Friday, November 29, 2019

Wuss Dog?

Wuss dog? Nasty out tonight, snowing and cold as we went for his “constitutional”. He knows where all the doors are and tonight wanted to go to them.

Sorry, no pictures. Me or the camera, I’m not sure but all were blurred.

Check out DR JIM’s blog for more on our storms. He is about 20 miles from me but Front Range weather varies mile to mile.

The East/West Interstate corridors have seen tough conditions. I-80 in Wyoming has been closed off and on. I-70 was closed from Kansas to near Denver and the mountain passes by rock slides and avalanches. So glad I’m no longer a road warrior.

The storm tonight is supposed to clear by late Sunday with Monday forecasted to be clear. Hope so, a client has given me an assignment in NE Colorado they want done “immediately”. I told them I’m not driving in High Plains blizzards, period. Turns out the “immediate” was somewhat flexible. (Which means all the other agents in the area declined).

The dog is being spoiled by the female residents. Petting, treats, cooing, etc. There is a coffee klatch group in the common area every morning plotting conspiracies against the management and generally acting like middle school mean girls. The dog sees them and pulls hard on the leash to go over where they fawn on him and give him treats.

Then it is off to the lobby and the elevators where the other ladies who don’t like the mean girls gather. More attention to the dog.

My thought was the mutt would be my wingman.  Hah! I’m his wingman.

My policy is getting along with everyone and avoiding clicks.

Three days ago did the fall on ice maneuver.  Cracked a rib high in my chest under the pectoral muscle. All I can do is cowboy up. The miscellaneous bruises are already healing but I think the rib will take a couple of weeks.

Did some business today with the local Cricket cell phone store. Black Friday, and their entire computer system went down. Bet some IT people need to update their resumes.

Had a nice Thanksgiving meal with some friends. Sisty is off to Reno to see her daughter and grandkids. Her grandson, a high school senior, is a good football player. His team plays the semi-final State Championship game  tomorrow. I’ve set aside bail money for his mother and Sisty. They get a bit intense.

UPDATE: Wyoming is getting hammered.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Double Damn Damn

Icy parking lot, not paying attention and boom, down on my left side. Had to crawl over to a vehicle to pull myself to my feet.

Nothing broken but it will be a four aspirin and shot of whiskey night.

Was there an audience? Of course. I was on my way to “assist” one of the comely female resident’s clear snow and ice off her car. Age 75, and the damn little head still does a lot of thinking.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Readers of this blog know I’m enamored with steam locomotives. Today the UP 4014 Big Boy came through town on its way home to Cheyenne after the Southwest tour.

Let a pesky winter storm keep me away? I think not.

Monday, November 25, 2019

That's Different

When you go to a U-Pull auto salvage yard, perhaps the last thing you expect to find are showcases filled with museum quality model airplanes, ships, and the odd locomotive. Most are military with a preponderance of  WW II types.

The owner of the business makes them. His employees say that he doesn’t watch TV, just works on models at night. My understanding is the ones on display in the lobby are a fraction of what is in his home.

Interesting, the things one runs across.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Senior Employment

Working at age 75 is challenging. First, finding something to do, and second, finding someone to hire you.  The third issue is physically being able to do the work.

Right out of the Army I got a job working on a core drill. We had a three man crew, the driller, helper, and water truck driver. Damn hard physical work. We had an old man driving the water truck. He wouldn’t admit to his age but he was probably in his 80’s. Watching him, I realized he never moved until he needed to, never picked up drill stem higher than necessary, and conserved him strength. I never forgot the lesson I learned from him. It didn’t matter in my younger years but now it does.

This past summer I worked driving a shuttle bus hauling water truck drivers out to the producing oil fields in Northern Weld County. Quit when winter came. I didn’t feel up to driving two lane roads with no shoulders in Colorado blizzards.

For the past 18 months I have been acting as a “collection agent” delivering dun letters to people behind on their mortgages. Paid on a per job basis. Very much part time work.

When the shit hit the fan in 2002 and banks quit lending money for car loans, I fell back on my younger skill sets in the construction field, inspecting and securing houses abandoned by their owners. The collapse of the subprime mortgage business coupled with George II’s economy kept me busy. This continued under the Lightbringer’s inept presidency.

Recently a company I did work for back then contacted me. I’m currently going through their HR’s torturous road. Assume I survive the journey; the job is a simple inspection for insurance companies. Simple, yes, but convoluted. Sketches, measurements, photographs and the use of computer programs (me weakest skill) are all part of the process not to mention finding the property in the first place. Yeah, Magellan!

I’m asked why I don’t get back into sales. Simply, I don’t want that much interaction with people. Yes, my daughter-in-law’s label GOB (Grumpy Old Bastard) is apt. Being a WalMart greeter/loss prevention isn’t for me.

I don’t need to work, financially, but I enjoy getting out and about and solving problems.  The problem, while I don’t care about age, my body does. It reminds me frequently. Oh well, so long as I’m breathing air and taking nourishment, I’ll keep on keeping on.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Dog Report

The dog is settling in nicely. Doesn’t bark, rarely whines, and has shown no aggression to any person or animal.

Something I put on Facebook:

Pet training.
Wake up, petting session. Walk, do business, check PMail. Breakfast. More petting. Nice nap. Wake up, nice drink from water bowl, more petting. Frank's training is coming along nicely.

He has become the building’s pet. Whenever we pass through the public area we stop for pats. Not everyone cares to remember my name but they all know his.

He does well riding in the car. I’ve let him off the leash a few times in dog parks and he seems willing to come back to me when called (after awhile - he is a Lab). He is not a fan of my truck as the seat is on the small size for him.

We are walking three to four times a day and I feel myself getting 1. Stronger and 2. 75 years old. My weight loss is happening faster now. My annual physical is in two weeks and I’m hoping my chart goes from morbidly obese to just obese.

All in all, I think I’ve won the adopt a dog lottery.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Commander in Chief

When was the last time a Commander in Chief fired a General or Admiral? Truman and MacArthur?

Now we see where the Presidential pardons and the restoration of Chief Gallagher’s rank has the top military in an uproar.  Seems the top SEAL dude, one Rear Admiral Collin Green, is kicking Gallagher out of the SEALS and is going after some very junior officers.

I don’t understand just how SEALS qualifications and retention works – not in my wheelhouse to paraphrase Nutty Nancy, but the Commander in Chief has spoken. Case closed.

The upper ranks are infested with Obama administration lackeys. They are very much part of the Deep State. A cleaning is needed. Perhaps the Commander in Chief should start by firing Green.

I’m not including the retired generals and admirals that President Trump has fired. They lost whatever protection they enjoyed by accepting civilian positions.

IMO, President Trump needs to make it crystal clear he won’t tolerate any “Seven Days in May” bullshit.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Improvised Lethal Weapons

DISCLAIMER: This post is politically incorrect, racist, speaks to harsh truths, and is not for snowflakes or those easily offended. Think of it this way. You can walk around dog shit. You don’t need to step in it.

The USA  Armed Forces during the 1960’s and 1970’s were full of racial strife and barracks could be dangerous places.  Mid 60’s when I served, in Germany, most of the strife came from black soldiers. White soldiers probably knew all the people in their units and maybe a handful from other units. The blacks seemingly knew every other black soldier from all  nearby units.

There was a lot of intimidation going on. I, being a contrary asshole, wouldn’t be intimidated. When the blacks were gathered around the front entrance, the white soldiers would use a basement entrance. I didn’t.

“Chuck motherfucker, you going to get yours”, I would hear walking past a group. My response was to invite the speaker to, “Come try, cocksucker”.

Let me add here I was too selfish to get involved with any “white power” bullshit or cliques. I operated on the basis of getting along with everyone. However, fuck with me and I will fuck you up! (Come to think of it, I’m still that way).

A word here about Army bunks that will make sense a little later.* You had your sheets and two blankets. One blanket and the sheets were tucked in.  When made up, you best be able to bounce a coin on the blanket. To achieve this, all the sheets and the blanket were pulled tight under the mattress. The second blanket was the “dust cover”, folder into a rectangle and placed over the pillow with three sides tucked in (sides, top). Most soldiers slipped under the blanket and top sheet. Fine, but damn difficult to extract yourself quickly.

I slept on top of my tucked in blanket using my second blanket, the dust cover, for warmth. Not cozy, or very warm, but I wasn’t pinned. I also slept with my entrenching tool, unsheathed. Many soldiers were assaulted in their bunks and I took the threats I heard to heart.

At this point I was assigned to a small room with two other soldiers. One night both had guard duty so I was alone in the room. Around 0200, three black soldiers burst in the room and ran towards my bunk. They met my entrenching tool. My hours of bayonet drill in basic training weren’t wasted. All survived after prolong hospital stays and surgical procedures. I got a few lumps and a cut across my ribs.

The shit hit the fan. Turns out all three weren’t even from our Kaserne but one several clicks down the road. I did get a glimpse of our unit agitator as he ran away. Assumption was he was their guide.

Nothing of a legal nature came my way and I was never called to testify in any court martial. At that point I was a “Short Timer” and rotated Stateside about ten weeks later.

Nothing more happened to me and the threats died away. I still continued my sleeping arrangement.

We spent about half the year “in the field” living in tents. In the field we seldom had any friction. Garrison was a different story. Alcohol and communist agitators fueled a lot of the troubles.

Almost any tool can become an improvised weapon. The Soviets in particular consider their stout entrenching tool to be an essential weapon and train how to use it. In my situation, it was the only “weapon” we were allowed to keep. Rifles and bayonets were locked in the arms room and anything bigger than a pocket knife was verboten. That policy was rigorously enforced.

Adapt and survive.

*Making a rack. Current, but some things hardly change.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Specific Need verses Utility

Shot shell handguns? A recent article started a memory thought process.

My late great friend, Dirty Al Imhoff, was not stranger to firearms, or using them. After leaving Army Special Forces, he worked for awhile in Africa for a unit who sported an Osprey symbol.

His health and eyesight failing, we discussed self defense options. He still had hand and arm strength. The critical need was defense inside his 40’ Prevost motor home parked in the Arizona desert. The secondary need was in his car. After some talk, he settled on two handguns. First, a Taurus Judge. He was sure he could score hits from his bedroom in the rear to the entrance in the front.

 The car handgun was a Bond Arms derringer in .45 Long Colt. Top barrel loaded with a .45 Long Colt and the bottom with a shot shell. He decided any action in and around his car would be at bad breath range.

Given his background, I wasn’t surprised he practiced with both on a regular basis and had acquired some interesting .410 loads.

He never had to put them to their intended use. Per the coroner, he died from a blow to his temple area caused by fainting and striking a countertop corner.

To the point of all this. Most of us look for versatility in our firearms. There are times when getting something to fill a specific and defined task is more appropriate. Only you can decide which way to go.


What has ridden in the passenger footwell of every vehicle I've owned since  around 1973.

And what rides in the center console of Sisty's F-150.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Don't Do The Crime. You Will Do The Time.

The community and area I live in is still old school when it comes to violent crime.

The sheriff is a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment and is of the Peace Officer mentality rather than a “Cop”. He won’t put up with unprofessional behavior.

The City Chief is of the same mind. Be a professional, or be gone.

The local rag does take community safety seriously.

They catch flak from the local (P)regressives. We are home to a teachers college, excuse me, university.

So far the Denver and Adams County rot hasn’t spread to us.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A Dog Life

Going into week three with the dog. We seem to be bonding and he seems to be settling in to his new home.

He is well behaved. Doesn’t bark. Hasn’t shown the slightest aggression towards other animals or people. He gets very excited around children.

Many of the residents love him and he gets lots of pets and treats as we move around the common areas. He seems to lift the spirits of some of the residents.

He loves car rides and is well behaved. So far, his potty training has held up with zero incidents within the apartment. It is a requirement to pick up after him outside and I can tell you he is a two bag dumper.

I feel fortunate to have him.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Veterans Day 2019

The Embassy Suites in Larimer County (Loveland) is the site for a Salute to Veterans. Meal and entertainment free to all veterans and their families. The crowd this years was over 800 people.
Seventy booths were set up offering services to veterans and others. None were selling anything. My sister is on the board of the Greeley Community Grief Center (among others - busy woman) and staffed their booth this year. She asked me to help.

It was an enjoyable four hours. Other than one Senator's booth (he had a booth - he wasn't there) there was no politics involved. An Elvis impersonator band played, school kids sang the anthem, and Marine ROTC did the colors. 

I'm glad I participated and my sister and I think we may have done some good with some people suffering losses. 

Friday, November 8, 2019

Damn, and Double Damn

The wiper/turn signal/high and low beam switch out of my 1995 Ford Taurus. Found and pulled one from another 1995 at the salvage yard. Mine is a sedan, the donor a station wagon. Doesn't work. Fuck!

Now I'm shopping online. More delays and frustrations.

Bitch, piss and moan.

My body keeps telling me I'm too damn old to be twisting and contorting working on vehicles. My bank account tells me my hourly rate can't be beat.

Oh well, keeps me out of bars.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Getting More Than Planned

After many years without a dog I got one. A semi-rescue, he was in a home where, after three years, the other dog started fighting with him. He fought back and has many scars and missing teeth. At seven years old, I should have him for several more years.

He is a lab mix named “Banner” as in Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk.

Other than liking dogs in general, I thought having one would make me more active and less of a hermit.

Little did I know the changes he would bring in less than two weeks. He needs to be walked four times a day forcing me to exercise more. I’ve lost a few pounds.

The building I live in, a Senior 62+ four story building with 96 apartments, is populated mainly by unattached women. They gather in the lobby and common areas to gossip and play board games. Many have decided they love Bannner. I can’t make it out of the lobby or common areas without running a gauntlet of cooing females who feed him treats behind my back. He enjoys the attention.

Is he now my wingman?

Within the apartment, when he decides he wants attention he comes and shoves his nose in my lap. Despite his earnest desire, I will not let him be a lap dog! I have a big lap but not 62 pounds big.

I do make him sleep in a crate after the first night when he decided to share my bed.

I’m still working independent contractor jobs and he accompanies me. Any clients that don’t like it can pack sand. I spent too many years on the road to go back to rules and requirements. If I travel now, it is on my terms.

We are still working on who is the “pack leader”. The blasted females in the building aren’t helping!

So far he has shown no aggression to the horde of little yappers the other residents have. One disabled former policeman has a female Irish setter that wants to be his friend. He doesn’t bark or growl.

Watchdog? Yeah, he would watch the thieves carry away my stuff!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

(P)regressive Groin Shot

Election results are coming in and the (P)regressive's latest attempt to neuter/repeal TABOR is failing. All that out of state money didn't do any good.

The (P)regressives will be back. The voters soundly defeated Initiative 112 in the last election. The (P)regressives promptly used their super majority to pass "emergency" legislation imposing a worse version.

TABOR is a tougher nut for them as it is part of the State Constitution.

Our Governor bailed before the election on a junket to India so he won't be answering embarrassing questions, not that our state 'journalists' would ask any.

2020 just may see Colorado turn Red if enough voters turn out statewide to overcome the Greater Denver-Boulder voter fraud machine.  

One can hope.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Peace Officer

In past posts and remarks on other blogs I’ve referred to “Peace Officers” and “Cops”. A cousin is a perfect example of a Peace Officer. He is retiring and his wife put the following on her Facebook Page.

After 29 years in law enforcement, my wonderful husband, Russ, is retiring!!! He is and has been an awesome and amazing officer. He started his career in the Navy, worked in Craig, CO at the PD, transplanted to NM where he worked for Farmington PD and San Juan county SO. Over his career he has birthed a baby, busted meth labs, worked undercover in narcotics, supervised and trained many other officers, worked in sex offender registration, recovered over $1,000,000.00 in stolen coins, property and jewels, and his favorite, running the cameras in the helicopter.

I’m proud of my husband. He has kept his integrity and honesty throughout his career and never sold out. Can’t wait to see his next career. I have thanked God every day for keeping him safe.

She too has served in the probation/parole side of law enforcement.

Aztec, NM had a school shooter.

Russ and a Farmington, NM officer were the first officers on the scene. They didn’t hesitate, broke a window and entered the school. One of Russ’ daughters was inside. The first person she saw come in the classroom door was her Dad.

Russ is one of five siblings. His mother is one of my favorite aunts. All five of her children have led productive lives. I’ve always enjoyed being around her and all five of my cousins.

So, the 6’5” Seabee, bull rider, MMA artist, and Peace Officer is retiring. Here’s hoping his and his wife’s next chapter is all they have hoped for.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Sky Is Falling

Local rag has an article about an “Energy” company going out of business.

Closer reading reveals oilfield work is a marginal part of their business. The oilfield business is still going strong in Weld County.  Mismanagement and possible criminal managers are the root cause of this company’s failure.

What I find interesting are the snide comments from local citizens who seem to find pleasure in the workers fate and envy of oilfield wages.

What they fail to recognize is the sacrifice of those workers putting in twelve hour shifts plus commute time to make those wages working in an industry that is a 24/7/365 operation in all weather conditions. Further, most of the jobs come with considerable danger.

Car Biz

If a contest were held for the most arrogant asshole car lot owner, the following individual would be in the top 1%.

The glee of those who had dealings with him at this news is understandable.

I never had dealings with him, by choice. Loathed him from the first time I met him and never trusted him. His managers reflected their boss in manners and ethics.

Things That Piss Me Off

I personally don’t care what floats anyone’s boat so long as it involves consenting adults. What pisses me off is spending public money and resources on marginal social issues.

The Dog

He is settling in and I enjoy having him. Turns out he is a wonderful wingman. All the ladies want to pet him which creates opportunities for………..Ah, let’s not go there!

Picking up after him (required) brings up the question, “Which is the clean end of a turd”.