Thursday, December 31, 2015


Colorado uses a caucus system to select delegate to district caucuses and beyond.  A friend just reminded me I’ve got to register my party choice by January 4 in order to participate.

What  party? I’m a Blue Dog Democrat. Go with the smug Country Club and/or Evangelical Republicans or the smug, holier than thou (P)regressive Democrats preaching from their assumed moral high ground? I do believe I will sit this one out. I live in one of the strongest republican counties this state has so, other than being an agitator, there isn’t much call for my participation.

Growing up in a very grass roots level politically active extended family, local politics was part of our lives. As an adult I stayed active. Circa 1980, Seattle area, I was a Republican Precinct Committeeman and a John B. Anderson supporter. This so infuriated the Reagan supporters they mounted a successful campaign to vote in one of theirs against me.  Really, at the precinct level?  My fault, of course. At the district caucus a large number of Anderson supporters, mostly new faces, were booed and derided. I stood on a chair and said, words to the affect, “Hey you dumb shits. You are guaranteeing we will be a minority party forever”.

After my crushing defeat (lost by seven or eight votes), went to the party headquarters and turned in all my stuff. Then stopped at the Democrat headquarters, picked up all the stuff, and became the Democrat Precinct Committeeman. Went  from lukewarm Chicken ala King at a Holiday Inn meeting room to drinking in a Harbor Island longshoreman bar.  Excellent parties with very friendly women. Oh, the agony!

While no longer living in the Colorado 4th Congressional District, I still contribute to Mike Coffman’s (R) campaigns. He is one of the few Congressmen fighting the Veterans Administration (and winning a few battles). He is passing up a good chance to become a US Senator to keep the fight going. Other than him, there isn’t any candidate, at any level, that gives me even the slightest “tingle”.

At the national level, want the loathsome Lightbringer gone and anyone but Shillary. Otherwise, in the words of the song, my give a damn is busted.

Yep, do believe I will just sit this one out. Vote, of course, but no caucuses. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sorry, Texas Panhandle

Feeling sympathy for all you folks in Texas and Oklahoma getting hammered by a blizzard. Hope you all are safe and warm.

Carry some ice melt in your car. Put a few handfuls on the snow in the direction you want to go. Easy one the gas. Two to four feet will get your momentum going forward and you should be able to make your destination.

Cheap Ways Bite Ass

Pulled the plug on my television four years ago but left the DVR player hooked up. Don't play video games. Rarely watch a movie. 

My gripe with TV is the 50% content, 50% advertisement, ratio. I'll be watching something that interests me when the ads start. By the time the program resumes I've lost interest.

Comcast is doubling (nearly) my high speed internet cost. In my little city, and old apartment building, options are limited. Not to mention I'm cheap. The greatest compliment my ex gave me, while living with my youngest, was to say, "You are cheaper than your father!"

So today I met the "bundle". For far less than I pay for Internet alone, I now get cable TV, "free" HBO, etc. Fuck me running!

The equipment is sitting in a spiffy red canvas bag next to the dusty TV. Hooking it up will mean reading instructions, putting batteries in a controller and bending, kneeling, finding tools, and where is the long power cord? Then the dreaded call to get everything "activated". Maybe I'll just put the spiffy red bag in the closet. 

Amazing, isn't it, that is cheaper for me to pay for stuff I don't want, to get what I do want, as a stand alone service. Wonder how many meeting hours were spent devising these plans?

In fairness, the young man who waited on me was professional, helpful, not full of himself, and didn't try to b.s. Were I still in the car business, I would have hired him away.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Firearm Sales

Best line I've read lately.

"We’re not protecting ourselves from the government, but in spite of them."

Just a small, personal, point. Unless referring to a smooth-bore, if I ever use the word "gun", send me off on a mile run with a full field pack.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Texas Comic Relief

We Coloradans do enjoy our visitors from Texas. Warning: Bad language.

Monday, December 14, 2015


Some grumpy old man ramblings.

Young cashier at a gas station had a piece of snot on her nose. Just before I mentioned it, realized it was some type of piercing. How is that supposed to be attractive?

Think my guardian angel might have a drinking problem.

At least once a day,  dodge some oblivious driver using their cell phone. Am I too harsh in wishing that phone was shoved up their ass?

Interstate highway, 18 wheeler in right lane doing 65 mph. Car ahead of me in the left lane doing 78 mph. As they pass the truck they slow down and just creep by the truck. WTF is up with that? Happens a lot.

Interesting view of Scottsbluff with a light dusting of snow.

One thing you will never see in the small city where I make my home. Synchronized traffic lights.

(P)regressive political beliefs and practices. Totalitarianism with a smiley face.

What my drive tomorrow will be weather wise. Oh, joy!

Made the mistake Saturday night of trying to patronize a store next to a bingo hall. Yikes, crazy drivers fighting for parking spaces.

Would Bill Clinton hit on Caitlyn Jenner?

Truth be told, I’m feeling good these days. Just like to bitch, whine, and complain. YMMV

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Assimilate? Not Bloody Likely

Today in line at Wally World was again reminded many immigrants have no interest in assimilating and, have no respect for our mores and social practices.

I was 2nd in line in the ten item or less line. Suddenly I was being shoved forward. This Somalia woman behind me was using her ass to push me forward so she could unload a full shopping cart on the belt. She did this several times. When the customer in front of me paid and moved off, I was able to move forward. Fortunately for her I won't hit a woman but the temptation to give her an elbow in the short ribs was strong. 

I see this over and over from Muslims, Eastern Europeans, and various Latinos. I wonder where their heads are at.

While not a world traveler, I try to understand the places and cultures where I am a guest. A little courtesy goes a long ways when on foreign soil, even in Canada and Texas.

(Just kidding Texans. Never have I been in an area where I was more 'preciated.)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Karma Bus?

Would it be karma for a former used car salesman to have all his computers (bought used, of course) crash at the same time?

If you aren't seeing comments or replies to emails it is because I'm offline. Assuming I can sell enough blood at the Plasma Center, should be back online sometime late Saturday.

Typing this at the public library. Decent computers but the filters don't let you see midget amputee tranny porn.

Maybe if I wasn't so cheap and had bought new and paid (shudder) retail I wouldn't be in this position.

Be back soon.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

High Plains Winds

This has been my life the past two days, only at 0400 to 0600. Each morning I go to WYDOT Travel Information. Last two days have had wind gusts of 65+ mph. One camera I always look at is stationed near Wheatland, WY, my first stop. The interchange is well lighted so I get a view of the windsock. When the picture looks like this I know the wind is so strong the camera is shaking.

Who needs street sweepers when you have a 40 mph wind blowing down the highway?

East of Henry, NE The Union Pacific track on the high trestle crosses the Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks. Here, empty hoppers are headed North to the staging area North of Douglas, WY on the UP. A loaded train is headed East on the BNSF. If the picture was better, you could see an train of empty hoppers headed West to Guernsey, WY.

Most mornings when I go through Morrill, NE I see this lady. She doesn't let the weather or temperatures stop her. Stooped over as she is, she has that walker zipping along. Wish I had the time to stop and talk with her.

One morbid aspect of these high winds is it keeps my sister, an insurance adjuster, busy.

Sometimes too busy. When she gets called out she goes no matter what the weather. Unless the roads are closed, she is rolling in her 4x4 F-150.

In 2005 I was headed East on I-80 in my Lincoln Towncar that got, on a good day, 24 mpg. I had such a strong tailwind I got 30+mpg. Just after I passed Wolcott Junction (MM235) WYDOT closed I-80 Eastbound to Laramie and Westbound from Laramie due to winds. At the Arlington Junction (MM272) was a sad sight. A brand new Chevy 3500 with a large, still attached, brand new fifth wheel camper was laying on it's side. A couple was standing beside it. They had stopped because of the wind and their rig was blown over while they were stopped. Quite possibly their dream had become a nightmare.

Word of advice should you be traveling in any kind of high profile vehicle or towing a trailer. If you see the wind warning signs find a motel and one of the abundant liquor stores and hunker down for a day or two.  

All I've got. My muse is still deployed.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today would have been my father's 92 birthday. Sadly, he passed at 64.

We had a strained relationship. What I most admire was at age 60 he started reinventing himself. It was as though he was taking each facet of his makeup and thoroughly examining it.Most parts he kept but some he discarded.

My biggest regret is we didn't have the time to reconnect and reestablish our relationship. My next biggest regret is my sons didn't grow up knowing him. He was an awesome grandfather. As an uncle and great uncle he influenced many nieces and nephews.

We don't get to pick our parents but, if I had that option, I would have picked him.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Incompetent Government Agencies - Surprised?

My muse has deployed somewhere with no announced  RTS. 

For your amusement, two examples of incompetency in action from one of my favorite sites.