Sunday, February 28, 2010

Proud Parent 68W Again

Youngest son sent me a cell phone picture of his zeroing target. His permanent unit issued him a M4 and this past week he got some range time. Looks good to me.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Alas, Back To Work

Rejoined the work force recently as the snow plowing job has never materialized (Colorado Welcome Wed Oct 28, 2009). The idea is to have more funds available for summer excursions. This new job involves test driving and evaluating pre-production cars and trucks. That is as much detail as I can disclose.

There is one problem. I need to become familiar with the new technology being built into cars; sound systems, nav systems. hands free phones, built in computers, etc.
This will bring unending amusement to family and close friends who know I despise reading instructions. I am a technology Luddite. As an example, a young friend had to set up a function on my cell phone for me. My TV remote has never been programmed past on/off and channels up or down.

I will learn. It will involve cursing, adult beverages, “encouraging” comments from family and friends but it will happen. For someone who spent years selling cars and trucks, it is about as fun a job one could find. In the end, I just evaluate. I don’t need to buy the stuff.

The job is set up to be part time, no benefits, which is fine with me. Right now the part time isn’t happening - lots of hours. Oh well, it keeps one off the streets.

The good part of the job is what it isn't, management, dealing with public, and herding cats and chickens.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Behavior Modification

Friends and family know about my cavalier attitude towards speed limits, traffic signals, stop signs and road conditions while going about my daily business. Take this device in the picture. The street is industrial with no sidewalks, blind driveways, or retail businesses. 35 mph should be the speed limit which is my usual velocity. Today I decided to "be legal". A good thing as local P.D. had a radar unit working the street.

My last encounter with our outstanding officers ended with me beating a stop sign ticket (for once I really was innocent). Our City Attorney said, words to effect, "That is all right, we'll get you next time"!

I willingly concede my driving behavior has been modified. My attitude? Not so much.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lose Lips Sink Ships

Overheard a group this morning in a small town convenience store coffee bar area. They were discussing many subjects and all of us in the seating area could clearly hear their conversations. One person seemed to be in law enforcement or an allied field. This person was explaining, in great detail, the local gang situation to include gang names, the areas they claimed as turf, the type of crimes they are committing, etc. Sensitive information; not public knowledge.

The group may well have a need to know this information but I, and the other coffee drinkers, have no need to know. There was enough detail being discussed to provide useful information to the criminals being discussed. My inclination was to go over to the person talking and say, "STFU".

What I did do was take a cell phone picture of the talker. This will be sent to a relative who holds a LEO supervisory position in that county. I imagine someone will receive some intense counseling next week.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tilting Windmills?

Trying to understand this country we live in, I try to read both left and right slanted opinions and the comments that readers make. Such language! The worst comes from the left, especially when the subject is guns. Little of this advances understanding or finding a common ground. Seems we can’t disagree without being disagreeable. In the end, we spend most of our time talking with people who already agree with us.

Recently, a college classmate and I reconnected. She is somewhat to the left of Raoul Castro and “hates” guns. She also has a very negative opinion of firearms owners. As a project, I’ve decided to try to work towards a common ground with her. It matters not to me if I don’t succeed. It is, if you will, an intellectual exercise. The goal is for her to go shooting with me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Over Educated Bone Heads

Horrors, the Pika rodent isn’t being added to the Endangered Species List! Woe is the “whistle pig”.

A few facts. The Pika has evolved to live in 78 degree or colder climates. Their territory is at or above timberline in mountainous terrain. Summer temperatures are rising in their habitat. In the summer they gather plants and dry them on rocks; then store the dry plants deep in the rocks. During the winter, they live deep under the snow in the rocks.

The number of humans tramping across Pika country is damn small. Baring large scale mining operations starting up, there is little reason to fear human encroachment. Just how in the hell are we supposed to protect the little darlings? Air condition the rocks?

Sadly, many eco freaks will be deprived of well paid positions to study and mitigate the “problem”. Worse, they may need to find real jobs! Join their fellow citizens who’s vocation isn’t their avocation.

Here is the solution! Sue the sun! This pesky raise in the surface temperature is most annoying. Toss in Gaia; is it really necessary to have a wobble every 20,000 years or so? We certainly have enough trial lawyers to bring suit. Keep them busy with this and they won’t have time to screw up other activities or go after sarcastic blog writers.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Proud Parent 68W Again

Received news youngest was promoted to PFC E3 three months early.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Those Who Serve

Most of us are grateful for those, past and present, who serve in our armed forces and public safety organizations. They are honored in many ways, as is only proper.

We seldom honor the millions of our fellow citizens who serve quietly, usually without pay, in ways we seldom think of.

A good friend serves on the cemetery committee, library board, grazing commission, Democrat Party County Treasurer, local American Legion Post. etc. His wife has served for many years in agriculture orientated associations.

My sister helped found, and still serves on the board, of a low income health organization, and has served on other not for profit boards.

Look around and you will see thousands of people giving their time, with no monetary compensation, to better their communities. How about home owners associations? Can you think of a more thankless position? Church boards?Parade organizers? Sports teams?

To me, the real strength of our country is the willing service of our regular citizens who give their time to serve their fellow citizens instead of expecting the “government” to do it. They keep up our quality of life. Where this commitment is missing, you find rampant crime and third world living conditions.

When was the last time you (or I) thanked someone for their service?