Thursday, May 24, 2018

Careful What You Wish For

Prescription drug costs are certainly in the public interest. Can the costs be lowered? If so, how?

Today Dick Morris advocated prohibiting drug companies from advertising.

Sorry Dick, you have your head up your ass. The 1st Amendment gives them the right to advertise. Slippery slope there, what other industry can be prohibited in the name of the flavor of the moment?

What can we, as consumers, do? For one, ask your care provider for a generic drug if that is a effective.

I’m not an advocate for tobacco products. That said, the “War” on Big Tobacco always struck me as an attack on our liberty.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Summer Time, And The Hail Is A'coming

Time to shift my vehicle preparations. 

The frost screen stays in back of  the seat to go over the sun shade.


If hail is on the way, the sun shade, mounted outside, saves the windshield. The frost screen goes over the sun shade to keep it in place.

May 22, 2008 a tornado passed over Windsor, CO. A truck I owned was nearby and beaten up by softball sized hail.

That started me considering ways to minimize damage.

Body dents don’t bother me but glass replacement often exceeds what the vehicle is worth when you  are as cheap as I am. Not to mention not being able to drive anywhere with a spider web windshield.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mt. St. Helens

Flying into an ash plume as a passenger on a Northwest Airlines B-727 wasn’t on my bucket list in 1981. Mt. St Helens blew on May 18, 1980. In the following months, smaller eruptions from time to time would send ash plumes several thousand feet high. Prevailing winds from the West sent the plumes away from the coast.

Returning from Portland to Seattle one afternoon, the mountain was active. Sometime during our taxi and departure the wind shifted and the plume drifted toward the ocean. Typical Portland weather, overcast with tops around 12,000. Somehow we flew into the ash plume.

Being an airline passenger as a General Aviation pilot is a mixed blessing. You can enjoy the view and the ride but detect problems much sooner than the other passengers.

On this flight I was puzzled we hadn’t broken out of the overcast. Usual flights to Seattle climbed to 19,000 or so.  Then we descended below the clouds and appeared to be on a base leg for landing at Olympia, WA. Another course change and we headed North at about 2,000 AGL. Very strange! No cabin announcements. The plane landed at Sea-Tac and taxied to the gate.

I made it a point to walk where I could see the 727. There was no paint on the nose or the engine inlets. The cockpit windows appeared to be frosted. I think the crew earned their pay that day!

Thursday, May 17, 2018


While making no claims for great intellect, I am irritated by laziness and stupidity. Previous posts have detailed problems with my camping trailer.

For curiosity sake, I put an ad on Craigslist. Included were several pictures and a YouTube link showing a similar trailer being unfolded and set up.

 Pictures included were of  my trailer erected and pictures of the broken attachment.

A price was included along with a, “Will trade for IIA items”. Craigslist frowns on firearm sales.

Responses? Questions as to what IIA means. I answer, “2  Amendment”. Then a follow up question as to what 2 Amendment means. WTF????

Latest response.

“Hi, I’m interested in your trailer. Can you give me more information?”

 I haven’t responded. Gad, reminds me of stupid people at the car lot.

My youngest son made a snarky remark on my Facebook page about JB Weld, floor jacks, and redneck repairs. Can’t bitch slap him 1200 miles away but he started me thinking about epoxy and a metal bar. Take the bracket off the frame, epoxy it on top of a metal strip, then epoxy the metal strip to the frame. 

You can take the boy off the ranch but ……………

I want to keep the trailer. The problem is the design is not stout enough for the places I like to go. Maybe I’ll go back to the air mattress in the back of the pickup.

My luck with RVs isn’t the best. Bought this gem, perfect for my needs, but couldn’t keep it running.

My late buddy, Dirty Al Imhoff, gave me a 32’ Southwind after he bought a Prevost. That threw a rod in the Columbia Gorge. 

Around 1999, bought  a 26’ bumper pull.  My youngest son lived in it for two years. That got sold after he moved out because, used car whore I am, a large gross profit turns me to jelly.

Oh well, all the turmoil is keeping me out of the bars.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Well, Shoot!

100 year old story from the local newspaper. Side note. Colorado embraced Prohibition while Wyoming didn't until national prohibition was imposed.

A Ford flivver, a plane Henry Ford called "the Model-T of the air," crashed into a slow-moving Cadillac east of Greeley before dawn this morning, and 200 bottles of booze in the Cadillac were destroyed. The Cadillac was being driven without headlights. The police were called, but the driver of the Cadillac went on to Denver without waiting to be arrested.

Imagine the conversation that followed between the pilot and the bootlegger.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Blessed Rain

Ten days ago this spot was nearly all brown. Amazing the way the range can spring to life. For a few days we don’t need to worry about range fires or blowing dust.

Was in fog most of the day. I was getting paid but this owner wasn’t.

Saw several pronghorn and feral horses getting their bellies full of new green foliage. Even a few bison at the Monkey Ranch on Nebraska 71.  Good day, if  you had to work.

Always there seems to be a spoiler. Getting to work involved doging a driver with her head down and looking to her right. Wish I could have sent her this link.


Did notice the price of diesel in Wyoming has jumped 38 cents a gallon in ten days. Gas, about eight cents.

Friday, May 11, 2018

100 Year Old Lessons

Today’s (P)regressives with their determination to stifle any opposing views have much in common with those living during the “Great War”.

Part of my reading is articles from 100 year old newspapers gathered by various historians. Some examples.

 To make sure there is no hoarding of essential food, all citizens having in their possession more than 100 pounds of wheat flour and/or sugar are required to send a report to the Federal Food Administrator in Sheridan.

John Hammergreen, a Swede claiming to be a personal friend of the kaiser, is in jail at Sheridan and his new gun with which he drunkenly intended “to kill himself a policeman” has been confiscated. 

John Miller, who declared his love and loyalty to the kaiser while at a store in Cody, is in jail for 63 days—an extended sentence after he refused to pay his fine. 

Two foreigners who refused to subscribe to the Liberty Loan drive “because they would be hanged for it when they return to the old country,” were tarred and feathered by the patriotic citizens of Frontier. 

All 200 coal miners at Gebo, 90% of them foreign-born, have entered into an agreement to pay 2% of their wages to the Red Cross and other patriotic organizations. No man is permitted to work at the camp if he does not own a Liberty Bond.

A Bulgarian coal miner working in Erie disparaged the Red Cross to his fellow miners, and they stripped him, painted him yellow and rolled him in straw, which stuck to his body. He was then left at his home. He was not a bad sport about it, made no outcry and said he'd purchased a Red Cross Liberty Bond.

This is a small sampling.

The entry into WWI lead to near mob rule and government agencies blowing by constitutional rights, all with the enthusiastic approval of the MSM of the times, the newspapers.

 If it not for the internet being an unfettered place for opposing views and a means to mobilize resistance, would the same not be true today?