Monday, June 29, 2020

Ash to Cash

A WSF rant concludes this post. You have been warned!

What may become a new job source for Wyoming, and a blow to China’s economy, was recently announced.

The project sounds like results may be years out, but it is a start. For sure, this project wouldn’t happen under a Democrat Administration. Wyoming is the largest coal producer in the USA.


80% that we use is imported, mainly from South America.

This extracted from Lithium today.

Rock Springs deposits (Wyoming)
The latest Lithium development in US comes from researchers at the University of Wyoming. They’ve found lithium in Rock Springs Uplift, a geological feature in southwest Wyoming. Data so far suggests that brines from a 25-square-mile area could contain 228,000 tons of lithium. That’s enough to meet annual U.S. demand.
Production of lithium from brines requires soda ash (sodium carbonate), and importation of soda ash to lithium production facilities often represents a large expense. However, the Rock Springs Uplift CO2 storage site is located within 20 to 30 miles of the world’s largest industrial soda ash supplies, so the costs of soda ash delivery (by rail, truck or pipeline) would be minimal.
Magnesium must be also removed from brines before they can be used for lithium recovery, which makes the entire lithium recovery process more expensive. Fortunately, the brines from the Rock Springs Uplift reservoirs contain much less magnesium than brines at existing, currently profitable lithium mining operations.
As a last step brines must be heated and pressurized before lithium can be extracted from them. However, because the Rock Springs Uplift brines lie so far underground, they are already at a higher pressure and temperature than brines at existing lithium operations. This would allow operators to essentially eliminate this step in the process, resulting in significant cost savings.
When I let my conspiracy theories run amok, I speculate much of the earth hugger activity is funded by foreign interests focused on two separate goals. Always in first place, one world assholes. Second, eliminate or curtail domestic USA production to enhance imports from the producers.
Say your country has a mineral that the USA needs but you are barely competitive price wise. Spend a quarter million or so funding domestic saboteurs (excuse me, concerned citizens), kill or cripple your competition, and reap a bonanza.
The irony of social justice warriors driving hybrid cars is lost on them. Most of the 60 lbs. of cobalt in their car’s batteries was mined by child slaves in Congo mines owned and operated by the Chinese.  
In spite of all the regulatory roadblocks, our country’s needs for this critical element may be, partially, coming home. Information two years old – most current I can find.
Perhaps the biggest problem with mining is this; it is ugly. Undisturbed land is suddenly torn asunder. Then, having scooped up the profits, the operators cut and run.  That needs to stop.
Land reclamation is feasible. I would direct people’s attention to coal strip mining in the Yampa River drainage in Northwest Colorado where the land is reclaimed. It may not be Ansel Adams pristine, but the land isn’t ugly, and provides forage for the local fauna.

Years ago, Steamboat Springs, CO had a sawmill that burned their scrap (common practice at the time). The smoke sometimes drifted into town. One day, my father was stopped by a resident who said,
“Bob, isn’t this smoke terrible!”
My father paused, sniffed the air, and said,
“I smell a payroll”.
This is where I come in hard. Jobs! Much of my extended family is involved in mining, oil, or associated businesses. The same can be said for many of my friends. Keep, and bring back, these jobs. Keep the rural areas economically viable.
A welfare state needs cities to corral and control the population, IMO. I will defer to those readers from Appalachia because I don’t know how things work there, but I suspect, not too well.
Come November, we will find out if progress will continue, or our way of life will be gone.
As always, YMMV

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Past sins, being a registered Democrat, means mailing lists are forever.  DCCC keeps mailing me fundraising pleas. This one had a two page letter from Speaker Pelosi.

As a concerned and involved citizen, I responded with a hand drawn middle finger and the envelope stuffed with crap from the wastebasket next to our mailboxes.

Please note they pay postage.

Just my contribution to their (hopefully) defeat this November.

Hey! Nobody accuses me of being a class act.

Friday, June 26, 2020

How Soon?

The Pantifa goons and goonettes have little to fear from the law, being protected by (P)regressive elected officials hampering police investigations. Many of them are identifiable. More, with “enhanced” interrogations.  Where do they live? What vehicle do they drive? Where do they work? Leaks from sympathetic LEOs?

How soon will citizen militia start acting? Burn a few college dorms, torch a few Mom’s basements and doing the same to gutless (P)regressive politician’s homes might put a damper on some of this.

Please note, I’m too old and fat for the work. Besides, my bunk next to the stove in the re-education center is already booked.

I’ve diligently avoided militia groups. If not for undercover Feds and confidential informants most couldn’t fill a squad, let alone a platoon. There must be some with good OPSEC and vetting; we won’t know because their profile is too low.

If a civil war is coming, this is how it may play.

As always, YMMV.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Summertime, And The Air Is Restless

Our summer weather pattern is starting. First picture, taken at 1300, shows growing cumulus with tops nearing FL25.

Second picture, a T-cell in the area of DrJim’s home, about 1830.

Both pictures taken looking NNW from Greeley, CO.

Third picture shows the sky SSW of Greeley at 1830. Based on the surface wind in Greeley, there is higher atmospheric pressure in that area. Since winds move in a clockwise direction around the low side, that T-cell will be pushed towards Nebraska/Kansas across the High Plains. This will be accelerated by the winds aloft.

Weld County, which this cell will cross, is  #2 in the USA for tornadoes.

Arriving by air at Denver International can be “exciting” in the afternoon. Today, the “Albuquerque Low” is on the mild side. When it is strong, the thunderstorms can be forced against the Front Range, stall, and flood our Foothill canyons. That is not a place you want to be.

Wise General Aviation pilots know to do their aviating in the early morning hours.

The professionals, and the Civil Air Patrol, often don’t have that choice.


Yesterday I had my routine medical exam three months late due to COVID-9. Seems I will live awhile longer.

The doctor I see is young but is sharp. Along with the list of current medications, I bring five or six pages of notes and questions. He appreciates my organization and, because he listens to me, I listen to him. In our fifteen minutes together a lot is accomplished. I spend upwards of two hours preparing for those fifteen minutes.

The visit resulted in a minor tweak to prescriptions and a five day steroid regime. He detected a sinus infection. So, I’m good to go for another six months.

I’ve been using Salud for years even though the location isn’t convenient. There are two principal reasons. One, I’m satisfied with the care. Two, my sister has devoted decades of volunteer time to building the organization from a rented building In Gilcrest, CO to a major health provider. She has been a board member for years and the current chair.

 The challenges of the Chinese flu have taxed all of the members. They have persevered. My admiration is boundless.

I should add my sister doesn’t do it for the money. All she receives are the occasional expenses. She pays for her personal care just like any other patient.

The organization is large enough the staff that deals with me doesn’t get the connection with my sister. I receive the same care as anyone else coming through the door, excellent and professional.

For all our complaints about wasteful  and unneeded government programs, we need to recognize many do work because of the integrity and dedication of the people involved in making them work.

Bravo, Salud!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Recidivist II

New information. Arrested on two firearms charges. Not a happy place when you are a convicted felon.

Sunday, June 21, 2020


News today of a man I worked with for several years is back in jail. After serving several years in prison, he was released on parole/probation (I’m unclear about which). Per my source, he is going back to prison for a long time.

Personally, I have always thought he is a piece of shit. He is part of a family I know well, having worked in the family owned business for many years.

A narcissist and an alcoholic/drug abuser with a violent temper, he always sees himself as a victim. Never did I know him to accept responsibility for his actions. He was smart enough not to try me on, more the pity.

Once again the mother of his son will be without child support and his son without a father, even a mostly absent father.

My staunch rule, when you work in a family owned business, stay out of the family’s business, was often tested. I didn’t want to be, “Uncle Frank”. His youngest brother was under my tutelage for a few years and has become a fine father and asset wherever he works after going the AA route.

This family, for all their dysfunction, is people I care about. I can’t do, or won’t do, anything but be their friend.

Ain’t life a bitch sometimes?

Friday, June 19, 2020


Reading Greybeard’s post, “The Purple One”, struck a nerve.

My youngest son, a 1/ 4th ID Medic, died, age 41, in 2019 from the long term effects of his service injuries. He was medically discharged with an 80% disability that was upgraded to 100% retroactive. He never received a Purple Heart.

The header picture is a vehicle he was driving that hit a Soviet era mine. Guess the scrapes and bruises didn’t count.

He made dozens of trips out of the compound with the Infantry. Once the vehicle he was in was hit and set on fire. The hatch was jammed. He, and the others, barely escaped. Guess his burns were too minor to count.

Once he was blown backwards into his hut by a rocket exploding outside.

Even though he treated wounded soldiers while taking incoming fire, he was never awarded a Combat Medic Badge.

Why? His unit leadership didn’t put him in for them.

Why didn’t they? My theory is this. My son, a handsome man (took after his mother, not me) was a moral married man. He had no interest in cheating on his wife. The senior leadership of his unit was female. He told me that his 1st Sgt once propositioned him.

I think he was very good at his job. His “brick” showed several Army Commendation Medals and Army Achievement awards. One commendation was from a Special Forces detachment he was with for a month. A plumber before entering the service, he built a small facility where wounded people could be washed from scrounged materials.

He was recommended two times for promotion to Sergeant while in Afghanistan but never promoted. This I learned from his closest friend at my son’s funeral. His friend also confirmed there was a lot of sexual conduct going on in their unit. This was seconded by another Medic at his funeral. 
His proudest token was a Challenge Coin given to him by the then SgtMaj of the Army.

He did take delight in pointing out he had Good Conduct Medals, an award I never earned.

Despite all this, he loved the Army and wanted to stay in. He was told he had to attend NCO Academy to be promoted, but couldn’t attend because of the support boot he wore on his left leg. His response, “Fuck you, I did two tours in Afghanistan wearing this boot”, probably didn’t help his case.

In civilian life his firearms closet would probably equip an infantry squad.

Back to the point. Many men and women deserved to be recognized who weren’t because the ones in the rear with the gear didn’t get it done. What they were good at was giving each other awards. I truly loath those REMFs.

Now for some balance. Many served in administrative jobs and did their best. Many had no choice; that is where the Army placed them. An example; a cook who never left Fort Dix. Many went through hell because of abusive, or incompetent, or both, superiors. Those who soldiered on and did their duty will always have my respect.

The phrase, “All gave some, some gave all” isn’t a cliché to me.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Colorado Primary Election

Colorado is a vote by mail state. If you are registered by party, you receive only your party’s primary ballot. Independents get both, but can only return one.

I’m now registered as an Independent and received both ballots.

Any of the Republicans are OK with me. On the Democrat side, for the United States Senate, is former Governor WishyWashy, aka Hickenlooper, anointed by the Democratic National Committee and endorsed by Pelosi, Schumer, et al.

 His opponent, Andrew Romanoff, is a (P)regressive gadfly who has failed several times to win a statewide contest. Since I loath WishyWashy, I filled out the Democrat ballot with Romanoff as my choice and mailed it in.

The Junior Senator, Cory Gardner (R) is up for re-election and is considered ‘vulnerable’ by the Democrat big shots. Three years ago he was a “Never Trumper”  but has muted that stance.

I don’t like the guy. That said, he is a hard worker who gets results. Even better, he focuses on rural Colorado’s needs, not just Metro Denver.

 Our Senior Senator would be hard pressed to find any Colorado town on a map, IMO. He votes 99% party line. Thankfully, he rarely stands up to speak.

So, WSF, why did you vote this way? Because, in the General election, I don’t think Romanoff can win.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Car Biz Fun and Games

A friend posted this on his Facebook Page today.

Well some or most have viewed the Video that my son Scott posted ! Today this man and his dog came into our dealership! Requesting to Drive Corvette on consignment from a previous Customer !who had requested no test drive in his vehicle he did not want joy Riders ! Tearing up his vehicle ! When I explain this to this person he exploded ! Draw a 2’ serrated knife and attempted to kill me ! I deflected him but still had To have 8 Stitches in my throat ! when I say you’re within 1 inch of your life? I had to thank God for my staff who came to my rescue! We called 911 now four large strong men were trying to subdue this man ! He was on the floor struggling with his legs open trying to kill them ! I stomped this man in the growing four times as hard as I could stomp ! Nothing! Some of his head was out and trying to get up ! I stomped him in the head 7-8 times trying to knock him out ! No effect ! Soon ! Very possibly the best police officers arrived it took five large officers in a struggle to cuff this man ! Im here to tell you he was treated with total respect ! All officers were concerned with myself and my employees , they insisted we get treated ! My thanks to the men and women of the Wheatridge police Department ! And Arvada fire department and they’re great ! Their care and concern for our safety and well-being,great Job could not of had a better experience with the Men and Women of the Wheatridge Police Department ! Thank for saving a life today

This man credits the Marines for his success. A teenage juvenile delinquent (talking old school here), he did a couple of hitches including Vietnam and came out a changed man.

You will notice his grammar and spelling reflect his youth and schooling. I doubt he much cares.

He is extremely successful, has a beautiful wife,  lovely home, successful children and lots of toys. Both he and his wife work their butts off every day.

He is one of the few men I will do business with on a handshake. His personal opinion of me is something I treasure.

Just to be clear, he is the hardest hard ass you will ever meet. Lives the old Jackie B. Cooper mantra, "Winners do what losers won't".

I'm so happy he is OK except for some cuts. 

This type of incident isn't as uncommon as you might think. Work the business long enough and you will be in a few fusses.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


George McGovern vs. Richard Nixon was the contest. McGovern carried one state and the D.C.

McGovern ran as the anti-war candidate. Unlike today’s Democrats, he was a patriot. He was a WWII B-24 pilot in the European Theater and flew some 35 missions.

His running mate  Sargent Shriver, a Kennedy family member by marriage, was a peacenik his whole life. Still, he served in WWII as an officer aboard the Battleship South Dakota and received the Purple Heart.

Nixon also served in the Pacific theater where, by numerous accounts, he was a gold plated REMF.

So what is your point, WSF? I see a lot of similarities leading up to the 2020 election. All the turmoil of the past three years with the Democrats and Deep State attempting coups and the current BLM/Antifa bullshit shows the same pattern as the communist directed anti-war agitation during the Vietnam War. It seems almost a mirror copy. The communist haven’t gone away; the players have changed. Their goals remain the same, IMO.

When the votes are counted, the deeply corrupt blue states will have rigged the vote, as per usual, although groups like Judicial Watch may blunt the more outrageous past practices.  The solid Red States will go for President Trump.

That leaves the ‘battle ground states”. I predict the President will take them by a landslide; that so many voters are sick of the way the Democrats are acting. They are terrified of what will happen if the Democrats win.

To get vulgar, the Democrats mouths have overloaded their asses. They talk to each other and not the public. The media is with them. There is an almost religious air about their determination to oust the President; that anything that might weaken him is to be embraced and applauded.

The public they were elected to represent? That public wants stability, jobs, safe neighborhoods and a growing economy. Who has a three year+ track record of delivering those results?

The President isn’t elected by popular vote (thank you once again, Founding Fathers) but electors from individual states. President Trump won the majority of them last election, and I believe he will again.

After the Lightbringer’s election, one pundit wrote under the heading of, “We survived Bush, You will survive Obama”. Cheer up, (P)regressives, you only have four more years to survive!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Facebook Response

These pictures were recently posted on a site, Old, Abandoned and Interesting Places – Colorado, that I follow. In four days they generated nearly 500 responses. Amazes me.

This  is the kind of response that baffled me when I was spending $8,000 a month on advertising for our traveling car sales effort. You just never know what will resonate with the public, no matter how smart you think you are.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Up Yours, Google

Seems the new and "improved" blogger is coming. OK, Google, but quit dropping blogs from my list of blogs I follow!

Maybe it is time for this Latter Day Luddite to change. Any recommendations?

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Social Distancing

“Medical” marijuana dispensary, Garden City, CO. 0830 this morning I was at the next door auto parts store. Already 87° and bright sun out of a clear sky, I counted 14 people standing in line waiting to get in. All were 6’ apart, but horror, not all wearing masks!

There were signs offering curb side delivery.

Note the next door business. Convenient?

There was a newspaper article from Cheyenne about a man arrested for grievous bodily harm. Seems his illegally purchased “weed” turned out to be sagebrush and he was unhappy with his supplier.

He probably lacked gas money to come to Colorado. Pity.

ADDENDUM: Sent to me by a cousin.

Reminds me.

Thursday, June 11, 2020


The cardiologist’s staffer called this morning to tell me my bi-annual checkup was due.

A little over five years ago I face planted, twice in an hour, and ended up in the Emergency Room. A few days later I went home with a pacemaker. It was my first, and only, time spending nights in a hospital. Not just the hospital, Intensive Care.

Seems I developed a condition called bradycardio, where my heart beat gets too slow to keep the brain properly supplied with blood.

Blessedly, technology lets the cardiologist check out the pacemaker without seeing me personally. The appliance in the picture, via a smart phone, reads the pacemaker memory and sends it over the internet. Usually they call back in one to two days and discuss the results of the test. I still get a hefty bill, but stay out of their office.

The face plant led to a nose repair. I was in and out in a morning.

The pacemaker had a partial failure and had to be redone. Again, I was in and out in a morning.

Seems my lung capacity/chest expansion was far greater than the doctor had ever seen and I needed longer leads from the heart to the pacemaker. Yeah, I’m a freak.

I rarely notice having a pacemaker. Per the cardiologist, it is rarely active, maybe once a month for two to three minutes, but those minutes are crucial.

Between the pacemaker and my CPAP (been on one since 1995) modern medicine keeps me alive.

Trying to do my part I try to walk one mile twice a day with the dog. My cardio rower isn’t for hanging clothes. I’ve had it, and used it daily, for a number of years.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Stupid Rules

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if I’m the writer. Open parking lot but, rules are rules. The driver might get fired for not putting out the cone.

Predictably, my sister, the insurance adjuster, defends this.

Yes, on street parking or other restrictive situations (alleys, crowded lots).

So, WSF, why does this irritate you? It is management telling their employees,

 “We think you are stupid and cannot exercise good judgment”. Subliminally, of course.

Employee’s subliminal message to management?

 “You aren’t managers, leaders, you have no guts, no vision, no spine. Why should I trust you, or anything you say?”

More stupid rules. An excerpt from a letter I sent to the Chairperson of the housing authority to whom I pay rent.

“I am aware our Governor, via Executive Orders, has dictate draconian measures be taken. Perhaps the Housing Authority has no choice but to follow them.

However, there is another health issue not being considered or addressed. I speak here of mental health.

The isolation and lack of social interaction among the residents seems to creating even more depression among a population already at risk. We have, in the past, had one resident dead in her apartment two days before discovery. Another lay for three days unable to move. Preventing these situations may not be feasible; lack of social interaction (has anybody seen XXXXXX today?) is. How soon will we see suicides by desperate, lonely, and isolated people?”

That will probably get me evicted.

Almost Summer

Up to 3” of snow all along the Rocky Mountains above 8,300’ and I-80 closed between Cheyenne and Laramie yesterday. We also had the first (maybe) recorded Derecho in the past 48 hours. The picture is a friend’s deck in Yampa, CO.


A derecho is a widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm that is associated with a fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms known as a mesoscale convective system. Derechos can cause hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, heavy rains, and flash floods

East of Greeley the town of Akron got hit with a 101 mph gust last night causing a lot of damage.

Otis, a town near Akron.

Today the climate change cultists are at full throttle pushing their message.

Trump for President
Whatever I inadvertently did to get on multiple mailing lists has resulted in my inbox being flooded. Each one wants money. Sorry Charlie, this is an empty well. Yeah, I will vote for your guy. No, I won’t donate, don’t care to meet him in person, nor attend any rallies.  How far is it to November 3rd?

Depression Fighter
It is hard to be depressed when you wake up every morning to an exuberant Lab. Banner and I are good for each other.
See where they have “seized” the Seattle East Precinct Hqs.. Yeah, they are on a roll.

Tom Arnold

This is floating around Facebook. Whenever I see it, I reply,

“Tom, lead from the front”.

Time to walk the dog. Stay safe, if you can. If not, take some of the assholes out along with you.

Monday, June 8, 2020

The WSF Political Pie Theory

Back in the day when I was a Precinct Committeeman, I developed a small speech on the difference between Democrats and Republicans, somewhat as follows.

“Think of the USA economy as a pie. The Republicans are terribly concerned as to how the pie is divide; who gets what, etc. The Democrat’s first concern? Make sure there is a pie”.

Like many, I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the party left me. It bothers me greatly to vote for someone with an (R) after their name. To me, it is the least of two evils. I’m still voting for evil.
(Exception: I was pleased to vote for President Trump, who, two decades ago would be a fine mainstream Democrat)

The (P)regressive pie is vastly different. Many are required to provide ingredients’, but not partake. If they do partake, it will be a sliver. Many get the lion’s share of the pie without providing any ingredients.

As always, YMMV.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Provoked a Memory

Saw this for sale on Facebook Market place, $15. Not something I want now, but it provoked many memories.

When I was a kid working the hay fields, these were the “Igloo” of the day and I’ve drained many of them, canvas taste and all, and been grateful I could. Their greatest virtue is durability and no breakage.

Back when I was 6-9 years old, my parents and maternal grandparents took several trips to New Mexico and Arizona while my uncle ran my grandparent’s ranch. We traveled in a 1951 Ford, and two water bags were always hung on the front bumper guards. The evaporation at the bat out of hell speeds my father drove insured the water was cold when we stopped.

Once, a water bag slipped, and the bottom was worn away on the road. That created a family joke/legend that persisted for years.

The last time I walked around a farm supply/hardware store they had them in stock.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Pal is Lifting

Despite Governor Emperor Polis, and his staff’s best efforts, the citizens are slowly taking, or getting back, their rights and lives. Today was the first day for our local Farmer’s Market.

I was able to buy a gallon of local, unprocessed and unrefined, honey direct from the beekeeper. $45, for those interested.

For the past ten years I’ve been taking a couple of tablespoons of raw honey, usually in coffee, daily. I take a small container with me when I travel. For these ten years, my allergy problem has been about an “8” on a scale of 1-10, one being the worst.

The theory is the bee’s pickup minute amounts of pollen and other plant products which get mixed into the honey they produce. These minute amounts stimulate your immune system. Right or wrong? I don’t know but it works for me.

For the first time this year, yard sales are popping up all over town. While I’m not a big patron of yard sales (having enough crap of my own), it pleases me to see my fellow citizens, tacitly back by local government, taking back their lives.

Emperor Polis has, just this year, issued 92 “D” Executive orders. “A” and “B”, are routine administrative items like appointments to established boards. “C” commute prison sentences (3 this year).

From his website.

Executive orders issued by governors are not statutes like those passed by state legislatures – but executive orders do have the force of law similar to the federal system.

Executive orders are usually based on existing constitutional or statutory powers of the Governor, and do not require any action by the state legislature to take effect.

Net effect? Keeps lawyers, courts, and outraged citizens busy.

My sincere hope is the voters remember all this two years from now when the entire deep blue slate of state offices (Attorney General, Treasurer, etc.) is up for re-election.

What should also qualify for that ballot is an initiative for Weld County to join Wyoming.

Weld Co. Secession Advocate: Wyoming Is What Colorado Was. A Weld CountyColorado man who is working towards a goal of that county leaving Colorado and possibly joining Wyoming says the county doesn't fit in the Colorado of 2020. But he says Wyoming would be a much better fit.Feb 9, 2020

Someone should be asking Wyoming if they even want us.

Interesting chatter among the chattering classes is black support for President Trump, which supposedly is “soaring”. My take? President Trump walks the walk while the Democrats talk the talk. Many people, though they might not personally like him, recognize what he gets done.

As always, YMMV.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


A fine article that captures the flavor of ranching, IMO, better than most things I’ve read.

The couple that own the ranch, Jim and Jo Stanko, are old friends. Jim was a year behind me in High School.

They are more than “ranchers”. Jim tried to join the military out of high school and was turned down. Instead, he attended Western State in Gunnison (which is even colder than Steamboat, but slightly warmer than Barrow, AK) where he met and married Jo. After both earned Masters in Education, they started their teaching careers.

Married, with a child, Jim was drafted! To say he was pissed was an understatement. The Army, in their infinite wisdom, sent this 5’4” 140 lb man to Artillery School in Ft. Sill to be a cannon cocker. After AIT, he was sent to Germany, where she was able to join him.

With the death of his father, he assumed running the ranch while she went to work for the school system, retiring as the Elementary School Principal.

Jim is very active in the Community. I’m missing some but he is Past Commander of the local American Legion, long term member of the Cemetery Board, the local library board, long term Democrat County Committeeman, author of several books about the local history, etc.

Jo, in addition to her work in education, is past President of the Colorado Cattlewomen Association.

In short, they are the people that are the backbone of this country. I am proud they consider me a friend.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Copied off Facebook.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Floyd George

So far I’ve avoided blogging on Floyd George. I’m re-posting something by a person I respect although I don’t know where he got it.

Pay attention, notice details, compare words, pictures, videos... Ask questions. Look at history.
“LOTS of puzzling Questions about the Floyd George Incident:
1. Why does one photo from behind show the man on the road is not handcuffed and the video from the front that he is handcuffed?
2. Why is the cop car in the restaurant surveillance video different than the one Floyd was lying behind (different car numbers)?
3. Why were the cops in the surveillance footage that arrested him different than the police in the actual incident?
4. Why does the video show the diesel fuel price as 99 cents instead of the regular price in the area of $2.49?
5. Why does the Police Car have a non-Municipal license plate with "Police" on it?
6. Why does Derek have a completely different police badge on top of a second police badge matching his partner's if they work for the same precinct?
7. Why is it not odd that both Officers Tou Thao and Derek Chauvin have both previously been investigated for excessive use of force and not charged by State AG Amy Klobuchar?
Additionally, Officer Derek Chauvin is married to his partner's sister Kelli.
8. Is there any cop dumb enough to continue kneeling on someone’s neck for 8 minutes when surrounded by people and being video recorded?
9. Is it possible for the deceased’s cousins and fiancé to be completely tearless during interviews?
10. Why does the main cop have one hand in his pocket most of the time he’s kneeling?
11. Why did the kneeling officer appear completely cool and calm, as if he was posing for the camera?
12. Doesn’t it seem strange that Floyd and the officer that kneeled on his neck worked security together on the same shift at the El Nuevo Rodeo Club, the officer for 17 years (both were laid off because of the Covid Virus)?
13. Why do the neighbors of this officer say they didn’t know he was a cop and never saw him in uniform?
14. Why has the same attorney been hired as with all the other big supposed police killings of blacks? Attorney Benjamin Crump. The same attorney that worked on previous cases that resulted in busses bringing in rioters from outside the city?
15. Why does store surveillance video show Floyd calmly and submissively walking with the officer and not resisting arrest while the officer gently allowed him to sit down on the side walk, and multiple officers calmly chatting with him? Is this the kind of suspect that a police officer would feel the need to put on the ground and place his knee on his neck
16. Why did the EMT workers (wearing Police Uniforms including bullet proof vests) roughly handle and dump the unconscious George on the stretcher? This is not how trained emergency workers lift a person with a possible neck injury. Why did they not attempt triage or try CPR?
17. Can someone really not breath when someone kneels on his neck and is the victim really able to speak for considerable periods of time if he can’t breathe?
18. Post killing: Why is a white man that looks like an undercover (St Paul) cop in black and a riot gear mask carrying a black umbrella walking around breaking windows (and others dressed similarly starting fires) and instigating a riot? Is this reminiscent of “umbrella man” during the JFK shooting?
19. Why were almost all the rioters leading the destruction of the neighborhood at the beginning of the riots “white” and not from Minneapolis... in a black neighborhood after a police killed a black man?
20. Why did the Chief of Police make it a point that those Inciting the Riots and Arsonists were not from Minnesota?
21. Why was a CNN News Crew not only detained but also Arrested?”
Another false flag if you ask me. But hey we live in a society where the tv controls our brain. So what does it matter anyways?

Does anyone else find it suspicious how well executed riots have broken out all over the country so quickly? Spontaneous? I don’t think so. YMMV