Thursday, July 27, 2017

War On Coal

Is the war on coal over under President Trump? The marshalling yard at Gurnsey, WY is active again. Busiest I’ve seen it in the past year and a half.

Deferred Maintenance

Think it is past time for my company to fix this clown car. Perhaps things will change. Our ‘stuperviser’ has quit. No loss, she would be hard pressed to organize a two car funeral. No replacement in sight.

Open Road Joys

Narrow two lane highway, 90° day, following an open 40’ trailer loaded with raw material for an animal byproducts plant. Slight improvement after passing and falling in behind a bullhauler (cattle truck).


Message on a highway information sign on I-25 near Wellington, CO.
“301 Traffic Deaths”
“Real People”
“Real Families”

August is usually an interesting month driving on our route. Sturgis traffic. Tourists, thunderstorms and tornadoes.

 August 21st should be extremely interesting. Our route goes through the solar eclipse totality path. Every motel, RV park, etc. has been reserved for months. Should be three days of clusterfuck traffic between the tourists and the locals who can’t drive worth sour owl shit in the best of times. Fun, fun, fun.

 Must enjoy the summer.
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