Sunday, December 31, 2017

Older is Wiser?

Middle son is moving next week. My help consists of stroking a check to some local movers with a truck and trailer. Beyond that he is on his own. I’m getting too old and soft for moving.

Made me to remember my father. We had purchased a house about five miles from our apartment and I had moved all but the heavy stuff. My father showed up unannounced. He was on his way to Oregon for two weeks of fishing. He decided to help.

“Where is your furniture dolly”, he asked?

“What’s that”, was my reply?

Nothing was said as we drove to a rental place and got a dolly but the unspoken thoughts came loud and clear. Something along these lines.

The next time we moved I bought both a hand truck and a furniture dolly, both of which I still own.

As a side note, here is hoping 2018 is an epic year for you and yours.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Santa's Little Helper II

Need some cheese to go along with my whine. My co-driver partner does numerous Santa gigs in December. I go flex mode to accommodate his schedule. I’m feeling my age tonight and am looking forward to five days off.

This has been a tough month on the route. 50+ mph winds, nasty snow storms, and wind chill factors down to -40° F haven’t been fun.

 I’m an old Rocky Mountain lad and we learn to cope with this growing up. Cows must be milked, stock must be fed, and transport must go through.  Next summer I will have 60 years as a licensed driver behind me and I was driving without a license at an earlier age. But damn, I don’t recover as quick!

My employer recognizes our challenge and puts the best snow tires available on the car. Fine, until some fuckup takes the keys. This morning I had to take a backup vehicle with all season tires. Aarg!

Not everyone minds the weather.

My supervisor views me thusly.

And now I’m going to have some wine with my whine.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sister Kink II

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Recently had a DNA analysis by Virtual Mirage asked that I post it.

Interesting  on several levels. My maternal grandfather was adopted and knew nothing of his birth parents. There was speculation he was French/Indian. Not so per these results.

Another surprise was the 5% Scandinavian.   Guess there were some raping Vikings back there. We’ve always thought we were Celts and the results support that.

There is more to study. The bloodline in North America goes back to the 1700’s in New England. Supports another family tale we were “Blue Belly Yankees”.

Will write more on the subject in the future.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Well Regulated Militia

Hoisted on my own petard, firearms control division per my last blog entry.

This morning sitting in a waiting room (car repairs) had a conversation with a couple of University of Northern Colorado graduate students. They have a sure fire idea for firearms control that respects the 2nd Amendment.

All firearms owners must be members of a militia. The militia will operate an armory where all firearms will be kept locked up. Owners can check out their privately owned firearms for approved purposes. 

They were quite pleased with themselves and their brilliant plan.

I didn’t argue, just nodded my head. Didn’t feel like wrestling with pigs this morning.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Firearms Control

Starting with a side rant, possibly pointless. If more people did 50 push ups on crushed gravel on a hot Ft Leonard Wood afternoon, they wouldn’t call anything not a smoothbore a “gun”.  Just saying.

No outright ban and confiscation is the “compromise” the firearms control crowd offer. All the rest of their rhetoric is bullshit. They take each and every concession as a weakness and push for more. Since they are not honest, or respectful of any opinion not in line with their own, no concessions should  be made, IMO.

This creates a more dangerous situation. All of us active shooters know of the dangerous idiots out there with access to firearms. I personally lack the courage to ever be a NRA Range officer. Any fool that can pass a background check and has the money can equip themselves with lethal machinery and not have a clue as to safety, or even care. Whee, adrenaline rush.

In a more perfect world, no one would possess a firearm without training and proven competence, IMO. Ain’t going to happen. Anything like that will be grabbed by the Chuck Schumers of our country and used to advance their agenda.

What to do about “gun violence”?  At every opportunity blame the gun grabbers.

“Hey, Mr/Ms Gun Grabber, that death is on your door step. You, with you self assumed moral high ground and the conviction your feeling are facts, won’t heed the voices of those who actually know what the hell they are talking about. This is your outcome.”

We should take a page from President Trump and go on the offense. Build a case that we have solutions but the Schumers of our country are the obstacle.

I recently put up a post, “Buck No”, about the congressman from my district voting against the National Reciprocity bill even when he was an original co-sponsor. Was it flawed with being tied to ‘improved’ background checks? Undoubtedly. When has any legislation been perfect?

WSF, you are arguing against yourself. True, but our fellow citizens whose opinions differ still have a voice that should be heard. Not all are demagogues. And maybe, just maybe, they should be heard by firearm advocates. Yeah, pay those traffic tickets. Show you are a responsible and sane citizen. Your right to bear arms comes with an obligation to bear those arms responsibly, not scare the shit out of your fellow citizens.

Let us understand not everyone calling for “gun control” is a Chucky Schumer. If you want to create one more, let that soccer mom who may be ambivalent now believe her children are in danger. She is the one who needs to know what makes a safer place for her children. How? One on one. Be prepared to talk to those who may have an open mind. YMMV

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Living Large

Recent acquisition. 1991 Ford Escort, two local owners since new, 103,000 miles, always in this area.

Been searching for a back up vehicle for three months. Doesn’t need to be a daily driver but needs to be reliable. I’ve had other Escorts and had good luck with them. Readers of this blog will know I’m a cheapskate (and proud to be).

The seller’s asking price was reasonable. Me, being the kind and generous type, offered him 2/3rds of his asking price. Dead silence for two days and then he came back with an offer 80% of his original price. The deal was made.

There are a lot of strategies in buying/selling that I use. If it is something I need, is scarce and likely to be gone if I wait, I suck it up and pay the price.

What I strive for is to not need it immediately and to maximize my position by having cash in fist. My usual offer is 2/3rds of what they are asking. Once I make an offer, I shut up. I will never, ever, be the first to speak. In this case, the silence was two days.

So far, I’m out a set of wiper blades. Used ½ a roll of paper towels and ½ a bottle of window cleaner getting all the scum off the glass enable to see clearly. Not smoke, just neglect. 

The last driver was a pig.

Tomorrow will be emissions check and title/license.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Not Unalaska

Not up to Unalaska standards but entertaining for an agriculture and oil field community.

And this sad story.

Great Western is a local railroad that serves as a link between the Union Pacific main line and the BNSF main line. They also serve local businesses by shuttling freight cars and taking them to the two biggies. Their equipment is older major railroad retired locomotives. Due to the condition of their roadbed, they seldom exceed 30 mph.  

This collision is weird.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Buck No

Congressman from my district, Ken Buck. Presents himself as a "conservative". Should be written, CONservative. Voted against the National Reciprocity Act.

Last election I voted against the Democrat, not for Buck. Next election it will take a Pelosi clone for that to happen again.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Snarky Remark

Left a snarky remark on Every Blade of Grass.

Reminded me of an old blog posting.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Jiggle Joint

The Situation. Three men, all seniors, in a Southern City, with six hours to kill.

The Solution. Bass Pro Shop.

One man’s wife calls him on his cell phone. Conversation goes much like this.

Man, “Hello honey” (Caller I.D.)

Wife, “Where are you? What are you doing?”

Man, “We are waiting on the client, have some time to kill, so we are walking around a Bass Pro Shop.”

Wife, “You are in a Bass Pro Shop with OUR credit card!”

Man, “We drove by three titty bars on the way here. It was Bass Pro Shop or one of them.”

Wife, “The titty bars would be a lot cheaper than you loose in a Bass Pro Shop!”

Yeah, age has caught up with us.

Friday, December 8, 2017


Our last maternal aunt passed on December 7th. She was 102+. Official obituary here.

She was a strong woman, in her work, her values, and her religion. She was a kind soul, never mean, at least to my knowledge. A church lady in the finest Southern tradition, she walked the walk.

We were able to attend her 100th birthday celebration where she held forth lucidly and showed her prodigal memory. Although she had health issues and limited mobility, she had zero self pity. Took on life as it came. 

These pictures are for any relatives that might wander by.

R.I.P Aunt Eleanor. You were an inspiration to us all.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sister Kink

One of the hardest workers I’ve ever met has gotten herself into trouble. Lori Saine, a Colorado State Representative, was arrested for carrying a firearm through the TSA Checkpoint at Denver International Airport. My guess? She has been carrying for so long she forgot she had it.

Lori and I worked in car sales for the same organization. She was a ferocious competitor and hated me for being just a tad bit better. Later, I recommended her to be the manager of a used lot we opened in Windsor, CO. She didn’t like me as a boss any better than as a co-worker. Oh, well.

 Across the street was a radio station employing Dudley Brown, a controversial figure in 2nd Amendment issues. They became acquainted.

With his encouragement and support she entered politics.

I called her Sister Kink. The name had to do with the way she sold cars. I know nothing, nor care, about her private life. Her husband is an exceptional RV salesman. He endorsed her nickname when he heard it.

We operated in Windsor out of a tastefully and professionally remodeled gas station. Very attractive. In the rear two drive in bays were retained. We kept high value vehicles in them at night.

 Once, after a vicious blizzard, the yokel we hired to plow the lot left an eave high mound of plowed ice and snow blocking one bay and trapping a car. Someone at another of our lots wanted the car and started raising hell. I arrived to find Lori, all 5’ of her, attacking the mound with a snow shovel. No. I put a stop to that immediately, and shut up those demanding the car in my usual gentle and tactful way.

Left to her own devices without someone (me, usually) monitoring, her ethics, those of a starving piranha, would cause a lot of heat. Such is life in the car business.

As a manager, I cared about three things. Can you do the job? Can you be relied upon to be there when the store is open? Can you be trusted with money? Lori was a solid “YES”.

I wish her luck with her current problem.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Father's Birthday

Today would be my father's 96th birthday. Sadly he passed at age 64. Probable cause? Undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnea. 

Like anyone who had a great parent, I miss him. What saddens me most is my sons didn't get to grow up with him.

A WWII vet, he trained in chemical warfare but  ended up in the Army Air Corp in India. He was one of the troops kicking out supplies from C-47 and C-46 doing aerial supply, among other duties. Going there and coming back he crossed the Equator in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans. This seemed to be an
 irritant to his brothers-in-law who were Navy, not that he was shy about reminding them.

He always was busting his ass supporting his family.
Stubborn, he would always get this piece of junk gasoline powered Cat running, even if it took all day.
A superb horseman, he was the best rider I've seen. Second place goes to my sister. Me? Like a sack of potatoes tied to the saddle horn.  

As a hunter he didn't miss. At the rifle range killing paper I could easily best him. Going after game? Never beat him. I shot trees. He shot between the trees. 300 yards, open sights, standing on a horses rump in belly deep snow? One fucking shot, just behind the front shoulder. Down goes a two point bull elk. 

R.I.P Dad.

Checkbook Politics

Another Colorado focused political rant.

A section of Colorado geography running roughly from Steamboat Springs South to Pagosa Springs has great mountain scenery and four season recreation. Over the years it has attracted the moneyed class, especially trust funders. Once entrenched, they go about changing the political landscape to their choosing using their checkbooks.

Epicenter of the moneyed class is Aspen, which is within the 3rd Congressional District and  currently occupied by a, gasp, Republican who keeps getting re-elected. The (P)regressives keep putting up their own ideological acceptable candidate. Their current war horse?

Wow! Strong resume there.

Another moneyed class in Colorado is the RINOs who managed to re-elect a first term Democrat Senator, Michael (mumbles) Bennett because the man who won out in the Republican primaries “wasn’t one of them” and didn’t get party support (and neither did President Trump IMO).

Some readers may be familiar with the name, Tom Steyer.

He has written a lot of checks in Colorado for (P)regressive causes and candidate with limited success. Perhaps now he is busy spending $20 million impeaching President Trump maybe he will leave Colorado alone.

Yeah, yeah I know. Have an internet connection and too much time on my hands.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” Rahm Emanuel
Cynical me wonders about the current brouhaha raging about sexual harassment isn’t a golden opportunity for organizations to dump underperformers, bloated contracts, and general pain in the asses with less risk of being sued?
Amazing, to me, other than Candidate Moore (Alabama), the ones falling are (P)regressives. Isn’t it a requirement to be a ‘feminist ‘if you are a Liberal?
Moore? Let the left dump even more money down that hole. The Alabama voters will sort that one out.
Pure speculation on my part. Wonder how many “deplorables” within civil service have been gritting their teeth and keeping their heads down during the eight years of the Lightbringer? New sheriff in town who has their back may encourage them along the lines of “payback is hell”.
Looks like Mueller has stepped on his dick. Illegal shit that happened under his watch, probably with his knowledge, is coming to light.  Payback?
See where President Trump has granted Rep. Trey Gowdy an absolute security clearance. No more stonewalling under the guise of national security for the deep state mandarins.
We have the fat turd in North Korea keeping a crises going week after week. I doubt Donald Trump Jr. is dumb, and won’t use “An opportunity to do things you think you couldn’t do before”.

However all this shakes out I’m not smart enough to predict. What I do know is Shillary Clinton isn’t #45, and that gives me hope.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


She liked new and shiny. I liked no debt and six months living expenses in the bank. Somehow we stayed married 22 years before she split and left me with two young sons to rear. 

In later years she lived with my youngest son, supposedly to provide child care. One day she gave me a wonderful compliment, saying to my son,

“You are cheaper than your father!”

Yes, he grew up with good values. 

Middle son reported complaints during his short marriage along the same lines.

 When did living within your means and having money in the bank become a loathsome lifestyle?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Santa's Little Helper

My route co-driver spends much of December playing Santa Claus. To accommodate his appearances, we swap work days.

The question is why I do this when the ungrateful wretch won’t share his naughty list?

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Wandering Around An Auto Salvage Yard

Nothing like wandering around the junk yard for a long walk, fresh air, and some sun. Plus it is free unless you buy something.

My son's Ford Focus is missing a piece in the dash that holds the hood release. The release works but is unsightly. No Focus in the place had an intact dash, let alone what I was looking for.

While looking at this late 70's Pinto two guys were there discussing turning it into a dragster. Floating in the air were thousand of female voices exclaiming, 

"Men and boys and their toys".

The bushings on my Mighty Max windshield wiper transmission are badly worn. Didn't expect to find a Mighty Max but did find a 1993 Mitsubishi Montero that has the same dimensions wiper post to wiper post as my truck. The position of the wiper motor on the firewall is the same. Need to do some research but think it might work.

I'm far too old and stove up to be climbing on wrecks but there are always others pulling parts that will do it for you for a $20 bill. Takes about fifteen minutes.

This caught my eye, a utility bed on a Ford Ranger. Measured it, and it will fit my truck. I have zero need for a utility bed on my truck. But,

"Men and Boys and their toys". 

Huge cool factor. Dents removed and painted red. Bet I can talk myself into doing it.

Yes, Sisty, I need a life. The upside is it keeps me out of bars.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Challenge Coin

Chief Joshua Bright, Master at Arms, Meridian NS, meeting Vice President Pence on Thanksgiving and receiving a challenge coin.
Josh is the son of Alan Bright and Kristin Collings, Wheatridge, CO and Yuma, AZ. Alan is a first cousin.

Alan's father, Lyal Bright, was a Navy Gunner on armed merchantmen in WWII.

Josh has had an interesting career including a stint at Guantanamo. His wife was in the Army. Quite the couple! 

Challenge coins are valued. A place of honor in my son's house has a challenge coin from the then Sgt Maj of the Army given to him in Kandahar. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Rumors of War

Fifty four years have passed since the assassination of President Kennedy. Old NFO has put up an interesting post.

On that day our company, training to be Combat Engineers,  were marching back from the ranges where we had finished training on the M-2 .50 caliber machine gun. It was a miserable day with freezing sleet that became a big snow storm.

Our dilapidated WWII era barracks weren’t much warmer. Often the butt cans froze. As we were sorted ourselves out, the company clerk came running by shouting,

 “The president has been killed”.

Soon the few radios some troops had were turned on to the commercial stations and we listened to the news. All of us started packing our duffel bags and within a few minutes we were prepared to move out. Several of us started re-cleaning and oiling our M-14s.

Then the rumors started. Fort Leonard Wood was locked down. No one could get on or get off. Dependents off post shopping weren’t allowed back in. (Yeah, a training base in the middle of the Missouri Ozarks was a major first strike target).

Next no shit! rumor was all trucks were being staged for something. Since I was one of eight trainees who went to truck driving school at the start of the cycle, why wasn’t I called for driver duty?

The rumors kept coming. The only “hard” news was what we heard on the commercial radio stations.

In the Army, and I assume the other services, no one important is dead until the official order is read to the assembled troops. For President Kennedy, that day was bitterly cold and windy with hard packed snow. We all marched in Class As to a convenient gravel pit that provided some shelter and the battalion commander read the order.

The battalion had a female officer, a Major, and she was in a skirt and wearing low heels. The Sergeant Major offered her his arm and together they gingerly slipped and slid down the road to the bottom of the gravel pit. Poor woman, talk about freezing your ass off.

Training resumed, the rumors died down, and we finished our training. We weren’t denied access to newspapers but they were only available at the PX, not convenient from where we were housed.

Another situation that allowed rumors to flourish was an all inclusive cruise on the good ship USS General Maurice Rose crossing from the Brooklyn Army Yard to Bremerhaven. A miserable trip, scheduled for nine days, took fourteen.

Part of the lunacy the military breeds was roving guards, armed with night sticks, patrolling the berthing areas and decks accessible to we unwilling passengers at night. WTF?

Soon another no shit! report was a submarine had surfaced alongside us and one of the night guards threw his night stick at the submarine. Yeah, he was getting an Article 15 for losing the night stick.

Rumors, how they start, how they circulate, and how people respond has been studied forever. How each of us responds is up to us. Me, being cynical, want hard proof before I start discombobulating.

One part of me understands the military approach to busy hands, less mischief. I was probably a poster child candidate when I served. Understanding doesn’t lead to liking shit details. Still, the practice worked. All the time spent avoiding shit details was time not spent stirring shit.

The JFK assassination and racial turmoil were two things that stick in my memory. Undoubtedly the racial turmoil in Germany wasn’t by accident. It was to the communist’s benefit to weaken the army they might need to defeat and creating racial turmoil was cheap.

I got out just as Vietnam was stating up. Not sorry I missed that. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Whee IV

Wyoming weather can be so changeable. Cheyenne to US 26 via Wheatland on I-25 was as bad as yesterday. East on US 26 twenty miles it was nearly calm.

Lots of high cirrus and lenticular clouds still in the sky. Below those clouds, as any pilot will tell you, the air is turbulent. Above? Often severe smooth.

One unpleasant part of the drive is twenty to thirty minutes of sunrise in your face. With Polaroids on, any animals on the sides are even harder to spot.

South out of Scottsbluff hit wind again. Strong, but nothing like the morning.

Back in Northern Colorado it was breezy with some good mountain wave action.

Hope you  all have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. As usual, I'll be at my sister's. She maintains a sober house so will restrain my party animal (which disappeared decades ago).