Friday, August 31, 2012

Voter Fraud

Seems in Colorado we don’t have a huge problem given our population of  4,000,000. Our County Clerk and recorder system works fairly well. Still, glad to see our Secretary of State looking at the issue. If the Progressives could look beyond their “grievance hood”, they might see the benefit of citizens believing the elections are honest. Important, as Colorado has been identified as a "swing" state.

Department of State Secretary of State
1700 Broadway
Suite 200 Suzanne Staiert
Denver, CO 80290 Deputy Secretary of State
News Release
August 30, 2012 Rich Coolidge
Andrew Cole
1 in 8 voters who received letters trending as non-citizens
Registered voters who presented non-citizen documents respond to letters

Denver, Colo. – Today Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler released the results from letters
mailed to possible non-citizens on the voter rolls showing that one in eight voters who showed a
non-citizen document to the DMV remain ineligible. The letters asked them to either voluntarily
withdraw their voter registration or affirm that they are naturalized citizens. The results are as

• 3,903 letters sent
• 1,011 voters moved with no forwarding address
• 482 voters affirmed their citizenship
• 16 voters voluntarily withdrew their registrations

“Each of these residents helps improve the integrity of our voter rolls and increases voter
confidence across the state,” Gessler said. “While some prefer to fan partisan flames and score
political points, these residents share an interest in ensuring only eligible voters are casting

Of the 3,903, the office verified 1,416 voters who had an alien identification number on file with
the DMV using the Systematic Alien Verification and Entitlements (SAVE) system. The system
identified 177 voters who require additional verification from the federal government to confirm
their citizenship status. 42 of these voters have voted in Colorado elections. This analysis shows
one in eight of these identified voters remain non-citizens and ineligible to vote.

“We identified a vulnerability, and this effort helps protect our elections,” Gessler said. “When
some races hinge on just a handful of votes, every vote counts. My goal is to make it easy to
vote, but tough to cheat.”

Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Good Citizen" Awards

Yesterday, parking lot of the Kum & Go, Gypsum, CO a CSP Trooper was writing a “Good Citizen” citation for  a pickup driver (who probably wasn’t a citizen; just saying). The store is on old US 6 and in a school zone.

The Trooper pulls out of the parking lot onto the street and stops at the stop sign. A SUZ comes blasting down the road.  After getting my coffee and two slices of Pizza (Wednesday is $1 a slice day), passed the Trooper and the SUV ½ mile down the road on my way to the Interstate.  Another “Good Citizen” award being delivered. Poor trooper, probably hadn’t finished the paperwork on the first.

Probably a pointless blog. Just sharing my joy at seeing two of my least favorite types getting caught.  (Yes, I’m showing my low character)

Dumb asses speeding in a school zone. I am a scofflaw but I most definitely don’t speed in school zones. Though low, I do have my standards.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Comment of the Year

Eric Holder's people (of which the Executive Director of the Tulsa Crime Commission is a member) disapprove of private gun ownership because they consider violent crime to be a legitimate career path, and armed victims to be an OSHA violation.

From "Really? Who thought that was a good idea".

Western Wisdom

Train Wreck Coming

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
― C.S. Lewis

Daily I’m getting more pissed about these moralistic Republican men with their abortion/personhood/birth control mania trying to impose their views by legislation. Not by the force of their persuasion, but by force of law.

Yes, I get it. They equate abortion with murder. They think birth control, other than abstinence, is a sin. At the very least, they don’t want to pay taxes to facilitate what they oppose. They spend enormous time, money, and political capitol on the defense of marriage.

I have no problem with anyone pushing their point of view. Picket abortion clinics? Fine. Billboards along the Interstate with graphic messages? 1st Amendment. On the airways? 1st Amendment. Focus on the Family? Knock yourselves out. Occupy movement? 1st Amendment.

Where they cross the line is when they try to give their views the force of law. I see no difference between them and the gun grabbers when it comes to these tactics.

Homosexuals? Why should I worry about how 5-10% of the population get their rocks off? None of my business. How they live their lives is not my business.

I’m opposed to abortion in general. That said, I don’t think any man should tell any woman what she will, or will not, do with her body. Roe vs. Wade was exactly right. It is a privacy issue.

What these fanatics are doing is insuring Obama gets a second term. Women are angry. While they might not vote for Obama, they won’t get out and work for Romney. As someone who is more than casually involved in politics, at the local level, I can state women make up the bulk of volunteers.

Romney is, rightfully, trying to make the economy the focal point of the election. The Progressives will make the “Woman” issue the focal point. It will be a winning strategy.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Think Before You Shoot

Another from my pal, Hal Swift.

by Hal Swift

A young gunslinger comes inta the bar,
an' spies an ol' shooter he's seen.
He sets down by 'im, an' orders some gin,
an' sez, "Folks tell me yer mean."

The ol' boy sez, "That's what some folks claim,
but I give it all up last year."
The young feller sez, "I'll give ya this gin
if you gimme some tips right here."

The ol' boy sez, "Give y'tips fer what?"
An' the kid sez, "How t'shoot straight."
The ol' man sez, "Lemme see your piece."
An' the kid sez, "Don't tempt fate.

"I don't hand off my gun t'jist anybody else,
irregardless of 'is reputation.
Jist tell me some things that'll help me shoot straight,
an' do it in conversation."

The old timer sez, "Well first off yer gun
is way too high t'draw fast.
If y'lower yer holster 'bout a foot-an' a half,
you never gonna be outclassed."

The kid did jist that, his draw was a blur,
quicker'n y'blink yer eye.
Fired off a round at the man at the pie-anna,
an' shot off 'is little bow tie.

The old man sez, "Here's another cute trick
that'll help out the talent y'got.
Cut a notch in yer holster where the hammer rests,
fer a clean smooth draw an' quick shot."

That's what the kid did, and shot a cuff link off
the pie-anna man's left shirt sleeve.
He sez, "Gimme 'nother good tip, ol' man,
then I gotta git up an' leave."

The old man sez, "Take this salt an' pepper,
an' some a' that butter over there,
an' rub it all over the length a' yer gun.
An' make sure y'do it with care.

The kid sez, "Wait jist a cotton-pickin' minute!
Up t'now ever'thin's worked fine!
Is this gonna help me t'be a sure-shot,
or you steppin' over the line?"

The old man sez, "Well, the number one reason
t'dress yer gun like a chicken wing,
is Doc Holliday gits through playin' this song,
he's gonna make you eat that thing!"

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yet Again, A Car Lot Story

So, another car lot story.

Worked at a lot owned by a man with three brothers and five sisters. This family was the gene pool mother lode. All the men, including his father, were handsome by anyone’s standard. The plainest sister was drop dead gorgeous.  Plus, they were all happy people who loved to laugh and could party all night.  Fun place to work.

One of the salesmen, Gary,  had married into the family. Someone in the extended family was getting married and all the females were doing a bacherlorlette party/bar crawl/raise hell affair.

We were standing outside when two limos with huge sunroofs slowly cruised by. Several females were standing up and leaning out the sunroofs.  As they rolled by, they were yelling, “Show us your cocks”.

“Hey”, said Gary, “That’s my wife in that car”! He spun around to look at us, shocked, then was really upset by the sight of three of us unzipping our pants.

Inquiring minds wonder what transpired when he got home that night. Never heard.  

Sunday, August 19, 2012


What do you call this pack? A Congress of Baboons. Redistributing wealth?

Seem to remember past Congresses getting more done. Less gridlock. What is different today? How about military service?

Many of the Senators and Members of Congress in the 1950s-1970’s were veterans. Few are today.

When you enter the military service, you get tossed into a true melting pot. You end up working with people totally foreign to you and your background.  You best learn how to accept others and get along with them. You are forced to have many things in common,  including the air you breath (in a squad bay full of farters).  All of this conditions you to work for a common goal.

Today? From my state, Colorado, one veteran.

Maybe I’m way off base. To me, we now have individuals more concerned about their narrow self interests than the common need for a strong country. They have never learned to, nor had a need to, work as a group.

Solution? Damned if I know.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Old NFO is telling it like it is with “Breaking News” at

PawPaw offered these words of wisdom:

It's like I tell folks. "I get paid to solve problems. You got a problem? Solve it. It ain't my problem”.

Reminds me of a former boss who was well known for, “That is NOT my monkey, and you are not giving it to me”.

It is your pity party, but I don't need to participate.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Semi Retired???

Wonder when I'm going to be "retired"? Back to working 50+ hours on this job and  another twelve or more on my property inspection business. Body is telling me "bullshit", we are 68 years old.

On the other hand, the Credit Union account balance is saying, "Go man, go".

Monday, August 13, 2012

Four Things Of Little Use

1. Altitude above you.
2. Runway behind you.
3. Fuel on the ground.
4. Most political promises.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Am A Scofflaw

A Red Light Ticket arrived by mail. $75.00. What I did was turn right, after stopping, where a right turn on red is prohibited. A very convoluted intersection where the lights take "forever" to change. Yes Sisty, no patience. Bite me.

In Colorado, you must be served within 90 days, or the ticket isn't valid. The "service" costs you an additional $30.00. The offense occurred twenty miles away in another municipality.

On one hand, my vehicle is registered to a P.O. Box. Serve that! There are at least four people in this town with my name. Sort that out, server!  On the other hand, I drive in the issuing city several times a week. If I am pulled over for something else, BINGO! So do I meekly pay the fine? Hell No! I hate the whole concept of red light and speeding cameras.

The intersection.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kansas, Oh Joy

My kind of trip. No drama, happy client, and hours of windshield time at xxx per mile. Sorry folks, but no matter how many times I've crossed Kansas on I-70, I can't warm up to the place. The speed limit was raised to 75 m.p.h. which, in theory, saves 24 minutes. Maybe so, if any construction project is every finished. I swear I saw a faded sign with the Peanut Farmer's name on it.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


No blogging or comments next two - three days. Road trip.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Something Lighthearted

To much politics and woes of the world on this blog lately. Here is something from my pal Hal Swift.

Springhouse Memories
Hal Swift

My Aunt Vin's springhouse was one of the best,
made of stones dug out of the ground.
Where food was cooled in a low stone tub
with the purest spring water around.

Ever now and then, in the summertime,
us kids would all disappear.
My aunt would come open the springhouse door
and say, "Any children in here?"

We'd all holler and say, "Not a one!"
then Aunt Vin would come on inside.
She'd look around at all the food in there,
and her face would be glowin' with pride.

There was rhubarb pies she'd baked last night.
There was butter she'd churned last Monday.
Iced tea, lemonade, and buttermilk,
all waited for dinner on Sunday.

Baskets of apples, and peaches and grapes,
each had its own personal shelf.
And, my were they good, 'cause I got to admit
I sampled a few for myself.

Aunt Vin says, "There's some fresh cookies coolin',
right now on the big kitchen table.
What I'd like is for someone to bring in some milk
that is, if there's anyone able."

 Six of us children all pleaded at once,
with voices as smooth as pure silk.
 "I reckon," said Aunt Vin, "the way that you talk,
 you'd all like some cookies and milk."

After all of these years I remember the taste
of those cookies fresh out of the oven.
And I fondly remember those days with Aunt Vin,
and the joy that she gave with her lovin'.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rhetorical Questions, Road Rage Rant Division

Driver going along the Interstate at posted speed. Moves to left lane to pass a slower truck. Instead of keeping speed, slows down to pass the truck. WTF does the driver think he will see? Stupid. Saw it several times today. Of course, everyone behind has to hit their brakes. Rear end city if you are not alert.

Texans! I like driving in Texas. Excellent, even superb roads. Better than average drivers,  even in Dallas during peak hours (as opposed to say, Atlanta). So why do Texas drivers wait until they get to Colorado to drive stupid?

Colorado drivers? Probably 15% should be banned from the road.  Speed limit 65 or 75. They are putting along at 50, 55 or so. Bet they never look in the mirror and see the parade they are leading.

A statistics I would like to know, and can’t find, is how many license retest does the Colorado State Patrol request? Seems like if you can’t ticket stupidity, you could make stupid prove again they know the rules of the road and can safely operate a vehicle. Just having to go through the process might penetrate their mental oblivion.

The one lady today who entered the 75 mph Interstate from  the on ramp at 40 mph,  stayed at that speed without accelerating, without missing a beat on her so important cell phone call, might want to look in the mirror once in awhile. The flat bed truck with the 5,356 lb yellow diesel replacement engine strapped on needs a tad bit more room to slow down. Perhaps when she noticed said truck 2’ from her trunk, that prompted her to swerve onto the shoulder. Aargh!

On a brighter note, youngest son (the Medic) and family safely arrived at the new duty station one state West this afternoon.  The selfish father in me is happy to see him out of an Infantry Division and into a Stateside fobbit slot.

He has the overseas service bars, thank you very much, and I selfishly don’t want him earning more. Beat me!.