Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Something Light

Just for fun

Banner gets a ‘spa day’. Nails trimmed and a bath. The groomer has a sense of humor – makes me smile.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Colorado in One Picture


No hoisting the black flag; back to the usual scatter gun blog of unrelated nuggets that interest me (and maybe you). Hopefully, there is something to offend everyone.

Madness – All Renewable by 2060

I’ll be dead by then but my grandchildren will be alive.


Inconvenient fact. Renewable energy hardware and infrastructure will require amounts enormous of materials extracted from Gaia.

What will exist is the historical effort of the eaters to tax and live off the doers. Unless the Almighty decides to change things, mankind will keep doing what they always have.

And a 500 year plan to save mankind.


Caused by eating too much Asian food?

A reminder of how most people get their food


Cartridge discussion 6.5 Creedmore

A topic of interest to hunters and shooters.


I don’t have a dog in the hunt. After developing macular degeneration I gave away all my long arms, those not lost in the boating accident, to those who would use them.  What I used back in the day was a .30-40 Kraig, .30-30 Model 94, a .308 Mannlicher and a 20 gauge Stevens single shot.

The last paragraph of the article is the definitive answer.

My absolute favorite? The M1 Garand I shot in basic training. Not pretty, probably had been rebuilt many times, but I hit what I aimed at. Qualifying, I missed one target for sure, 25 yards, 5 second duration, went high. The other target, 350 yards, 10 second duration, the scorer missed because of the heavy rain. I damn well hit that target.

The rifle I disliked, intensely, was the M-14 I carried in Germany. I’ve since learned two manufactures made them. One used a M14 production line modified from M1s. The other built a new line from scratch. The one I was issued was a p.o.s. Accurate, yes. Reliable, no.

Only 19, and already an overachieving criminal


I’m amazed there is a car lot manager that spot delivered an expensive car to a kid before ‘starching’ the check.

Old age frustrations

Loss of fine motor skill/feeling in hands probably bothers me the most. There was a large gap in a cabinet letting in cold air.

After my ‘fix’.

I never claimed to be good at this (h/t Casey LaDelle,  YouTube).

More truth about getting old.

 A cousin’s sense of humor

(P)regressive politics bite (P)regressives in the ass-Colorado Edition


And the beat goes on. More taxes, less accountability.


I’m not laughing being, a taxpayer that foots part of the bill.

Speaking of pissing away tax dollars on ‘green’ bullshit, here is a gem from a ski area.


Electric buses in one of the colder winter places in one of the colder states makes no sense, IMO

Thar’s gold in them thar hills!

Watch the environazis got ape shit over this. Open pit mining near I-80 and a state park? The horror! Can’t have a payroll with decent paying jobs, no-no-no. We must preserve the area for the trust fund snots to have awesome back to nature hikes two or three times a decade.


 Wyoming, so they will likely be thwarted.

 Colorado Wolves

They didn’t get the memo about the areas they were to stay. Shocking, isn’t it? Next on the environazi list, re-introducing grizzly bears.

An oops I'm not smart enough to fix


As always, YMMV

Thursday, January 18, 2024

F**king Dirt People Win, for the Moment


UPDATE: 1/16 “Dirt People” Blog

The land grab is dead, for now. We all know another, disguised, attempted is down the road.


Sane, Rational ‘Assault Rifle’ Definition

Too bad the gun grabbers will ignore this. Our facts, their ‘feelings’, are at odds. Is it possible to have an honest discussion with true believers?


Many legal actions are moving around the Federal Courts. Some may eventually be taken up by the Supreme Court. A good report on their status is here.

Thankfully President Trump kept p.o.s Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court and appointed some 500 Federal Judges.

“Gun” Control. In the fall of 1963, kindly Corporal Arnold taught us, unless referring to a shotgun, firearm, or weapon,  rifle was the only acceptable word. For those who never went through military basic training, or those who have forgotten, this may make things clear.

Old Dog – New Tricks

This recent Polar Vortex has temperatures around 0°F. Add wind chill and -30°F results. Since I’ve been dealing with these temperatures most of my adult life, I shrug. Sisty, on the other hand, has a different opinion. With no compelling reason to be out (feed livestock, open a business, or family/medical emergency), don’t go out doing collection calls. Reluctantly, I’ve heeded her advice. Banner agrees.

Rep. Lauren Boebert Drama continued

Hmm, am I now in National Enquirer territory?


Oh Shit! Colorado (P)regressives proposing “Common Sense” voting changes


Yawn. Another productive citizen killed by an illegal immigrant.


The perp made the mistake of committing his crime in Weld County. Notwithstanding the person who died was a correctional officer, Weld County is a FAFO county.

Sick Humor

Guilty! Made me snicker.

Used Cars, the Movie

Not Rudy Russo, as Virtual Mirage asked in a recent blog. I loathe neckties.

 As always, YMMV

Friday, January 12, 2024

Shut Up, You F**cking Dirt People, You Don't Matter


Land Grab

A obscene melding of radical environmentalist, elite land grab, world global goals and other pathogens designed to circumvent our country’s sovereignty and abrogate our Constitutional rights that I’ve ever seen. All is being done by federal bureaucracy with no Congressional authority.


The pathogens


Perhaps winning another fight can put a stop to it, the court cases against the BATFE overreach. Part of that fight is the BATFE doing things Congress never approved. The hope is SCOTAS will rule against the practice. That will be a framework for attacking any and all overreaching bureaucrats and the Obama third term, “I have a phone”.

Damned if this issues pisses me off enough to run up the black flag and start ……………

 As always, YMMV

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

(P)gressive Policies are Killing People

 Open Borders and ‘Sanctuary’ Places

Once again, liberal wet dreams get people killed. Four times departed El Salvadorian driving drunk killed a woman and her son.


Note how this drunk has four, that is right, four convictions for alcohol offenses in just Boulder County. Too bad the legal system can’t hold those who made the decision not to inform ICE accountable, financially.

 Lemons to Lemonade – Wyoming Coal

Exploring other uses for coal.Fill pot holes?


Rep. Lauren Bobert Soap Opera

Poor lady can’t catch a break. One of the hazards of being a rebellious public figure instead of a uni-party loyal opposition. Your personal drama becomes public entertainment.


The drama escalates with Jayson Bobert’s arrest.


My sympathy goes out to their four children.

Miscellaneous Colorado Politics

Rep.  Dough Lamborn (R) 3rd announced he won’t seek a 10th term. With Boebert switching districts, this means all three Congressional seats held by RINOs, excuse me, Republicans will be open next election.

The Legislature is now in session and the looney far left Donkeys are in a pissing match with just left Donkeys.


President Trump is now back on the Primary ballot. All that grandstanding was for naught. Grandstanding, because Trump’s odds of winning Colorado electoral votes are about the same as aliens giving the Denver Broncos a quarterback.

Election Deniers

If an election is honest, why wouldn’t those who ‘won’ want open scrutiny so as to solidify their claim to legitimately govern?

Norwegian Joke

A neighbor asked me if I knew Norwegian Jokes, having been married to a first generation Norwegian. Does a bear……..? This is one joke.

Sven and Oley were sitting in a Seattle Ballard Bar one winter day and looking at an advertisement.

“All inclusive cruise to Mexico, $99”.

Being thrifty Norskies, they signed up and paid their money. Soon they found themselves chained to benches rowing a longboat. As they rowed the days did get warmer until they arrived off Mexican coast. They were told to stand, look, then they were told,

“That is Mexico”.

Next they started rowing North until, after several harrowing days, they arrived at Ballard.

“Sven”, asked Oley, “Should we tip them?”

“Hell no”, said Sven. “We didn’t last year”.

 Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood population was once heavily Scandinavian. When we first moved to Seattle in the 70’s we rented a house in the Magnolia neighborhood just South of Ballard. Coming home one afternoon, my first generation Norwegian wife started telling me about discovering Ballard.

 “Everyone there looks like me!”, she said. YaSureYaBetcha

Open Borders

All the issues and dangers of SloJoHo’s open borders stance is well covered by others better read than me. My take is that the people coming here aren’t coming with the intent of joining our society. They are here to get what they can get and don’t give a rat’s ass about our laws.

As always, YMMV

Monday, January 1, 2024

A Banner Year

A Banner Year.

Pets add so much to our lives and sharing him with my neighbors gives all a warm fuzzy feeling (excepting the haters – fuck’em).

Not Sure What I Think of This – Political Polarization

Is the subject being studied out of scientific curiosity or a means of thought control? Benign or dangerous?


Climate Change vs Reality

Forest management duplicating natural processes isn’t the way to go?


Worked for eons and can work again.


Natives often set fire to prairies to encourage the re-growth of vegetation preferred by Bison (ok, Buffalo). Sagebrush competes with grasses for water. In areas where sagebrush is eliminated, grasses will grow belly deep to a horse.

Amen, Brother

Iran gets Bit in the Ass – No Gasoline


Coming soon to America? How internet integrated are our gas stations? In reality, our whole infrastructure may be vulnerable. Supermarkets, anyone?

Bottom Line First vs Clickbait – A Rant

YouTube Videos are something I like to watch but get pissed off and stop watching many, quickly.

In business management we wanted to hear the bottom line first and details later as needed, i.e, get to the fucking point!

Far too many of these videos start with subjects that interests me. What follows is two minutes of the poster droning on and on without getting near the point. Quickly, I’m gone. That probably doesn’t enhance the algorithms. Asking me to subscribe, hit the notification button, etc. isn’t the issue. Wasting my time by not getting to the point is an issue. Sheesh, wonder how many reading this blog feel the same about the author?

Stefan Soloview – the Anti-Elite

The billionaire son of a New York mogul is impacting agriculture in Colorado and Kansas. The opposite of Bill Gates, he gets his hands dirty. A long article about him and his endeavors.


He resurrected a 122 mile section of railroad successfully and once tried to buy the dormant Tennessee Pass route from the Union Pacific to the horror of the Colorado trust fund snots. Gasp! Coal trains along the Arkansas and Eagle Rivers again???

Tennessee Pass

For those interested here is an hour long video about the last active trains when the Union Pacific closed the route in 1997. You get to see most of the route during the presentation.


As opposed to riches, affluence, for me, means paying bills without having to wait for a check, or paycheck, to have enough in the checking account to cover the bill. While not a “prepper”, when I see things I use or consume all the time on sale, I buy weeks worth because I can.

Working most of my life on commission, I had a tight budget. Any month I made more than the ‘budget’, that surplus went into savings. My goal was to have six months ahead.  The lean months then were not stressful as I could draw down some savings. My last car payment was in 1984.  

When you are among the top producers and you are not living check to check, that gives you an edge dealing with bean counters and greedy managers.

Like most folks, unexpected expenses happened. Medical bills, children’s DUI’s, and terminating grandchildren’s birth mother’s parenting rights for example. Doing so without accruing huge debt was a stress reducer.

Was I right in helping my one son with his DUI’s? 

He is still alive, now several years sober, and a productive citizen. He put in the hard work to turn his life around, divest himself of bad companions, and ending a bad marriage.

My only accomplishment parenting may be sons who are financially disciplined.

More Local Rare Earth News

Better, faster, cheaper extraction method with wide potential for other minerals.


Colorado Politics, Lauren Bobert Edition

The Congresswoman the trust funds snots love to hate gives them the middle finger, choosing to run in another District.


I’ve always rather liked her as a person. A small town Western Slope resident, knocked up in high school, and a hard worker who raised herself up from her humble beginnings, she is someone to admire even if you disagree with her politics. Plus, I never got sick (or shot) eating in her restaurant.

The open seat being vacated by Loyal Opposition RINO Ken Buck isn’t likely to go (P)regressive. How the voters in the district will view her I can’t forecast. Pass the popcorn.

Hamas War

This isn’t my first post recommending this YouTube Channel. Think the polar opposite of American Media Maggots (h/t BZ) reporting. This is from the grunts point of view. Also, noted are the number of Israeli Generals who have died. Leading from the front gets my respect.

Best wishes to one and all. May 2024 be a high point in your lives.

As always, YMMV