Tuesday, August 30, 2022

15 Minutes That Will Make you Think


Sunday, August 28, 2022

Election Integrity

As LL (Virtual Mirage) recently pointed out, Joe Xiden received 81 million votes but doubts 81 million people voted for him.

Carly Koppes, Weld County Clerk and Recorder, has added a new tool to allow anyone interested in election integrity to do their own check. Every ballot is now available for review.


Colorado is a vote by mail state with the option of voting in person. The ballot return envelope is checked to insure the sender is registered then, after opened, fed into a scanner in a way that insures anonymity. Now, every anonymous ballot can be seen by anyone interested. Some will have votes for every race or issue. Others might have just two or three marks.

Bravo, Ms. Koppes.

My applause for her doesn’t lessen my enthusiasm for Weld County, Wyoming. Would Wyoming, with a population of 580,000 want to add a twenty fourth county with a population of 315,000?

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Trust Fund Snots in Action

One of Colorado’s nests of trust fund snots is a circle including Aspen, Vail and Eagle, CO. The Eagle Regional Airport accommodates any size private jet for those too timid to use Aspen. Needless to say, but I will say it anyway; they are “greenies” with no financial skin in the game.

Two hundred or so miles to the West is the Unita Basin, one of the poorest areas in the Intermountain West, that is home to vast mineral resources. The only transportation is trucks on two lane highways.

For decades people have been trying to build a railroad into the region and finally overcome most legal and government obstacles.



This will tie into the existing Union Pacific (former Denver and Rio Grande) mainline from Grand Junction, CO over Soldiers Summit and on to Salt Lake City.

Of course, the enviornazis are suing. That is not surprising. What is surprising is Eagle County, CO is part of the lawsuit. I bet the non environment nuts (You know, the ones who staff the stores, plow the roads, etc. and surviving ranchers) must be thrilled their tax money is paying part of the cost of a legal action where they have no dog in the fight.

Why would the county commissioners take such action? Judge for yourself.


Tsk, tsk, WSF, there you go tilting windmills again.

ADDENDUM: The Union Pacific acquired the Denver & Rio Grande three decades ago and operate the mainline that passes a few miles away from Eagle. The UP abandoned the Tennessee Pass route that does pass Eagle to Minturn and then over the pass to Leadville and on to Pueblo. Several parties want to open the Tennessee Pass route and that gets the “greenies” foaming at the mouth.

As my father said in 1970, an environmentalist is someone who bought his five acres last year.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

Business took me to Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, population 1,100 or so, located on Interstate 80 and US 30 on the Nebraska State line. The town survives but has seen better days.

Like most places, you have local characters.

Before the Interstate, this was a major stopping point.


What is very unusual is the Lady of Peace Shrine.



Business over, nothing pressing, tank of gas, and no rain in the forecast Banner and I took a mental health afternoon and drove the dirt roads on the East side of the bluffs. Telephone lines still exist but I don’t know if they are in use. Blessedly, no cell phone service.

Tri Corners

Our trip took us past the place where Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado meet. The area has windmills as far as you can see.

Once you could drive to the water pump windmill.

Inconsiderate people caused the private property owner to close off the road. Now it is a ¾ mile walk.

There is a paved road in Wyoming but the payment stops at the Colorado line. Maybe the paved road is for the Minuteman III silo just to the North.


Banner and I were here before when you could drive to the water well.


Road Tripping Banner

He usually accompanies me when it isn’t too hot. He does car rides easily and enjoys himself. This trip I wished I didn’t bring him. Someone must have given him a “treat” behind my back as he had epic flatulent every hour or so. The silent killer type.

We arrived home safely in time for his supper.

 Male Karens

 In our county what passes for where the “rich” live is the Water Valley development in Windsor, CO.


 The covenants probably include a requirement to be an elitist snob.

 A “frequent flyer” took exception to my being at his home. During past visits I once got into a verbal skirmish with the next door neighbor who demanded to know why I was there. In a very civil manner, I told him to fuck off.

As I walked up the driveway taking my required pictures the owner came charging down his steps. His first words were, “You piece of shit, you can’t be here”.   About mid 40’s, 5’6” and around 145 lbs he got into my space. I shoved the dun letter in his face with the words, “I’m just a man doing a job”. He grabbed the envelope (which was what I wanted) and we proceeded to exchange words, some of which were not at all civil. As I left I advised him the way to prevent my visits was to pay his mortgage.

I will do dozens of contacts with everyone being civil. I know my visit is embarrassing and make it a point to be civil, and brief. Every once in awhile I get a nutter. My guess is the domestic partner isn’t aware the mortgage isn’t getting paid (some personal experience in this regard) and now the questions will begin.

I did invite the Karen to take a swing at me. No legal danger on my part as I am now an “at risk” senior citizen. As a 78 year old dirty white boy who has seen some rodeos I still won’t back down. The old, “I’ll die on my feet before I will live on my knees” mindset. Alas, Karen was all mouth.


I smell 2008 all over again. My assignments keep coming and my “part time” job is becoming closer to full time.

 As always, YMMV.


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Help or Enable?

A neighbor has a serious alcohol addiction. He has numerous health problems as a result of being shot four times at a domestic disturbance call while on duty with a major city police department years ago.

He has a dog that needs some specific kinds of food, that is expensive, and that buying will cut into his beer money. He wants me to help him with the dog food.

The dog is the victim here. My dilemma is, if I help the dog, I further enable destructive and ongoing behavior. I don’t want to do that.

Hand up or hand out? I will, within reason, help with a hand up. My experience in life has me thinking a hand out just leads to more drama.

I will be appreciative of any constructive advice or examples of what can help from the readers that pass by this blog.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Half Baked Thoughts

“What I like about you is also what I don’t like about you”, were the words of our General Manager. “What I like is you solve problems instead of expecting someone else to solve them”.

“OK, Greg”, I replied. “So what don’t you like?”

“Your damn solutions”, was his response.

And the point of this? I really dislike people who point out problems, often clearly, but have no solution and expect someone else to solve the problem.  What gripes my guts is when I can’t think of a solution but still want to bitch.

Half baked ideas emerge from my mind as I drive on long trips. Since I don’t listen to music or even turn the radio on the mind is free to roam as the body drives on autopilot.

Last week was a trip across the Colorado High Plains to near the Nebraska state line. Many conflicts between the indigenous inhabitants occurred in the past and my travels took me near some of the larger ones.

The elites of the time had little or no regard for the Indians. They had their hands full of that era’s version of Deplorables. What better than force the Deplorables West and replace them with more malleable immigrants?

Money could be made off both the emigrants who were still consumers and the immigrants who would work cheaper. Too many of the Deplorables were veterans of the Civil War/War of Northern Aggression and a menace to the status quo.

Overrun with invaders, the Indians fought back, often with great success, and were clever. Consider the “peaceful” Black Kettle village massacred at Sand Creek. Many creditable accounts exist of horses and mules found with steel shoes, of scalps from Caucasians, and other trophies. The young men would go out raiding and then find welcome in the “peaceful” villages.

For the record, I cannot blame the Indians for trying to preserve their way of life. Nor do I feel guilt because I’m a descendant of the invaders.

 The Indians were subjugated. They never could form enduring cohesive alliances and had no answer to the industrial base supporting the invaders. The bison slaughter eliminated a major food source.

Today we have elites plundering the Deplorables wealth via inflation and taxes. Wages? Why the open borders? Cheap labor and an assault on our traditional way of life. Divide and conquer. Food supplies are threatened in many ways including destruction of infrastructure and supply chain disruptions. The list goes on.

What is a solution, or solutions? I don’t have answers except for one. Each patriot takes one firearm and shoots one of the corrupters.

Will I be the first? Probably not.


Friday, August 12, 2022

Something Different


Post Civil War/War of Northern Aggression history was made here.


Years ago when the population of the area was higher, a lot of time and effort went into buildings and campgrounds at the site. On a much smaller scale, the area communities strive to keep everything in good repair.

This gathering is a throwback to that era.  Perhaps authors might find insight to bygone times and the people who lived then.

The site is about 15 miles South of Wray, CO on Highway 385 and about 45 miles North of Burlington, CO/Interstate 70.

Burlington has an outstanding museum. Well worth a visit.


Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Life Goes On


The Big Picture is grim. In the small picture there are pleasures.

Root Beer floats! In honor of LL, I will attend.

Banner will be bummed as he won’t attend. 75 lbs of treat hunting lab in the midst of all that temptation I don’t want to contemplate.

Sunday, August 7, 2022


Inflation hits everyone in ways big and small. Banner has powerful jaws that allow him to break bones and eat the toughest rawhide. He is selective in what chew toys he likes.

After a year of experimenting, I’ve settled on this product. It takes him months to destroy one and his vet likes the condition of Banner’s teeth and gums.

Bottom line? In two years the prices has gone up from $14 to $21.

At this rate I may need to start a GoFundMe for Banner chew toys.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Low Humor

An unneeded post on an insignificant subject. However, it may be worth a chuckle. 

I spend too much time on the computer and Banner will come over and stick his head in the knee well. After three years I should have figured out what he wants. He just wants to be close to me.

Bought a $3 throw rug at a thrift store and put it by my work station. He immediately claimed it as his own. Now, other than the two hours the sun shines on my bed that is where he stays.

Next step will be some kind of pet bed now I understand what he needs.

A side benefit is more exercise as I step over him to get to the coffee.

Most likely, he will master Windows 11 before I do.