Thursday, April 30, 2020

Harshing Their Mellow, Coven Edition

The Coven, aka  The Ladies of the Round Table, now meet outside on the plaza, carefully keeping their distance.

Today was coupon day courtesy of the U.S. Mail and they availed themselves of the Burger King deals. One member volunteered to pick up their phoned in order.

Banner the dog and I had just returned from our mile walk as they were distributing their food orders. Four calculators were being used to decide who owed what. Turns out the pickup witch failed to turn in the coupons! Soon she was on her cell calling the store and arguing with the person on the other end.

All during this food was not being eaten. Hope they enjoyed their cold fries and burgers.

 Banner and I beat a hasty retreat.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Last Gasp?

Jumping into conspiracy theories, is COVID-19 the last gasp of the Globalists, or their path to victory? Are they behind the “accidental” release? Given the Chicoms don’t give a rat’s ass about their own population, is this a joint operation between the Globalists and the Chicoms?

In Europe the Globalists are losing their grip. BREXIT, riots in France, push from all corners to break up the European Union, fierce native resistance to unlimited immigration, and the election of Donald Trump are a path for diminished power and influence.

For the Chicoms, President Trump is a nightmare. They had everything going their way. More so if Shillary were elected. Now their plans are being thwarted. Are they willing to go back to the “Long March” philosophy? Do they want “victory” now, in their lifetime?

Domestically, the (P)regressives, who are allied with Globalists, and their willing dupes are suffering defeat after defeat with our current President.

What to do? Create a panic, crash the economy, and see what draconian measures the USA population will accept. A crashed economy will cause President Trump to lose this fall. Then, with “our types” back in control, we can get everything back on track. Ongoing panics will whip the population into supine compliance. The malcontents can be rounded up and sent off to re-education camps.

OK, WSF, what have you been smoking? This is all a coincidence! Nothing to see here, move on.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Micro Ethnic Sales

From 1986 to 1998 I sold cars in the Seattle area before relocating to Colorado. That area has a large immigrant population. LL  is writing extensively about macro ethnic events, primary China, which is way beyond my pay grade. On the micro level, I have experience.


If political incorrect words, phrases, and ethnic slurs offend you, move on. This is real world shit.

                                                                 Chinese Car Buyers

Tough negotiators, but not liars. If a Chinaman told me he had $4,000 down, he had it. One transaction still sticks in the memory bank.

“You price too high. Me poor.”

“This is an advertised car for the weekend. The owner won’t let me sell it for less”.

“Why owner not sell for less?”

When you are stuck, let your mind go blank and whatever comes out of your mouth may work.

“The owner is a Jew”.

“Oh, Jew. Tougher than Chinese. What your interest rate?”


I only met one who had decent credit. The rest were basket cases. 


Arrogant assholes, but malleable. Get their egos involved. They want to beat you. Takes a little finesse but doable.

"Boss, I need a turn”. A waste of time. Fuck’em.

Black Americans

I’m trying to work a deal and this suck ass salesman is pestering me.

“Hey Tank, your do real well with Blacks. What is your secret?”

“Simple. Treat them like white people”.

Never met one who wasn’t a lair. “That is the price. Yes or No?”  “OK. Goodbye. Thanks for coming in”.
Africans (from Africa)

See Vietnamese.  We had a salesman named Zarnell, went by Steve. 6’4” of chiseled mahogany.  Nice guy with a drug problem. One day he spent three hours with a party from West Africa. Came up to where I was standing and vented.

“Fucking imported niggers”.

 “Steve”, says I, “I can’t be hearing this”.

“Fucking imported niggers. It isn’t like we already have enough niggers. We import more”.


See Vietnamese.
Native Americans

See Samoans.

See Koreans.

Time wasters. Rarely bought  anything. I did make a killer deal on one dumb Canuck, once. We had taken in trade a Skoda. The ACV (actual cash value) the used car manager put on it was $1. Never, ever, could the car be sold in the USA. Slow day, Canuck time waster, and I said to him,

“Wow, this is your lucky day!” We took in a car we can’t resale in the US but you can register and license it in Canada!” “Yada, yada, yada.”

Cash changed hands and off he went. After many phone calls over the next few days where he severely mother fucked me, the border goons finally let him take it into Canada. Warmed the cockles of my evil heart, it did!

By the time I left for Colorado, a good third or more of my sales were to previous customers. I never lied to a customer. If they were too dumb to ask the right questions, or too lazy to do their own research, I sure as hell wasn’t going to educate them.

One manager had this outlook.

“I don’t believe in lying to a customer to sell a car; unless a particularly large gross is involved”.

My ideal customer was one who had educated themselves, had their shit together, and could recognize a fair deal. I could have them in and out in a couple of hours. Big gross profit? I made 50% of my monthly earnings hitting the bonus levels. Numbers, baby! Not that I was opposed to a gross profit. My boss, Dan King, called me “Grossey” (when he was in a good mood).

I wouldn’t be in the car biz today. There are few salesmen /saleswomen. Order takers on the new car side. The hardcore are all on used car lots.

I had some success as a manager doing off site sales. Sixty or so in maybe twenty Colorado towns over a three year period. I liked the challenge. No one had ever done it on the scale we operated.  After 2008, I left the biz for good.

Koreans + Macro

In 2002 my boss went from used trucks and stock trailers to becoming a Kia Dealer. By 2008 he had four Kia franchises. The President of Kia America was Peter Butterfield. One day at lunch, at a dealer convention in Las Vegas, the Korean biggies called him into the hallway and fired him! He was a Ford vet, had them by the balls with his contract, and they had to pay him off.  He then bought an engine re-manufacturing company and I spent a year+ traveling several states promoting the company. Fun times!

Later I became an endurance driver for Roush, testing pre-production and prototype cars and trucks. This took me to the Kia factory in West Plains, GA and the Hyundai factory in Montgomery, AL. It was interesting to see the Korean managers and their staffs interacting.  Not for me; I avoided contact. Arrogant assholes!

What I’ve written is real world shit. If you are offended, “Oh, Well”.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Cabin Fever

The Coven members yesterday were pissing and moaning that they are stuck in the building and not out doing their favorite thing, shopping!

Is a revolution brewing?

Monday, April 20, 2020

The Shit is Hitting the Fan

Weld County, CO (my home) is the 20th largest petroleum and natural gas producer in the USA.
The oil production isn’t cheap as most of it is from fracking shale. Already big players like Halliburton are laying off in mass.

As well as smaller operations.

It reaches across the board.

The bright spot seems to be, for the moment, natural gas.

The county is also a big in agriculture but the Wuhan virus has shut down the large local packing plant.

Wind energy is in trouble and the county hosts a large windmill company with operations in Brighton and Windsor.

I wouldn’t want to be a landlord right now. New apartments are still under construction and the rents on existing apartments have been jacked up beyond what a diminished economy will support.

The impact on local government will be significant as tax revenue dries up.

On a personal level I may be busy as people fall behind on their mortgages. That brings me no joy. It doesn’t bother me to contact fuck ups living beyond their means. It does bother me to contact regular people struggling with the economy in disarray.

Time will tell.

Casting Runes II

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Casting Runes

Trespassing now on LL’s domain, some thought about the 2020 Election.

Is Slow Joe in the early stages of Alzheimer’s/Dementia?  A lot of speculation is going round on the possibility.

The Lightbringer has endorsed him while floating the idea of Moosechelle as the Vice President candidate. Readers of my blog know I think she will be the Democrat candidate.

This is what my runes are saying. Biden will be nominated with Michelle as V.P. Shortly, Joe will have a Clinton moment and the Dem insiders will elevate Michelle to their Presidential candidate.

A Clinton moment can take many forms. Pick your poison.

According to news reports, Slow Joe has already started forming a “transition team” assuming he will win. Want to bet none of them are unacceptable to the Lightbringer? Don’t bother betting; just send me the cash directly.

Slow Joe has tons of baggage plus the Sanders groupies will never vote for him. Michelle doesn’t bring much baggage, her husband is liked and admired by even the left wing, and the Dem insiders know they will be back in power.  A win/win for all?

Please know, I devotedly hope I’m wrong.

On a lighter note, I’ve always appreciated crude humor (a character defect) no matter who is the butt of the joke. For your amusement, or outrage, look at these.

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Belly Flapping Principal

A favorite axiom of my late Father, Bob White. He held people change their attitudes, opinions, and willingness to do certain jobs fastest when their, “Bellies started flapping”.  The Wuhan Flu response will result in many bellies flapping.

State and Local Government

Where is the tax revenue? This huge shopping center is usually packed, even mid week. While the state government is collecting taxes on online sales, cities and counties are not.

Non Essential Workers

Unemployment won’t pay the bills, especially in two income families. The $1,200 from the Feds? Probably isn’t even a house payment. They will be hurting for months to come. Many are college educated “professionals” that tend towards liberalism. We will see how that works out.

Having lived a boom or bust life working on commission, I take no joy in their plight.  They are looking at vehicles repossessed, home foreclosure, and having to tell their children “no” over and over.

Colorado went deep blue last election. All statewide elective offices, a super-majority in the House, and a majority in the Senate. Two things kept them from running amok. First, Colorado’s TABOR (taxpayer’s bill of rights) is part of the State Constitution. They are using “fees” to get around that, but court challenges will decide the issue. Second, the Senate cannot come to order without enough Senators present. There are enough Republican that, if they stay away, the Senate cannot function. That tactic has been used for years, by both parties in numerous states. Texas comes to mind.

Along with tax collection shortfall, the energy segment is collapsing.

The greenies may get their wish. When it dawns on them the amount of revenue the state once received from the industry, that will be a belly flapping time.

All these (P)regressives were elected when Colorado was enjoying great prosperity. Now they will face a bleak reality. It will be much worse for counties and cities. Boulder, I’m looking at you.
So where will the cuts come? The cynical me thinks it will be the programs that help the poorest and sickest (physical and mental).

As my Father would be saying, “Bellies will be flapping”. What will be the end result I can’t even guess, but I’m damn sure the political landscape will be greatly different two years from now.


It begins. Copied from Facebook.
We received an email today from Colorado Counties Inc. about Governor Polis keeping about $1.7 billion dollars from the Cares Act to help balance the states budget. This money was earmarked to be sent down to counties to help with the effects of Covid 19. However Polis only wants funding to counties with a population of 500,000 or more. If you ever felt like calling and complaining to the Governor here is another case to make that call.
Shared by a county COMMISSIONER from CROWLEY county

Note: Of Colorado's 64 counties, only 5 are over 500,000. Only one, El Paso (Colorado Springs) can be called Conservative.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Product Recommendation

Rarely do I make a product endorsement on this blog. In fact, I can’t remember doing so. This product works, at least for me.

For most of my life I’ve had sinus problems. For instance, I was never able to go deeper than 6’ in a swimming pool without pain. All techniques to “clear my ears” never worked.

In the past year I’ve developed a problem with balance; feeling symptoms similar to a stroke. My primary care doc didn’t find anything that would indicate a stroke but did prescribe nasal decongestants.

A friend with similar problems uses this product and encouraged me to get one. So glad I listened!

These go for around $100 or so. Being a cheap bastard, I got one refurbished for $40.

As always, YMMV.

I’ve found it easy to use. Often I need to pause, blow my nose, and continue.  After a week’s use, my “stroke” sensation nearly stopped, from often to once every three to four days.

Sunday, April 12, 2020


As mentioned in my last post, my neighbors fixed plates for all of us on the 3rd floor. Sharing is important to them.

It was nice to eat something I didn’t prepare.

Freezing rain turning to snow last night and it is snowing again this evening. Forecast is for snow going into Tuesday.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Springtime in the Rockies

The last few days in Northern Colorado have been wonderful. Warm and sunny, today I saw the first leaves emerging on a few trees. Meadowlarks have been calling and the Blackbirds are flocking. I love this time of year.

Tonight? Snow through Tuesday.

The upside is the Coven won’t be meeting outside for a few days.

April in Colorado is like that. I remember a blizzard in April 1956 that filled the roads bank to bank and nothing moved for a week. Skied the two miles to school.

My relatives in Casper, WY have had a brutal winter and are getting hit again.

May will bring flooding as the mountain snowpack, far above normal, starts melting. Look out Nebraska.

This year’s heaviest snow has been in the southern part of the state’s mountains. Good news for those depending on water from the Rio Grande and Arkansas rivers.

Chinese Flu

Our dilettante Governor has extended the shutdown until April 22.

The local meat packing plant was been hit hard and is closing down until Tuesday so they can test everyone. Buy beef now because it will be in short supply soon.

Shocking to me is the old folk’s home that was my Mother’s home for the last few years of her life has had at least 14-16 COVIN-19 deaths. Is there an explanation? This place has always been well run, clean and clean smelling, and residents well cared for.

So far, none of my immediate family or extended clan has contracted this vicious malady. For that I’m grateful.
A couple living on my floor are traditional Hispanic Roman Catholics. Sharing is important to them. Part of their Easter tradition has been preparing a large dinner. This year they are doing the same, but will prepare individual plates and distribute them door to door in the building.  Adapt and persevere!

Hope this finds all of you well and coping with these “Interesting Times”.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

COVID-19 Information

If you suspect something is a bomb, it is better to try and defuse it, rather than waiting for it to go off, and assessing the collateral damage.

One of my cousins put this up on Facebook.

Is the article accurate? I don’t know, and I don’t have the medical knowledge to say yea or nay. What I do know if someone I cared about was sick, I would be printing it out and demanding the medical staff treating him/her read it.

One is reminded of Admiral Sergev Gorshkov’s admonishment, “Better is the enemy of good enough”. We need effective treatments now, not five years down the road after rigorous testing using approved scientific methods.

I put this up because it might, just might, help some of the readers of this blog.

I devoutly hope no one reading this is facing that monster!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Adapting and Persevering

The Coven
Back in business dissecting the building management’s actions and passing around unverified, and unverifiable, “information”.

Bless their hearts.

Note they are maintaining 6’ spacing!

Saturday, April 4, 2020


My apartment complex now has the first confirmed case of coronavirus. The complex is administered by the county housing authority.  Their protocol is to close the building to non residents and to close all common areas inside.

How long this will last is in limbo.

The “word” is the victim was placed on a respirator but has been removed from the respirator and is recovering.
Poor Dog
Banner misses his morning visit with the “Treat Lady” and attention from the members of the Coven. Treat Lady held a  shorthanded Coven meeting this morning in her apartment. Banner and I were summonsed.


Some of the ladies like to put up displays outside their doors.

Colorado Weather

Don’t like it? Stick around. Three mornings ago this sidewalk was a sheet of ice.

Serious Business

My sister has devoted a large chunk of her life to this organization, as a volunteer. She receives no pay, and occasional expense stipends. For many years she has served on the board and is currently in the President Chair. The burden of dealing with the coronavirus impact falls upon her.

Salud has grown from a small rental building in Gilcrest, CO to a major health provider serving a community that would otherwise be without options. As the organization has grown, it has been a vehicle for training health care professionals. Now they are forced to start layoffs. The pain of that weighs heavily on my sister.

I’m a Salud client.
Traffic Accidents

My sister’s professional life is an Insurance Adjuster. She was telling me about a conversation with a Wyoming State Patrol Officer. He told her the accident rate is “way down”. A bright spot in this otherwise chaotic time?
Personal Impact

I’m blessed. My sons, my daughter-in-law, my grandchildren, and my vast number of relatives have, so far, stayed healthy. Middle son makes medical equipment and has stayed employed. DIL is in upper management and is now supervising the home workers, as her employer has gone in that direction. 

I laughed.

Local supermarket chain King Sooper (Kroeger) will accept orders and deliver them to your car. As much as I hate lines, I’ve been doing this for some of our residents with health issues that are keeping them inside. The nearby store has eight stations, four for the west side and four for the east side (direction of approach) set up behind the store. This morning there must have been twenty vehicles waiting.

I’m staying away from the national and international impact of this pandemic. Several bloggers on my sidebar are a better source for that intelligence.

Stay safe!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Damn, Damn, and Double Damn

Ice storm last night which left the sidewalks where I live slick.

The dog needs to do his morning business, so being smarter than the average bear, stayed to the grass, except…… crossing from one patch to another, had to cross a sidewalk.

Yep, fell on my ass. Landed on my already sore right shoulder. Hurts!

The $25 walk in back quack is closed for the duration,  so it is cowboy up. I’ve done it before. I didn’t like it before anymore than I do now.

Upside? Did this outside the apartment of the retired pastor; he had his patio door open, so if he had never heard that eloquent cursing before, that gap in his life experience has been filled.