Sunday, February 26, 2017

Political Wilderness

I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat. Will Rogers

This post is a long and personal political  ramble intended for the few relatives who read my blog. Anyone else may be bored to tears. You have been warned.

See where Tom Perez was elected head of the DNC. He promptly appointed Keith Ellison Deputy Chair. Yawn.

I’m of that disappearing demographic, a Blue Dog Democrat. Raised in Republican household, I was always around politics. My father was, for a time, the county chairman as was an uncle (in a different county).

The path to becoming a Democrat started with having an autistic child. Moving to Washington State put us in conflict with the school system. My wife became heavily involved in handicapped issues and the original draft of the Washington Education For All Act was written on our dining room table. She then worked for three years to get it passed. Should add she never got credit, not that she sought it.

I was a delegate to the county conventions as a Republican but became angry by the prevailing attitude of, “I got mine, fuck you, and I will get yours if I can”.

Found I had much more in common with the Democrats. Became for a time a precinct committeeman.

The Republicans had lukewarm chicken ala king at the Holiday Inn. The Democrats partied at a longshoreman’s bar.  After my marriage ended, found the Democrat functions were a great resource  for my romantic life.

Fast forward to moving to Colorado in 1997, starting to attend Democrat Party functions, and becoming active. OK, then came Obama. I didn’t vote for him. Prior to that election, the last Republican I voted for was Gerald Ford. I disliked Obama as being  part of the Chicago machine. Listening to him, thought he was all hat and no cattle. Didn’t take a stand as a Senator. Voted, “Present”. What kind of gutless position is that?

 Now he is elected. With his first cabinet nominee, Eric Holder for AG, I knew we were fucked. I knew of Holder’s work for the Clintons as Assistant AG and the pardons for dollars at the end of Slick Willie’s second term.

My main reason for voting for Romney, who I disliked, was the way he took control and salvaged the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. He was a proven problem solver and not a ‘community organizer’, whatever the hell that is.

Two years into Obama’s first term, the (P)regressives were firmly in control locally. Sure, all were welcome in the ‘big tent’ if they sat in the back, kept their mouths shut, and their wallets open. The lead up to the midterms was the last time I attended any Democrat function.

In the past my favorite explanation of the difference between a Republican and a Democrat was a pie. The Republicans are terrible concerned as to how the pie is divided. The Democrats are more concerned there is a pie to begin with. Now I would add the (P)regressives want all the pie and then they will distribute the pie as they see fit.

Last election I was for, “Anybody but Shillary”. Like many people I didn’t take Trump seriously. Like many people, I was dead wrong. I did vote for him.

I’m beginning to become a Trump fanboy. Imagine, a man who keeps his campaign promises, who isn’t compromising to make nice with the swamp, and has done more to change the collective mood in four weeks than anyone else in my memory. After eight years of smugness, the feeling of energy, opportunity and freedom is exhilarating.

 The mean side of me can’t help enjoying the angst of the (P)regressives.

In reflection, I’ve concluded President Trump would make a fine 1980’s era Democrat. Wasn’t he, then?

I’m still not willing to go over to the dark side. Jeb!, McCain, Lindsey Graham, et al make me want to barf.

At age 72, I will probably wander the political wilderness till I die.

What I can do is use this modern digital samizdat to keep bitching and agitating, and that is what I will do.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Funny Money

Remember Obama and the Dems bailing out Wall Street firms “to big to fail”? Coming soon, various states.

Picking on California, they are some $443 billion in debt.

That is over $1,000,000 per resident.

California has a net gain in jobs but at what cost? Seems enormous subsidies are what is fueling that growth while regular businesses are leaving the state.

Picking on New York, and not using the newspaper with the most sterling reputation.

Note the reference to back door borrowing. Common in many states.

Who holds the debt? A lot of it is you, in your pension funds, IRAs, and 401Ks. 

Total state debt per various sources is around $1.8 trillion. That doesn’t necessarily include underfunded pension obligations.

US Government debt may exceed $13.62 trillion.

What happens when some state defaults? Not if, when. Does Uncle Sugar bail them out?

Depressing figures to be sure. At least we now have a chief executive that understands finance. His predecessor never had to meet a payroll and probably can’t balance a checkbook.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The King Close

No more politics.  For today only.

A young man I occasionally mentor was discussing ways to close a sale. Wanted an example so I told him the King and Bunny story.

Renton, WA once had an appliance story, “King and Bunny’s” owned by, strangely enough, by King and Bunny.

I needed to replace our kitchen stove, a cheap builder’s special that was a P.O.S. and an ongoing irritant to the S.O.

King had me landed on a replacement. I was being awkward and negotiating the lowest possible price.

King. “I’m only making $20 now! Can I at least go home tonight and tell Bunny I made us $20?"

Shortly, the range was in the back of my pickup. I had no idea I could be shamed so easily.

As a habit, I try to poke fun at myself because I am too intense and focused. My sister calls it over thinking. That also explains my blog title.

When everyone is laughing at you, join the laughter.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Leftists vs Tea Party Comparisons

The (P)regressives are now employing the tactics they deplored when the Tea Party Patriots used them. Plus, they are bragging about it.

There are some differences. Paid protesters?

A picture is worth what?

Astroturf vs grass roots?

Ah, probably preaching to the choir.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


WSF is going off on rant. You have been warned.

Trying to make sense of the Gen. Flynn/Russia/Trump uproar.

President elect Trump made a mistake with Flynn by picking an “insider”. Many insiders don’t think the rules apply to them. Flynn compounds this by lying to VP Pence.

From the last days of the election on we have been hit almost hourly by “news” trying to tie President Trump to our historical enemy, Russia. Seems the Trump haters think they have a winning formula. Maybe so.

Let’s call it what it is, sophisticated blackmail. Trump is a threat to many rice bowls in the de facto Fifth Branch, the “Intelligence” community. How dare he question their positions and privileges?  Their first salvo was the ludicrous Moscow “hooker” story.

Many of these same Trump haters were the ones saying he would never be elected. Now they are trying to stage a coup. 

In President Trump’s case, there are no missing college transcripts, no questionable birth certificate, down low sex stories, questionable social security number and, very clearly, his wife isn’t a tranny. So, how do you blackmail him?

With all due respect to those patriots serving, the community as a whole hasn’t protected us from jack shit, hasn’t produced accurate intelligence, leaks all over the place, and is populated by undisciplined hacks and, channeling the late Col. Hackworth, perfumed princes. Further, for eight years the population of appointees of a weak, globalist president, who are not patriots, who are “what is good for me is great for the country”, and general fuck ups with the proper pedigree have terrible diluted the intelligence community IMO.

So what to do? Once again I say castrate them by pulling their security clearances. Leaks may not be traced to one individual but should be traced to a section. Suspend the clearances pending an investigation. Harsh? Yes. Witch hunt? Yes. Will it cripple our intelligences efforts? Well shit, what are we getting from them now?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bitching and Moaning - Airlines

The recent trip to visit the grandkids reminded me again of a prior employment that had two or more trips a month on airlines, and the relief felt when we parted.

Booked on American Airlines to Greenville, SC via Charlotte on a red eye flight. Transferred in Charlotte for an 18 minute flight to Greenville. Arrived at Concourse B, went out on Concourse E. Nice hike for a 72 year old fat man with bad knees (not the airline’s fault). Got on a dilapidated Canadair that had parts of the interior trim duct taped (at least they used colored tape approximately the color of the interior). Waited 35 minutes as they fussed around getting the door closed.

Return trip, nice newer Canadair. Again, Concourse E to Concourse  B. Got on board. 40 minutes delay. Captain told us the hydraulic systems had been ‘over serviced’ at a prior stop.

Finally got to DIA. Deplaned at the far end of Concourse A. Moving sidewalks not working. Arrived at baggage claim. The system jammed. Waited another thirty minutes for my bag (that cost me $25 to check).

I realize my trip was filled with minor inconveniences and many people have true horror stories.

My point is the whole experience of getting to the airport, getting through security, getting on the damn plane then getting off, and the terminal experience in general is a P.I.T.A.

One shout out. DIA Park is a new company. Super rates if you go online and prepay. Clean vans, 10 minutes from the terminal. Friendly, helpful employees that seem to enjoy their jobs. Just a tad off the beaten track but easy to find.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


If ever a pet has a fitting name, it is Loki. In my son's house, he is a god.

Story is he was my ex-wife's acquisition when she lived with them in Dugway, UT. She moved on but the cat stayed.

Despite my declaring I don't sleep with males, every time I woke up he would be on the bed.

He decided the keyboard of my laptop was the most desirable place to sleep when I was foolish enough to leave it on and open. Found myself looking at pages I didn't know existed.

Later today will return to Colorado. Wonder how long it will take to get all the cat hair out of my luggage? Loki's two reluctant subjects, Sasha and George, have made contributions. They didn't have decent sleeping quarters until my open duffle became available.

With four grandkids, three cats, and four dogs the tasks of hugs, tickles, petting, and flinging blasted felines off every surface is daunting. 

Then there is the matching witticisms with the daughter in law. A mismatch. Something like a recruit up against a brigade.

I need a vacation from my vacation.

Friday, February 10, 2017


Enroute back to the home base after a good grandkid fix. Hadn't seen them since they were at Ft. Carson when my son was being discharged. Being children, they have grown, shockingly so.

Their relocation to upstate South Carolina was (1) a better climate for my son's injuries and (2) a promised EMT job with someone he served with.

They found a nice 4 bedroom home with a swimming pool well within their means located in a nice neighborhood.
The local schools are among the best public schools in the state.

They have the usual family issues, school grades, etc. Does my heart good to see how well they are coping with life.

When my son was 16 he and I had a disagreement. He picked up a dining room chair and swung it. It didn't end well for him. The chair did break on my hard head. Fast forward to my visit. I'm sitting my over weight body on a dining room chair.

I accused him of waiting all these years to get even.

The parent in me hates to see my child dealing with the medical issues that led to his medical discharge. The father in me swells with pride watching this gutsy and courageous man keeping on keeping on. No, don't say the apple didn't fall far from the tree. I doubt I could do it.

Life isn't fair. The Army lost one of the best of the best, someone who stills wants to serve, while REMFs and Blue Falcon candidates stay in. Shit!

Certainly I can't let this much time elapse until I see them again.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Human Nature

A friend, Don Wendt,  replaced his water heater. What to do with the old useless water heater?

He placed it on the curb with a large sign, FOR SALE $100. Within hours it was stolen.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Battle of Cowpens

Today my son and I walked around the battlefield. I found it interesting to see it through the eyes of a professional soldier. Here are pictures from all four sides of the monument.

Rather than me trying to tell the story please go here.

I haven't posted any pictures of the battlefield as today bears little resemblance to the conditions of the time of battle. An effort is being made to restore the vegetation (i.e. canebrakes) and other features (bogs, wetlands).  

The terrain makes for a gentle stroll - nothing too steep. Might be a tad different for a soldier of that era with musket, equipment, and heavy wool uniform.

Living Large In South Carolina

At my youngest son's home getting a grandkid fix. Had hard words with the daughter in law.

"What have you done with my grandkids? My grandkids are little and these are big kids".

She promptly put me in my place, her being a Frau Feldwebel in spirit.

My son misses the Army and wasn't happy about being medically retired. He copes with his disabilities and keeps on keeping on. Lives the unofficial Army motto,

"Fuck it. Don't mean shit. Drive on". 

I'm immensely proud, and humbled, by what these two have accomplished.

Ah, the grandkids!

There are two more. One is an adult lives and lives in another state. The other is 18 and has a girl friend, enough said.

They have several dogs and cats. Loki is a volunteer computer tech.

He better is possibly better with tech stuff than this Latter Day Luddite. 

I'm enjoying the mild weather and being Mr. Maytag (always agitating). Fun Super Bowl being with a group of Patriot haters. Thoroughly enjoyed the fourth quarter and overtime. From my point of view I didn't have a dog in the fight so I could sit back and poke fun at those who did.

More to come. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Auf Wiedersehen

Enroute to spend a week with the world’s cutest grandkids. Light comments and postings until the following week.

The domicile will remain occupied. Sorry, home invaders.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Illegal Vehicle Search

“What is in those gunny sacks” demanded the Deputy Sheriff.

“Snakes”, replied my friend. “Go ahead and check”.

We were stopped by the side of a Colorado 14 in a VW Transporter, in 1968, pulled over by a suspicious deputy (with no legal justification) based on our vehicle and appearance. He started searching our vehicle.

The Deputy opened the first sack and saw a dozen pissed off rattlesnakes. Didn’t even tie the sack back up, just went back to his cruiser and drove off.

My friend had a contract with Colorado State University to collect two dozen rattlesnakes and asked me to help. He had fabricated some snares on  four foot poles and had two stout gunny sacks to contain the snakes.

We went to the Pawnee Buttes area near the Wyoming border and started hunting the snakes. It took several hours and, after catching enough, we headed to Fort Collins. Just past Briggsdale we were pulled over.

A recent reading of ways people have pranked police brought out this memory.

The Deputy probably though he had struck the mother lode on a hot, and boring, afternoon. Two bearded “hippies” in a VW bus must be hauling, or at least possessing, drugs. Niceties like probable cause? Hah! Hippies didn’t have rights.

We had beards, and we were in a VW Transporter. Not hippies, but anti social, anti government, assholes who enjoyed kicking the shit out of shitkickers. Lucky for Mr. Deputy he didn’t push the issue.

Doubt the Deputy regaled his buddies with that story.