Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Big Ones

Crew installing new power lines North of Cheyenne along US 85.

When Surveyors Disagree

East of LaGrange Wyoming Highway 151 ends (70 mph). Nebraska Highway 88 (65 mph) begins. One problem; they don’t join so a vicious 45 mph S bend joins them.

Unusual Wyoming Sight

Calm day. Over the years I’ve used this facility many times. Usually you need to park so that you  don’t need to open your door against the wind.

No Electric Cars

During my 380 mile loop yesterday I didn’t see a single battery powered car. (Picture from the web)

High Plains

Looking East not far from the foothills of the Rockies, there isn’t a mountain for over 1,000 miles.

A wandering post from a wandering senior citizen mind.

Friday, June 24, 2022

High Risk Credit Cards

A tiny micro economic indicator may be my personal financial situation vs. credit decision by lenders. Recently, and not at my request, Chase Bank who carries my Amazon credit card quadrupled my credit limit.

So what is the problem, WSF? Just this, I shouldn’t qualify.

In the many years spent retailing automobiles I became something of an expert on retail credit. The basis of loan decisions is the four Cs.

Character, as in your credit history. Things like loans paid off as agreed, bankruptcy, collections, delinquent child support, unpaid judgments, etc. Next is capacity. What is your debt load now against the income you have now. Third is capital as in savings, asserts such as homes, stock market shares, etc. In other words, are you worth suing? Four is collateral. After your down payment, if any, how much of the value of the item being financed is the lender carrying.

Another factor is your credit score which is determined by organizations like Equifax based on their evaluation of your credit history. The rating is from 0 to 800+.

In my case, none of my income can be attached. Social security can’t be touched. Unless it is a capital item like my recent computer purchase, little of what I publicly own is worth going after should I default on a credit card. My “character” coupled with a very high FICA score is my only one of the four Cs that justifies such a high credit line.

There is no rational reason for Chase to give me such a large credit limit. Should I max out the card then never pay, they are fucked. They will have next to zero recourse.

Perhaps because I pay the full balance off each month on all my cards that is their rational. If so, they are stupid.

So, WSF, what is your point. Just this. High risk credit seems to be the norm. As someone who lived through the dismal Carter/Reagan years and the 2008 subprime collapse, I hate seeing the same mistakes being made over and over. The rich didn’t get to be rich being stupid (unless they inherited). Why are they acting, on the surface, stupid? What is the payoff for them?

As always, YMMV.

On a related line of thought.

Along this line, why shouldn’t they play this game. You, the depositor in their bank is the one on the line. Check this out.

Can banks take your money to save themselves?

The Dodd-Frank Act. The law states that a U.S. bank may take its depositors' funds (i.e. your checking, savings, CD's, IRA & 401(k) accounts) and use those funds when necessary to keep itself, the bank, afloat.Mar 18, 2020

 Credit Unions, on the surface, are exempt but crushing regulatory requirements so raised operating costs many smaller credit unions have gone under.

Comments don't seem to be posting. Here are two.

3 hours ago
What a good post. I used to joke about a minimal Chase credit card debt, "What're they gonna do, take my CD collection?" (people still had CDs in those days...). Fast forward to now. No credit cards, no debt, a Credit Union savings account and a... safe. And I know it's not possible for many but I HATE being in any kind of debt. Cash on the nail, best way, imo.

Yep, few credit unions are left... sigh

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Attention Getting Headline I Can't Think Of



Colorado is a vote by mail state. Unaffiliated voters for the primary election receive two ballots, one for each party. Only one can be returned and there is no provision for splitting your vote. Should you try to game the system and return both ballots separately or together, both will be rejected.

At the county level elections are run by the elected County Clerk and Recorder. In my county ours is straight arrow when it comes to elections. Statewide? With 64 counties who knows. Mesa County’s (Grand Junction) Tina Peterson may or may not be straight arrow but the (P)regessives are after her hammer and tongs. Metro Denver and Pueblo have a “history”.

Harry Truman, who once said he wasn’t in an organized political party because he was a Democrat, wouldn’t recognize Colorado’s party. Only one contested race and that is for University of Colorado Regent. Might be important; that is where Emperor Polis started.

Slo Joe is so weak Emperor Polis has Presidential fever. According to the Colorado Peak Politics site, Polis is trying to portray himself as some kind of libertarian champion. That might sell in other parts of the country.

The Republicans have many contested races. As usual, several polished Country Club loyal opposition (yawn) candidates and a handful of mavericks. There are even a few damn decent people sticking their necks out.

I’m in the newly formed 8th District where Sister Kink is a candidate for the new Congressional seat.


Those residents into gardening seem to be doing well. The way things are going in our country they may end up feeding the resident in our building. Before.


She stepped up and bought a new Kia Sorento. In her work she needs the reliability and her old one was, surprise, getting old. She used Kia of Cheyenne. The owners and General Manager I worked with for years. They know her well as she did many things for all of us over the years. I didn’t ask how long it took her to shift all her “stuff” out of the old Kia. Hope she didn’t forget the NAA derringer I lost in Horsetooth Reservoir many years ago.

A Fool and His Money

While on the subject of vehicles I continue to dump money into my 1986 Mitsubishi Mighty Max. Two reasons. First, I know what is wrong and what is right about this truck. Second, there is nothing I can buy with the same money that might be reliable. As LL points out, two is one and one is none. I need two vehicles.

Next month, assuming I make it, I will have been a licensed driver for 64 years. My wants in a vehicle have devolved. When I turn the key it starts. When I let out the clutch it goes. It goes down the road at legal speeds. In my adult life I have personally owned more vehicles than I can remember. As to the impression others may have of me and/or what I drive, I don’t care.

Micro Economic Indicator

Most readers know I am an agent for what is legally a collection agency. I go to residences where the owners are behind on their strokes. They get a letter and the visit is documented. I’m getting slammed. It will get even busier with the Fed raising interest rates. I sense the residential real estate market will shrink rapidly because new mortgages will be much harder to obtain. Those folks thinking they can sell at a big profit and save their asses are, IMO, wrong.

Will it be as bad as 2008 with the subprime collapse? We should be so lucky that it doesn’t get much worse.

Veterans Administration

I have never tried to hide my negative attitude towards the VA. Slowly, I’m changing my attitude because the people I’m dealing with at the patient level in this area are good people with a good attitude. Next month I will be trying their physical therapy program. Age is sapping my leg strength and falling, and not being able to get up without help, is a concern.

Steam Locomotives

An interest of mine, I am disappointed the Union Pacific’s summer program is in a state of flux. A Northwest tour was planned but is now on hold.

The various tourist trains in Colorado are up and running. All, IMO, are worth a try.

Sisty’s birthday present last year was the cog railroad train to the top of Pike’s Peak. For various reasons, medical, it didn’t happen until later. Wonderful experience!


I’m so glad I adopted this dog three years ago.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Elbert County, Colorado

Work took me to a remote address in the heart of Elbert County Saturday. While I’ve many times driven the main roads passing through this was my first time in the “interior”, so to say.

Between Castle Rock and Colorado Springs is what is known as the Palmer Divide. From the Rocky Mountain foothills, it extends ESE for about 75 miles. Starting about 1,500’ higher than the terrain North and South, the vegetation is primarily Ponderosa Pine on the ridges and short grass prairie in the draws. Around Colorado Springs the area is called the Black Forest.

The area isn’t poor with many prairie “mansions”, fancy gates blocking driveways, etc. Symbols of people with money to spend and don’t mind flaunting it.

The county seat, Kiowa, looks prosperous unlike most of High Plains Colorado.

It was a semi-passable way to spend a Saturday. Mercenary I was getting paid. Is it a sin to enjoy some of the work time?

Friday, June 17, 2022

Outside Territory

From time to time the company for whom I am an agent requests I work outside my territory. Given what they pay me to do these assignments tell me, to them, the assignments aren’t frivolous.

Since my territory assignments come from the same client pool as these outside assignments I try to accommodate the requests. Some, on 4WD mountain developments I decline.

I loathe assignments in Metro Denver. The header picture shows one reason. This shows the same reason in different location.

I don’t do these for the money (but insist on being paid). I do it to help the company keep their clients.

Maybe I’m still in the mode the late Jackie Cooper described as, “Winners do what losers won’t”. Others might say, “Old fools never learn”. Both may be correct.

As always, YMMV. 

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Well, Shucky Darn IV

Twenty six yards of concrete went into the walls this morning. That should hold them!

The contractor told our maintenance man the next step is using a crane to get the roof trusses on. There is a problem. The crane companies are having difficulty hiring competent operators.

No problem. Have a temp help agency send out four strong bodies and lift them up with muscle power. Will it work? In my youth I’ve done it.

Will the contractor get them up, secured, and sheathed before the next big wind storm? Time will tell. 

Friday, June 10, 2022

A Non Scientific Economic Indicator


Remember 2008 and the subprime mortgage collapse? RINO George Bush? It was always a bigger tossup, who was worse, him or Carter. Of course, Xiden is clearly the winner now.

One thing I remember from then was yard sales everywhere. People were desperate to raise some cash.

I lost my financial ass that year because the car biz tanked. Even people with 720 scores, long time on the job, and homeowners with decent down payments were turned down.

 Falling back on earlier construction and construction management skills, I recouped by securing foreclosed houses, making reports and taking pictures, rekeying, and turning utilities off. Sad work, but it paid the bills.

I see the same conditions repeating compounded by the Xiden Abomination’s seeming to not be able to fill any administration jobs with competent people. Ideology doesn’t equal ability.

Like him or hate him, Trump appointed competent people and didn’t hesitate to fire those who didn’t get the job done.

Veterans Administration

Supply train issues.

To continue access to VA services I must have an annual exam by my designated primary care physician. That happened yesterday at the brand new Loveland, CO facility.

This huge building currently has just three physicians working there. The VA can’t get the necessary furniture, etc., to fully open the place. Even blood drawing must still be done at the old crowded clinic a few miles away.

My visit went well. The only issue was my own mask. I had to wear one of their supplied paper masks. More minute plastic particles to lodge in my lungs forever. Oh well, at my age I probably won’t live long enough to develop today’s version of black lung disease.

A serious issue the local VA is facing is replacing doctors, especially specialists, when they retire. A Urologists, for example.

Sad Sights

My part time gig as a “debt collector” (which I am, legally) involves delivering dun letters to people behind on their mortgages. I rarely think about a call after doing the report but from time to time one will stick in my mind.

Earlier this week I went to an address in Boulder County I’ve been to before. This place could well be a million dollar property. Secluded, down a ¼ mile private road, it is a two story brick with a three car attached garage. Two expensive vehicles are parked outside the garages. None of the property is being maintained. The owner, a woman probably in her sixties, opened the door but kept the storm door closed. She opened it a crack to accept the letter. Through the glass storm door I could see into the interior. It was filthy. All of that went into my report. Oh well, not my circus and definitely not my monkeys.

I may soon be up to my ass in assignments with the economy going sour. I hope not; I don’t want to work that hard in my dotage.


Now Xiden has used his assumed Executive order power directing the Department of Energy to expedite “renewable” energy as a national emergency. The (P)regressives are seeing the approaching mid terms, and voter anger, to end of their rampage come January 2023. Why they worry I don’t understand. I give the chance of honest elections across the country as being slim to none with Slim off “consulting” in Ukraine.

They know it will take years for their unlawful dictates to be thrown out of court and want everything in place now.

Colorado Primary Election

We are a mail in ballot state. As an Independent, I receive both a Democrat and a GOP ballot but can only return one. Return two and both are disallowed.

The (P)regressives have a firm hold on who is nominated. Only one contested race on their ballot (who really cares about a CU Regent?). This saves all their campaign money for the General.

With the census giving Colorado a new congressional seat, the GOP side is being hotly contested. The circled candidate, Sister Kink, I once supervised. One person close to me calls her insane Saine. Just last election she was elected County Commissioner.

The loyal opposition country club RINOs are well represented on the ballot along with one or two worthwhile candidates.

After the Primary, the GOP will form their traditional circle firing squad and squabble enough to insure the (P)regressives win.

I may be wrong (often am). For the first time I’m hearing the Abuelas, who have voted Democrat since forever, muttering about time for a change. Interesting, no?

Oh, Shucky Darn III

It is slowly being rebuilt. This time there is a lot of bracing until the concrete fill.


A favorite place with an acre to roam. Since I know the park employees don’t spray any chemicals I let him eat grass.


Squabbles soon to follow when the plantings mature just like last year.

I don’t get involved.


Saturday, June 4, 2022

Hugo, Colorado


Business today took me to Hugo, CO (population 730), and another small town struggling to survive. Once an important part of the Union Pacific infrastructure during the steam era, the roundhouse survives and is being restored by the locals. For those interested some history.

Texas Bound

Highway 287 is a busy link between Interstate 70 and Interstate 40. Greatly improved over the years, it is still a tough days drive.

Location, location, location

Years ago my late brother-in-law was a Weld County Deputy. This was the site of many calls he made. What irked him, other than the assholes that lived there, is the location is five feet from the next county South and a long drive from most of the area he covered.


Seen at the gas station today.\

And her temp tag has expired.

Bannner stayed with my sister today which he loves.