Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hope This Is A Trend

Maverick station, Torrington, WY.
I will pay more for Ethanol free gasoline. While my truck doesn't need 91 Octane, it's 1986 fuel system wasn't built with ethanol in mind.
One of the reason I don't let my fuel tank go below 1/2.

I enjoy these kinds of Bambis. Off the road and posing is great, running in front of me in  the dark isn't.  
If you are driving North from Greeley, CO to Cheyenne, WY, don't take Highway 85. It is tore up from North of Greeley to Nunn, CO. Has been since last year. The "repair and reconstruction" may get done in this century.

Oh, WSF, you simply don't understand the process. True, and also true I know a clusterfuck when I see one.

 Anyone who has the ghastly need to use Denver International Airport, beware!

The cloverleafs from E470 to Pena Blvd are a Denver revenue scam. Rare is the day I don't see at least one radar trap. Today I saw two. When you see a sign, 50 mph, Strictly Enforced, believe it or pay to become a believer. Pena from I-70 to the Airport has five units assigned during daylight hours.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Is The Thrill Gone?

Once again WSF goes off on a murky political rant. You may want to read the bloggers on the sidebar instead.

Some of my relatives are liberals, especially on social issues like health care, Aids, human trafficking, mental health, domestic violence, and gays. I respect their opinions, even share some, because they walk the walk. Most definitely are not Starbuck revolutionaries. They loath President Trump, and are thrilled by any news that puts him in a bad light. They revel in the thought he is hurting. The mainstream media caters, in my opinion, to the Trump haters. That is because the corrupt, lying, smug mainstream media (h/t Larry Lambert) shares in that hatred.

Look at Google News. Compilation of the brightest and best MSM (New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CNN). All, and I do mean 100%, of the stories about President Trump, his family, and his associates are full of words  like failure, scandal, disorganization, weakness and irrational behavior.  The liberals eat it up and high five. The deep state inhabitants, and the lampreys that feed off them, applaud.

The rest of the country? About as upset as when Billy Carter pissed in public. They aren’t thrilled by the MSM manufactured drama. They are too busy raising families and making a living.

President Trump won the nomination in spite of the MSM and the Jeb! RINOs. He won the presidency in spite of the MSM and Jeb! RINOs. He is the first president in my lifetime that is (1) not tainted with graft and corruption, and (2) making a determined effort to keep his campaign promises.

I will always vote for the honest person, even if I disagree with most of their positions, before I will vote for a tainted candidate I mainly agree with. Prime example would be the late Ken Gordon, Colorado Democrat.

So what is up with all this Russian bullshit? IMO, that is all they’ve got, and it mighty thin. Not an original though by me to be sure. My fondest hope is that it will come back to bite them in the ass.

Consider this. The FBI has suffered an enormous drop in prestige. Mueller, the former director, is now an Independent investigator. Who knows what direction that investigation will take. Like, the Obama administration’s misdeeds? The Shillary State Department? No DOJ running interference there, not with Sessions running it. Maybe the FBI can recover some of their mojo (and enjoy a little payback for years of humiliation?)

Consider the case of Candace Claiborne, State Department employee who may face treason charges. The first of many so the flacks say.

Back in the news is Lois Lerner, the retired IRS management poster child, who may still face criminal charges.

Who knows how many more will be exposed and prosecuted? Who will start singing to save their own hides now that the Obama thugs can’t protect them? Probably too many to be Seth Richarded/Vince Fostered. We can only hope.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Frugal or Cheap?

Poor People Have Poor Ways
Robert T. “Bob” White
1921 – 1985
Most vehicles with rubber timing belts should have the belts replaced as a precaution. Engines are either “interference” (most common) or non interference. Break a timing belt on any interference engine running above an idle and you are facing a $2,500+ repair bill. Much cheaper to spend $500 or so and replace it at 60,000 miles. Do the tensioner  and water pump at the same time. The parts aren’t expensive, the labor is, and everything exposed and accessible.

The Mighty Max was getting there, mileage wise, and summer trips are planned. What is a cheapskate to do? Buy a belt for $16 and pay an eager 17 year old to install it, with my supervision, $35.

A few years ago I would have done the work. At age 72, I don’t want the hassle. I’m literally losing my grip and the constant dropping of tools and bolts get frustrating. Then there is the pain of repeatedly bending and twisting. In the end, the frustration can only be soothed by an adult beverage. It is so much easier to “supervise” and then go to the adult beverage stage.

Should I have replaced other components? Maybe I will come to regret it. Nice to keep the funds in the credit union instead of earning reward points at O”Reillys Auto Parts.

And this is the reason you change one. Note the exposed metal reinforcement. One of the, “not if, but when,” situations.

 Note the battery. $30 at the local salvage yard with a 30 day exchange. That one has been in the truck for 18 months. At the time, no used batteries of the correct height were available. A little improvising was required.

I’m not impoverished, just a cheap prick that is damn careful with my money.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Nice Day

Nice day. After a week of unsettled weather today was pleasant.

North of Kimball, NE, this bachelor Pronghorn seemed to be enjoying the day.

Still to my eye the most graceful heavy ever. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Obama's Lifestyle

Seem to recall the Obamas were Chicago lawyers who surrendered their law licenses (what lawyer does that?). 

Neither from a wealthy family. Eight years in the White House and now living a high roller jet set lifestyle. Where did they get the money?

Sure, sure, know about the book deals.

Maybe other sources? HUD can’t account for a half billion dollars.

After Obama made his deal with the Iranians, literal pallets of currency was shipped to Iran. Did it all get there?

Did he get to “wet his beak” in the Clinton Foundation? The Clinton Global Initiative? Inquiring minds, etc.

Obama’ Legacy? Corruption on a mammoth scale IMO.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Favorite Photo

Going through some old photos came across this. Thought I had lost it. This is about the 13,000 foot level of Mt Bross. The view is ESE looking towards the town of Alma, CO., and South Park.

At the base of the mountain are Bristlecone Pines, among the oldest living things on Earth. Fortunately they are useless as timber or the pioneer miners would have cut them down for mine props.


Driving a vehicle to this site is strictly forbidden/verboten/penalties will be imposed, etc. 

The truck is a 1984 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 2.3L TurboDiesel 5 speed 4x4. I regret selling it. That is the curse of a car salesman. When someone offers you a very large gross profit, you take the money.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Refer Madness - Nebraska

Marijuana, being legal in Colorado, has surrounding states agitated.  Hwy 71/Hwy14/Hwy52 is the main corridor from Eastern Colorado to the Nebraska Panhandle. The 14 miles from the Colorado line to Kimball can be a gauntlet as the Nebraska Patrol seeks to interdict dopers. Monday they were using two cruisers and an airplane. People going North on cruise control who fail to drop their speed 5 mph get stopped. Colorado, 65 mph. Nebraska, 60 mph.

This is the source.

Located in Log Lane Village, population 873, a pimple on the hide of Ft Morgan, population 11,329, it is just 73 miles from Kimball, NE and Interstate 80.

Personally I think the patrol should concentrate on overweight trucks but that isn’t my circus or my monkeys. My route driver partner and I don’t speed on those 14 miles.

The flagship Natural Herbs store is in Garden City, CO, population 264, a festering sore on the hide of Greeley, CO, population 98,596. Some might develop suspicions about the city administrations of these two burgs.

Someone better with words than I could find grist for the mill with the nature of the load on this truck, and the condition of the trailer tires.

Interesting, the name on the truck door is Rouge Trucking.

The Wyoming green is pleasing to the eye after a winter of brown. This morning the wind wasn’t blowing (much) and the prairie birds were in full voice. The forecast for tomorrow is a blizzard.

A negative aspect of my job is being at the end of the supply chain while operating a Prisus. 

The driver seat headrest is reversed. With no way to adjust the angle, and having my head constantly bumping it, I simply reverse it. Would my neck get broken if the car is hit from behind? Yeah, probably. Got to live up to the blog title, don’t you know.

Here is a posting by one of the people the Patrol wants to interdict. What is wrong with this picture?


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trump "Gave" Secret Information To The Russians

The mainstream maggots are all atwitter with this story.


Two problems. As reported, simply not true.

Second problem. President Trump isn't some anonymous "Mid level US Official" familiar with this or that, and leaking to the New York Times.

He is the Commander-in-Chief. It is within his right, and authority, to disclose any and all information to whomever he deems necessary if it is in our national interest. He defines "our national interest".

As to the smug, arrogant, self important members of "deep government", fuck'em.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Yeah We Are Irrational, But Who Cares?

The Colorado Mountains are home to many abandoned mines. Dredged streams. Left over from the rape and pillage era. Some are leaking toxic waste. More are death traps for clueless trespassers. Naturally, there are many “fixers”, “we need to do something”, “give us money” folks.

Enter the EPA. At the time, the EPA had 1,000+ lawyers on staff but zero mining engineers. Didn’t stop them from “fixing” the Gold King Mine near Silverton, CO. Instead, they contaminated the Las Animas river, a critical water source for Colorado, Utah and Arizona. The rivers involved end up in Lake Powell, an impoundment of the Colorado River.

This is a long technical explanation for those who care to take the time.

And a few photos from public sources.

To date, no one from the EPA has been held accountable. The agency itself hasn’t been held accountable. Instead, the efforts has been to declare the entire Silverton area a Superfund site.

Silverton is home to arrogant trust fund and parent allowance hippies. Wealthy fly in condo owners. The county went for Shillary last election. Doubt they understand the implications of having federal employees deciding what the property owners can and cannot do with their own property.

Colorado’s congressional delegation? Evidently the Democrats believe the EPA is their constituent.

Senator Mumbles weighed in with a “cover my ass but don’t hold me personally accountable” statement.

Of course the ecofreaks blame Trump, somehow.

The local Republican Congresscritter  rides the coattails of others who are doing the heavy lifting.

So why did WSF write this particular blog? To point out a portion of the swamp President Trump has pledged to drain.

Friday, May 12, 2017

2006 URAL

Parked near my employers operation this afternoon. Stock except for the first aid kit on the sidecar.