Tuesday, February 28, 2023


 Still around but going through some "stuff". Blogging will be back at some point.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Doomsday, Climate Crisis Edition

Ocean Levels

Climate change, climate change, Chicken Little. If we don’t DO SOMETHING, melting glaciers will raise the ocean level ___meters (pick a number). Perhaps readers better at math can explain how 8,404,000 cubic miles of fresh water, which seems to be the total including glaciers/polar caps, can cause 332,519,000 cubic miles of salt water (2.53% fresh to salt) to raise ____ meters?

Even the global warming true believers have doubts. https://scitechdaily.com/global-temperature-conundrum-was-the-earth-cooling-down-or-heating-up-before-global-warming/

Please tell me climate crisis isn’t a self perpetuating industry.

Ongoing propaganda from an institution I once had a good opinion.


Bug Out Kit Item


This would be good to have, especially for someone like me on blood thinner medication.

Five Dollar Emergency Light

Saw this at Harbor Freight and picked it up. The oil lamp I’ve had for many years.

Rational People Making Decisions


Shucky Darn – the end?

Posted 4/29/22 about wind damage to this structure. All that is left now is some interior work and outside clean up.  Maybe we have seen the end of nails and screws in the street causing flats.

Wyoming Weather Explained

Northwest Colorado isn’t exempt.


I’m sure some cousins were involved in the search and rescue effort.

Ass Kicked   

I get sick maybe once every three years or so. That came to an end last week. Not COVID, head cold and a raging sore throat.  Today, Sisty brought me come Jewish Penicillin, aka Chicken Noodle soup. Maybe it age but improvement is slow and a week of good weather to do assignments is gone.

Portrait Studios

From around 1981 we had the portrait studio experience. Recently came across this snap and posted it on Falsebook for the amusement of my cousins.

As always, YMMV

Monday, February 13, 2023

Life, Day to Day

Sporadic blogging is caused by a mundane life. Other bloggers bring more interesting reading that prompts more critical thinking than what gets posted on this blog. Banner agrees.

Climate Change

Climate change is the result of the fusion furnace our rocky planet orbits. The idea we puny humans can change that is ludicrous. What we humans do is foul our nest. Efforts to prevent or mitigate that should be something most of us support.

That doesn’t stop the control freaks from their ongoing efforts, big and small, to tell us how to live. Danes are now the culprit,


There’s a growing awareness that meat consumption is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and reducing it is crucial for a sustainable future.

Nearly every “scientific” article will have some similar blurb. “growing awareness” isn’t the same as “fact”. Opinion, maybe knowledgeable opinion, is still opinion.

Meat consumption?  Almost any animal is, or has been, consumed by predators as long as there has been life on this planet. I doubt the total number of animals has changed appreciably in eons. So, farm animals are to blame? Just in North America, the number of cattle today is probably less than the number of bison two hundred years ago. Bison are cattle.


100 years ago from our local rag.

• At a lawyers’ club meeting in a local restaurant, the lawyers agreed they should discuss issues among themselves. Said one attorney: “The herd instinct is a sign of weakness and not strength. It is very noticeable among physical laborers and other trades of small intelligence.”

Has anything changed?

Kindness and Giving Back

This happened sometime ago in our community.


The man who made the purchase explained that he was adopted, has a good life, and wants to pay back. 


This has already shown up in other blogs.


The Chinese are well known for stealing our technology. Are the recent events Chinese actions? Something else going on? You may draw your own conclusions. For me, I smell a distraction or some type of PSYOP.

Fuck Cancer

We received news this week one of our two surviving aunts is Stage 4 and in hospice. All that will be done will be pain mitigation.

She is the youngest of twelve siblings, eleven who lived to adulthood. Both her parents and five siblings have died from cancer.

RANT: Billions have been spent, and billions more will be spent, worldwide looking for causes and cures. Why haven’t more effective treatments, let alone cures, been found? It is an industry!  Anything out of “mainstream dogma” is crushed and proponents derided.  Yes, my absolute cynicism is on display.


Many say inflation is a form of taxation, or acts like a tax.


I see it as a dastardly tool by the political class to raise taxes without being openly accountable.

Observing the way our economy is heading, it seems like we are in a slot canyon, thunderstorms are nearby, and the roar of rushing water can be heard up the canyon. Where do we run, what wall can we climb, and how do we take our loved ones to safety?

Damned if I know.


We have had a few nice days with highs in the 40°s. Winter isn’t over and there will be more trips over icy roads. Snowpack in the mountains is far above average. Spring runoff may be a problem in some places but reservoirs should fill more than past years.

Delinquent Mortgages

The assignments keep rolling in with some from lenders new to my assignments. I’m seeing more in the $850,000+ range then in past years. As an aside, those people are often nasty. I always start civilly and politely but if they want to be assholes then they have just found the mother lode.

Recent exchange. “Don’t you ever come back here”.

Response. “When you show up as an assignment, I will be back! Don’t want me here; pay your mortgage”.

That only happens a time or two each month. I rather enjoy it. These people are accustomed to intimidating others and are not prepared for push back. Once, I had one debtor insist I delete the pictures I had taken.

These people are truly shortsighted. I submit a report on every call and attitude is always a part of the report. I assume somewhere the lender’s staff reads the report which may influence how they proceed with the debtor.

Geezer Goggles

My partial collection of slip over glasses. I’ve used them for years. Now the eye doctor says I don’t need glasses for driving. Decisions, decisions! Do I keep using these or buy  Ray-Bans (or cheaper knockoffs)?

As always, YMMV.


Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Spreading Fake News

Misinformed and willing to spread disinformation is my problem according to academia.


What a relief! I thought I was just an anti establishment asshole. Turns out I have poor analytical skills.

Will that disqualify me from a pallet next to the no fuel stove at the re-education camp?

Friday, February 3, 2023

Tanks for Memories

Lexington, NE

Something for LL and other Amour fans. Picture quality is shitty. At 0700 with a wind chill of -14° that is the best I can do.

Worth your while to stop and look. I was in Lexington for work and needed to get up the highway. In better and warmer times I spent a couple of hours there.