Monday, March 8, 2021



Middle son called Friday night in a panic. He was ill, vomiting, dizzy, and weak. Thought he might have the Kung flu.

My third question, “Have you eaten fast food recently?”

“This afternoon”, he replied.

This morning he was able to go to work and passed the temperature check at the door. My relief is enormous.

A few years ago I checked into a motel Friday night in Bonner Springs, KS. Didn’t see any restaurants nearby but next door was a McDonalds where I grabbed a quick carryout. Spent Saturday and Sunday immobile, too sick to even go outside or even drink coffee.

The risk of bad food hasn’t gone away. Many people who work fast food are financially stressed and will go to work regardless of how they feel. I really can’t blame them.

I rarely eat fast food and the Bonner Springs episode wasn’t the last time it has happened.

As always, YMMV.


drjim said...

I have completely lost my "taste" for mass-market fast food since we moved here. If I want a good burger, I'll go to Freddy's. If I want a "sit down" burger, I'll go to Vern's.

There's just too many good burger joints here to bother going to McDonald's or Burger King, both of which aren't very good here in FoCo..

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Other states do it better. In- and - Out and Whataburger come to mind. Haven't been in Verns for a long time.

One perk back when I was running car sales was nearly every small town has one good eatery. Shooters in Rifle, for instance. There was a place in Delta that did an Indian Taco that my crew and I looked forward to having them delivered for lunch. Many great steak places. Most of these places are family owned. I wonder how many will survive the Kung Flu madness?

drjim said...

In-N-Out makes superb burgers, although some disagree with me. All my Texas friends rave about Whataburger, but they're not in Colorado.

We went to Vern's the first time we came out here. It had a "Country Store" feel to, and I thought the food was really good.

SLW doesn't care for it very much. She doesn't like the mounted animals and fish "staring at her" when she's gal, what can I say?

Old NFO said...

In-N-Out is okay. I like 5 Guys better. And agree, no Micky D's or Burger King (or Taco Hell)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The Buckhorn Cafe on Sante Fe in Denver (CO's oldest restaurant) has even more. Great food but the bill might mean taking out a 2nd mortgage.

5 Guys is just blocks away but I've never been in there.

drjim said...

We had 5 Guys in SoCal. I agree, good burgers!