Friday, May 31, 2019


Decriminalization and then legalization of marijuana in Colorado was ‘sold’ in part to end victim less crime and free law enforcement resources to focus on other criminal activity. Didn’t work.

There must be big money being made for this level of criminal activity to exist. There is big money being spent by the criminal justice system to combat it.

Since the shit is now legal, the question is why?

As far as I can tell, the biggest change is harassment of Colorado residents when we travel in adjacent states. We are “greenies” and not just because of our license plate color.

Shortly after Colorado relaxed marijuana laws, I had business in Kansas City, KS. Crossing Kansas I was stopped three times for bullshit reasons (my blinker only flashed twice, not three times during a lane change, etc.) All three stops had a dialog along these lines.

“I’m just giving you a warning this time. Do you mind if I search your car for drugs? We have a big problem with drugs coming in from Colorado".

Each time when I declined, things got pissy. Oh, well. I flunked the Dale Carnegie course.

Since lots of people more knowledgeable than I can’t figure this out, guess I will remain confused.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Out and About

A relative and his family are moving to Seguin, TX next week and a farewell party was held for them. Saw the Caddy parked outside the venue.

Strangely, no one was using this parking spot.

Later we drove by this gem. I believe it to be a 1954.

This was parked nearby. May be a “kit car”. Appeared to be mid engine.  A logo was on the bumper. The bumper looked a lot like an MGB.

Other than the occasional tornado, a quiet Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Where is #MeToo?

The District 50 representative resigned rather than face a recall. Keeps her seat within the Democrat Party. Now details have come out.

Where are all the #MeToo Wymen? If a male heterosexual Republican held the seat, they would be waving pitchforks, heating tar, and demanding SOMETHING BE DONE!!!!!!!

One of their own?  Crickets. Just let this embarrassing moment slide into oblivion.

Let me be clear. I am not seconding guessing the police or the city attorney. We don’t know all the facts, starting with the willingness of the victim(s) to testify in open court.  Decisions had to be made.

What I understand is (1) the #MeTwo harpies don’t have the moral courage to stand up and speak up when another wyman is the perp, and (2) victims will be less likely to reach out for help when they see the lack of moral fiber among those who supposedly advocate for them.


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Tough Winter

The natural process of erosion never stops. A long wet winter in Colorado makes CDOT work a lot of overtime.

Keeping you head in the moment while driving Colorado roads is a good habit. Over the years I’ve dodged more than one falling rock. When you see one of these signs, please pay attention.

From Google (and probable copyright infringements) is a selection for your consideration.

Avalanches in the winter. Rockfalls year around. Don’t move here from California – try Montana instead!

One final note. I’ve driven on every one of the roads in these pictures at one time or another.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Are There Any Answers?

Anybody remember “Three Strikes and You’re Out”? Pick up a third felony conviction and your spend the rest of your life in prison.

People with vastly greater knowledge than I will ever have argue crime and incarceration back and forth. Social Justice Warriors have their own agenda.

What I do know is someone behind bars is someone not out in the community hurting people. That brings me to this.

Sorry I can’t find this any place but Facebook.

A burned out correctional officer once worked for me. He once said, “You walk down the tier and look into the eyes of prisoners who have no souls”.

My question? Is there an answer?

A relative once worked years as a probation officer. I once asked him, “Do you have any success stories?”

His reply, “One”.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

4014 Big Boy News

Appears the Union Pacific will have the locomotive traveling places.

This probably won't be the only appearance. You may not want a ticket but the chance to see it may appeal to those within reasonable distances of Omaha and Boone, Iowa.

The UP will probably post the schedule from Cheyenne - Omaha - Cheyenne. I'm thinking Kimball, NE would offer good views. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ah, Spring

From my deck this morning.

The snowpack in the High Rockies is above average and still growing. Flooding when it melts is a possibility depending on how fast it melts. On the Western side, the Colorado River drainage will get more water than past years. Good news for Lake Powell and Lake Mead. Likewise the Arkansas and Rio Grande Basins look good. 

One of Colorado's premier attractions is Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park from Estes Park to Grand Lake. A toll road closed in winter, the Park Service tries to have it open by Memorial Day. This is what it looks like in late summer (all pictures from Google).

These shots were from five days ago before this storm came.

A note of caution to visitors from lower elevation. High altitude sickness is real, but can be mitigated. You will enjoy your visit more if you prepare. The internet is your friend.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Hear A Train Coming II

Wyoming springtime! The highway past Tie Siding, WY we drove on yesterday is closed this afternoon due to a blizzard.

Snarky to say, but pilgrims from warm climes have problems with the cold, just saying.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Hear A Train Coming

Today the Union Pacific steamers, UP 4014 (Big Boy) and UP 844 returned from Ogden, UT. Just a fraction of the crowd that watched them going to Ogden on 5/4/2109 were at Tie Siding, WY today but included my sister, DrJim and his wife  and Mr. Rigby, my sisters dog.

The weather was chilly with fog. It is Wyoming in May so not a surprise. At least it wasn’t snowing and the wind was a light breeze.

My sister, ever mindful of the bottom line, then drove over to Cheyenne and took pictures of a repaired stand alone freezer to finalize an insurance claim.

Next was Fort Collins where I held the dumb end of a 100’ tape measure while she sketched out an accident scene.

The Union Pacific Steam Shop has done an outstanding job bring to life a steam engine that sat  in Pomona, CA for sixty years. She wasn’t moving very fast and was late arriving in Cheyenne so I suspect there are things that need to be corrected.

Still, we were able to witness something today that few people, now living, have ever seen live. A good day and good company.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

May I Spoil Your Equanimity ?

With the approaching three clown car circus that is the Democrat Party Presidential nomination; there must be a growing fear that none have a chance against President Trump.

The one thing that unites them is hatred of Donald Trump.

At some point many will be looking for a candidate that (1) The majority can support and (2) will have a good chance of winning.

Here is the Democrat candidate for President in 2020, IMO.

As always, YMMV.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Excellent Idea

Too bad it won't happen in Colorado, until 2022 if then.

Another option for COLOEXIT?

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Recalls Updated

Updating a previous post on recall elections.

Good news, bad news. The good news is the twit occupying House District 50 seat has resigned!

Bad news? She did it before I got around to signing the recall petition.

Hmmm. A (P)regressive latina, self proclaimed lesbian, resigns after an allegedly sexual assault.
Must be a National Enquirer type story there, just saying. Inquiring minds want all the salacious details!

In Colorado, since she is a Democrat, the county Democrat Party will select a replacement. That may prove to be "interesting".

Now open in donated office space in our little burg is an "Official Recall Polis" office. I will be visiting that operation this week. Perhaps become a volunteer?

Statewide the recall effort is spreading. In Pueblo, where in 2013 the voters forced a recall on a Senator, they are going after their current Senator.

Hitting 'publish' on this post will give me the warm and fuzzies. YMMV

Staying Dumb

Yesterday found me 45 miles from home without my wallet and credit cards. Lesson relearned; checklists are useless if you don’t use them.

Framed, hanging next to my exterior door, is a checklist.



Next to the Checklist is a small shelf where I put my keys, wallet, and glasses when I come in. Too many times I’ve walked out wearing the glasses I wear when using the computer. Once is more than enough crawling under my truck to get the “Hide A Key” magnetic holder for the spare house key.

Once in awhile I learn from my mistakes. There is now a small amount of cash stashed in each vehicle.

And you thought my blogger name is a joke?

Thursday, May 9, 2019

What You See Isn’t What You Suspect

Circa 1970 we had a house on the West side of Salt Lake City. While not Latter Day Saints, most of our neighbors were. We all got along well but they were puzzled by the frequent appearance of Nevada Law Enforcement vehicles outside our house.

SLC served the needs of Eastern Nevada (doctors, eye glasses, big city services) not available in Ely. One of these services was a small firm reloading ammunition that serviced the LEO community. Relatives were part of the Ely area LEO community (probation, corrections).

Our house was conveniently near I-80. Spent brass was left on our secure porch to be picked up by the re-loaders and reloaded ammo left for pickup by whatever LEO happened to be in SLC.

Doesn’t everyone have 10,000 rounds of .357 on their porch?

Neighbors were greatly relieved when this knowledge was shared.

As an aside, we became good friends with one of the local LDS leaders who shared our street number. Our house was on Lehi Drive, theirs on Lemay Drive. We often received each other’s mail by mistake. Rather than bother the postal folks, we would just drive it over to the appropriate house.

I’ve had people ask what it was like living around “Mormons”.  No problems. My only complaint about Saints is too many of them drive like they are on their way to meet their maker.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

More WTF

The Obama/SJW/politically correct rot continues.

This happens, in all branches, when senior officers never have a conflict with what is good for their careers, and what is good for their service, IMO. What a bunch of gutless wussies. 

You can see the results of that rot in what  LL calls "Big Army".

Makes my blood boil.

Big shout out to President Trump for pardoning Lt. Michael Behenna. Some readers may remember when his mother had a blog about his situation. Sad situation, that never should have happened. Same, same shit then that is going on today.

A word to all our snowflake citizens. Warriors kill people and break shit. That is their job. You best want your warriors to be better than the ones that want to terminate your worthless ass. 

Master Chief Jonas Carter, I hope you have a wonderful retirement. Too bad you had to serve under gutless scum. 


Old NFO has a post about his 12th Anniversary blogging. Curiosity made me go back and see when I started. December 2008.  

Reading his blog prompted me to start. Now don’t go blaming him, it was my decision.

For a long time I didn’t bother with stats. Popular bloggers get more hits in a month than I’ve had in years. No matter, I blog because I like to bitch. This sums it up.

Reading other’s blogs makes me feel connected with other people and part of a community. I’ve learned more about subjects I’ve never thought of than I ever thought possible. Different perspectives on current events, especially politics, have broadened my mental horizons. My thanks to all of you who put in the time an effort on your blogs.

Blogging is a personal effort and I miss bloggers who have moved on, for whatever reason. Beat and Release comes to mind.

For now I will keep blogging. Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Now there is speculation Bill Clinton deliberately sabotaged Shillary’s campaign.

Motive? Several ideas are kicked around.

May I propose another? For all the failings of that amoral man, is it possible he loves this country and knew what a disaster a Shillary  presidency would be?


Monday, May 6, 2019

Sombrero 2019

This year’s Great American Horse Drive is over. We had a nice family gathering during the event. Went well, no police were needed.

Maybell, CO is a small town. The city park is a large block square. Interesting mix of commercial operations and private camping rigs, for two days it exists in quiet chaos.

The spectators line US Highway 40. Then come the “dudes” who have paid upwards of $3,000 plus travel expenses to have an excellent three day adventure.

Then the horses. Not so many this year. Bet most are trucked. 400-500 head take some experienced riders. Lessons learned from past years?

Part of the clan watching. Others are directing traffic (volunteer fire department, etc.)

My sister can’t leave her truck unguarded!

One cousin and his wife have a part time “art” business centered around used horse shoes.

Wanting some quiet time, both my sister and I booked rooms in Meeker, CO, about one hour away from Maybell. The drive is on a seldom traveled paved country road. Perfect time of year as everything is turning green. There is some rugged land between the two places.

Not long ago I would have climbed down the bank and got under the power lines.

Driving over, saw four elk, one sorry looking deer, numerous pronghorn, and something I’ve never seen in that area, a tom turkey. He must have been courting as he was displaying his feathers.

Whenever I travel I-80 in Wyoming, I stop in Rawlins for gas and to see a minor landmark that has been there as long as I can remember.

A no drama trip with good weather, good company, and a chance to see the UP steamers. Life is good.

Steam Engines

May 4th a large crowd gathered near Tie Siding, WY to see the UP Steam Engines pass by. 

One of the largest steam engines to ever operate, UP 4014 “Big Boy” sat on display for 60 years until being brought back to Cheyenne to the Union Pacific Steam Shop. The UP has been operating UP 844 for awhile. Both were in the train.

When it was brought back I was at Tie Siding to see it pass. Yeah, I’m a fanboy. I’ll be there again May 17th when the double head comes back from the 150th Golden Spike Celebration in Ogden, UT.

We were just a small part of the thousands who gathered along the route. One couple had come from Maine.

It is coming.

It is here.

It is gone.

Three minute experience. Now to get back to the paved highway.

I waited for about thirty minutes to let most of the crowd leave. While leaving I saw zero trash and litter. Good people, rail fans.

Best news? It wasn’t snowing.