Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Snow Tires

Seldom do I post about a product purchased. My all season tires weren’t adequate for Colorado winters. There is one tire store manager I’ve dealt with for years and found to be trustworthy. Sisty also trusts him. He set me up with four Firestone Winterforce 2 tires on my Buick.

To date, their performance has exceeded my expectation.  I do a fair amount of driving residential streets that seldom, if ever, see a snowplow. These tires don’t even slip on frozen ice ruts. Rural dirt roads (read mud) are part of my driving. So far, not a problem.

Overall mileage is down about 2 mpg and there is more road noise. I’ll happily live with that instead of getting stuck.

My 1/13/2022 post mention these tires and I continue to be pleased with them.

Tonight we have a “normal” snow storm. Should last 48 hours and leave behind up to 8” of snow. Not a blizzard here but 50 miles North in Wyoming the weather is brutal. I-80 and I-25 both closed with numerous wrecks.

The high Rockies end just short of the Wyoming line. The Snowy Range between Laramie and Saratoga helps make a weather funnel with lower elevations (6,000’ asl to 8,000’ asl) to the North until you get to the Wind River Range by Dubois.

An alternate explanation is Nebraska sucks and Utah blows. No matter, professional drivers earn their money driving Wyoming year around.


drjim said...

I had Bridgestone Blizzaks on my Grand Cherokee, and they were amazing. First time I'd ever driven a car with Winter tires, and they never let me down.

I was listening to the scanner right when they closed the I-25 at the state line. The plow driver said they were in white-out conditions.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

That section is nasty. I went into the center ditch once 3 miles South of the state line during a white out.

Old NFO said...

Actual winter tires are worth their weight in gold/currency of your choice. But you also have to drive 'to' conditions... sigh

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Good point!

LSP said...

Careful out there... ice, sleet and snow forecast for this part of rural Texas and no on one has snow tires. In the meanwhile, GO TRUCKERS at Coutts.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

No road trips till Saturday - Nebraska again. At the moment have a friend stuck in Snyder, TX trying to get home to Aztec, NM. Roads closed due to black ice.

Anonymous said...

I need snow tires WSF, so I looked these up based on your post. Apparently the quality has been going down lately and most of the recent comments I've seen were complaints. Including several complaints from people who had previously been happy with the same tire, but not happy with their recent replacement tires.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I usually ignore or delete anonymous comments but will make an exception. Old trite saying, "You get what you pay for". My cost for 4 tires mounted, balanced and free alignment from a trusted store was $510.14. Are there better tires? Of course, but at what price? Answer; two to three times more. Yesterday I drove 542 miles on those tires with zero issues. To date, they have taken me through 8" of fresh powder on top of frozen ruts. I've parked in frozen ruts on unplowed residential streets. I've driven down wet, sloppy, dirt county roads and in an out of rural dirt driveways.

For a senior who watches his expenditures closely these tires were what I needed at a price that fit my budget. As always, YMMV