thought was the mutt would be my wingman.  Hah! I’m his wingman.

My policy is getting along with everyone and avoiding clicks.

Three days ago did the fall on ice maneuver.  Cracked a rib high in my chest under the pectoral muscle. All I can do is cowboy up. The miscellaneous bruises are already healing but I think the rib will take a couple of weeks.

Did some business today with the local Cricket cell phone store. Black Friday, and their entire computer system went down. Bet some IT people need to update their resumes.

Had a nice Thanksgiving meal with some friends. Sisty is off to Reno to see her daughter and grandkids. Her grandson, a high school senior, is a good football player. His team plays the semi-final State Championship game  tomorrow. I’ve set aside bail money for his mother and Sisty. They get a bit intense.

UPDATE: Wyoming is getting hammered.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Double Damn Damn

Icy parking lot, not paying attention and boom, down on my left side. Had to crawl over to a vehicle to pull myself to my feet.

Nothing broken but it will be a four aspirin and shot of whiskey night.

Was there an audience? Of course. I was on my way to “assist” one of the comely female resident’s clear snow and ice off her car. Age 75, and the damn little head still does a lot of thinking.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Readers of this blog know I’m enamored with steam locomotives. Today the UP 4014 Big Boy came through town on its way home to Cheyenne after the Southwest tour.

Let a pesky winter storm keep me away? I think not.

Monday, November 25, 2019

That's Different

When you go to a U-Pull auto salvage yard, perhaps the last thing you expect to find are showcases filled with museum quality model airplanes, ships, and the odd locomotive. Most are military with a preponderance of  WW II types.

The owner of the business makes them. His employees say that he doesn’t watch TV, just works on models at night. My understanding is the ones on display in the lobby are a fraction of what is in his home.

Interesting, the things one runs across.