Monday, February 6, 2017

Living Large In South Carolina

At my youngest son's home getting a grandkid fix. Had hard words with the daughter in law.

"What have you done with my grandkids? My grandkids are little and these are big kids".

She promptly put me in my place, her being a Frau Feldwebel in spirit.

My son misses the Army and wasn't happy about being medically retired. He copes with his disabilities and keeps on keeping on. Lives the unofficial Army motto,

"Fuck it. Don't mean shit. Drive on". 

I'm immensely proud, and humbled, by what these two have accomplished.

Ah, the grandkids!

There are two more. One is an adult lives and lives in another state. The other is 18 and has a girl friend, enough said.

They have several dogs and cats. Loki is a volunteer computer tech.

He better is possibly better with tech stuff than this Latter Day Luddite. 

I'm enjoying the mild weather and being Mr. Maytag (always agitating). Fun Super Bowl being with a group of Patriot haters. Thoroughly enjoyed the fourth quarter and overtime. From my point of view I didn't have a dog in the fight so I could sit back and poke fun at those who did.

More to come. 
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