Friday, April 30, 2021

Severe Clear

 A perfect Colorado morning to raise your spirits and sooth your soul.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

VA Suicide Hot Line


Contacting the VA, you get constant messages about suicide, both on the websites and on the phone lines. I approve.

At the start of today, contacting the VA, and becoming frustrated doing anything online, I called in person. After five minutes on hold, I was transferred, then spent thirty four minutes on hold.

The young lady who came on the line was pleasant, professional, and was able to get me a phone appointment for tomorrow. Hopefully that will get me an updated referral to the physician I was referred to (he has requested an update).

The clinic closest to me was closed, COVID excuse. The next nearest one requires an appointment just to enter the premises.

If I wasn’t harboring thoughts of harming others before starting the process, I soon was harboring thoughts of harming others.

The worst part of military service, for me, was “hurry up and wait”.

My sister will tell you I’m not impatient. She claims you must have some patience to begin with. Alas, she is correct.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A Wandering Mind


Solyent Green

Are we being set up? Plant based foods exposed. I won’t eat that crap.

Then there is this insanity.


The spin doctors are on overdrive gaslighting.

Gun Grabber News

He is an Expert (Expert: A drip under pressure)

What comes through with his bloviating is his contempt for those who might disagree with him.

Then we have this idiot who makes an argument for every gun grabber.

You picked the wrong jurisdiction, Bubba, for that kind of behavior. You will get hammered.

A long time advocate for gun grabbing, Littwin, has some understanding of what he advocates, other than piddle shit like the Constitution. You might say he is the intellectual go to man for gun grabbers in Colorado.

Lastly, feel good laws that don’t do squat but make criminals out of good citizens. These kinds of laws again show the contempt (P)regressives have toward we great unwashed.

Spot On!



My Credit Union sent me a new debit card. There was a number to call to activate it. After following the voice prompts, I was transferred. A chirpy, English as a second language, female came on the line. I couldn’t understand her and hung up.

These calls centers piss me off. Trying to understand the speaker, and trying to get my task accomplished, is frustrating. I’m the customer, damn it, and I won’t put up with the bullshit.

Today I went in person to the local credit union office and had them activate it.

One more point. I will not discuss any financial information with call centers. Paranoid? Yes! Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean scammers aren’t out to get me.

Does this make me a racist? Do I give a shit if I am?


Wonder how that worked out for him?


My apologies for not using hyperlinks. My computer skills are poor and my ability to read and follow instructions lacking (no damn patience, among other things).


1996 model years were the start of OBS 2 outlets in cars and trucks. The Buick is a 1995. We have a bi-annual emissions check in portions of Weld County that must be passed before license plates will be issued. The Buick easily passed but went down the old beater lane.

Usually the place is jammed. Today most of the employees were standing around. Did they decide to open a second beater lane? Surely you jest.  I was surprised to see them using mirrors to inspect the exhaust systems. The car in front of me, a Dodge Intrepid, was inspected by a team for over 10 minutes. Back in the day in the car biz I looked under every trade in. Often, the catalytic converter was missing. Missing that will really diminish your gross profit.

The employees were extremely polite, a welcome change from past visits. I hate taking my old Mighty Max in as not everyone there can drive a manual transmission and they seem to delight in revving the engine.

Getting your plates can go two ways. Sit on your ass for six hours or make an appointment. I chose door number two. The first open slot last week when I made an appointment was 10:15 on 4/28.

Amazon Dilemma

I don’t like the “woke” nature of this company. They treat their employees poorly, I’ve been told. Still, they are damn convenient and quick.  I try to shop locally. When something on Amazon is 1/3 the price of a local retailer, I click on the button and in the next day or two the product is at my door.

Petty Crime

This from a relative who works for Flying J.

So much for a Wyoming crime wave.

More “Woke” Bullshit

Meanwhile in Colorado, COVID is the excuse to let criminals roam free. Can’t have them in jail; they might get sick. There is a bill sitting in the Colorado Senate that mandates personal recognizance bail for a wide range of felonies and misdemeanors. While the (P)regressive dominate the House, they only have a slight majority in the Senate. We can only hope the Republicans show some guts (Hey! It could happen).

Complete Colorado

A real source for state news. Published by the Independence Institute, I send a few shekels their way monthly.  In part, because the opposition deserves to be supported and, in part, because the money isn’t squander (unlike the NRA)

Yes, you are donating to the Independence Institute, which publishes Complete Colorado. But please, rest assured your donation goes to support Complete Colorado, not Jon Caldara’s drinking habit. It is also tax deductible!

 More “For  Your Own Good” Law

 We have a steady stream of assaults on person privacy. Any “lists” the government creates can be used for other purposes. History is on my side when I say that.

 Banner says, “Speaking of Privacy”.

He is now saying, get off you fat ass and take me for my morning walk.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Spoiled Dog

 Banner, the Lab, hates riding in a crate in the back of my truck. At 80 lbs, he is too big for the cab.

A couple of days ago I picked up this hooptie so he now has a back seat all for himself.

1995 Buick Regal, one owner, 167k miles, bought for $700. Thanks, SloJo! Sorry I didn't spend all the stimulus. 

Banner approves!

Friday, April 23, 2021

Weld County, CO


Business last night took me to a newer subdivision near Milliken, CO.

Driving down the streets around 1900 hours, I noticed one pickup truck after another in the driveways. Probably 40% of the vehicles were pickups.

The homes in this subdivision are no more than eight years old. Selling price, new, for these homes, was under $200,000. Most residents are in their late 30’s.

Sorry, nothing profound in this post, just observations. My guess is many of the families depend on the petroleum industry for part of their income. Probably most households have both adults working.

My part time gig is contacting people who are behind on their mortgages. Business has been slow due to COVID forbearances. That will probably change with a double whammy of the Greenie’s war on oil and the SloJo/Ho war on the economy.

The prospect saddens me. The folks living in that subdivision will soon see their American dream become a nightmare.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2021



Yesterday was the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Does history repeat itself? Sometimes events of the present resemble past events. The “repeat” parts are when you see present day patterns that resemble past patterns, and wonder if they foretell future events.

OK, WSF, get to the point. Ruby Ridge 8/92, Davidian Massacre 4/19/93, and the Oklahoma City bombing two years later on the anniversary of the Waco massacre were interrelated.

Ronald Reagan was no friend of armed citizens. As California Governor, he rammed through firearm laws we are living with today. This was in response to Black Panthers exercising their 2nd Amendment rights by open carrying at the State Capitol. Think I’m wrong? Check it out.

As President, his administration’s pawns went after any and all perceived anti-government factions. In fairness, they went after both left and right.

Jimmy followed much the same path and both Ruby Ridge and the Waco massacre occurred on his watch.

Clinton carried on with a name most of us recognize, Eric Holder, who was at the time Assistant Attorney General.

How long will it be before SloJo and Ho push citizens to act once again, ala Oklahoma City? I see history repeating itself.

A personal footnote. Before and after the OKC bombing, part of my work involved a lot of contact with “civil servants” at all levels of government. After OKC, at all levels, they suddenly became very helpful and friendly; doing their best to serve the public. That lasted for two or three years. Then gradually it went back to, “This would be a great job if we didn’t deal with the f**king public”.

Historians tell us the American Revolution only involved about 13% of the population. Few were trained military veterans and they were up against that era’s best Army. Consider the chaos 13% of today’s population can create.

Consider just one target, the massive computer center at Bluffdale, UT. All those computers need to be kept chilled. Water is used. The facility has just one water source.

(Hey LL, that above should suffice to get me a prime cot/pallet spot near the stove)

Thank you for your patience in reading all of this.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Heart Surgery


The grandkids other grandfather is having heart surgery today.

The procedure is fairly routine but open heart surgery is a serious matter, especially at our age.

They are an interesting couple. Among other things, he is a Bishop of the Ye Old Catholic Church of the Antioch and his wife a retired US West executive that ran the Dex Yellow Pages division for many years.

He spent time in the Navy doing something on Johnson Island he doesn’t talk about.

I will always remember her kindness when my youngest son died two years ago and the way all grandchildren from three different blended families are all treated equally.

After retirement, they spent a few years in Panama before returning to the United States and settling in Arizona.

Prayers and well wishes are appreciated.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Déjà All Over Again


Today brought some welcome news. The apartment building pest left on Friday.

The woman suffered from dementia plus drinking alcohol. Clueless, she would wander the halls ringing random doorbells. Last Monday she managed to start a fire in her apartment. Yesterday she was gone.

This woman bothered me in more ways than ringing my doorbell. My late ex-wife was named, “Karen”. The woman, too, was “Karen”, and could have been my ex-wife’s plain Jane sister. Worse, I felt the same kind of attraction to her that I did my ex! How the hell does that happen?

I wrote a post when my ex died.

An earlier post explained my favorite country song.d.html

This evening when I have my bedtime libation, think I will queue it up on YouTube and have a listen.

I do hope she is going to a care center where she will be safe. Here she wasn’t.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Only for Sisty


There was an insurance professional’s conference in town my sister helped organize. Part of the conference was a speech contest. Judges were needed.

Scrapping the bottom of the barrel, she asked me to be one of the judges. She is my sister; am I going to say, “No?”

Wearing the only tie I own (twenty or so went to Goodwill a few years ago), coat and wingtips, I showed up.

The residents of the apartment building only see me in casual pants and long sleeve T-shirt (occasional Polo shirt). My attire caused a stir. That will give the Coven a new topic to gossip about; just part of my public service!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Springtime in the Rockies


Snowing right now.  Colorado, where you can use your windshield ice scrapper in the morning and your a/c in the afternoon. Forecast is for a few more days of this.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Breaking Bad


I’ve been on a restricted food plan going on two years that restricts food containing lectins. It works; I’ve lost 60-70 lbs. Right now I’ve hit a plateau and have been at the same weight, plus or minutes five pounds, for several weeks.

Maybe once or twice a month I go off  the food plan, and this morning’s Sunday brunch with friends and my sister was one of those times.

The restaurant is family owned with three or even four generations working. The “bus boy” this morning looked to be about ten. Nothing fancy about the place, just good food at reasonable prices that is always busy.

Greeley, CO is transitioning from a primary agriculture town to a diverse city. My sister credits people re-investing profits from selling property to re-purposing existing buildings instead of taking their money elsewhere.

The city is still agriculture orientated but much of row crops are being processed elsewhere. Petroleum is a dominate industry but other businesses are growing. An example is Burris, maker of high end firearms optics.

Union Pacific rail is big in the area with a large switching yard just a few miles South across the South Platte River. A small railroad stays in business moving cars from the BNSF routes through Ft Collins a few miles to the West to the UP.  

Greeley is the county seat of Weld County, the reddest county in the blue/purple state of Colorado. It is a decent place to live, well run, a good police department and a fairly low crime rate. Too bad we are part of the Emperor Polis’ cluster of Boulder and mountain resort towns  trust fund snots.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Banner on Guard


Who does he think is going to take his food bowl? He is the only dog.


I’m quite comfortable. Use your other desk.

The question is; is he spoiled or well cared for?

After a hour with the groomer yesterday his odor isn’t as bad. He was getting rank. Now all the building ladies are complimenting him.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Emperor Polis


The mask mandate has been extended another month depending on where your county/community falls on some “color” scale, purple to green. My county is currently listed as “yellow”.

After a year of this nonsense, I see increasing scofflaw behavior. Most common is the mask below the nose. My guess, over half of mask wearers including store employees,  don’t cover their nose.

Must all be mouth breathers?

This morning I visited Harbor Freight where around 1/3 of the customers weren’t wearing masks (including yours truly).  As a major downstream China outlet, their stock is low and many bare shelves were to be seen. What I wanted wasn’t in stock so I left without buying anything.

 Emperor Polis will claim credit after MLB moved the All-star game from Atlanta to Denver. Interesting, MLB moved it to a city with around a 15% black population in a state with 4% of the population counted as black by the Census Bureau. The state has stronger voting laws, including ID requirements, than the recent Georgia voter action. Of course, Colorado is mail in voting only.

(Doesn’t matter really with the blue counties dominating the population and enforcement/scrutiny of voting absent in those counties.)

See where the American Media Maggots (h/t BZ) are all atwitter over SloJo “gun control” Executive Orders. What I see so far is a focus on fringe points that will still energize their base. Firearms owners will continue, “We Will Not Comply”, and trillions of innocent electrons will be killed as polemics are written. Fund raising by groups on all sides will be stepped up.

I think I will go take a nap.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Fresh Air

 I live in a small city surrounded by farms, feed lots, and dairy operations. Lots of “country” smells.

 Yesterday called for traveling about thirty miles to see the dentist. Such a great start to the week, no?

 This time of year the farmers are clearing their irrigation ditches of vegetation. The usual way is to burn them. In addition to the usual country smells, we have smoke. On the plus side, the air does clear your sinuses.

 Spring seems to have arrived and the ground vegetation is turning green. The deciduous trees and bushes haven’t leafed out yet which is good; we will probably get at least one more snow storm. Springs snow storms tend to be wet and heavy.

 We’ve seen a few days in the 70°’s and I’m enjoying having the windows open. The downside is the air is “fresh”.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Woke Bullshit


More of an editorial than a news report, this has so much “white” stereotyping as to be cringe worthy. All to support the current woke narrative of white privileged, white supremacy, insert something derogatory here _________.

The first question comes to mind, was the food truck couple current on what they owed the kitchen owner?

Second question, why was the kitchen owner so pissed?

Does this whole thing smells of a routine business transaction gone bad?  Race had little, if anything, to do with it.

People have disputes that often have nothing to do with skin color. When tempers flare, words often fly without much thought  behind them.

It may well be the kitchen owner is in the wrong but the “reporter” is clearly biased and pushing an agenda, and doing so with a tone of smug superiority. As BZ terms it, an American Mainstream Maggot.


Different slant, something that made me snort, then cringe because it is so apt.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Tis' A Privilege to Live in Colorado (Sometimes)

Out walking the dog this morning. 60°, no wind, 100 mile visibility, robins singing, and hints of green in the winter brown lifts my spirits.