Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bitching and Moaning - Airlines

The recent trip to visit the grandkids reminded me again of a prior employment that had two or more trips a month on airlines, and the relief felt when we parted.

Booked on American Airlines to Greenville, SC via Charlotte on a red eye flight. Transferred in Charlotte for an 18 minute flight to Greenville. Arrived at Concourse B, went out on Concourse E. Nice hike for a 72 year old fat man with bad knees (not the airline’s fault). Got on a dilapidated Canadair that had parts of the interior trim duct taped (at least they used colored tape approximately the color of the interior). Waited 35 minutes as they fussed around getting the door closed.

Return trip, nice newer Canadair. Again, Concourse E to Concourse  B. Got on board. 40 minutes delay. Captain told us the hydraulic systems had been ‘over serviced’ at a prior stop.

Finally got to DIA. Deplaned at the far end of Concourse A. Moving sidewalks not working. Arrived at baggage claim. The system jammed. Waited another thirty minutes for my bag (that cost me $25 to check).

I realize my trip was filled with minor inconveniences and many people have true horror stories.

My point is the whole experience of getting to the airport, getting through security, getting on the damn plane then getting off, and the terminal experience in general is a P.I.T.A.

One shout out. DIA Park is a new company. Super rates if you go online and prepay. Clean vans, 10 minutes from the terminal. Friendly, helpful employees that seem to enjoy their jobs. Just a tad off the beaten track but easy to find.
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