Monday, December 14, 2015


Some grumpy old man ramblings.

Young cashier at a gas station had a piece of snot on her nose. Just before I mentioned it, realized it was some type of piercing. How is that supposed to be attractive?

Think my guardian angel might have a drinking problem.

At least once a day,  dodge some oblivious driver using their cell phone. Am I too harsh in wishing that phone was shoved up their ass?

Interstate highway, 18 wheeler in right lane doing 65 mph. Car ahead of me in the left lane doing 78 mph. As they pass the truck they slow down and just creep by the truck. WTF is up with that? Happens a lot.

Interesting view of Scottsbluff with a light dusting of snow.

One thing you will never see in the small city where I make my home. Synchronized traffic lights.

(P)regressive political beliefs and practices. Totalitarianism with a smiley face.

What my drive tomorrow will be weather wise. Oh, joy!

Made the mistake Saturday night of trying to patronize a store next to a bingo hall. Yikes, crazy drivers fighting for parking spaces.

Would Bill Clinton hit on Caitlyn Jenner?

Truth be told, I’m feeling good these days. Just like to bitch, whine, and complain. YMMV


CenTexTim said...

"Would Bill Clinton hit on Caitlyn Jenner?"

Slick Willie would hit on anything with a pulse and a vagina (OEM or aftermarket - it doesn't matter).

After all, he slept with hillary...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Your argument is flawless.

Old NFO said...

A bitching sailor... Oh wait, you were Army... :-) Stay safe out there!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

A grunt can out bitch any squid, any day. Maybe not a jarhead.