Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Wandering Mind of Captain Obvious


The joys of high tech! You can start your Tesla with a key fob or your cell phone. What happens if your key fob battery is dead and you are somewhere your cell phone doesn’t get service? Call a tow truck!

First three minutes.



Seems I’m in a new Congressional District.

Sister Kink, aka Lori Saine, is now running for Congress. Put Sister Kink in my blog Search and you will find several posts about her. Talking with Sisty, she remarked how pistol packing Lauren Boebert from Congressional District 3 and Lori would be quite a combination in D.C. Maybe give “The Squad” some competition?

To date, there are at least twelve candidates in the primary.

For those interested, a fairly accurate summation can be found here.

 Sisty and I don’t dive deep into politics. She is guarded about her views as she is a long term board member of a fifty year old community health organization and must deal with whoever is in elected office.

Just to be crystal clear, Sisty doesn’t, and never has, made one dime for her work with the organization. It is her passion.



I’m not much interested in that mess other than not wanting to see any of our service members mixed in with the shitty leadership we now have.

 Do read Lone Star Parson’s blog for some in depth insight. He makes a strong case for this being a religious war.

Then there is the possibility of Russian, and/or Chinese cyber attacks on our infrastructure. The shadow operatives from Obama’s shadow government aren’t any more competent than they were when he was President. His third term is even more of a disaster than his first two terms.

Locally our elected official are appalled and supporting sanctions.  Emperor Polis has directed the state pension fund withdraw any money from Russian banks. Wow! What a safe place to put employee’s life savings.


Two Wire Winter

Riding Shotgun, a YouTuber, recently had a trip across Rabbit Ears Pass into Steamboat Springs. The lack of snow is worrisome. The Yampa, along with the White River (Meeker) is a major tributary of the Colorado River. Don’t expect Lake Powell and Lake Mead to improve much this year. The snow in the Southern Rockies has been decent which will help the Arkansas and Rio Grande basins. The Colorado will be helped by the Gunnison and the Green out of Wyoming. Unless we have a huge March, next summer could be worse than last year.



 Seems the Canadian elites don’t grasp that trucks can be parked everywhere, not just downtown Ottawa. How do you force someone to drive? Our elites probably can’t grasp the concept, either.



 An online magazine catering to the elite and wannabe elite audiences that has some interesting reads. I’m interested in Western stream flows and livestock grazing. A recent article was of interest.

A reprint of a “scientific” paper has many references to “climate change” and “global warming”. Just in case readers aren’t sharp enough to grasp the salient points, the author graciously underlined key words and phrases. Presumptuous? 

Certain plants and trees, such as sagebrush and invasive tamarack, soak up water and choke out other vegetation. Native Americans understood this and would deliberately burn sagebrush covered prairies. In one to two seasons the native grasses, which bison preferred, would take over. Springs, stream flow and rivers benefited.  As an example in Northeast Colorado is the Arikaree River. Now an intermittent stream, it once had a good flow.



Getting That Fresh Ride

 Along with catalytic converter thefts, expect higher insurance rates.


New Banner Hazard


We have a new resident who has installed a dog treat station Banner passes on the way to and from the elevator. Weakling that I am, when we return I toss a treat down the hall.  Off leash, he charges after it much to the amusement of some, but not all, neighbors. After retrieving it, he proudly prances around with several snorts. He rarely barks and never tries to take something off a table or counter. I won the dog lottery with him (most of the time).


Doesn’t Fit the “Narrative”

 I’m not smart enough to understand all of the science in this report but fear for the researchers.

 Yet another doubting Thomas.


Another Explanation for Weird Rock Formations

 This is an area I enjoy wandering. Not so much now as my younger years.



 My late son, the Medic, suffered from chronic reflex pain syndrome from his service injuries. Self medication errors may have contributed to his early death.  Any progress in this area I find encouraging.

 A wandering mind may be a dangerous mind. As always, YMMV.




Friday, February 25, 2022

Community Leaders

Jim and Jo Stanko, Steamboat Springs, CO are among my oldest friends. They are truly pillars of their community. Jim was a year behind me in high school. Never an athlete at 5’4” and maybe 110 lbs, he assisted coaches. We were in Boy Scouts and Junior NRA together. His father was a rancher and Jim eventually ended up with the ranch.

Jim tried to join the military but was turned down. He then attended Western State College, Gunnison, CO where he met Jo. They both became teachers, married, and started their teaching careers. Their first school was on Piceance Creek, Rio Blanco County CO that was a combination two room school with attached living quarters for the teachers. 9/16/69 Project Rulison, the underground detonation of a 40 kiloton nuclear device 5,000’ underground occurred nearby.

Then Uncle Sam came calling. Jim passed his draft physical and was drafted. He was not thrilled. His AIT was Artillery, probably the smallest cannon cocker to pass through Ft Sill. He was then sent to Germany.

Jim asked my advice. I suggested once he was settled he approach the battalion Sgt Maj with, “Sgt Maj, I would like to introduce myself. I’m married, have a Masters degree, and can keep my mouth shut”. Soon after he was the Colonel’s M151 driver. Jo was able to join him where she taught school and they had a good time in Germany.

After his father’s death, he took over the ranch. Jo started teaching school and eventually became the Elementary School Principal. Jim is interested in history and has written several books on local history. He is a pillar of the local library, American Legion, and the Cemetery Board. For decades, he was a prominent Democrat although not running for public office. He would have been a elected had he run.

Jo became a prominent member of the Colorado Cattlewomen and served in various offices. She is active in many of the advocacy needs of the agriculture industry and has been or is currently on various boards and committees.

They have kept the ranch going despite the insane real estate values of the “Boat”. For tax purposes, they had the ranch enrolled in the historic (100 years old) state program. Still a working ranch, Jim’s son is now doing much of the ranch work.

These are two people who, in my opinion, exemplify good citizens. Like all of us, they have their weaknesses and have struggled with the dark side. What they have never lacked is honesty and integrity. I’m proud they still consider me a friend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Arctic Blast


This morning the wind chill factor is -16°. Not real cold compared to other places but cold enough for Banner, the dog, to be uncomfortable.  East on the High Plains it is maybe 20° colder.

With his winter coat this morning he was happy to run around.

My parents had a very small ranch outside of Steamboat Springs, CO. We had a recording thermometer that went to -50°. More than once we saw it stuck on the bottom.

Maybell, CO, about 70 miles NNW of Steamboat, holds the state record of -61°.

You know it is cold when you drive five miles before your tires warm up enough for the flat spots to go away.

Modern engines seem to start easier than the older carburetor models. Block heaters and starting fluid was part of life.

Walking four miles home after wrestling practice no matter the weather or temperature was just what I did along with chores.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch at the VFW with Sisty and friends. Brings back memories of Army chow halls.

 Older post 10/17/21 gave a bit of history about the building.

Banner had to wait in the car but got three pieces of bacon when I returned.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Slip Sliding Away

Nasty short term snow storm blew through today. Sisty was returning on a flight to DIA and I was on my way to fetch her.

Several truck owners around here put fancy rims and oversized tires on their short bed pickups. Looks real cool until they drive on  roads like today’s.

Sisty reports the plane had a slight slip and slide turning off the runway. 

Monday, February 14, 2022

Changing Attitudes?

Two weeks ago the line of cars extended out onto the street.

Free testing as you sit in the comfort of your ride. Wonder what the carbon footprint is nationwide where this is available?

This location is on the Teachers College campus, aka Northern Colorado University, the Bluest spot politically in the city.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Wyoming Wind

Driving in Wyoming safely means paying attention.

A few years ago driving East on I-80 MM 129 (Arlington Exit) saw a couple standing forlornly in front of their new pickup and 5th wheel camper lying on the right side. Because of the wind they had stopped on the shoulder and got blown over sitting still. This was in the summer.

There are other highways where the wind can hurt you. I-29 from Sioux Falls to Fargo comes to mind.

Sisty’s work as an Insurance Adjuster takes her to these wrecks from time to time. 0300 when the call comes in? A nasty storm is in progress? She fires up the 4x4 and goes.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

How to Spot a Xiden Voter

Wearing face diapers inside and outside, even while driving, in areas the draconian government edicts have been lifted.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Campaign Promise

Interesting, since this is a solid red county, less the county seat which goes blue. Greeley is home to the Teachers College, aka Northern Colorado University. Trump carried the county with some 70% of the vote.

May not be the best campaign strategy but certainly draws a line in the sand.

Old Firearm Grip Identification Help

With limited computer skills copying their Facebook page seems to be the best way to make this post. Some of the readers of this blog are very knowledgeable about older firearms. You may find this of interest.

The Sweetwater County Historical Museum in Green River, Wyoming, recently researched a Civil War revolver and is hoping for help in identifying the figure carved on its grip.

The handgun in question is a Remington .44-caliber single-action percussion revolver, a New Model Army.

The New Model Army saw extensive service during the Civil War and and the post-Civil War frontier era. About 132,000 New Model Armies were made between 1863 and 1875. Based on its serial number, the museum’s assessment is that it was manufactured in November of 1864.

The carving on the pistol’s right grip has generated something of a mystery, however. Shown in the photograph here, it appears to be, possibly, a flower or other type of plant. That it might be a livestock brand seems unlikely, as it is too elaborate. The Remington’s owner is in the general area of the Great Lakes, generating one potential theory; that the image may be Native American, from one of the tribes in that region.

Anyone who recognizes the image is encouraged to contact the museum at (307) 872-6435, via email at


Thursday, February 3, 2022

Swiped off Facebook

Accurate depiction of our institutions or higher learning?


Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Snow Tires

Seldom do I post about a product purchased. My all season tires weren’t adequate for Colorado winters. There is one tire store manager I’ve dealt with for years and found to be trustworthy. Sisty also trusts him. He set me up with four Firestone Winterforce 2 tires on my Buick.

To date, their performance has exceeded my expectation.  I do a fair amount of driving residential streets that seldom, if ever, see a snowplow. These tires don’t even slip on frozen ice ruts. Rural dirt roads (read mud) are part of my driving. So far, not a problem.

Overall mileage is down about 2 mpg and there is more road noise. I’ll happily live with that instead of getting stuck.

My 1/13/2022 post mention these tires and I continue to be pleased with them.

Tonight we have a “normal” snow storm. Should last 48 hours and leave behind up to 8” of snow. Not a blizzard here but 50 miles North in Wyoming the weather is brutal. I-80 and I-25 both closed with numerous wrecks.

The high Rockies end just short of the Wyoming line. The Snowy Range between Laramie and Saratoga helps make a weather funnel with lower elevations (6,000’ asl to 8,000’ asl) to the North until you get to the Wind River Range by Dubois.

An alternate explanation is Nebraska sucks and Utah blows. No matter, professional drivers earn their money driving Wyoming year around.