Wednesday, February 15, 2017


WSF is going off on rant. You have been warned.

Trying to make sense of the Gen. Flynn/Russia/Trump uproar.

President elect Trump made a mistake with Flynn by picking an “insider”. Many insiders don’t think the rules apply to them. Flynn compounds this by lying to VP Pence.

From the last days of the election on we have been hit almost hourly by “news” trying to tie President Trump to our historical enemy, Russia. Seems the Trump haters think they have a winning formula. Maybe so.

Let’s call it what it is, sophisticated blackmail. Trump is a threat to many rice bowls in the de facto Fifth Branch, the “Intelligence” community. How dare he question their positions and privileges?  Their first salvo was the ludicrous Moscow “hooker” story.

Many of these same Trump haters were the ones saying he would never be elected. Now they are trying to stage a coup. 

In President Trump’s case, there are no missing college transcripts, no questionable birth certificate, down low sex stories, questionable social security number and, very clearly, his wife isn’t a tranny. So, how do you blackmail him?

With all due respect to those patriots serving, the community as a whole hasn’t protected us from jack shit, hasn’t produced accurate intelligence, leaks all over the place, and is populated by undisciplined hacks and, channeling the late Col. Hackworth, perfumed princes. Further, for eight years the population of appointees of a weak, globalist president, who are not patriots, who are “what is good for me is great for the country”, and general fuck ups with the proper pedigree have terrible diluted the intelligence community IMO.

So what to do? Once again I say castrate them by pulling their security clearances. Leaks may not be traced to one individual but should be traced to a section. Suspend the clearances pending an investigation. Harsh? Yes. Witch hunt? Yes. Will it cripple our intelligences efforts? Well shit, what are we getting from them now?


Old NFO said...

That would definitely work, I said if you start threatening clearances which means their jobs, the selling out of the guilty parties would become a race to see who cut out the first information!

LL said...

I agree. There needs to be a serious witch hunt to get to the leaks and put a plug in the situation. President Trump needs to hire some people who work out of the basement of the White House and answer only to him. Call it an executive inspectorate general with sweeping authority to act on his behalf and in a sense, serve as a bodyguard against this sort of thing.

Well Seasoned Fool said...


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Glad someone with your background and experience agrees.

Coffeypot said...

Cleaning house and downsizing is the Rx needed to get DC back on the straight and narrow. Pipe dream, I guess, but it is a good start. Begin with the 9 Circuit Court of Appeals, a group as useless as tits on a nun.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Intelligent downsizing is needed. You need enough bodies to get the job done, but you need the bodies doing jobs that need done.

Picking on the Navy, you can only cram so many bodies on a destroyer, no? Going the other direction I read the Zumwalt has enough crew to fight the ship, or handle battle damage, but not both at the same time. How many Navy shore billets are needed to keep an effective fighting force?

Above a battalion level in the Army or Marines, how many staff positions are critical?

To pick on the civilian side, the EPA has North of 1,000 lawyers but not one qualified mining engineer. One mining engineer might have prevented the EPA from polluting most of the Rio Grande River.