Saturday, February 11, 2017


If ever a pet has a fitting name, it is Loki. In my son's house, he is a god.

Story is he was my ex-wife's acquisition when she lived with them in Dugway, UT. She moved on but the cat stayed.

Despite my declaring I don't sleep with males, every time I woke up he would be on the bed.

He decided the keyboard of my laptop was the most desirable place to sleep when I was foolish enough to leave it on and open. Found myself looking at pages I didn't know existed.

Later today will return to Colorado. Wonder how long it will take to get all the cat hair out of my luggage? Loki's two reluctant subjects, Sasha and George, have made contributions. They didn't have decent sleeping quarters until my open duffle became available.

With four grandkids, three cats, and four dogs the tasks of hugs, tickles, petting, and flinging blasted felines off every surface is daunting. 

Then there is the matching witticisms with the daughter in law. A mismatch. Something like a recruit up against a brigade.

I need a vacation from my vacation.

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