Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Rocky Mountain Low


This post is centered around Colorado and Colorado politics.

XCEl Energy

Our area is among those unfortunate to be under the thumb of this out of control woke “Green” utility. Other areas have choices.


To be very clear, the local boots on the ground are great. They respond quickly to all outages, they are courtesy sharers of the roads, and their equipment and facilities are clean and well kept.

Well, Duh!

replacing motor fuel taxes, which are generating less each year, in part due to fuel efficiency and the rise of electric cars.


But, not to worry. A mileage tracker on your vehicle won’t ever be used by government agencies to infringe on your rights and/or dictate your activity, would it?


If you believe in conspiracies, you have a screw loose. It is “settled science”.


Five Years

During a recent conversation with a manager, she mentioned I’ve been an agent for her financial services company for five years this month.

They are keeping me busy and I turn down more assignments than I accept. I’m obligated to accept all within a thirty mile radius of my base. Beyond that it is at my discretion and compensation is negotiable.

The work is interesting. How much longer will I do it? My knees may have a vote; climbing stairs is a challenge.

Keensburg, CO + Ev’s

A family owned convenience store/gas station here is a favorite stop. Over the years I’ve watched them grow and build a new building. Friendly, they have a small dog park, often give me coffee on the house, and Banner treats.

Their charging station gets a fair amount of use. Those EV’s come in from Nebraska on I-75 and need a boost just to make it into Denver. An employee told me just half a charge can take four hours.

I can think of better use of my time than sitting waiting for a battery charge.

Speaking of Conspiracy

Larry Fink, according to some sources, manages Pedo Joe. This strange article pops up.


Maybe smarter minds than mine can make sense of this.

More Green News, Wind Farm section


Not that this will go anywhere. Three Republicans, representing rural areas where these time bombs are located, are making a statement, nothing more.

As always, YMMV.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Coming Collapse


This is an automobile centered posting. Selling cars, trucks, and utility trailers put a roof over our heads and food on the table for many years. Although retired, I keep up with the trends and with friends still in the business.


This 15 minute video gives us a clear picture of the present state of our economy, IMO. Information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.


Circa 2003 the average repossession loss, to the lender, was estimated to be $4,000. The number one cause was a major repair. The owner couldn’t afford both the repair and the monthly payment. Since they couldn’t use the vehicle, they let it go to repossession. The lender was on the hook for the repairs or selling for a huge loss.

During the time I worked for Steve Lance’s Cowboy Corral Kia, his operation was the first in the country to sell 1,000 Kias, earning him a $1,000,000 bonus.

Kia’s 5year/60,000 bumper to bumper warranty was the key to getting people with marginal credit financed. The lenders knew should they need to repossess the vehicle; repairs would likely be covered by Kia. Further, the borrower wouldn’t be faced with the repair or payment decision. We found financing for many people who would never have qualified for  used car financing.

Fix and Keep

Another YouTube channel I watch. Here, Car Wizard explains the merits of keeping and maintaining an older (and paid for) car.


This channel is worth watching as he lays it on the line. His rants about cheap plastic parts are epic. For example, $4,000 in labor to replace a $50 part. He then takes apart the $50 part and shows the cheap plastic gears that failed.

He often explains what vehicles he recommends buying and those he won’t recommend, including some Toyota models.

Damn Fools

I’ve mentioned several times that, in my mortgage collection job, the number of expensive vehicles and toys I see at the homes of people who are behind on their mortgage may explain why they are behind.

One stands out as a “shining” example. A $700,000 house with a three car garage has parked, outside, a King Ranch Ford pickup, a Lincoln Navigator, and a late model Audi A4. An unanswered question is, “What is inside the garages”.

This one sticks in my memory as one of the nastier couple I’ve encountered. In general, the more expensive the house, the bigger the chance of encountering an asshole.

“How dare you question me?” demands Mr/Ms Entitled.

Bore and Stroke

The amount of information on “how to buy a car” amuses me. From decades of selling them, usually the decision is, “How much to drive it away (bore) and how much a month to keep driving it (stroke)”.

Up in the tower, the managers are not plotting on how to shaft you. Rather, they are trying to structure a deal some lender will approve. Unless you are paying cash you are not the primary buyer.

But, but WSF, I have my own financing! Wonderful, I’m still looking at the deal because your “own financer” will use the same criteria as any lender to approve the loan when you present them with the final numbers.

What collapsed the car biz circa 2005-06 was financing. For whatever reason, lenders outside captive lenders (Ford Motor Credit, GMAC, etc.) quit financing even people with great credit and decent down payments. Will history repeat?


A European conglomerate that acquired Chrysler has done little to improve the quality, IMO, of any brand under their ownership. Their website.  MORE

Of the ten slowest selling new vehicle models in this country, six are from Stellantis with the worse, Jeep Compass, with a 710+ days in inventory. The Compass, under the body, is a Fiat.

There isn’t a single Stellantis vehicle with a decent Consumer Reports rating.

So who will buy their cars? If the price is right, rental car companies.

Floor Plans

New car dealers receive inventory at no initial cost, in general. Every 30 days, they pay the manufacturer 10% of the invoice (curtailment). Usually, after 90-120 days, the entire amount becomes due. In the biz this is referred to as, “having a birthday”. From experience I can say great effort, and incentives to the sales force, is made to sell older inventory. Aging inventory eats up the dealer’s credit lines. Given the slow sales of many models, I foresee a lot of dealers going out of business.

Buy Here, Pay Here

The riskiest business. Rarely are the cars ever paid off. Many are repossessed several times until someone wrecks one. A lot of the current glut of repossessed vehicles will end up at one of these lots.

The reality of this business is a very expensive way to rent a vehicle. For people with horrible credit, but can come up with a down payment and full coverage insurance, it is a way to have transportation.

One Trillion Dollars


A collapse of the automobile industry isn’t enough, by itself, to collapse the overall economy. It would have serious repercussions.

As always, YMMV

Monday, June 19, 2023

Gratuitous Grousing

 Bend Over

Water rights are always under attack. Key phrase.

The department’s U.S. Bureau of Reclamation promised a “robust and transparent public process” 


Realists know the decisions are already made. The “robust” process is optics, nothing more.

Old School Police Work


Kudos to our local police department.

The surveillance video must be compelling for a $100,000 bond to be set.


The new buzzword to shut up the common rabble? As in this masterpiece of propaganda.  

"robust scientific evidence on which to base decisions".


Silly Santa

A friend is a professional Santa Claus. Sunday at the VFW breakfast he “gifted” our group with elaborate bibs.

So What?

Workplace altercation leads to severe injuries is a legitimate news story – no problem with that. Why did the reporter need to mention the accused was is a former Marine?


This irked me enough to send an email to the reporter. No response.

Why was it necessary to add Calvin August is a former Marine? Implies former service members, especially Marines, are prone to violence.

IMO, has zero bearing on what happened.

As always, YMMV

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Steamboat Story


Today would have been my mother’s 100th birthday. She was a feisty, gutsy woman who never backed down, ever.

I thought I might share one story.

When the town of Steamboat Springs was discovered by the trust fund snots and rapid growth started, traffic became a problem. My mother, who had moved on into real estate sales from the US Forest Service, ran for city council on a platform that Steamboat need traffic lights. She lost the election but remained a thorn in the side of one and all.

One day the city put up traffic lights at three intersections. Naturally, the townspeople ignored them. Then the Chief of Police pulled my mother over. The conversation went like this.

“Harriet, what is that in the over the street by the Space Station?”

“Oh, Ab! You put up traffic lights”.

“You didn’t notice us putting one up by your office?”

Dumb look. That is how my mother received the very first citation ever issued in Steamboat Springs, CO for running a red light.

As he was delivering the citation, Chief Ab Ritter said, “Sometimes Harriet, I just love my job”.

Friday, June 9, 2023

How to Speak to City Hall

 Marvin Heemeyer

10/28/51 - 6/4/2004


Wednesday, June 7, 2023

I Hear a Train A coming


Today near Egbert, WY.

Build Back Better – Bankruptcy Edition

The State’s economy is great, so say the (P)regressives.


I’m still getting work contacting delinquent mortgagees. Repo men and women are surprisingly busy.

No Free Lunch


I’m impressed by sober assessment of the overall impact of these policies being expressed by a green warrior. Not sure what to make of it. Critical thought?

Momma Mia


Bullshit Writ Large


The agenda is already decided. Just some political theater to fool the public that their input matters.

 A Paler Shade of Blue

Denver elections turns away from radical left. A trend?


 As always, YMMV

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Is There a Clickbait App?


Enhanced Minuteman Silo Security

The silo installation is fenced. The area outside the fence in many places is open range. The picture was taken from Colorado Highway 14 a few miles west of Sterling, CO. Those Red Angus bulls might not be friendly. Mess around and find out.

Climate Propaganda

The Little Ice Age ended around 1850. Now the climate in the Northern Hemisphere is warming. Hence, some glaciers are retreating. I don’t see any reference to what may be a natural process is this alarmist piece.


But, but the eco warriors can claim a victory!


Made me chuckle, a Liz Cheney slight


Yes, shows my lack of character. Sue me!

Oh, come on!


Of course, we will always find something like this in any “climate change” article.

“suggesting the need for future regulatory policies to address such non-fuel-derived pollutants”.

Yah, more regulation is always the answer.

Those who can do, do. Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach, administer.

Lt. General Maurice Rose

A Colorado hero remembered.


Side note. Rode the troopship AP-1 26 named after him to Europe in 1964 and my oldest son was born in the Rose Memorial Hospital.

Retail Theft

IMO, the result of “woke” politics and gutless prosecutors.


No consequences for thieves lead to higher prices and less convenience for the rest of us.

Not every Colorado city/town tolerates retail theft. It is the senior management of these stores that tolerate retail theft. Madness, IMO.

Studies Show What Those Funding Them Want?


Back in my management days I hired “people” I thought could get the job done. Quaint, I now know.

No Human is Illegal

A favorite (P)regressive saying. Assuming, the (P)regressives believe, these illegal immigrants are leaving horrible conditions to come to a better life, will these immigrants be better off? How many will be raped on the way? How many will be bringing the same criminals harming them at their homes with them? How many are selling themselves into perpetual debt and exploitation?

For as long as I can remember, the USA has spent billions in foreign aid. Seems like many charitable organizations in our country, where 10% of donations actually reach those in need while “administration and advertising gets 90%, is the same with foreign aid.

Do I lack compassion? No, I’ve always rooted for the underdog having been one myself. What I am is clearly seeing graft and scams on a huge scale. Your opinion may differ. Do I have a solution to offer? Not a realistic one but think the tree of Liberty needs watering with the blood of the scumbags profiting from this outrage.

Wet Spring

After several dry years, the area is receiving a lot of rain with thunderstorms nearly every day. The good? Everything is wonderful shades of green. The bad? A bumper crop of mosquitoes.

As always, YMMV