Thursday, September 30, 2021

Puzzled Updated

UPDATE: Some 96 views with one comment. Must qualify for the Captain Obvious award. 

Xiden has something like five decades in D.C. I cannot understand how he is making blunder after blunder. It is amateur hour spelled large.

What may be happening is that he doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions. Let us assume he is deep into Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. He is being “handled” and the handlers are way, way, out of their level of competence. Added, they are deeply committed to their beliefs and don’t feel, at a gut level, any compassion for those being hurt or killed.

“Can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs”.

The wussy Generals did tell him, or his handlers, the dangers of the Afghanistan retreat. Now they a distancing themselves, or attempting to distance themselves, from the Commander in Chief to save their own ass.

Oh, Slimy Milley saving Pelosi wants the nuclear codes is scary. Did he have enough backbone to say no, or is he playing yet another game?

One shudders to think that drunken crone would go there. Of course, she is third in line to have possession.

These are perilous times we live in, right now, at this point in time. Will we survive?

As always, YMMV

Monday, September 27, 2021

Conspiracy Nut

 Recently the Air Guard landed a C-130J on Highway 287 North of Rawlins, WY.

This follows a similar Air Guard landing A-10s on a Michigan highway.

What is the big deal? Haven’t our military aircraft operated off highways all over the world for decades?

Our Interstate Highway system was created, in part, for just such a purpose. Mile long straight sections, terrain permitting, were mandated every few miles. Note the “defense” in the original title.

Think the ‘defense’ isn’t real in today’s world? Ask the Seattle area residents every time the Army moves equipment and personnel to/from Ft. Lewis and the Yakima Maneuver Area.

Why now this conspiracy nut wonders? Is it to demonstrate Pelosi, et al, have the means to quickly deploy military assets anywhere in the country anyone dares to start civil disobedience? Certainly that was demonstrated January 6th.

Further, why the Guard units and not regular military? Are Guard units considered more malleable by the powers that be?

May I be excused now? I have tinfoil hats to fabricate.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Kiss My Ass, GOP

 WSF now goes down the political rat hole. You have been warned. At least, this post is mostly Colorado focused.

 This article illustrates why Republicans keep losing. Hint: they lose because they are losers. The author himself is the best example.

 One example of the loser mentality.

 Specifically, I recommend that Ganahl and the GOP limit the resources spent on her campaign and expand resources and good exposure for quality Republican candidates who have the best chance of winning legislative seats.

 Quality Republicans? Yes, genteel “go along to get along” high roads people who are morally superior because they don’t get their hands “dirty” like the nasty Democrats.

 To clarify.

 I also advise that Ganahl stay as far away as humanly possible from Lauren Boebert and her sycophants. Boebert is popular in her region but toxic statewide.

 The pistol packing mama from Rifle beat a five term nice guy Republican in the primary and a ski town trust fund snot in the general. Now, in D.C., she is making waves.

 The result of his article goes on to praise Emperor Polis. Polis is a libertarian?

 As an aside, current “Libertarians” have about the same credibility as “sovereign citizens” IMO.

 President Trump won (twice) because he wasn’t a, “go along get along” typical politician. IMO, that is what most of the independent voters, such as myself, want.

 Want to bet this author isn’t a “Never Trumper”?

 As always, YMMV.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Banner's Joy


Our city has a four acre dog park Banner loves. He visited this morning along with at least a dozen other dogs. Smart dog! Starts getting excited the moment I turn onto the F Street road.


He will mingle with other dogs if they come up to him but would rather patrol the fence. One lap around is enough to wear him out.

Eating grass is something he loves to do. Since he gets chlorophyll liquid on his food every other day I don’t think it is a nourishment need. At his last home he had to fight two other dogs for food and may have eaten grass there because of hunger. The park is the only place I allow him to eat grass as I know the maintenance people never spray weed killer.

Occasionally, but not today, he will find something to roll in.While he mingles with other dogs, I mingle with some of the ladies.


My favorite beekeeper company was at the Farmers Market today and I was able to buy a one gallon jug of raw local flowers honey. That should last me for a few months. I put honey in my coffee. It helps with allergies, I believe. The theory is the bee’s pickup minute amounts of pollen that mixes into the honey. Taking a couple of spoonfuls of honey a day boosts your immune system.




The profits from the Colorado Lottery are earmarked for recreation projects. Along the Cache la Poudre River, extensive hard surface trails are being built. Eventually the trail system will extend from Fort Collins to Greeley. The system sees a lot of use. Runners, bicyclists, walkers, and dog walkers are out most days excepting blizzards. After major storms the trails are plowed. The Greeley Police Department has a four person bicycle patrol unit for the trail system.


                                                                   Affairs of State 

 Other Bloggers do a better job than I can dissecting the foibles and malicious intent of our betters. That is why you haven’t seen much from me other than comments on other blogs.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


 Sometimes it is necessary to set aside the day to day world and simply enjoy a moment. This morning, for example.

 Banner approved our morning walk. 53°, clear sky, no smoke and numerous pauses to check his peemail. I focused on our surroundings and let my mind coast.

Back to the apartments, the Treat Lady was in the common room holding court so Banner got treats and pets. Soon, it was upstairs for another treat for Banner (he has me trained) and coffee for me.

 I need more mornings like this.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Minor Rant

Last night talking to a neighbor I learned she is no longer speaking to long term close friend and fellow church member. Disagreement about the “flu” inoculations” was the cause. I wonder just how common this is becoming nationwide.

We once free people are now subject to draconian orders from “public servants” at all levels of government. Dissenters are crushed in their workplaces and social gatherings. No debate is allowed.

Whatever damage this “flu”, likely man made, does to the people who contract it cannot begin to match the damage to our society and way of life, IMO.

Will our grandchildren, and their children, live in a free society? I fear not. I’m only one person but I will not comply and I will support those who won’t comply.

My heart goes out to those in public health who are on the front lines. I can only compare you to the Vietnam soldiers, marines, and sailors (ok, airmen too) and what they dealt with.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Pikes Peak Cog Railroad

 We rode yesterday, courtesy of my sister, who planned it for my birthday. Medical complications required two postponements but it finally went down.

Rather than a long written narrative, I will post pictures.

The cog railroad website is here.

 Manitou Springs is interesting on its own.

The approach to the terminal and the parking can be daunting.




I’ve driven to the top many times but not in recent years. The road is now paved all the way. It is closed in the winter but the cog railroad now runs year around excepting Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanks, Sisty!