Friday, April 26, 2024

A Clear and Present Danger

Copied from LL’s Virtual Mirage (

** Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently appointed Zakiya Carr Johnson as the State Department’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

Johnson called America a “failed historical model.” She demanded the destruction of tradition “at every juncture” on the altar of antiracism“ and “we live and work within systems… deeply rooted in patriarchy, colonialism, racism, and otherism.” She also considers herself a feminist but with a racial twist who “embraces a ‘feminist’ leadership style, but one that “counter[s] White-centered feminism trends and narratives.” Predictably, white supremacy was singled out for special ire, “We cannot have equity without dismantling structural racism, patriarchy, and heterosexism … It will start with movements … that compel us to ask … uncomfortable questions. What does inclusion mean, for example, if White supremacy remains intact?”

I’m going for a reach here. Germany after WW I wasn’t a hotbed of anti-Semitism. Many Jews were in the military, were decorated, promoted, patriotic, and accepted as ‘good German citizens”. Had the Nazis tried their genocide immediately most Germans wouldn’t have condoned it, IMO. Rather, several years were spent creating an atmosphere of hate. Isn’t that happening now, in our country, with this Woke rhetoric? Not just to condition citizens, but to erase moral compunctions among the Woke about subjugating others?

Micro Nuclear Reactors

Technology problems, no problem. Regulatory problems, little hope


Offending the “Woke”

Presented as a public service in case you are missing some triggers.


 Armed population

Several Wyoming counties had zero homicides in 2023. As one coroner said,

Like many other coroners who share his county’s no-killing status, Beachler credited the county’s low population, which is 6,808, according to July 2023 state data.

He also noted that nearly everyone in Weston County is armed.

“You have a greater respect for each other, I think, when you’re more equal” in that way, he said.

Another Wyoming quote:

There’s no season for idiots in Yellowstone. The park’s West Entrance and several interior roads opened less than a week ago, but incidents are already making the rounds on social media.

As always, YMMV

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Monday, April 22, 2024

We Lack National Will


As a society we have gone from bold innovators to nay saying sheep, IMO. Prove me wrong, please!

Save the planet, end petroleum powered transportation.

One solution was proposed sixty seven years ago.


Imagine where we would be today if this type of technology were developed?

LL, Virtual Mirage has written about small modular nuclear reactors. Another beneficial technology not being developed due to lack of national will.


We aren’t going to all burn up. We are going to freeze.  A new climate change paper.


Amazing, coming from the University of Washington. Are they at war with the Oregon State University (one of the louder Chicken Littles)?

Changes, changes

I stopped at a 7-11 to pay my tax on people bad at math (loto). The person behind the counter was 6’ 200 lbs. Baritone voice, makeup, hair style feminine, wearing some sort of mesh bonnet and black colored clothing not traditional (lots of lace).

 My order was promptly and correctly processed. My change was correct. The cashier was polite and pleasant.

 Upon reflection, decided to file the encounter under life’s little surprises.


Until 1995 when I started using a CPAP, I was a horrible snorer. Once at Ft Leonard Wood I woke up outside. The other soldiers picked up my bunk with me in it, still asleep, and carried it outside, dead of winter.

 What Karma you ask? I have a dog that snores, loudly.

Wolves killing livestock. Tone deaf politicians respond.

Expected different?

A wolf encounter in Montana with a positive outcome.

Right response

Let’s not jump to conclusions.

The surge in “newcomers” plus those housing challenged doesn’t tie in with the surge of syphilis in Colorado, does it? 


Vaccine skeptic

Rather than kill you with a series of booster shots, science is developing a way to kill you with just one shot.


 Sorry, Scientist Hai, I have my suspicions. No shots for me.

Think I worked there back in the day

“An old dog teaching an old dog new tricks”.

A nieces’s comment on this Facebook post.

Spoiled rotten Treat hound.

A neighbor puts a special treat for Banner in the bicycle thing-a-ma-jig. I'm trying to limit treats and ignored one this morning. Banner had spotted it. For about an hour he kept bothering me until I gave up and got the &*^%$ treat for him. He is doing a good job of training me.

High cost of unreliable electric power

An interesting analysis of the economic costs of a recent, short term, interruption of electricity.


Granted this was in response to high winds whipping power lines and not a direct result of “green energy”. It is a foretaste of green energy unreliability.

The picture? I freeze a cup 2/3 full of water. One frozen, I place a quarter on top. If power is out for an extended period during my absence, the quarter sinks and alerts me my food is probably spoiled even if refrozen.

Hats and eating.

Law Dog has a post up regarding wearing a hat while eating. 


I don’t eat while wearing a hat. I’m simply not comfortable. Guess growing up I had proper fetching.

Surprise, surprise!

“Plant based meats” aren’t very nutritious compared to the real deal. If you care to know more it is here. 

Solyent Green

As always, YMMV

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Dog's Fault

Banner News

Some readers like Banner stories. Last week, for the first time in the 4+ years he has lived with me, he didn’t attack his supper. The next day he was at the vet. Complete blood workup showed him slightly dehydrated but nothing else. He has unlimited access to water. Two days later he was his usual self. Despite my vigilance I suspect he ate something bad. Blasted dog will eat just about anything. Sisty suggests he just needed a good poop.

The vet noticed he has gained five pounds in six months. He suggested a change in dog food which has been taken.

The biggest reason for the weight gain is he has stopped taking me for walks.

Wind farms are wonderful?

Advertisement that appeard at the top of the Cowboy Daily. Somehow I don’t think that is ‘full disclosure’.

Wind Farm

Who knew coal is ‘green’?

I like learning new things and this is new to me.

Skin Care

The biggest question is how Kemmer/Diamondville will handle the housing and associated water and poop infrastructure to accommodate 12,000+ new residents?

Entrepreneur spirit

Are some politicians, all big government advocates, and many government employees operating with a perverted entrepreneur motivation? Empire building?

Model Citizen. Four Dui’s? 

Bad Girl

Dumb shits will be dumb shits. 

The gun grabbers are delighted by the actions of this dumb shit leaving a handgun in a state capital restroom. Naturally, the long term (P)regressive pimple on the Fourth Estate’s ass is all over the story.


 Your GPS is wrong

Map reading is a lost skill and people putting blind faith in their electronic devices are, IMO, deluded. Wyoming’s take on the issue? 

Blind Trust

In my paper hanging job, finding addresses is crucial. I have three separate GPS devices with me. Before I ever go out I use my computer to look at every address. Often, I will view a picture of the address. Getting wrong directions from one or more device happens so often I no longer even bother to cuss.

One example. I needed to find an address in Morgan Heights (Fort Morgan). I knew I was looking for a two story stucco three car attached garage house. Two GPS directions took me to the other end of the street. One wanted to take me to Castle Rock, CO.

My Congresswoman 

Liberal Loser

Hope she is a one term representative. I put the time and effort into a letter on an issue that mattered to me. Sent one copy to her local office and one copy to her D.C. office. No response/reply. Staffers probably file 13d it.

My sister approves of her. My sister has spent thirty years of her life as a volunteer in a community health organization. Caraveo is a strong supporter. Sorry Sisty, I’m not a one issue voter.

Good and kind people

This morning I was reminded there are good and kind people in the world. My neighbor across the hall is 87 and in declining health. A resident of our building is taking her to see her doctor. This person, a LDS widow, is constantly helping others. She takes care of their dogs when they are in the hospital. She takes others grocery shopping. She does all of these acts of kindness quietly and without any fanfare. Some of her acts are motivated by her religious beliefs but I think mainly she does it because she is simply a good and caring person.

IMO, in our day to day lives we overlook how many good people are in our world.


They recently held a rally at the Wyoming capitol building. Other than the four protesters, nobody showed up. I’m not bothering to link the article.

Firearms control

The tyrants never stop with a death by thousand cuts against legal and lawful firearms owners (I don’t use “gun” unless talking about smooth bores).

Fiddling while Rome burns

What this effort should be labeled is avoiding serious issues while appearing to “DO SOMETHING” with a seasoning of hysteria.

As always YMMV

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Need Glass Belly Button

I once told my ex wife I was buying her a glass belly button so she could see where she was going with her head up her ass.

Had a two page working document with lots of stuff to post as a blog. Got crazy with AVG, didn’t save it, and wiped it out.

Two days ago I tried to help a lady with a dead battery. I didn’t know you can buy jumper cables in any colors except red/black, orange, or yellow. Hers were purple and pink.

Just a thought. Perhaps I could have phrased my remarks to the ex differently?

As always, YMMV

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Unapologetic Deplorable

 Ruining my social credit score

Meme swiped from Knuckledragger and reposted on FB. Instant reaction. False information gray out instantly. Click on the “why”, goes to a USA article and 30 seconds later AVG “blocked the threat” – URL blacklist.

Will this post cost me my cot by the stove in the reeducation camp? Will this useless eater even make it to the camp? 

Lipstick on a pig – EV Colorado 


EVs may, just may, make sense as commuter vehicles along Colorado’s Front Range. Anywhere else? You need an intervention, IMO.

Jowl Shaker

Disclaimer. I’m not a baseball fan but got caught up in a click bait that read,

Rockies introduce new menu items at Coors Field. Among the new offerings this season to distract fans from the on-field product”

Not going to link. I did read some of it and was amazed to find several vendors are offering burgers with ‘vegan’ cheeses of various types. No mention if the burgers are meat.

Dodged another bullet

Click bait involving pesticides and kale didn’t get read. I don’t eat the stuff.

Old West lives again – on the taxpayer’s dime

Seems the current wolves attacking livestock remedy is to hire range riders. In the old west range riders shot the damned things. Should you want to dive into this feel free.


 Personally, having a taste of range riding in my youth, I will say it is a hard, lonely and thankless job.

More Nanny State and race belittlement

There is ongoing effort to ban menthol tobacco products. ‘Studies’ show among blacks who smoke, 81% smoke menthol flavored tobacco. The message I get is,

 “Oh, you poor black people. You can’t make good decisions on your own so we will make them for you”.

As a heterosexual Caucasian male senior citizen, I’m not to have an opinion.

Seasonal disorder

This time of the year, should I use the sunscreen in my windshield or the windshield cover? Both, to be safe?

The trees are starting to bud. Too often we will get a wet spring snowstorm after the leaves are out and lots of branches get broken. A cousin in Boise experienced that a few days ago.

Banner’s new post COVID record

During the COVID lock down, in one day, seventeen people petted him. In a building of seniors, many who don’t/can’t drive and with few visitors, he was a godsend to many. Wednesday, eleven people petted him and four gave him treats. A few even spoke to me.

Banner gracefully accepts all the attention. When treats are in the offing he gets quite animated. The treat givers usually make him “sit”. That is a problem on tile floors as his butt slowly slides across the floor.

I supply the treats because I want to control what he eats. When questioned, I threaten to leave him and his flatulence in their apartment.

 As always, YMMV

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Riveting Clickbait Title (Not)

 Disappointment follows – just the usual WSF’s wandering mind

Wyoming Cattle Barons today

The West has seen a wave of Eastern and European “investors” since the indigenous tribes were subdued and forced on reservations. Many were broken by the Great Depressions, sheep men, and homesteaders. Others were taxed unto fleeing (Japanese investors in Steamboat Springs, for instance). Still they persist as outlined by this very long article about an effort to create a new Jackson Hole.


Whose ox is being gored? Artificial intelligence and elections


This is a problem when done by conservatives. OK by others, for our own good, since we aren’t smart enough to make our own informed choices.

Responsible  LGBTQ

There are many people who identify in this subset who are just that, people. I’ve known several, worked with several, hired and promoted ‘gay people’ over the years. I found this interesting, someone telling the truth and getting smacked down for it.


Wokeism, DEI, youth violence and 18,000,000 Illegals

Please bear with me as I try to connect some dots. We have a coalition of race hustlers with mail order divinity degrees, people with no marketable skills who are intelligent, and cynical opportunists that have weakened this country. The nexus? Obama.

Youth violence is being encouraged, and glorified, by evil rap music, IMO. (Music is used very loosely here)

What will happen when those 18,000,000 million illegals get cut off from the government tit? Gangs on a scale we have never envisioned.

The government tit? The country is going broke and our currency worthless. If you use gold as a baseline, and currently trading around $2,270+/-,  a dollar is really worth $.22 (look, I’m not a math major so correct me if I’m wrong).

Trivial Pet Peeve – Man vs Woman

Pathways. Left to their own devices, women arrange furniture in a way that allows easy passage for them. We men are broader of beam and need more room. Too often I find my body at a 45° angle while navigating female arranged spaces. Add a 80 lb lab on a leash if you want a challenge.

Law Enforcement where I live

Copied from the Facebook page

 Weld County Sheriff's Office

  · We enforce the laws, what will you do?

The suspect had an active felony warrant out of Adams County that he failed to appear in court on. Despite this, no one could stop, or predict what he would do next that would disrupt the peace in several northern Colorado communities.

To give you a brief background, the person’s actions we are talking about here have warranted WCSO SWAT to be activated to assist other Northern Colorado law enforcement agencies, twice in the past. For more context, this same person was on parole from May of 2022 to March 4, 2024. Now that you have some background, lets take a look at the most recent criminal event this same individual was recently arrested in.

In late March of this year, just shortly after he discharged his parole sentence, he allegedly fired a handgun into an occupied building located in the Town of Windsor. The suspect’s vehicle description was reported to law enforcement in this incident.

A short while later, two citizens approached a WCSO deputy and reported traveling near Intersand America Corp. in the Town of Windsor, and a male in a similar pickup truck allegedly pointed a gun at them. The motorists provided the vehicle tag number of the suspect to law enforcement. Based on the description of the vehicle in the first incident, the suspect’s vehicle tag, and nearby security camera footage, the suspect vehicle was identified by law enforcement.

Other WCSO deputies responded to assist the town of Windsor, along with the Eaton, Ault, and Severance Police Departments. The suspect vehicle was later located, and several police departments followed, and eventually pursued the suspect’s vehicle. The pursuit lasted for nearly an hour, and ended in unincorporated Weld County when the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody by the Severance Police Department.

The suspect’s bond was later set at $5 million cash/surety for the charges that took place in the Windsor Police Department’s jurisdiction, and $3 million cash/surety for the charges that took place in the Severance Police Department’s jurisdiction.

Thankfully, in this most recent incident, no one was injured, but the building the suspect fired into, and several surrounding vehicles did incur minor damage. It is worth noting, several law enforcement vehicles that engaged in the pursuit were damaged. Also, Windsor residents had an approximate two-hour shelter-in-place around the immediate area surrounding the building where the shooting took place.

If we haven’t explicitly communicated it in the past through social media posts like these, we will make it clear now, law enforcement and the communities they serve are deeply connected. You cannot separate one from the other, and what effects one effects the other. The person discussed in this post exemplifies the failures in our justice system that need to be addressed and cannot be solved by law enforcement alone. Remember, we enforce the laws, we do not write them. We enforce the laws; we do not determine a suspect’s bond. We enforce the laws; we do not determine if someone gets paroled; or if the courts entrust them to appear for a court date at a later time which they fail to appear for. We enforce the laws, so what will the people who live in our communities that are affected by crimes like this do to legally address problems such as these to keep our communities safe? In a society where there are less penalties for criminal offenders, more permissive drug laws, concerns about vigilante justice, and the state is restricting the rights of gun owners; it is important to get engaged with the legislative process and make your voice heard. So, what will YOU do to fix our broken justice system?

All charges are merely accusations, and a defendant is presumed innocent until, and unless proven guilty in a court of law. #staysafeweldcounty

 Grease is cheaper than machinery

Tomorrow the Taurus goes into the shop for an oil change and look over. Likely the bill will be $100 or so. I can’t do my own work anymore. The mechanic (not the ‘technician’) I use is as grouchy and grumpy as I am so we get along. Everything is from NAPA and all synthetic lubes. Some things I don’t go cheap on.

I didn’t know my car had a cabin air filter. Simple job to replace and Sisty’s renter helped me. We found the one in the car was the original, circa 1992. Gross doesn’t begin to describe it.

The car is gray, devoid of any stickers and completely anonymous. That is useful in my work. A local chain of car washes offer unlimited washes for $18 a month so the car is kept clean. Other than having a handicapped license plate, there is nothing calling attention or likely to stick in anyone’s memory.


An organization I loathe but used to help prepare my tax returns. No, not because the service was free. Rather, camouflage. The Colorado revenuers and I have been battling for decades. My hope is they see that AARP preparer stamp and won’t look further.

Some may call it selling out and I won’t argue.

As always, YMMV