Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Slip Sliding Away

Nasty short term snow storm blew through today. Sisty was returning on a flight to DIA and I was on my way to fetch her.

Several truck owners around here put fancy rims and oversized tires on their short bed pickups. Looks real cool until they drive on  roads like today’s.

Sisty reports the plane had a slight slip and slide turning off the runway. 


Ami said...

The few times I traveled by plane and the runways were icy scared the hell out of me. I still have no idea how something going as fast as a jet while landing can land on that shit and NOT skid off the runway and flip and, well, mayhem.

I know winter isn't over yet, and that it's only mid-February, but it *feels* like spring. So I want it to BE spring, dammit.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The runways get treated and the planes have anti=lock brakes. Just like a curve on a street, slow down turning onto a taxiway.

drjim said...

Wasn't out today, but the scanner was active with reports of cars off the road, some of them upside down.

LL said...

The storm brushed me yesterday and again over the night with about four inches. I'm staying in, WSF. No need to go out adventuring like you and Banner.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

We saw a few on the trip. A Nissan that passed me Southbound on Road 49 was in the center median of I75 about a mile from the intersection.

In my dotage I've cut back. Still, last night on the return from DIA Sisty requested I slow down. Don't understand, the posted speed limit is 65 mph on that road.

Sisty said...

I rarely request WSF to slow down. However, last night there was a nice sheen of ice on the road and crosswinds. Some drivers were going super slow and lane definition was sketchy. I only requested about 5mph speed reduction in case other drivers decided to "dance" on the road. We did arrive safe & sound and Banner was just fine. Banner's comfort is all that matters.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Alas, last night your judgement was spot on. However, blaming it on Banner??????

Sisty said...

I didn't blame it on Banner. I was just looking out for his well being.

LSP said...

Be safe!

Old NFO said...

Slow and steady for the win!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Not my nature.

I've spent so many years driving in nasty conditions that slow and steady, while desirable, takes time. Yes, driving too fast has bit me in the ass a few times. My earliest driving was in NW Colorado winters.