Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Still A Favorite

Still my favorite "heavy". Something "just right" about a 747.

Remember my first ride as a passenger. On takeoff was pushed back in the seat like dropping the hammer in a big block Ford.

Sorry about the quality of the photo. Getting close to anything at DIA is difficult.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Messing With Tourists

Red Desert, WY in years past had a decent truck stop type restaurant. It was a good place to stop coming from Utah for a meal, restroom break, or just coffee. Everything there is closed now.

Along one wall with assorted curiosities was a mounted jackalope. A tourist lady was questioning the waitress as to its authenticity. The waitress assured her it was real.

Turning to me, the tourist asked, “Are you from around here?”

“I was born in this county”, I replied (which was true).

“Is that real?”, she demanded, pointing to the jackalope.

“No”, I replied. “Jackalope have different horns”.

Now agitated, she demanded, “Have you ever seen one?”

“My grandfather had a ranch east of Saratoga. When I was young, I would spend a week on his ranch. They would come down to his irrigation ditch for a drink and browse in his alfalfa. But, that was years ago”, was my response.

“They are survivors from the Pleistocene era along with pronghorn, or what most people call antelope”, said another patron in an authoritative voice. “Very rare, and in danger of extinction”.

Completely flummoxed, the tourist and her party left.

The waitress, the other patron, and I exchanged grins but said nothing. Fun messing with tourists.

Grumpy Old Bastard Rant

Favorite Daughter in Law (FDIL) refers to me as GOB (Grouchy Old Bastard), an improvement over the previous EFIL (Evil Father in Law). Today’s rant is about Nanny State thinking.

Per Social Security regulations, a health insurance premium amount will be deducted regardless if any health insurance is bought. This per my insurance agent (and I’m too lazy to find out if he is wrong). The company he recommended is United Health Care. For the most part, they have been ok. Paid the bulk of my pacemaker episode and cover a large portion of my prescriptions. Why the rant, GOB?

Starting last year, they have taken to nagging me about flu shots, colonoscopies, annual health checks and the like. This comes as phone calls and a blizzard of emails. Damn nanny thinking on their part.

I pay them for insurance, only. I have my own primary health care provider who I see twice a year, a community health clinic, and my own cardiologist which they can easily determine by looking at my claims. Why do they deem it necessary to try and monitor my health without my requesting they undertake that responsibility?  

I get the argument they are trying to contain costs by keeping people healthy. Best method? Send out information as to how they propose to do this. Offer the insured the option to opt out. Simple, no?

They mail me stuff all the time that reads like a Shillary campaign mailing. I’ve unsubscribed from their emails and expressed my displeasure to the telephone callers (with their chirpy little voices and supercilious tone of voice). Still, it continues.

Well then, GOB, why don’t you change insurance companies? Answer. It is laziness, inertia, and not wanting to spend thirty minutes listening to my insurance agent. The man is even more boring than me.

GOB/WSF, what is the point of your rant? Just this, I’ve a glimpse of what the future will bring should the socialist dream of a one pay server come to fruition and I don’t want any part of it.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Muddled Rant

Doing a mental “connect the dots” prompted by reading several bloggers starting with Old NFO    and a comment by LL  taken in it’s entirety.

The corrupt, venal, smug, nasty, lying, elite mainstream media is only a vehicle through which funds flow. They’re a tool for other, hidden interests which supported Hillary, which delivered protesters to the rallies that President Trump held, paid the protesters, gave then a sack lunch.
You can’t expect the mainstream media to ask HONEST questions. They’re part of the system of the beast, wholly owned and operated.
The setback caused by the Clinton defeat, no matter how many billions she spent on ads, was incremental and a setback, but it didn’t slow the agenda.
Free people are armed, slaves are not. They need to disarm America and that’s been a relentless agenda.
Some of the dots are:

Firearms control (I hate to use 'gun' unless talking about a smooth-bore -blame the NCO’s at Ft. Leonard Wood Basic Training)

Transnational gangs and the abysmal failure to combat them.

Drug and opioid abuse.

Bizarre behaviors tied to prescription drug use. Example. Teachers having sex with their students. Young men shooting up schools.

Conspiracy theories as camouflage by government entities, particularly the intelligence communities, after events or exposure of illegal practices.  There is an immediate explosion of conspiracy theories. Coincidence or planned responses?

Constant pointless wars sapping the nation’s wealth.

Relentless attacks on our way of life by wealthy individuals with no consequences to them. Some are very public, such as George Soros.

Is all of this an accident, or part of a plan? Do the dots connect? There is an agenda, as pointed out by LL, but who’s agenda? Or, competing agendas?

Or, is WSF guilty of fomenting another unsubstantiated conspiracy theory? YMMV

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Four Days Off

Guernsey, WY this morning at 0630. Cold enough folks were zipping up their jackets. Hope it warms up by Monday when I go back to work.

My employer runs a low overhead operation but doesn't stint on maintenance and tires.  The ice grip tires on the Yaris go for $100+ and work well. I prefer studded tires and the owner doesn't. Oh well.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Earning My Meager Pay

Winter weather is back. Fun, fun, fun.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Onward With Ranting

Time for another political rant instead of low humor.  I’m currently reading Edward Klein’s book, “All Out War – The Plot to Destroy Trump”, and found, starting on page 233, one of the reasons I detest so many Republicans.

“There is also a cultural divide. Anti-Trump conservatives are a very refined group of people”

Yeah, fucking self appointed elitists. Not very different from (P)regressive Democrats.

Years ago I developed a talking point as to the difference between Republicans and Democrats when I was a Democratic Precinct Committeeman.

“We have this pie. The Republicans are all about who gets what slice of the pie. The Democrats are first of all concerned that there is pie”.

At the time, it was effective because it had a kernel of truth.  Today, I would phrase it differently.

“We have this pie. The (P)regressives want total control over the pie and the authority to decide who deserves what part of the pie”.

Many Republicans today?

“I’ve got mine, screw you and I’ll get yours if I can”.

That hasn’t changed over the years.

IMO, President Trump’s appeal is that he is, first of all, concerned there is pie for all and, second, protecting his fellow citizens from those who will grab the pie. Too simplistic?  Well, I’ve been called simple stupid more than once. Think I give a shit?

See where Mueller and team have named 16 inconsequential Russians as villains. Months and millions spent and this is what he has come up with?  Good analysis.

Even his success, Gen. Flynn, is falling apart because of the questionable tactics his staff has used.

Interesting, isn’t it, even the most liberal judges can gag at over the top prosecutorial misconduct. Bundy case anyone? Why, it seems even lawyers (judges are lawyers, after all) have scruples. Who woulda thunk? Maybe there is hope for our country after all.

We Blue Dog Democrats are still wandering in a political wasteland. Most of us voted for President Trump. Maybe we can form the core of a third party, the United Deplorables of America?

I’m refraining from saying much about the latest school shooting. That political field has been plowed over and over with little to show. I do note the FBI is getting some well deserved heat.

I think the knowledge of some workable solutions lie with the police officers and correction officers who daily deal with the citizens causing problems. This is not to disparage (much) those in the upper ranks. They are where they are because their views, and the views of the politicians they serve, are similar. If any are reading this, ladies and gentlemen, your track records suck, IMO.

See where the America Media Maggots (h/t BZ) are after President Trump about alleged infidelities. Think most of the country will shrug and say,

 “Yeah, so what?”

Rape and coercion is despicable. Most he/sheing between consenting adults doesn’t rise above deplorable.

$.25 tax increase on gasoline? Yikes! I can live with that but the cynic I am doubts if much will be spent on infrastructure. Lots of various consultants will be employed long before the first pothole is filled.

Going back to Klein’s book, he has always laid out how the deep state, by whatever name, arrogantly believe they run things. Pisses me off we the people actually pay these arrogant assholes to fuck over us. I don’t have answers but must believe the estimated 300,000,000+ firearms in private hands tends to dampen the assholes thirst for power and dominion. YMMV

I’m all behind President Trump’s efforts to drain the swamp. I suspect many more people in this country, despite what the Trump haters want to believe, are with him all the way. That is why he was elected IMO.

If you are still with me, thanks for reading.

Friday, February 16, 2018


Ami is talking about identical twins in her program.

Brought  back a memory from a misspent youth where I was dating Helen, whose identical twin was Nancy. The two were always using their similarity to fool people and create mischief. They were attractive, liked to have fun but were very chaste, to use an old fashion term.

One evening I arrived to pick up Helen for a date and it was Nancy who came out to the car. Aha. Promptly put my hand down her blouse and copped a feel. She was outraged.

“What’s the matter”, I asked? “You liked it on our last date”.

Boom, she was out of the car and back in their house. Then both came out, angry.

“How dare you say that to my sister”, Helen shouted?

My grin and laughter made both stop, think and then they laughed. Joke was on them.

After that, had a nice date with Helen. And, no didn’t cop a feel.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Might Be A Clue

The property manager for the apartment complex where I live is one of the hardest working people I've met. She has been divorced three times. Currently doesn't have a boyfriend. Wonder why?

Today she was storming around the complex raving about people not picking up after their dogs. I understand her anger but she was way over the top. Lucky me, I don't have a dog. 

Usually I can make her laugh. Today? Checked my mail and scuttled into my apartment. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Idea of Hillary

Driving ten hours three days a week gives time to think ( always dangerous in my case) without a lot of interruptions.

One subject that I’ve pondered is the appeal of Hillary Clinton. People and relatives whose intellect and opinions I otherwise respect seem fixated. Why?

My conclusion it is the “idea” of Hillary. What they hoped she represented.

Some of the motivations in play, IMO.

Women who have fought glass ceilings all their lives.

Men, including me, who have seen the anger and despair of their mothers who were forced into subservient positions while men at their workplaces with no talent or ability were promoted and paid.

Women who have sucked it up in unhappy marriages and kept their households together despite lousy husbands. Add men who grew up in those households who weren’t blind to what was happening.

The coalitions of people of both sexes that have tried to make positive improvements in their communities and helping the less fortunate.  They fear that those gains be lost.

There is much more. Hopefully the reader can fill in more blanks.

So, a mix of hope, anger, fear and despair seeking a champion for those ideals most important to them. Hillary seems to be that champion.

Sadly, for them, their champion is in the body and mind of a terribly flawed human being.

The most progressive person I know, who has literally put her life on the line for her ideals, once said, regarding Hillary, 

“I never thought these words would pass my lips. I wish we had a better candidate”.

Hillary’s  loss is taken by her supporters as a rejection of them and their ideals. Not necessarily so. Remember the part of the famous Lincoln quote, “all the people all the time?” Enough citizens were not taken in by Hillary to cost her the election. They voted for the lesser evil in many cases, IMO.

But, but, but, she WON the popular vote. If national elections were won by popular vote, New York City and California would be all that matters.

So that I’m not accused of using a conservative biased source, this is from Time magazine.

Overall, he won 2,622 predominantly small counties while Clinton won 490, most of which were much more populous. (Those figures may shift very slightly since some states take a long time to certify their results.) Still, the shifts were large enough for a number of pickups. At present count, Trump snagged 220 counties that voted for President Obama in 2012, while Clinton poached 17 that went for Mitt Romney.

As any long term readers of this blog will recall, I’ve been consistent in my stance of, “Anybody but Shillary”. That was not an endorsement of Donald Trump.

I’ve been pleasantly pleased by the performance of President Trump. I’m delighted to see the, “by any means necessary” modus operandi of Clinton, Inc. being exposed and the utter criminality of their gathering of wealth. The list of crimes goes on and on.

There is more to come. If one was to pick the department most dedicated to improving citizen’s lives, I would nominate  HUD. During the eight years of the Obama Administration, over $500,000,000+ is unaccounted. I suspect the Obama clique, the “Czars”, looted the Treasury with no fear of consequences. They were confident the election of Obama’s successor would mean their activities would continue and never come to light. They were on a roll and the good times would never end. Their time had come!

A large portion of the “resistance” is, IMO, people terrified of losing their ill gotten riches and their liberties to imprisonment. The karma bus in gathering speed and driven by an outsider they can’t control.

I can relate to the Hillary supporters angst.  I lived with it for the previous eight years.

One Upped

“Must you be so cheerful?” say I to the dentists.

“I’m always cheerful”, he replied, “Because I’m not the man coming in the door”.

Grrr. As a self proclaimed smart ass and master of sarcasm, I hate being one upped.

Monday, February 5, 2018

My Monday (Pitiful Whining)

That is what I'm paid to do. Need to win the lottery.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Bad Hangovers

Several bloggers have been putting up posts about alcohol and hangovers. Since the muse is AWOL, so shall I.

Circa 1960’s, US Army enlisted, wanting to get drunk fast, came up with a concoction called “Motherfuckers”.

A tall glass is filled 2/3rds with a fortified wine like MD2020. The top 1/3rd is filled with Everclear or other straight alcohol. To imbibe, the wine is sucked  through the alcohol. The drinker, in a hoarse chocking voice, goes, “Oh motherfucker”. 

Several soldiers could get wasted on just one bottle of each ingredient. Economical, it was, with each contributing a few dollars.

The next day hangover is epic. Being young, dumb, and full of testosterone, it is a badge of honor.

First Sergeants were not fans of the drink.

Probably the only reason the Russians never came across the Fulda Gap was they couldn’t gather enough sober troops at one time, IMO.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Colorado (P)regressives 2018

Another Colorado specific political rant.  Looking at some of the (P)regressive contenders.

Dave Young. The State Representative from my district is running for State Treasurer. He is in full bore (P)regressive political speak which puzzles me for someone running for state bean counter.  Does he think he can fund anything differently than what the Legislature has approved? He makes noises like he can. What he can influence is the Public Employees Retirement Account. Since he is a beneficiary he should recuse himself IMO. PERA was set up with a major flaw. It was assumed the invested funds would return an annual yield of 8%. Hasn’t happened and none of the board members want to bring the plan back to reality. 

For Secretary of State the (P)regressive contender is one Jena Griswald. A talking point she stresses is the state has never had a female Secretary of State and it is time for one. Echo, anyone? She has secured the endorsement of every Democrat of note in the state, going on thirty endorsements. She stresses she will fight President Trump and pledges to ensure all Colorado residents can vote. That is (P)regressive speak for anyone, living or dead, in the state regardless if legally qualified to vote IMO.

Candidates for Governor is a crowded field headed by the Congressman for the Peoples Republic of Boulder running a self funded campaign from his inherited, not earned, fortune. Jared Polis by name, the attendance at his events has been embarrassing. In response, only a few chairs are provided. This allows him to claim standing room only crowds. Pathetic.

Next up is Cary Kennedy. She is the only one with a solid resume. A former State Treasurer and current CFO of the City of Denver, she has picked up the endorsement of the state teachers union. For what passes for a Democrat in Colorado she is a moderate. In her various positions she has done a creditable job.

The GOP? If Harry Truman were alive and living in Colorado, he would say, “Hell no, I’m not part of an organized political party. I am a Republican”.

Colorado is a mix of red rural counties and blue urban counties with the trust funder infested ski counties going blue. Enormous sums of outside money pour into the campaigns. Shillary won the state but President Trump won Pueblo county, home of old school Blue Dog Democrats.

The State Senate is in the hands of the Republicans and the House in the hands of the Democrats. Gridlock – no budget passed. Speaking of gridlock, the roads are going to hell. I’ve heard Cali transplants yearning for the “405”. This will probably be a campaign hot spot.

One is reminded of a William F. Buckley, Jr. quote.

“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views”.

One wonders if these (P)regressives realize they will need at least a few Deplorable votes. Probably their focus is winning the primary then ‘soften’ their positions to appear more moderate. Who knows, it could work.

Deputies Are Professional

My Concealed Carry Permit arrived in the mail. My picture looks like a mug shot. Captured all three chins, receding hairline, and facial blemishes.  Makes me wonder how many facial photos that deputy has taken?

Most people dislike their DMV photo.  One gets the impression the taker has long since lost interest. Adjust the camera to eye level and “click”. Most look like they could be anybody.

Not so with this officer. Hope I’m never wanted for anything and that photo is circulated. Looks to be exactly what I see in the mirror while shaving.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Gag Reflex

Now available as an audio book, 14 CD discs, read by the author herself, and on the shelf at my local library. Made me gag.

Audio books make the medical courier route drive more pleasant and helps keep me awake. Being cheap, I source most from the local library.

Can you imagine voluntarily listening to that woman’s voice for three to four hours? Just the voice, not to mention the self serving lies, blame placing on others, and justifications for her utter arrogance would cause me to drive off the road. YMMV