Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hope This Is A Trend

Maverick station, Torrington, WY.
I will pay more for Ethanol free gasoline. While my truck doesn't need 91 Octane, it's 1986 fuel system wasn't built with ethanol in mind.
One of the reason I don't let my fuel tank go below 1/2.

I enjoy these kinds of Bambis. Off the road and posing is great, running in front of me in  the dark isn't.  
If you are driving North from Greeley, CO to Cheyenne, WY, don't take Highway 85. It is tore up from North of Greeley to Nunn, CO. Has been since last year. The "repair and reconstruction" may get done in this century.

Oh, WSF, you simply don't understand the process. True, and also true I know a clusterfuck when I see one.

 Anyone who has the ghastly need to use Denver International Airport, beware!

The cloverleafs from E470 to Pena Blvd are a Denver revenue scam. Rare is the day I don't see at least one radar trap. Today I saw two. When you see a sign, 50 mph, Strictly Enforced, believe it or pay to become a believer. Pena from I-70 to the Airport has five units assigned during daylight hours.

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