Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Author, Author


“You should write a book”, a neighbor said, “Your blog is interesting”.

After thanking her for her kind remark about my blog, I told her authors needs both talent and discipline, qualities I lack. As Dirty Harry said in several movies, “A man should know his limitations”. In ten years, my blog has had around 11.7K page views. Many of the bloggers on my sidebar get that many in two months. Clearly, my “audience” isn’t that large.

I still retain a clear memory of “constructive criticism” from 1979. At the time, while working for a UBC compliant manufactured home company, I wrote a detailed instruction manual on how to install a modular home. I floated a draft among my colleagues. One, who was blunter than even me said, “This is the best set of instructions I’ve ever read, if I could read it. We need to have a ‘professional’ writer redo it to make it more readable”.

As it happened, I was married to a ‘professional writer’, so I hired her. Painfully, sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph, she questioned me as in, “What do you mean here?” Her re-write was received to high praise by my colleagues and was soon printed in a pamphlet and given to customers.

We should have applied for a copyright. Our competitors copied it and used it with their customers.

My blog is my personal worldly, and wordy, bloviating. If others enjoy it, or it really pisses off people, so much the better.

My only other writing endeavor is a series of agitprop postings under the heading, “Stirring the pot”, published on a Facebook page. The gaslighters, aka “Fact Checkers” often jump on my posts. That is a big ego boost. 

Maybe I need to get a life.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Made Me Laugh

Per news report, the ship is now free and transiting the canal.

Saturday, March 27, 2021


 One of my son's blogs. Facebook is now blocking him promoting his blog on the basis the music, language, and lyrics he reviews are sometimes racist and/or offensive to snowflakes.

I am the first to admit I don't understand this music. He must be doing something that resonates with a lot of people as just this one blog is approaching 2,000,000 page views.

In the past, when I've watched him perform in clubs, I found the audience to be the politiest group I've ever encountered. This weird (in their world) old white dude was welcomed and was given great seating to view the shows. 

I liken my son to a lone wolf. He simply wants to be left alone to do his "thing". Don't bother him and he  won't bother you. Mess with him, and you are dealing with a full blown Viking berserker. 

I've raised my sons to be their own men. The downside to that, if there is one, they go their own ways with their beliefs from devout Christians to paganism. I comfort myself by seeing their work ethic, honesty, and treating their fellow citizens with kindness and respect.

As to Facebook, pffttttt!

Friday, March 26, 2021

Cold Cases and Social Distancing


Our building’s common area has been closed for a year. Today one end was opened for a COVID-19 inoculation event. Seems “social distancing” wasn’t a concern from the chair placement.

Chair placement didn’t matter. Six people from a 92 unit building came. Of course, many residents have already been inoculated. Several have then been hospitalized. Not too surprising, this is an age 62+ building with most of us 70+.

Two neighbors are retired nurses. One of them has two Doctor brothers. Both are refusing the shots. One, Marge, pointed out the size and length of the needles being used. She said the needles needed for most shots are much smaller. Only when you need to go through muscle to reach the arm bone do you need that sized needle. Ouch!

Both of these retired nurses say they will reconsider when the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is available since it is a vaccine, not some experimental concoction the present two shots seems to be.

As for myself, I haven’t had a flu shot in years and haven’t had the flu. I do spend a lot of energy and money bolstering my immune system.

As always, YMMV.

The Weld County Sheriff Department is having some success solving cold cases, the most recent a 46 year old case. There is a retired deputy, who calls my sister, “Mom”, who started the dedicated effort a few years ago. She was successful and the current sheriff has kept people working cold cases full time.

I’m fortunate to live in a small city with a decent police department. That wasn’t always the case but a long serving chief came in and turned things around. It is not just the big crimes and the gangs that get investigated. I was recently a person of interest as a porch pirate.

I order an item online and didn’t notice I put in my address wrong; last digit 5 instead of 2. Have you ever tried to wade through UPS’s website to make a correction?  When I was notified the package was delivered I went to the address. No one was home and the only tracks in the fresh snow were the UPS drivers. I retrieved the package. Seems I was caught on camera and later seen walking Banner by the house, again caught on camera. A few days later a polite but very professional young lady was at my door. I was able to prove my case from records on my computer.

I was impressed the department even bothered.

Other dealings with the police department haven’t been as pleasant. Root cause is my scofflaw attitude toward speed limits.

Spoiling the narrative, more on the Boulder jihadist.

This, in spite of Colorado having passed and enacted all the gun grabber wet dream laws, didn’t  stop a determined criminal.

While where and how he bought his firearm is known, the unanswered question is where did he find ammunition?

ADDENDUM: My son has been blocked by Facebook from promoting his blog(s). I'm so proud! (One is on my sidebar.)

Monday, March 22, 2021

March 20th, Meat Free, Meat In


Emperor Polis’ companion/spouse/whatever is a vegetarian. He, “has a passion for animal rights”, as stated many times to the media. It isn’t clear he influenced his partner to proclaim March 20th as a “meat free” day.

The uproar resulted in 26 of Colorado’s 64 counties to declare March 20th as, “Meat In” day. There were gatherings statewide of farmers and ranchers with all kinds of meat prepared and consumed.

I attended a pancake and bacon breakfast in Dacono put on by a Weld County Commissioner and later stopped for some tasty brisket in LaSalle.

The (P)regressive Boulder trust fund snots attacking the Colorado animal husbandry is, IMO, shameful and vicious. There is an Initiative, 16, being floated that would make raising livestock for slaughter nearly impossible and prohibitively expensive. The Emperor has appointed people openly hostile to agriculture to various boards and commissions directly concerned with agriculture.

So far, the only ones not being attacked are the cannabis growers.

Rural Colorado doesn’t have the population to counter the Front Range counties. Still, several rural counties vote Democrat. Will they in the future?

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Bad Granddad


My grandson Connor is about halfway through Basic at Fort Jackson, SC.  I sent him a big bag of M&Ms. Seems those are regarded as “contraband” and brought scrutiny from his Drill Instructors. My bad! The contraband goes into a “personal” bag until he graduates. He tells me he is looking forward to eating them.

AIT will be training as a mechanic on Armored Equipment which will lead to being a diesel mechanic as a civilian plus the Guard will help with his college.

He graduates Basic April 29th. At the moment Fort Jackson is closed due to Kong Flu. Hope that changes; I want to be there as I was for his father.

He becomes a fifth generation soldier.

Great great Uncle Leonard White served as a Cavalryman during WWI fighting the Mexican border war.

Great grandfather Bob White, Quartermaster, Army/Army Air force, WWII CBI

Grandfather Frank White, Combat Engineer 1963-1966, Germany

 Father Travis White, Combat Medic, Afghanistan

 Connor is a good man. His father would be proud.


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Do You Have a Recipe for Crow?


Emperor Polis, our Boulder County trust fund snot Governor, pissed off a lot of people suggesting March 20th as a “meatless day”.

Polis’ partner, Marlon Reis, is a vegetarian and a Boulder County native.

The uproar caused by Polis’ proclamation has reached levels even tone deaf Polis can’t ignore. From the local rag:

Also in the area yesterday, were Kamala Harris and her husband.  No links, look for yourself if interested.

Sister Kink (Lori Saine, newly elected Weld County Commissioner) and Congressman Ken Buck are having a pancake and bacon breakfast Saturday in “support” of  Polis’ meatless day. Since the location is near a favorite grocery store, and Banner’s dog food supply is running low, I will probably attend

Please excuse the poor computer skills. I haven’t mastered hyperlinks.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


Prior to the expected storm, I relocated my truck to make it easier for the snow plow operators.

The snow was still wet and heavy so I was able to clear the driver side rear enough to get out. Later, when it freezes, it would be a real challenge. Too bad I didn’t have someone to video this obese 76 year old body climbing in from the passenger side. YouTube material.

Now the truck is parked in a spot the #%&$*$’s will have to work around. With less snow expected, I should be ok tomorrow.

I really don’t want to go anywhere today.

Winter Weather


Weather forecast was correct, so far. A blanket of wet, heavy snow fell overnight. Calm, until around 0745, but now we have wind. That may be a blessing as the trees are now shedding their snow load.

Our power was out for about five minutes and the dog and I live in an all electric building on the third floor. My knees don’t like stairs. Worse, the coffee pot is electric as is the stove!

Some enjoy romping in the snow (for about five minutes).

My concern is the wind along with more snow. It could make for an interesting Sunday. Since the forecast has been correct so far, let it be accurate going forward. Tomorrow is forecasted to be clear (sort of).

For now, Banner and I are snug, dry and warm with no reason to brave the roads.

UPDATE: Power keeps going off then coming back on in minutes. As much as I loath Xcel as a company, my admiration for their people in the field is exactly opposite.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Snowflake Wet Dreams


Because they are “special”.

Makes my evil cold heart smile when I think of the (P)regressive elected office holders having to deal with it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Monday, March 8, 2021



Middle son called Friday night in a panic. He was ill, vomiting, dizzy, and weak. Thought he might have the Kung flu.

My third question, “Have you eaten fast food recently?”

“This afternoon”, he replied.

This morning he was able to go to work and passed the temperature check at the door. My relief is enormous.

A few years ago I checked into a motel Friday night in Bonner Springs, KS. Didn’t see any restaurants nearby but next door was a McDonalds where I grabbed a quick carryout. Spent Saturday and Sunday immobile, too sick to even go outside or even drink coffee.

The risk of bad food hasn’t gone away. Many people who work fast food are financially stressed and will go to work regardless of how they feel. I really can’t blame them.

I rarely eat fast food and the Bonner Springs episode wasn’t the last time it has happened.

As always, YMMV.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Two Is One, One Is None


The coffee carafe this morning. Fortunately, there is a backup.

Off on an unplanned shopping trip today,  but necessary. Only coffee can make me brave the “Karen” weekend shoppers and the parking lot “chicken” games.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Speaking To The Law

 There is ongoing chatter about not speaking to the FBI, or any federal LEOs, in blogger world. There is nothing new; just getting worse.

 This is a blog post I wrote several years ago on that subject.

 The little girl in question?

 Will the abuse of power by these assholes ever end?

Yes, I know. Rhetorical question.

Monday, March 1, 2021

A New Whine

 Not woke? If you are, you already know the "government" must be tasked with guaranteeing equality of outcome. Don't agree? Then you must read this editorial by a (P)regressive person of color.

As always, YMMV