Wednesday, March 30, 2022

What, Me Worry?

The various “smart” people associated with the Xiden clusterfuck scare me. Their babbling about a limited nuclear war is stupidity at the highest level.

The damage done to this country in any kind of nuclear exchange will take centuries to repair, if it can be done at all.

I won’t be here to see it. To my North, 55 miles, is the Frances E Warren AFB that controls the numerous Minuteman III missile silos scattered across Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado. To my South, 141 miles, is Cheyenne Mountain, the underground NORAD installation now called the Space Force Station.  Any adversary will have these places as priority one targets.

The Warren command centers and missile silos will be targeted by smaller MIRV missiles while Cheyenne Mountain will be hit by the biggest bomb the Russians have. They tested one, called the Tsar, which can yield between 50-100 MT depending on Uranium enhancements to increase radioactivity.

The USA is large and the people resilient. The damage the (P)regressives do to the economy and freedoms can be overcome. Not easily, and not without horrid costs and sacrifices, but it is doable. Rebuilding a radioactive cinder isn’t feasible.

As always, YMMV

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Trust Fund Snots, Zealots, and Hustlers

Paying $4.00 a gallon for gas yesterday, in the 3rd largest petroleum producing county in the USA, and 32 miles from a refinery provoked some murderous thoughts.

Trust fund snots (TFS) are the product of offspring of the wealthy. They have never been forced to take a job, any job, in order to have a roof over their heads. When employed, it is usually for some “do gooder” foundation.

Zealots are convinced of the total righteousness of their beliefs. To achieve their goals suffering of others is of little concern. After all, it is for the good of the masses.

Hustlers live off the marriage of TFS and zealots. They sacrifice nothing and gain a comfortable niche which, in their minds, is their birthright. After all, they are superior to others.

We have a perfect financial storm at the moment with climate change, brave new world, new world order, and fluid sex mores all somewhat allied and mutually supporting each other. Most of them are either TFS, zealots, or hustlers.

Am I selfish to focus on the safety and preservation of my and mine as my principal goal?

As always, YMMV


Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Current Events

 The natives are restless.

Sunday, March 20, 2022


Once again WSF goes mentally wandering down a weed chocked garden path. You have been warned should you bother to read more.

There is the old trite saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube with Russians soldiers saying they were told they were “liberating” Ukraine at the request of the Ukrainian people. They are shocked to find the people are resisting.

Think of all the countries we, the USA, have “liberated” starting with, say Vietnam, only to find the people didn’t want us in their country and their lives at all.

“But we mean well, and only want to help you get a better life”, yada,yada, yada. Then we as a country become bitter toward the ungrateful wretches.

So WSF, what the hell is your point? Just this. The (P)regressives in this country don’t see themselves as evil, just superior. They only want what they perceive we need and find themselves enraged when their lofty well intended programs meet with fierce, often, vulgar, resistance. We reject their vision of a better life. They know better than us what is needed, just ask them.

Then there are the carrion eaters. They will affiliate with anything that benefits them. No need to bitch about it; they have been part of mankind as far back as records have been kept. Even further back, but that is speculation.

Question? “OK, pontificator of wisdom, what is to be done?”

Answer. Damned if I know, I just like to bitch.

Friday, March 18, 2022


March 18 will always be a sad day for me remembering my youngest son’s passing during the night 17-18 and the 3 am call from his widow three years ago.

Travis was a 100% disabled Army Medic whose cumulative injuries caught up with him. He had two children from a previous relationship and married a wonderful woman with two children of her own. Later, they had another child. I will always admire they way they were able to blend into a cohesive loving and caring family.

Waking up with a heavy heart I took Banner outside for his morning constitutional and then back to the apartment. Banner pursuing his usual activities and bounding around always makes me smile and often laugh. This morning was no different and returning to our apartment my heart was much lighter.

I am so glad I have him in my life.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Changing Times

1958. I was thrilled to get a part time job at a grocery store at $.35 a hour. Wonder what the purchasing power of that was then as compared to $16 an hour now?

Good learning experience. One sharp lesson was management will lie and mislead you so always have an escape plan. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2022


 With all the crap going on in the country today focusing on the small personal controlled pleasures can help your sanity, IMO.

 The handfuls of readers that pause on this blog know I have a black lab mix, Banner by name that is about ten years old. He is a semi-rescue. The woman who had him from the time he was a pup acquired a husband, two children and two more dogs during his first seven years. The other two dogs started attacking him. He is a gentle soul but fought back. She and her husband decided he needed to be re-homed. We connected on Craigslist.

 He has been a wonderful addition to my life. Not the smartest dog I’ve know, and doesn’t do cute tricks or chase balls, he is a simple companion. He rarely barks and has just one “accident” since coming to live with me. By pulling in some favors, he is a documented “Emotional Support” companion

 We live in a 90 unit, 62 years old and up apartment building. In fact, the up is in the 70’s to 90’s. Many residents don’t drive or even have a vehicle and many don’t get visitors. During the two year COVID hell when all the building amenities were shut down, far too many didn’t leave their apartments. The resident ration is 10 to 1 women to men. During the shutdown I started referring to Banner as, “The Ambassador of Smiles” as we passed through the public areas. One day I kept count and 17 different people petted him.

No, I haven’t taken advantage of the 10/1 ratio. Something along the lines of, “Don’t……….where you eat”.

He is now a part of the community and stops to say howdy to one and all as we pass through the public areas. The running joke is,

“It is Banner! and Frank”

Yes, I am a wingman for a dog.

 With the easing of winter we will start walking more. I try to do at least a mile each day regardless to the weather but have the whole slip/fall issue to deal with at my age. Banner, on the other hand, hates tile floors unless someone or something he likes is across the room. Then, no problem.

He is “Bruce Banner”, not the Incredible Hulk. Biggest wimp you will ever meet.He does well riding in the car and prefers the back seat with the windows slightly open so he can sniff at his leisure. On occasion, I leave him with Sisty which he loves. When I turn the corner with the hamburger emporium on the way to her house he gets excited. When we arrive he can’t contain himself and goes dashing to her door or the gate to her yard. She denies spoiling him. Makes me go hmmmm.

The one thing about him that irritates me is his constant focus on food. He gets, per the vet’s recommendation, two cups of high quality food daily. The rest is “treats” and begging from everyone he meets. He won’t try to get food off tables or counters but will sit and stare at you with those sad brown eyes. He won’t give up. My fault, I once let him prewash a cooking dish.

He is in excellent health. I take him to the vet Sisty recommended each year and the woman who gave him to me had complete vet records. Hopefully, we will have many more years together.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Inflation and the Ukraine

Suspicious mind. Nothing original here – just some thoughts.

 Most of my life from grade school on, Soviet Russia was this country’s bogeyman. Maybe for good reason, maybe not. Example. Around 1952-1953 there were volunteers scanning the sky in shifts assuming they could spot and report Russian bombers.

 The (P)regressives have let their ambitions overload their asses. CRT has pissed off a bunch of mothers who might otherwise favor liberal causes.  Now we have inflation kicking everyone’s ass and voters of every stripe must deal with it with every grocery store visit and gasoline purchase.  This isn’t just affecting “dirt” people.

 Something I’m involved with weekly.

 Not a scientific measurement but I see the monthly “stroke” on the papers I deliver increasing $300-$500 a month or more. How is that going to budget?

 Is it the (P)regressive game plan to tap into residual Cold War fears and “unite” the country with a war? Is that farfetched? Do they think that will save their ass in the midterm elections outside of the areas where they control the polls.

 Honest elections? Yeah,sure.

 On a personal level, what happens between Russia and the Ukraine isn’t my concern. Two corrupt governments kicking each other doesn’t bother me. Do I have empathy for the ordinary citizens getting hammered? Of course. Is there anything I can do about it?

 For damned sure I don’t want to see our service members getting involved with this mess, especially given the incompetents who will be running the shitshow.

 As always, YMMV

Friday, March 11, 2022

Not all are Drones

When a government does work for the benefit of the people, the critics still keep yelling. Is it any wonder the people doing those jobs become cynical and jaded? What I have in mind is the State of Wyoming and more specifically the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Wyoming State Patrol.

Wyoming weather can be and often is, horrible. Year around the wind can gust to 65+ mph. Snow, blowing blinding snow and black ice is a fact of life. Thunderstorms in the summer can bring intense rain.

Wyoming, the least populated state with a population under 600,000 has three Interstate Highways. The expectation of “outsiders” is for Wyoming to keep them open for the benefit of the rest of the country no matter what weather problems occur.

Like most states, Wyoming collects fees from trucks passing through. Unlike other states, Wyoming actually spends those fees on their highways. Every summer the potholes are being filled, the frost heaves dealt with, guard rails repaired, etc. By contrast, Illinois anyone?

Outsiders tend to ignore the actual residents of Wyoming like to have their secondary roads plowed and maintained. Selfish, aren’t they?

Colorado, where I live, has ten times the population of Wyoming. I-70 is closed often in the winter and Vail Pass looks like something found in a third world country.

Another challenge for WDOT is hiring snowplow drivers. Wages are low and the skills need high. Working conditions?

Then you have the idiot drivers. I once ran hotshot freight and made frequent trips to the coal mines near Gillette. One night returning I should have stopped in Douglas and got a room but pressed on in a one ton 2wd van. The road was black ice with about 4” of snow and the night was blacker than a (P)regressives heart. Some idiot in a Jeep Compass passed me going a lot faster than me. Further down the highway I saw it about 50’ down the embankment. The headlights were bright so I knew the engine was still running. I also knew my old fat body wasn’t going to make it down that ice covered ground and then get back up to the road. Cell phone out, I made a call. I couldn’t give a mile marker as all were coated with ice. In the distance I could see the lights of Cheyenne and emergency vehicle coming. When they arrived I drove on.

My sister is an insurance adjuster and is called by some truck companies to accidents in Wyoming. She has a 4wd vehicle and years of experience driving in adverse conditions. Even for her, getting to the scene is challenging. Well known to the State Patrol and the tow truck people, she is allowed through even when the roads are closed. I don’t envy her that task, especially when there are fatalities. She knows just how dedicated and professional are the Wyoming state employees.

The point of this rambling post is people doing their best, regardless of their employer, need to be recognized and applauded. Think, before you criticize.

As always, YMMV. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022


Like several bloggers my upbringing involved ranching and horses. My father worked many different jobs but always made money on the side shoeing horses. I was riding a horse by myself before my fourth birthday. By the time I was in high school my parent had a small ranch but both had “town jobs”. One guess as to who did 65% of the ranch work.

The best rider I ever saw was my father. He didn’t become part of the horse; the horse became an extension of him. The second best rider I ever saw is my sister. By age 13 she was a certified riding instructor. While I could ride any horse, I was never fond of them. I sat a horse like a sack of potatoes tied to the saddle horn.

“Your cows are out”, is one call no rancher wants to hear. A couple working for the same organization paid for their ranch “hobby” by selling cars. One night they rolled their pickup and were laid up for a few days. At the end of the month I drove their “wash out” checks to them. While I was there, they got that call.

After trying to herd the cows back in with vehicles, I went and saddled one of their horses then rounded up the cows. Afterwards, while enjoying an adult beverage, they started ragging me about my horsemanship.

“Let me ask you one question”, I said. “Are your fucking cows in?”

My mother was fond of saying the two glamorous cowboy occupations were fixing fence and bucking hay bales. When I went in the Army, I hoped to do something fun like driving a tank or shooting a cannon. Instead, the Army made me a combat engineer stringing barbed wire and stacking sandbags.

Not complaining. A cousin joined the Navy to see the world and spent all of his post training on Adak Island.

 Every summer from the time I turned 11 I worked hay fields near Coalmont, CO (North Park at the East side of Buffalo Pass). A big kid, I worked behind the bailer. Two planks side by side with a slot between would be pulled and six bales would be stacked. Then a long crowbar would be rammed into the ground and the bales would “slip” off. The bailer would spit out 2,200 to 2,500 120 lb wire tied bales a day. Old repurposed buck rakes would pick up the small stacks and take them to the main stacks.

Being ranch raised does equip you for life. Whatever situation faces you, you cannot just walk away. You learn to find solutions. The solutions may not be the best, but are better than none. You learn to turn wrenches and operate shop machines. I was never taught how to weld but I can, and have, done a lot of welding.

A small example of finding a solution occurred while I was managing my primary employer’s skylight company subsidiary. A job called for polycarbonate instead of acrylic and our vacuum tanks wouldn’t pull the sheets into uniform shapes. Our foreman and engineer were having a big confab as to how to solve the problem. I went into the store room, picked out a electrical box, placed it over the vacuum port, and viola!  Problem solved. The vacuum draw was slowed down enough for the polycarbonate to form uniformly.

YouTube videos of off road recoveries I find interesting. Growing up, getting things “unstuck” was frequently needed. Watching the pros you see different techniques, many decided on the spot.

Serving as a combat engineer was interesting. You easily spotted the farm/ranch/construction trades raised from the city raised soldiers as we tackled various problems. Mud! Damn I hate the stuff. We were a float bridge company and where you have rivers you have mud. When you get a TD18 buried, you know it is really bad.

So here is a salute to all, men and women, who grew up around agriculture. 

A question. Do Sargents  still get pissed at troopers wearing Air Force mittens?

Friday, March 4, 2022

No S**t, Sherlock

 Conspiracy  nuts were called out today in a reprint from the Denver Post. (Sorry, I’ve never learned how to use hyperlinks)


The author of this propaganda piece?

Saja Hindi

·          @bysajahindi



Saja Hindi is a politics reporter for The Denver Post. She's an award-winning reporter who has previously worked at the Fort Collins Coloradoan and the Loveland Reporter-Herald after starting her journalism career in North Carolina. She's covered breaking news, immigration, politics, social issues and public safety.

Location: Denver, Colorado

Affiliation: A member of Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE)

Awards: First Place, Best Series, Second Place, Investigative Reporting for "Matthew Shepard: The Nation's Window Into Hate" (along with Jacy Marmaduke, Erin Udell and Sady Swanson of the Coloradoan) from the Colorado Associated Press Editors and Reporters in 2018

 One question immediately came to me. What elected official wouldn’t leap at the opportunity to show their constituents how well they are being served?  

A current joke is the difference between a conspiracy theory and a current event is six months to a year.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Tire Chains

Surfing around YouTube channels regarding tire chains I see a glaring omission. Tire pressure.

I grew up driving on the Western Slope of Colorado and have been, over the years, in many situations requiring tire chains. What I see lacking on the YouTube channels showing various traction aids is tire air pressure being discussed.

What follows is the Frank the Tank guide to using tire chains. First, year around have a cigarette lighter powered air compressor. Should be obvious. Slow leak in your tire? Stop as often as needed to reinflate until you can get to a repair facility. Better than walking out of some remote area or breaking down in the ghetto.

Before installing tire chains, let some air out of the tires. How much? Not critical but if you must have a number. 5-10 psi. Put on the chains as tight as you can, move one or two rotations of the tires, then reinflate with your air compressor. This takes all the slack out of the chains and reduces the chances of links breaking.

Chains, cables, or whatever? I prefer chains but have, and have used cables. Cables are better if you need to get across Wyoming on I-80. Chains when things are really nasty. I’ve no experience with “socks” and wouldn’t trust strap on items to do more than get out of a parking lot. Just my opinion, YMMV.

Happy motoring! 

Critical Supply Chain Failure

This is my feeble attempt at humor. Sorry to mislead the 100+ views who might have thought this was a serious post.

 Banner’s favorite treat wasn’t available in the size he prefers. The store manager told me they are having problems getting stock.

Hope this is resolved soon as we are down to a 30 day supply.