Saturday, December 31, 2022

Memory Lane

 Stopped by to see a friend and saw the cleanest 1951 Ford you are likely to see. Nearly perfect, inside and out. Only $26,000.

My first car was a 1951 Ford, four door in faded green, three on the tree, and a different colored passenger fender. A real pimp mobile as the shifter was moved to the left side of the steering column and the interior light bulb was painted with red nail polish.

I added plastic seat covers so my date would slide over when I turned right and I could save her by putting my arm around her. One -40° morning when I got in the plastic seat covers shattered.

Colorado at the time required a “safety” inspection twice a year (repair shops loved that!) and my muffler was worn out. To pass I pushed steel wool up the tail pipe then slowly drove to where I could get it inspected. Worked well enough to get by and lasted maybe a day.


A neighbor lives with an artificial heart and a paralyzed right side. She doesn’t ever complain and is always upbeat. Her Yorkshire terrier, LexiLou, is fourteen with no teeth but thinks she is a 120 lb Pit bull.

I admire this woman.

Entitled Assholes

While waiting for a physical to clear me for my cataract procedure I noticed this sign. In years past this wouldn’t be necessary as more people then had proper fetchings.

Sisty has dedicated decades of volunteer work to Salud.

Mortgages in Default

My assignments keep rolling in.  The weather has slowed me down. Two days ago negotiating side streets the snow was bumper high on the car. Shod with Firestone M+S tires the Buick handled the streets with no problems.

Arguments/opinions on tires likely exceed those about firearms. What I like is what works for me; revolvers and Firestone M+S tires.

Jowl Shaker

One assignment was in a new “upscale” development in Northeast Fort Collins. In the driveway were two Audi vehicles, A SQ7 (MSRP $90,200) and a S3 (MSRP $46,000). Given our recent weather why they weren’t using their two car garage makes one speculate what is inside the garage. One thing is certain; they are one step away from foreclosure.

Electric Clothes Dryer

Mine quit heating. With all the broken pipes in our building and the resulting damages the maintenance people are way behind. Ah, the internet! Ghastly experience, had to read directions! One tip was to check circuit breakers. The ones in my apartment don’t visibly trip.

After flipping the appropriate breakers off and on twice, the dryer now heats.


Somehow we survived 2022 so we can have hope we will survive 2023.

As always, YMMV


Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Up To My Ass in Jackalopes

 It has been too long  since the last post. Reasons? 

Muse has been AWOL. 

Life, recently as f**ked up as a SP 5 at a Viet Cong reveille. Nothing major, just a series of little nit picking problems. 

Weather has put me way behind on my “part time” job. Yesterday drove 350 miles to NE Colorado, the Nebraska panhandle, and SE Wyoming. Some of the snowdrifts are six feet high.  

This week will be spent catching up on overdue assignments. New ones keep coming in. Folks, this economy, as most readers already know, is in trouble.

Christmas Day Sisty and I were treated to an evening of fun and great food courtesy of Every Blade of Grass and SLW. We got to meet Pebbles the Wonder Dog and examine the Supra. I’ve never seen a cleaner one.

Next week life may be less complicated.

As always, YMMV

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Missed Us By Thirty Miles


 Last week saw a major blizzard roar through the Dakotas, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Eastern Colorado. I have several assignments in the area that are not getting done. Even when the roads are “open”, the condition of those roads doesn’t make for safe travel and none of my assignments are life and death.

 How bad was it? This is from Falsebook.

 For the first time in about a decade, the Alliance, NE based rotary snowplow unit BNSF 972559 and rotary snowplow power plant BNSF 972572 lead a southbound W-ALNALN2-16B, seen stopped at MP 21.1 on the BNSF Angora Subdivision at Angora, NE with BNSF 8796 and 8490 shoving on the north end. Multiple attempts to clear the hill between Dalton and Bridgeport remain unsuccessful, as deep snow drifts and high wind speeds continue to challenge the crews working to clear the line.

2 trains were parked side by side at Dalton early this week, and the train in the siding was drifted in by snow so badly, it couldn’t move even after adding extra locomotives, and Hulcher was called to dig it out once roads reopened. A Jordan spreader was sent south from Alliance Thursday night, where it too fell to the mercy of the deep snow, and the plow separated from the locomotives when they backed up to get another run at the drifts, and the snow had built up under the pin lifter and wouldn’t recouple. State highways have been shut down since early Tuesday morning, further adding to the challenges of keeping rail traffic moving.

A remark

They demanded crews to show up. Said there would be no leniency on their attendance even with the road closures. They even had to walk a mile with all their gear to get on tbe trains. They were charged 7 point per call off.

ADDENDUM: Picture taken from the BNSF Rotary.

Side note: The looming nationwide rail strike isn’t about wages. Rather, work conditions and quality of life. BNSF demanded crews show up for their assignments even if they had to walk. Roads closed? Tough shit! Show up or get docked. If/when the workers strike the blame falls on management. WSF predicts the strike will be long and bitter.

After the blizzard North of Kimball, NE. There are cows scattered all over and these don’t belong here. Ranchers gather cows and wait to sort out who owns what.

Getting Old  

A neighbor is a Korea War vet (15 months starting in 1953). Great guy. A few days ago he was standing outside the entry not dressed for the temperature. Banner and I opened the doors for him. He told me his key didn’t work and showed me his keys. To open our doors after hours you need a fob that unlocks the doors. He didn’t have one and seemed confused by his situation.

Is that my future? I’m fighting against it by staying active, watching my diet, and taking a lot of supplements. 

Brutal Beast  

Banner is a gentle soul, a wimp unless severely provoked, which is a good thing. He isn’t allowed bones as his powerful jaws break them and he swallows the pieces. These are his chew toys. They keep his teeth and gums clean but last about three months.

While he will eat nearly everything (except garlic stuffed olives) he is quite particular about chew toys.


Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Calling AAA

 Why I didn't go to Nebraska today.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Don't Californicate Colorado

First bring your own bag. Now this. My personal choice is free range eggs, repeat personal. In part due to avian flu, egg stocks are low and prices high. Will we see $4 Egg McMuffins?

Supply and Demand

Oil companies huge profits? Start wars disrupting the global economy, block major producers from selling their oil, and temporary windfall profits come the way of those producers who can sell. Big surprise!

Temporary, because billions of dollars are tied up in idling equipment.

Weld County, CO is the third largest oil producing county in the USA. Recent reports put the county in a nearly 4% decline in GDP.

Talking thru you ass because your mouth knows better, ie, the Xiden Abdomination

From various sources, mainly PJ Media

Amos Hochstein, President Biden’s international energy envoy and chief energy advisor, is railing against Wall Street and shale oil companies for not ignoring the president’s promise to destroy them and going ahead to drill, drill, drill, anyway.

Financial Times:

The Biden adviser’s comments will spark a reaction in the US shale sector, which has complained about mixed signals from a White House that has called for more fossil fuel output while also talking of cutting demand and speeding up a shift away from oil and gas.

But Hochstein denied any contradiction, saying the US could “do two things at the very same time, ensuring we have enough [oil] supply for a strong global economy while accelerating the energy transition.”




Killing Your Fan Base

At the start of the NFL season you couldn’t find a seat in our building’s lobby. At least the Donkeys scored some touchdowns, the first since Thanksgiving.

I do feel sorry for the Bronco fans.

While no longer much interested in the NFL, I did have Seahawk season tickets for a few years after they joined the league. They managed to lose today but their epic Russell Wilson deal with the Broncos is the stuff of minor legends. I’ve never met John Elway, but his reputation in the car business is dismal. Common comment? “He’s never picked up a check”.

Division II College Football

The Colorado School of Mines qualified for the Division II National Championship. How many years has it been since any Colorado team had a shot at a national championship?


Every year I buy my oldest son, living in Seattle, an Amtrak ticket to Portland and back. He spends Christmas there with several relatives. Every year I curse and yell as I try to negotiate their website! It is a, “tradition”!

Good News

My rancher friends in Northwest Colorado report they anticipate at least a three wire winter. Along with heavy snowfall in Southwest Colorado, some help for both the Colorado and Rio Grande Rivers may happen next summer.

Whiskey is for Drinking, Water is for Fighting

Two major water impoundments may, or may not, begin after a twenty year battle.

Nagging question? The need is predicated on the area population doubling by 2050. One half of the water is for agriculture and one half if for drinking water. If the population doubles, how much good agriculture land will be left?

Always in the back of my mind is my maternal grandparents first farm is now at the bottom of Horsetooth Reservoir, and they most certainly didn’t prosper financially when they lost it to “progress”.


His current popularity is suffering due to a prolong period of flatulence. I’ve taken to giving him a Gas X pill with his daily feed which seems to help.

As always, YMMV.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

A Glimmer of Hope?

Alzheimer’s is second only to cancer as an extended family affliction.

What is aggravating is new tools are developed but never seem to be used. How many billions have been spent on cancer research?  Sometimes I feel we are being scammed much like climate change.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

This and That

A Saturday at home as I’m not working so maybe I can offer something interesting.

Social Credit

It is coming ala China. Maybe covertly, maybe openly, but the elites are going to try. Your health is your business? Hah. Your health impacts health costs and as a good little serf you will be monitored.

Your smart phone is already monitored. The scofflaw in me envisions a mechanical device to move the cell phone. I already have an exercise machine. Yes, government twit, I use my exercise machine at home to get my required exercise. Do you need video?

No Shit, Sherlock

What isn’t stated in the article is just who decides if news if fake. If they ever have, the American Media Maggots (h/t BZ) have long abandoned who, what, why, where reporting.

Climate Change

Part of my daily reading is Science Tech Daily as you can see in the above paragraphs. Type climate change into their search bar and almost all article are pro, “we are all going to die”, climate change. Rarely is a contradictory position printed.

YouTube, if you care to search, has many offerings debunking climate change.


He spent a night with Sisty as I was in Nebraska on assignments. He seemingly was able to cope.


The eye exam went as expected. I have cataracts in both eyes. Now to schedule the procedures. The recommendation is to do one eye at a time. Macular degeneration, not curable today, affects the right eye. The staff seemed to expect me to have that done first. To my question of which eye will give me better vision if done first, the answer was the left. That is what I’m going to do. Now to schedule the procedures.

Other aspects of my eyes, pressure, etc. are all in the normal range.

Economic Reality

At a convenience store in North Platte getting my morning coffee fix a situation occurred I found disturbing. A young woman with two small girls came in and went to the ATM. As I was leaving I overheard her talking on her cell phone telling someone her card wasn’t working and she couldn’t buy her children breakfast.

For a moment I considered going back in and giving her some cash then decided to mind my own business. Raising my own sons, I was damn near in that some position a few times.

One possibility was she had enough on the card for a small purchase but not enough to draw money.

In my school years, there were Home Ec classes. Our school had a functioning kitchen. Most of the female students, and a few males, took those classes. In addition to learning how to prepare food, budgeting was taught.

Going back to the young woman and her situation, the cost of a convenience store breakfast would buy a week’s worth of milk, oatmeal and sugar. If time in the morning is limited, prepare the oatmeal the night before, pop it in the microwave oven (who doesn’t have one now?), and the children can eat in the car on the way to school/day care.

Somber Day

December 3rd is always a somber day for me. My late father was born 12/3/1924.

In 1976, honoring Colorado’s Centennial, many men grew beards.

Proud Father

My middle son is high on the Asperser Syndrome Scale. Photographic memory, marginal social skills, and introverted.  He marches to his own drummer. Some of his coworkers complain about his shirt’s message and his tattoos. Not always stated, looking like an ax murderer. He stands up to management. “Want me to cover up? Then make the other workers put away their religious symbols, crosses, “Jesus Loves You T-shirts, etc.”

Where he is now was a reaction to being bullied by religious zealots as a kid.

While we don’t agree about his beliefs, I’m proud of him for standing his ground.

Our family motto. “We won’t fuck with you but if you fuck with us, we will fuck you up”.

As always, YMMV

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Breathing Air and Taking Nourishment

Breathing air and taking nourishment is about all I have going right now.

Riding for the Brand

Recent assignment took me South of Denver. While well paid for my efforts, they were assignments I didn’t care to do. My agent supervisor asked me to do them as a favor. They have recently reacquired a past client that needed these debtors contacted. She has agents in the area but none will venture out in the boonies. Why? Not my circus, monkeys, or problem.

The assignments were generally in a line from Elizabeth, CO to nearby Roxbury Park/Chatfield Dam at the base of the foothills. This is an area I seldom traverse. East of Castle Rock are miles of rolling, mainly barren hills. Dilapidated building from the homestead era are scattered around. Among all of this are expensive two to three story houses with three car garages and new outbuildings on maybe, ten acres. Most likely they have wells and septic systems. Isolated comes to mind. The residents must have “town jobs” because their plots of land won’t sustain farming. I doubt few could even support a decent garden. Right now they are leading a lifestyle that is not sustainable in a severe economic downturn.

For me, these are no brainier assignments as most have closed gates. One picture of the home in the distance, one of the address/mailbox, and one of the gate I’m done. Report gets filled out as “inaccessible” and ten minutes later I’m on my way to the next fool’s castle.

Onward to Castle Rock and exurbia sprawl. Biden country – Boulder County lite.

Once a quaint peaceful little town, it is now tickytacky with several malls sprawled alongside I-25.

My reason for avoiding these assignments is returning through Denver. While not yet up to the horror of Atlanta or Southern Cali, it is a contender


As much work as I’m doing there I should move. Thursday and Friday will be spent there. There is a narrow weather window those days.


Thart is my life for the moment which makes, for me, writing anything interesting for the blog difficult. I do admire those who can put up something daily that is worth the time reading.

North American Arms, Provo UT

These folks make a high quality “bad breath range” derringer. Recently Sisty stopped by and bought four cylinders in both .22LR and .22 Mag. Hey, speed loaders! She was completely impressed by the attitude and quality of the people she met there.

Endless hours can be spent arguing the merits of these tiny firearms. Spare us, please. These tools fit a narrowly specific need better than anything else for the specific user.

As always, YMMV

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Long Day Trip

Banner containing his excitement

With Sisty off in Nevada, he went on a business trip with me. Usually he spends the day with Aunty when I have a 300+ mile day to cover.

Neighborhood Watch

Brush, CO in an isolated neighborhood across the tracks, at a home with nobody answering the door, I taped the envelope to the door (standard procedure), and took my pictures. As I walked back to the car. across the street a man stood in his open garage holding a rifle, muzzle down. A new experience for me, I avoided eye contact, promptly left. and waited until I was out of sight to make my tablet entries.

Too Popular

Next stop, in a town with fewer than 500 residents, two other people were ahead of me at my assignment. My envelope was placed next to a utility shut off notice and one from the USPS.


The economy sucks, at least in my area. My assignment portal will be clear then, the next time I look, a dozen or more new assignments have appeared.

I run about a 40% contact rate. Assignments where I must make face to face contact, or three attempts, pay more. With the proliferation of doorbell cameras, contact is becoming harder. They see a big dude wearing a badge on a lanyard and holding a clipboard on their doorstep. OK with me, especially when they use the intercom feature. I get to mark those down as a contact.

Frequent Flyers

The assignments where I’ve been two or three times already over the past months are becoming more common. Still, according to the newspaper reports, foreclosures are down in Colorado. Too bad the number of re-financed mortgages isn’t reported.

The envelopes I deliver have one basic message. “Hey you, quit ignoring your obligation”. All offer a chance to apply for forbearance and/or re-financing.

Impending decision

Will I continue with this work? I’m concerned about my night vision and driving. On the 30th I have an appointment at a vision clinic for a comprehensive eye exam. Depending on what they find, I may need to curtail my night driving. The bad thing about getting old is no replacement parts.

As always, YMMV


Colorado Springs shooter. The press is using his “preferred” pronouns. How woke! Fuck him, he doesn’t deserve any consideration, IMO.

Friday, November 18, 2022

What Winter?

We received our first snow that didn’t immediately melt away. Climate Change! Raise taxes! Reality is we need a lot more moisture for next summer’s needs. Will we get it? This area is a semi arid high desert.


He isn’t pleased with the temperature and snow. 17° on the balcony and overcast skies keeps him from his morning nap in the sun. Snow gets between his toes. The up side for me is he quickly takes care of business outside.


They are having a harder winter with all three Interstate Highways (I-80, I-25, I-90) seeing multiple truck wrecks and intermittent closures. Many of the secondary highways have been worse.

Parking Lot Hazard

Windows 11

The struggle continues with myself inflicted aggravation. My HP with Windows 7 is going on ten years and will, at some point, die. Not being DrJim and other tech savvy people, I won’t try to fix it.

I bit the bullet and bought another HP with Windows 11 and am not having fun learning how to use it. Worse, I’m now forced to read instructions! Bah humbug!

Life has taught me it is best to have your backup in place before you need it. As my blog title indicates I too often ignore those lessons.

 But, but, the “Narrative”!!!!

Didn’t expect this from M.I.T., one of Satan’s stepchildren.

As always, YMMV

Monday, November 14, 2022

Elections Have Consequences

Even fiercely caring about my adult son’s (both with disabilities) and the future my grandchildren are facing, I am at a point of saying, “Fuck it”.

To the collective demographic who ignore election fraud and keep electing fools, “You own it, and, you can damn well deal with the consequences. I’m out of here”.

Part of this attitude is conversations with two neighbors my age. One, a Los Angeles born and raised Latino, is a true believer Democrat. The other, a successful engineer and entrepreneur, says at his age he can’t be bothered anymore and will live out his years doing what he damn well pleases.

No fear, I will still keep stirring the pot and harsh the mellow of the (P)regressives whenever I can. 

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Sorry, Cheyenne

Devil Weed

Cheyenne dopers will still need to drive an extra 25 miles to buy their weed after the residents of Nunn, CO, population +/- 600  voted against allowing “Dispensaries” in their town, just 31 miles from the Wyoming border.

Too bad, as Nunn will remain a speed trap with 40% of the town’s revenue coming from the four person police force writing tickets. (I have contributed)

Nielsen Ratings

Despite not owning a television for several years, they still send me surveys. Since they pay $2 to $5 for my opinion, I participate.

Train Tracks

September 15,  Platteville, CO made the news when a Union Pacific freight hit a Platteville Police car parked on the railroad tracks with a prisoner inside. The woman survived despite severe injuries.

The Weld County Prosecutor has now filed charges against some of the officers involved. Interestingly, the office is not dropping charges against the woman who was being detained for a road rage incident where she allegedly pointed a firearm at another motorist. A firearm was found in her vehicle.

Many comments and YouTube postings are out there. The first Sunday after the incident, our usual suspects were having Sunday breakfast at the VFW, when one of my sister’s “daughters”, a retired Weld County LEO, expressed disbelief.

My sister explained, “Ft Lupton police were involved”.  The retired LEO simply nodded her head. Draw your own conclusions.

Colorado Mid-Terms

Votes are still being counted but the state has stayed firmly blue. Hard to beat cubic money and the GOP was outspent by a huge margin. At this point I’m beyond caring.

KIA Sorento

My sister now has a 2023 to replace her worn out 2004 or so Sorento. I’m happy for her as her work requires reliability and AWD when she is called out for truck wrecks in Wyoming. This Sorento is an upgrade model with all kinds of features.

Recently she had a four day East Coast trip and had me ride with her to DIA and keep the Kia until her return. After returning home, I parked it and didn’t drive it again until I went back to DIA to pick her up. The vehicle is fantastic but isn’t for me.

This Latter Day Luddite is retired from the car biz and has no reason to learn twenty+ functions. Isn’t today, per a Falsebook posting, Grumpy Old Balding Fat Man Day? I certainly qualify.

As always, YMMV.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Wandering Mind


Green Thumb?

An Aloe Vera plant purchased in April. It was about 3” tall. A neighbor told me having one would improve the air in my apartment. To date, I’ve repotted it and watered it once a month. A gardener I’m not so it must be a tough plant.

Shucky Darn Again

In April we had a bad wind storm that severely damaged a building under construction. Since then the builder has slowly made progress. One suspect’s cash flow might be an impediment. In the past three years he has erected a series of truly ugly (in my eye) duplexes next to where I live. Many of my fellow residents are hopeful he will finally get the last eyesore finished.

Your opinion may differ but I don’t find aesthetic merit in his color choices.

Redneck Mechanic

Work took me to Nebraska again on Election Day. At a rest stop I noticed a wisp of steam coming from under the hood. The upper radiator hose had a pinhole leak.  No problem, some flex tape and on my way. That didn’t hold after awhile. Plan B, duct tape.

One aspect of getting old that really bothers me is losing a lot of manual dexterity. While pulled over along side the road, a man and his daughter stopped. I was struggling wrapping duct tape around the hose so he took over. He also suggested leaving my radiator caps lose so as to not build pressure. The two worked and RTB was accomplished without any problems.

Nice people in Nebraska. In Kimball the Quick Stop store had a customer getting some chicken fingers to go. I noticed her shirt was embroidered with, “Kimball County Clerk”. When she went to pay the cashier waved off any payment saying, “We appreciate all of you”.

Nebraska Muggers

I was forced to stop until they decided to clear the highway.

I don’t understand

In the middle of nowhere (ok, NE  88 between Bridgeport and NE 71) is this field of derelict mobile homes. There isn’t a business sign to be seen or any sign of ongoing activity.


$20 for this  $5 hose. Changing it is a twenty minute job that shouldn’t take me more than two hours.

No Shit, Sherlock

Headline in the local rag. Click bait. WSF has a conspiracy theory.


Energy was a boon for Weld County before the pandemic. Is it now a drag on the area’s economy?


At just 57% recovery, Greeley the only metro area in Colorado still below pre-pandemic economic levels


Excerpts from a very long  article.

Nearly three years after the start of the pandemic, Greeley is the only one of Colorado’s metro areas whose economy hasn’t fully recovered and the reason might be the same one for its previous robust growth — the oil and gas industry.

Overall, Colorado’s employment has rebounded and then some, reaching 117% of pre-pandemic levels in September and surpassing the U.S. recovery rate of 102%. But Greeley and the rest of Weld County has recovered just 57% of their pre-pandemic job levels.


What is not mentioned anywhere in the article is the actions of Emperor Polis along with FJB to kill the oil and natural gas drilling.

Polis will be a Democrat Presidential candidate in 2014, bet on it. With a net worth North of  $103,000,000 he can afford to have the American Mainstream Maggots (h/t BZ) start to groom his image from a Boulder County whacko to some kind of Libertarian and champion of the common man.

This will be subtle and articles like this will be part of the effort.

Election Day

The Red Wave seems more like a red ripple. I’m giving it a day or two before any analysis waiting for all the votes to be counted, miscounted, or manipulated.

Two relatives are candidates for local office. One has clearly won and the other is leading with what votes have been counted (school board).

The winner is a retired LEO who ran for municipal judge. He is about 6’4” and is fond of telling me, “I like looking down on you”. Next time I see him I will be saying, “Here come de judge, here come de judge”.

I Feel For Them

The local Safeway tore out all their old gas pumps and replaced them with new, whiz-bang models. Since then, a common sight.

It is now time for this wandering mind to wander over to the coffee pot. As always, YMMV