Monday, July 31, 2017

Off the Grid

Taking care of some personal business. Off line for 2-3 days.

Notice to thieves. The residence will have a heavily armed and off medications house-sitter.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

No Sale

Yesterday at a local Grease Monkey was asked several times, "Are you willing to sell it now?"
Several of the young men who work there like my 1986 Mitsubishi Mighty Max and would like to buy it. Doubt any of them have enough money. No, I'm not interested in selling.

I no longer do my own oil changes. The $20-25 I could save against the discomfort of contorting this senior citizen body isn't worth it. Shocking, I know, to those who know my cheapskate ways.

Kind of nice to have the whole staff at Grease Monkey giving the old truck the royal treatment. They seem to enjoy themselves while doing it.

Of the import trucks of that era, I think the Toyota and the Mazda/Ford Courier are slightly better trucks. What puts a smile on my face is the Mighty Max/Dodge D-50 can be had for half the money while being 90% of the value of the more popular trucks. I've owned three that I kept for my own use.

1984 4x4 2.3 Turbo Diesel.

Lots of miles and lots of adventures. That truck would go anywhere. One time pulled a one ton loaded van a half a block in a snow choked alley. The engine finally started blowing oil and I sold it to a diesel mechanic. He is still driving it.

1986 4x2 2.6 Automatic.

Bought this to be used by a driver who is an idiot with a clutch, my ex-wife. Long story but she was living with my youngest son providing child care. Later, my sister used it for a long period. She needed to haul stuff for her job. The truck was severely damaged by a tornado. 

A bit of trivia. Often you will see these 80's era trucks with rusted beds while the cab is still intact. The reason was the trucks came into the USA as cab/chassis to avoid import taxes. The beds were made in Korea and were installed at the port of entry. The quality of the Korean steel and paint jobs was inferior.

Would I sell it. Sure, if offered an obscene amount of money. I may be a retired car salesman, but am still one at heart.

Addendum. One I wish I hadn't sold. 199? E-350 with a non turbo 7.3 diesel. The buyer still uses it for his business.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Pissing Away Taxpayer Money

A Colorado centric rant.

Surprise! The Peoples Republic of Boulder.

Not to be outdone, Denver,  and the worst (IMO) airport facility in the nation.

As someone who uses the airfreight side three days a week, IMO it is the worst in terms of access and facilities. Thankfully, I don’t use the cell phone waiting area.

Not restricted to the Front Range.

Or rural Colorado.

And back to the Peoples Republic of Boulder. Because they are so special and far superior to the deplorables living in the rural counties.

Oh, how the (P)regressives hate TABOR (Taxpayers Bill of Rights).

Even when they use their majority in the Legislature they fuck up.

More on the light rail fiascoes. Each crossing now has flaggers along with the regular crossing gates and lights. They sit, one on each side, in folding chairs as they wait for the train 24/7/365.

Whee! Here we go in 2013.


Finally, citing never ending regulatory delays, the contractor quit.

Of course, there is the run of the mill venality and mismanagement.

The Denver County Sheriff is not independent as are most Colorado Sheriffs. The Department mainly runs the jail and boots scofflaw parking violators. The “boot” is a Denver innovation now hated worldwide.

 In the 1960’s one deputy  drove around in a station wagon booting cars (and distributing marijuana from his car while on duty). In that same era 40+ of 720 sworn officers in the Denver Police Department went to prison for running a burglary ring. 

I lived in Denver 1961-1963. When I lived there 1967-1970 the only difference I saw in the Denver PD was none. I personally know LEOs from the surrounding area that refuse to work on any joint task forces, especially narcotics, that involve Denver PD. But hey, not my monkeys and not my circus.

If history is any guide, this shit will go on forever until we reach the perfection of mankind. I’m not holding my breath.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

War On Coal

Is the war on coal over under President Trump? The marshalling yard at Gurnsey, WY is active again. Busiest I’ve seen it in the past year and a half.

Deferred Maintenance

Think it is past time for my company to fix this clown car. Perhaps things will change. Our ‘stuperviser’ has quit. No loss, she would be hard pressed to organize a two car funeral. No replacement in sight.

Open Road Joys

Narrow two lane highway, 90° day, following an open 40’ trailer loaded with raw material for an animal byproducts plant. Slight improvement after passing and falling in behind a bullhauler (cattle truck).


Message on a highway information sign on I-25 near Wellington, CO.
“301 Traffic Deaths”
“Real People”
“Real Families”

August is usually an interesting month driving on our route. Sturgis traffic. Tourists, thunderstorms and tornadoes.

 August 21st should be extremely interesting. Our route goes through the solar eclipse totality path. Every motel, RV park, etc. has been reserved for months. Should be three days of clusterfuck traffic between the tourists and the locals who can’t drive worth sour owl shit in the best of times. Fun, fun, fun.

 Must enjoy the summer.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Weight Loss and Lectins

Take in fewer calories and burn more; you can’t help but lose weight. Yeah, right. Over a six month period, that has resulted in a 10 lb. permanent loss.

Per my medical chart, I am “morbidly obese”. Nice ring to it, don’t you think.

In my thirties, had moderate success with the Atkins diet. Late thirties, did a 30 day water only fast. Lost eight pounds.

Now in my seventies, I want to drop at least 100 lbs. Three years ago I got a pacemaker. Since then my energy levels have declined. Strength wise, have gone from picking up a vehicle and setting it on a jack to hiring people to do my heavy lifting. Is it the pacemaker or age? Doesn’t matter, the outcome matters.

Recently came across the writings of  Steven R. Gundry, M.D.

His book, The Plant Paradox, explores the relationship of lectin, produced by plants to make them unpalatable to their enemies, and the effects of lectin consumption on human health.

While not obsessed, I have a keen interest in alternative medicine. Perhaps I’m a sucker for snake oil sales but prefer to consider these decisions a product of intelligent choices.  

As an example, food grade hydrogen peroxide.

My father’s side of the family is riddled with cancer. For the past five years, I’ve taken five drops of 30% H2O2 daily. My clinic runs a cancer screen on me twice a year (at my request). So far, negative. Being able to sunburn under a 100 watt light bulb, I have lots of basil cell skin patches. Instead of the liquid nitrogen treatment at $$$$s, I put the 30% H2O2 on them. Results in thirty minutes of acute discomfort and a few days of red scabs but the basil cells are gone, at least for awhile. My annual cost? Less than $50.

Nearly everyone on my mother’s side of the family is heavy and they are hard working people. Leads me to think there may be a genetic factor, or a common diet factor, or both in combination. Lectin may play a role and that has sparked my interest.

A part of Dr. Gundry’s writings concern the relationship of intestinal flora and health. Our bodies have both good and bad. Both have specific types of food that let them flourish. He suggests food groups that feed the good flora and starve the bad. Thought provoking.

Like many people, I was trained from an early age to work through pain. There is enjoyment in feeling your body grow, adapt, and strengthen. At my present age, the pain doesn’t go away, and the gains are minimal. That makes it even harder to keep up your morale and stick with a program. Guess that is why I keep looking for that magic bullet.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

No Big Deal, Just Bud Light

Channel your inner C.W. McCall,  read this story,  and watch the actual video.

The good news is the beer was Bud Light. IMO the worse stuff ever to be called “beer”. A great disappointment in my life is my youngest son drinks that swill. Where did I go wrong?

The picture? Off a 25 mph 230° turn just past the last runaway truck ramp.

Wolf Creek isn’t the worse paved highway  pass in Colorado IMO. I can’t think of any paved highway pass in Colorado I haven’t driven. The one that shrinks my scrotum is the South side of Douglass Pass between Grand Junction and Rangley.

For summertime thrills, there are dirt road passes that will challenge the most experienced off road warriors. Being the old fool I am, I’ve driven many in a 2wd pickup. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Poor Dogs, Facing Unemployment?

Man’s best friend is being slapped down by the courts.  Remember, marijuana is legal, with restrictions, in Colorado. From Craig, CO.

There is a pithy remark that has a link to the entire court opinion. I grew up 40 miles from there and have many connections to the area. Law enforcement in that town has always been, shall we say, “flexible”.

Speaking of “flexible” another case where people are at the mercy of petty tyrants.

Sucks to live in public housing.

Remember, folks, Colorado laws only apply within the state borders and state law enforcement. Will you be searched by Feds? Maybe, and Federal law will apply.

Surrounding states? Oh yah! Those folks read, too.

My advice to visitors and residents? Do your baking in private, not on the roads, and find another way to get your stash home instead of your car. Colorado borders seven states, all with some very sharp Smokies, that love drug busts and have no restrictions on their dogs.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Annual Event I Enjoy

Rows of tractors.

Spent the summer I turned 11 on one of these mowing hay.

A couple of unusual, for the area, brands.

Restored vs. still working?

Husking corn.

Wheat represented. During the day the thresher was fired up.

Want to experience hard work? Spend a summer stacking 4 bales at a time on a slip behind one of these. Did that the summer I turned twelve.

Non OSHA approved operation.

Did a bit of this in my youth. On a ranch you need to turn your hand to what needs to be done. School shop classes help.

Must have at least one steamer.

Auxiliary engines were important pieces on a farm.

Not to forget trucks.

Nice rig.

I missed last year but plan to make it next year.