Saturday, September 18, 2021

Minor Rant

Last night talking to a neighbor I learned she is no longer speaking to long term close friend and fellow church member. Disagreement about the “flu” inoculations” was the cause. I wonder just how common this is becoming nationwide.

We once free people are now subject to draconian orders from “public servants” at all levels of government. Dissenters are crushed in their workplaces and social gatherings. No debate is allowed.

Whatever damage this “flu”, likely man made, does to the people who contract it cannot begin to match the damage to our society and way of life, IMO.

Will our grandchildren, and their children, live in a free society? I fear not. I’m only one person but I will not comply and I will support those who won’t comply.

My heart goes out to those in public health who are on the front lines. I can only compare you to the Vietnam soldiers, marines, and sailors (ok, airmen too) and what they dealt with.


LL said...

If I'm walking down the sidewalk with my umbrella open, and you are walking down the same sidewalk without an umbrella deployed, does it make my umbrella ineffective?

I realize that liberalism is consummate pride and that I should want to be like you if you are woke or I need to die...but at some point, they just need to get over themselves.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

There seems to be a split between problem solvers and victims. Too few of the first, and too many of the second.

I've known many people smarter than me, better educated, more social adept and more athletic. Confronted with problems they waffle. I'm a problem solver. My solutions may not be elegant, or the best, or socially acceptable or even durable but the problem is damn well handled.

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.
George S. Patton

If your persona is of the problem solving nature, you won't be liked by the herd. In my case, I don't give a shit if they like me or hate me.

I've known very few (P)regressives that are hands on problem solvers.

LSP said...

Good point. Just lately I've noticed churchmen at my larger mission getting into it over the vax.

They share the same faith, they're conservatives, no doubt about it, but the vax divides them, big time. I have to keep a watchful eye on this and not let it get out of hand, Seriously. It'd be far worse in the city, where people are covid crazy.

What a divisive, satanic attack.

I can't help but feel that everyone would be well served by turning off their dam TVs. I did long ago. So.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Keeping civility in your congregation has to be challenging. I don't envy you.

TV. I haven't owned one for several years. I loath the 20 minutes of each hour devoted to commercials and the never ending political slant.

LSP said...

I turned off the mind eraser agitprop box 12 years ago and haven't regretted it for a moment. Just the endless barrage of "buy, buy, buy" alone is enough to kill any enjoyment.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

For many, it is akin to a narcotic. Suddenly without TV and people react like junkies needing a fix.

Greybeard said...

If you turn off your TV you won't know about the pretty, athletic 22 yr-old blonde caucasian girl that went missing on a trip around the U.S. and is now presumed dead because her Svengali boyfriend had a moment of insanity. Sad you missed that? :(
Christian. Those that are better at "Christianing" than me piss me off.
Pardon me for being unChristian, but I cannot stand to be around 'em.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Gabby is all over FB so I didn't miss anything except for details had I read any of it.

I have respect for those quiet Christians who go quietly about their lives living their faith. Others? Meh.

Old NFO said...

This is just one 'more' thing to divide us... Tired of the crap and the 'dividers' regardless of where they come from. I WILL NOT be talked down to, and I will not go out on my knees...

Abdul said...
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Well Seasoned Fool said...

As we used to say in the hippy era, "Right On!"

Abdul said...

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