Thursday, May 4, 2017

Beyond The Digital Frontier

Off tomorrow for Moffat County, Northwest Colorado, where there is one only cell phone provider and my carrier isn’t in their net. No cell or internet until mid morning Monday.

Family gathering to bury cremains of a cousin in the family cemetery on the old homestead 13 miles West of Maybell, CO on US 40.

This weekend is the Sombrero Horse Drive so it is a good excuse for a gathering.

Good chance there will be more than last year, which was around 30. 26 showed up for supper. We are, as a group, known for riding the grub line.
  • Grub Line Rider A kind of cowboy pan handler who hangs around a cow camp for free food until he is kicked out then proceeds to find another camp and starts over.
That remark will generate some static from the few in the family who read my blog.

COWBOY: An appetite riding a horse.

Please read the bloggers on the sidebar.  Will be back to bore you soon.

The header picture is my great grandparents, grandfather, and great uncle.


  1. Travel safe. I like the picture of the grandparents, too. Such a different era.

    1. Probably taken in this area.

      Click on the two houses at the top of the page. Built by ancestors. They moved back and forth between Northwest Colorado and Wheatridge, a Denver suburb. Among other endeavors they were vegetable growers for the Denver farmer markets. Tomatoes and celery mainly.
      Next weekend we will gather to plant a tree in memory of an aunt who died of cancer.

    2. Should add the sodddy was built with tall prairie sod. Most of the Front Range is short grass prairie but that area has a high water table and before it was built over was tall grass.

  2. Grub line rider is a noble profession. Eat beans...

    1. Good cooks in the family. We feed well.

  3. Enjoy the time with family and we'll be around when you get back!