Thursday, March 26, 2009

Accident Alert

First real storm this winter and the transplants are learning winter driving. The "bulletproofed" AWD/4x4 drivers are relearning. This is good for the vegetation, wild life, tow truck drivers, body shops and insurance adjusters. So happy I don't need to go out today.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Beat Up by a Rank Beginner

This is a target shot by a daughter-in-law who has been shooting once before. This is her first effort with my .380. No, you will not see any pictures of my targets.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Won my stop sign ticket case this morning!!! (Posts on 1/18/09 and 1/23/09) The City Attorney had a pre-trial conference with the officer and then me. He offered a "deal" which I declined. He then said he would dismiss the case because he didn't believe he could win. Said I was getting the "Well prepared Good Citizen" break. I'm glad I didn't need to act like a lawyer. Overall, I am confident in my skills but I was damn nervous. Great feeling walking across the parking lot to my car - a couple of fist pumps.
The real question is, did I really win? Three trips to court, a few hours taking photographs, more hours preparing and a real change in my driving behavior begs the question, who won? All this has eroded my scofflaw standing.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Words You Wish You Could Take Back

One fine morning at the car lot we watched several police cars fly by, lights and sirens on, and my brilliant remark, "Wow, must be a sale at the donut shop" got a laugh from all present.

Later in the day I learn Skyler was hit on his bicycle and airlifted to the hospital. He was the brother of one of my son's girlfriend. Skyler recovered and wasn't left with lifelong problems.

I'm still bothered by my quip whenever I think of police and EMTs seeing a child laying in the street by a twisted bicycle and having to deal with the whole horrible scene.