Sunday, May 28, 2017

Is The Thrill Gone?

Once again WSF goes off on a murky political rant. You may want to read the bloggers on the sidebar instead.

Some of my relatives are liberals, especially on social issues like health care, Aids, human trafficking, mental health, domestic violence, and gays. I respect their opinions, even share some, because they walk the walk. Most definitely are not Starbuck revolutionaries. They loath President Trump, and are thrilled by any news that puts him in a bad light. They revel in the thought he is hurting. The mainstream media caters, in my opinion, to the Trump haters. That is because the corrupt, lying, smug mainstream media (h/t Larry Lambert) shares in that hatred.

Look at Google News. Compilation of the brightest and best MSM (New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CNN). All, and I do mean 100%, of the stories about President Trump, his family, and his associates are full of words  like failure, scandal, disorganization, weakness and irrational behavior.  The liberals eat it up and high five. The deep state inhabitants, and the lampreys that feed off them, applaud.

The rest of the country? About as upset as when Billy Carter pissed in public. They aren’t thrilled by the MSM manufactured drama. They are too busy raising families and making a living.

President Trump won the nomination in spite of the MSM and the Jeb! RINOs. He won the presidency in spite of the MSM and Jeb! RINOs. He is the first president in my lifetime that is (1) not tainted with graft and corruption, and (2) making a determined effort to keep his campaign promises.

I will always vote for the honest person, even if I disagree with most of their positions, before I will vote for a tainted candidate I mainly agree with. Prime example would be the late Ken Gordon, Colorado Democrat.

So what is up with all this Russian bullshit? IMO, that is all they’ve got, and it mighty thin. Not an original though by me to be sure. My fondest hope is that it will come back to bite them in the ass.

Consider this. The FBI has suffered an enormous drop in prestige. Mueller, the former director, is now an Independent investigator. Who knows what direction that investigation will take. Like, the Obama administration’s misdeeds? The Shillary State Department? No DOJ running interference there, not with Sessions running it. Maybe the FBI can recover some of their mojo (and enjoy a little payback for years of humiliation?)

Consider the case of Candace Claiborne, State Department employee who may face treason charges. The first of many so the flacks say.

Back in the news is Lois Lerner, the retired IRS management poster child, who may still face criminal charges.

Who knows how many more will be exposed and prosecuted? Who will start singing to save their own hides now that the Obama thugs can’t protect them? Probably too many to be Seth Richarded/Vince Fostered. We can only hope.

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