Friday, March 26, 2021

Cold Cases and Social Distancing


Our building’s common area has been closed for a year. Today one end was opened for a COVID-19 inoculation event. Seems “social distancing” wasn’t a concern from the chair placement.

Chair placement didn’t matter. Six people from a 92 unit building came. Of course, many residents have already been inoculated. Several have then been hospitalized. Not too surprising, this is an age 62+ building with most of us 70+.

Two neighbors are retired nurses. One of them has two Doctor brothers. Both are refusing the shots. One, Marge, pointed out the size and length of the needles being used. She said the needles needed for most shots are much smaller. Only when you need to go through muscle to reach the arm bone do you need that sized needle. Ouch!

Both of these retired nurses say they will reconsider when the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is available since it is a vaccine, not some experimental concoction the present two shots seems to be.

As for myself, I haven’t had a flu shot in years and haven’t had the flu. I do spend a lot of energy and money bolstering my immune system.

As always, YMMV.

The Weld County Sheriff Department is having some success solving cold cases, the most recent a 46 year old case. There is a retired deputy, who calls my sister, “Mom”, who started the dedicated effort a few years ago. She was successful and the current sheriff has kept people working cold cases full time.

I’m fortunate to live in a small city with a decent police department. That wasn’t always the case but a long serving chief came in and turned things around. It is not just the big crimes and the gangs that get investigated. I was recently a person of interest as a porch pirate.

I order an item online and didn’t notice I put in my address wrong; last digit 5 instead of 2. Have you ever tried to wade through UPS’s website to make a correction?  When I was notified the package was delivered I went to the address. No one was home and the only tracks in the fresh snow were the UPS drivers. I retrieved the package. Seems I was caught on camera and later seen walking Banner by the house, again caught on camera. A few days later a polite but very professional young lady was at my door. I was able to prove my case from records on my computer.

I was impressed the department even bothered.

Other dealings with the police department haven’t been as pleasant. Root cause is my scofflaw attitude toward speed limits.

Spoiling the narrative, more on the Boulder jihadist.

This, in spite of Colorado having passed and enacted all the gun grabber wet dream laws, didn’t  stop a determined criminal.

While where and how he bought his firearm is known, the unanswered question is where did he find ammunition?

ADDENDUM: My son has been blocked by Facebook from promoting his blog(s). I'm so proud! (One is on my sidebar.)


Old NFO said...

Lots of folks are...waiting for Johnson and Johnson vaccine...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Better the devil you know, somewhat.

LSP said...

Porch pirate?

I like that.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Lots of "porch pirate" stuff on YouTube.

R said...

I'm tired of constantly worrying about bringing Covid home from work.

I just drove two hours each way to an adjacent state where a youngster like me could get a Pfizer vaccine while my state isn't vaccinating most folks under 50 and appointments are hard to get.

Normal sized needle, sore arm the a few hours later.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

We all make our own informed choices. If I had children living with me my choice might be different.