Thursday, September 28, 2023

Colorado is Sinking, or Stinking - Your Choice

A Colorado focused blog today. Feel free to pass it by.


One of the fundamental services a government provides is a postal system. Our first postmaster was Benjamin Franklin. Would he be appalled if alive today? Consider the dilemma of residents west of the continental divide in Colorado.


We have a bit of family history involving the mail. My father, age 14, delivered mail from Maybell, CO to the ranches in Browns Park. 

He did this on horseback in the winter and with a Model T in the summer. The horseback circuit took a week and various ranchers would give him food and a bed. Among those was the notorious Bassett’s (Queen Anne Bassett). 


Sisty may want to add some family lore, or may not. Her call. 

An aunt, Jayne Hoth, was the Maybell Postmistress for decades. She converted her front porch into a post office.

Circa 1960’s, while in the Army stationed in Germany, I was sent to a three day school to be qualified as a postal clerk. My unit spent a lot of time “in the field” far from our Kaserne. My job was driving back every day in a M-37 with the mail and whatever needed moved. Fun job? 600 miles round trip, German winters, in a canvas top M-37 wasn’t a soft job. Bonus was being able to have a hot shower every day.

Those who count the votes determine the winner

Jena Griswold, the far left Colorado Secretary of State, had a 200%+ staff turnover during her first term. What part has she played in the looming election crisis?


Perhaps many leaving cannot stomach the fraud and still have some integrity? Is this one of the integrity questions they cannot stomach?


We now have 16 or more states issuing a driver license to illegal immigrants including Colorado.


How many of us are naive enough to think these same license holders won’t become voters? What is your guess as what party will get their votes?

Artesia + sin

A small town straddling US 40 four miles from the Utah line, the town renamed itself Dinosaur as in the nearby Dinosaur National Monument. Long a place for thirsty Mormons, excuse me, Latter Day Saints, from nearby Vernal to peruse individual sins, it has had a precarious existence. Now prospects are brighter.


We stubborn curmudgeons  continue to call it by the original name.

WSF in his early scofflaw days once left a Utah officer, in hot pursuit, disappointed by beating him to the state line. What was then the Colorado Courtesy Patrol, later named the State Patrol, officer was likewise disappointed as WSF crossed the state line well below the posted speed limit. A memorable conversation next to the Artesia gas station, involving both officers, resulted in WSF continuing on his way sans any citations. Verbal threats were issued.


Colorado stands alone as having a Taxpayers Bill of Rights. In basic terms, if the state collects more revenue that budgeted, the surplus is returned to the taxpayer. This dike has prevented the complete Californication of Colorado. Need I add the (P)regressives loath it?

Emperor Polis and his minions are behind the latest attempt to neuter TABOR, something called Proposition HH. It will be on the next ballot. Opposition is growing. So what? Who will count the votes?


As always, YMMV 

Sunday, September 24, 2023

How Do They Do It?


How do they do it, the writers who put up something every day? My process is twofold. One is reading something that pisses me off. Second, after the 0400 bladder drain, lie in bed for an hour or two reviewing all the dumb mistakes I’ve done in my life. Some of that ends up in a Word document that lingers on the computer until I get around to posting it. After my kinetic alarm clock wakens me I sometimes remember what I reviewed.

What is a kinetic alarm clock? A 80 lb Treat Hound self petting on the end of my bed, encouraging me to get up and feed him breakfast.

A Karen Moment

My late ex wife was named Karen. A very appropriate and fitting name as she moved through life.

Two days ago my phone rang. It was my middle son. Conversation was as follows.

“I pulled a Karen and locked my keys in my car. I have a locksmith coming and he will charge me $120”.

He went on to explain that the roadside assistance provided by our State Farm policy sucks, he doesn’t want to wait hours, and he doesn’t want to deal with a female Ebonics speaker.

I should add he is not a racist. As a high functioning Asperger Syndrome individual, his observations are blunt, to the point, and unfiltered.


the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.

Opinion, not fact.

Is fracking causing earth tremors? Possibly, according to this article.


More evidence? Denver, CO started having small earthquakes after waste was pumped deep into rock formations nearby. After the pumping stopped, the earthquakes stopped. Long explanation.


In 1967 while living in the Capitol Hill area of Denver, my visiting father and I were drinking coffee on a front porch. We watched as a small ripple, like on water, come across the ground shaking the building. My first experience with an earthquake. Not his. He said there was a bad earthquake at Dinjan Airfield, Assam, India while he was there that did more damage than any Japanese bombing raids.

Bad Science + Political Agendas 

The atrocity that was COVID-19 will linger for years. As more facts emerge, the less we common folk trust what we are being told.  The harm? Flu is a major health problem for both people and animals. Here is a potential game changer.


Will many accept the science should the trials prove successful? I, for one, will be hard to convince. How do most of us know ‘good’ science from ‘bad’?

Potential Military Force

Consider the military potential of wildfire fighters. Physically fit, trained to work under stress as a team, etc. 


Open Borders can’t be the source, can it?

Drug overdose deaths. 


Locally? Emperor Polis (imagined Libertarian) applauds open borders.



Swiped this map from LL’s blog, Virtual Mirage, and a though percolated up in the chaos that is my mind. How much has relative inexpensive DNA testing changed our interpersonal relationships?

 A personal experience. My youngest son had his DNA tested by and shared his results. Startled me, as his percentage of Norwegian ancestry was very high. His mother was 1st generation Norwegian (Yah sure, yah betcha) but nothing in my family’s oral history hinted at any Norwegian ancestors. Although in my mind I questioned if I was his biological father, I shrugged. He was my son.

Sometime later I did the test. Surprises! While I’m 99.9% Caucasian,  about 8% is Norwegian! Guess some Viking raped one of my Irish ancestors. The test identified a biological son, with a code name. When I mentioned it to him, he excitedly told me that was him!

My response? “Good to know. Now I won’t need to slap your mother”.

Uniparty, Colorado Edition

What passes for courage in the Colorado Republican Party?


Nice Boobs, Poor Judgment


The (P)regressives are all over this; they hate her.

As always, YMMV

Saturday, September 16, 2023

A Little Pot Stirring (Because I an't got much)

Robust Conversation – (P)regressive Definition

Shut up and listen to what we want (and demand).

New Mexico 2nd Amendment Cluster***k

Things are getting interesting. Even a Biden appointed judge couldn’t stomach the Governor’s overreach. Down the road we Colorado residents may see relief from onerous laws.


Pass the popcorn.

Moffat Tunnel

The tunnel is owned by the State of Colorado. The lease expires in January 2025. WSF predicts the new lease will be written to prohibit the transport of fossil fuels through the tunnel. This is a golden opportunity for the environazis to kill the coal industry in Colorado and cripple the oil industry, they think.


 Between Emperor Polis and the left dominated Legislator it is a slam dunk for the environazis.

 The other player is the Union Pacific railroad who owns the rail right of way on either side of the tunnel. They may just shut it down. Precedent? They shut down the Tennessee Pass route after acquiring the Denver and Rio Grande.

Their options? Their historic route across Wyoming to Emeryville, CA and from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. Closing the old D&RG route won’t put them out of business. They still have no restrictions from Bond, CO westward and can still haul Western Slop coal and petroleum over that route. Another option is to reopen the Tennessee Pass route.

Things may get interesting.

Just how ‘trackage rights’ might affect decisions is beyond my knowledge. Could the State rent trackage rights to, say, the BNSF?

A long explanation of trackage rights.


Personal note. My father was the section foreman for the Moffat Tunnel in the early 1950’s and we lived in East Portal. I have an attachment to the place and I am pained to see the infrastructure deteriorate the way it has. Whether that is the responsibility of Colorado or the Union Pacific isn’t clear.

Ignored Threat

Disclaimer. I am not, and do not, advocate any action to accomplish what I am about to point out.

When the Moffat Tunnel was under construction a small pilot bore was the first phase. The tunnel bore was then dug next to the pilot bore. The pilot bore was enlarged and now caries Western Slope water for consumption by Denver and the Englewood suburb. That water tunnel is, IMO,  an easy target for sabotage.

As always, YMMV



Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Cry Wolf


Colorado Wolf Pack

The environazis have successfully made introducing wolves in Colorado law and policy. Wyoming has a different take on the matter. Seems Colorado wolfs are showing up dead in Wyoming. Surely, no Colorado rancher would kill one then take a short drive across the state line and dump the carcass? Heavens no! Long article here. MORE

Will cracking down on this be a priority for the Jackson and Moffat County Sheriffs? Will average January temperatures reach 90°? Routt County is different in there is only one road to Wyoming, closed in winter, and high clearance vehicles recommended.

40°56’14.79”N 107°00’04.59W

Short geography explanation. From the Utah line across the Wyoming line are, in order, Moffat, Routt, and Jackson counties. Moffat and Jackson counties are impacted more by wolf reintroduction. As the wolf population grows, Rio Blanco and Grand Counties will be impacted.

But what wolves will be introduced? The wolves once common in the Rocky Mountains were about the size of Mexican wolves. The wolves to be introduced are Canadian wolves which are much larger.

What? No Masks!!

A study validating common sense for protection against colds. Face diapers not needed. MORE

 Broken Window Policing

A long article on how focusing on property crimes helps curtail car theft crimes. All have a degree of commonality. MORE

What I find telling is this practice originated in the conservative areas of Colorado and is grudgingly being started in the (P)regressive Front Range areas.

Electric Vehicle Trap

This has been floating around Falsebook for a few days. Authentic? Who knows? Sobering if true.

I Hear A Train A’coming

Brace yourself! WSF finds a public transportation scheme that makes sense.

Housing in Steamboat Springs, CO is so expensive only trust fund snots can afford it. Workers are squeezed. Many live to the West in Hayden or Craig, 25 to 45 miles away. Other live South in Oak Creek or even Phippsburg and Yampa, more miles away. All are served by two lane highways with very few passing lanes.

The Union Pacific rail line is well maintained with coal trains running constantly. Some sort of commuter train service along the Yampa Valley River corridor makes sense. MORE

In a earlier blog I wrote about the Yampa Valley Mail.

Would reviving the Yampa Valley Mail be financially viable? For Denver area residents wanting to do “The Boat”, avoiding a four hour+  drive over two mountain passes might draw a lot of passengers.

Colorado College Football

Disclaimer. I’m  a lukewarm football fan. As a player I never rose above mediocre. What gets my attention is Coach Prime Time Deion Sanders and his impact on the University of Colorado, aka Birkenstock U, and the (P)regressive sinkhole of Boulder, CO. Christian man, starts every meeting with a prayer, and exudes traditional values. In Boulder? Well, if you bring in the big bucks all is ignored. Estimates are last weekend $17,000,000 was spent in Boulder businesses. CU merchandise sales and ticket sales are over the top.

Lost in the excitement are other Colorado teams. Last year Division II runner up Colorado School of Mines is 2-0 as is the Air Force Academy.

 Up the road my mother’s Alma Matter, Wyoming is 2-0.

Sorry, Donkey, aka Broncos fans. 0-1. Yeah, yeah Sisty, the Seasucks are 0-1.

Good News – Fast Food

With seven locations now Along the Front Range, three more are being added. One will be four miles from me, another in Brighton where I lived for several years and one about fifteen minutes from DrJim’s abode.

DrJim and SLW are outstanding examples of the California refugees we welcome.

 Colorado Politics

Too much shit going on to burden you residents of other states. If you are a masochists you can read it here. MORE

As always, YMMV  

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Bouncing Around like a Dented Ping Pong Ball


High Country Ramble

With a rare moment with no  pressing demands my trip to Moffat County and the family gathering allowed me to travel two summer only Wyoming roads. First was the Snowy Range highway between Laramie and Encampment. Saw a nice sized moose near the summit. I’ve seen few moose in my life but he seemed fairly large.

 These fences make sense once you consider digging post holes in the rocky ground found here.

The second was Battle Mountain Pass from Encampment to Baggs.

Sunbeam, CO

Birthplace of my father. His maternal grandfather operated a toll bridge there. Not much left of it but hand built around 1900 what still stands impresses me.

 Side note. My father’s address when he was drafted in WWII was Skull Creek, CO. He spoke of questioning looks from fellow service members and ended up with the nickname, “Sunshine”.

 The roads North to Interstate 80 in Wyoming are mainly paved and the scenery worth the trip. Being prepared is prudent.

Juniper Springs

An all too common fate for many places is closure after the owners retire/die. Many cousins grew up swimming here so 9/2 we convoyed to the springs with me providing a ride for three. Not much left but a few area volunteers try to keep the pools intact.

Military Service and Patriotism

A comment I made at LL’s blog led to more thought.

In our youth my cousins and I listened to our Great Uncle and WWII veteran uncles swapping war stories at family gatherings. I know I, and I suspect several cousins, were motivated to join the military so that we could take an active part of those sessions. Further, we looked up to those men and wanted their acceptance and approval.

Excluding the Coast Guard, I have cousins that have served in all branches. One son was an Army Medic and his son, a 5th Generation soldier, is in the South Carolina National Guard.

Last weekend at the family gathering there were three Marines, two Sea Bees, two Combat Engineers and one Destroyer sailor. All cousins or married to cousins.

I doubt any of us care to be “thanked for our service”. It was something we did because it was expected.

Coffypot had a good post on Falsebook.

 If you want to thank me for my military service, vote for candidates who put veterans before illegal aliens”.

Mass Shooting

Promoting hysteria, Iowa State University employees have developed at ‘scientific’ way for forecasting future mass shootings. They build on data collected by the “Violence Project”. Oh the horror! A possible 700+ mass shootings is forecasted (in a country with a population of 316,000,000+). If you have nothing better to do, you can read it here.


More “Settled Science” B.S. Gamers will Solve Global Warming

I’m too much a Latter Day Luddite to swallow this crap. IMO, the authors should find real jobs solving real problems. YMMV 


Geothermal Electricity Production

The idea has appeal. The devil is in the details. Cynical I distrust anything Emperor Polis has his hands on. More regulation, more private sector costs, and more state employees aren’t, IMO, a sound financial plan. 


Buying Vote while Virtue Posturing


 The Sun had nothing to do with this???

Decades of gradual warming due to human-caused climate change and an El Niño in the Pacific Ocean nudged global ocean temperatures to record levels in 2023.

Click bait lead to set the ‘proper’ tone. Human caused is ‘settled science’.  No mention that long term temperature recording didn’t start until just after the end of the Little Ice Age (1300 – 1850) in North America. Pacific Ocean record keeping started sometime around 1910 and only in a few places (LaJolla, CA for example). Does anyone remember GIGO? (Garbage in, Garbage out)


Paper Straws

Seem they have health hazards. Since I don’t live in CA I’ve never encountered them. Around here the plastic straws come wrapped in paper. 


Too bad all the evironazis can’t embrace the old craftsman’s adage, “Measure twice, cut once”. As in think your idea through  the many possible outcomes. Could we ask the USDA to embrace the concept instead of pushing Solyent green? 


Conspiracy nutcase, me? Consider, our ancestors took measures when they heard wolves howling even when the pack was far away.

FAFO Update


 Future passive aggressive hostile inflammatory blogs lie ahead but, for the moment, Banner needs to go for a walk

 As always, YMMV

Monday, September 4, 2023

Family Funeral

 Fair warning. This post is for my extended family. You are welcome to read it and may enjoy some of the photos. Aunt Nancy succumbed to cancer a few weeks ago. Her children decided to inter her cremation ashes in the family cemetery over the Labor Day weekend.

 A little history. Around 1912 Leonard and Frank White filed homestead claims about 20 miles West of Maybell, CO. The land has remained in the hands of some of the descendents. Jayne Hoth, nee White, ended up owning the property and her two surviving children still own it. Aunt Jane established a portion to become a private family cemetery.

40° 24’ 19.08”N  108° 28’ 20.02” W

 As an extended family we gather at the Maybell, CO Community Center. A very rough head count Sunday morning was fifty souls.

Organizing anything with our tribe is like herding cats but eventually thirty or so vehicles convoyed West on US 40.

The only plan for the cemetery is for the graves to be between a dirt track and the West property line. Graves are scattered here and there.

Her children chose a spot near her oldest son’s and first husband’s spot. At our cemetery we bury our own.

The various folks gathered for pictures then, a prayer by the family matriarch, and “I’ll Fly Away” was sung. It is an understatement to say our services are not scripted.

I like the way her spot was dressed out.

 In this picture the old lady on the left is the last survivor of twelve children. Second and third generations are in the picture. The young lady on the far right in the purple dress is “with child”. So, four generations. 

Visiting my father’s grave, you can see the ten year long fight with badgers is still being fought. My father would have found it highly amusing that his grave would become a badger den.

The last time I was there velvet scraped from a deer antler was in the tree. Now, on the upper left is a “shed” horn. Since my father was a lifelong subsistence hunter and poacher, it is fitting deer now trample his grave. He would have approved.

Going to and back I took my time and will post some pictures in a future blog. I made it a point to stop in Walden, CO Cemetery to pay respects to some of my maternal relatives.

Fear not, pointless inflammatory  rants and raves will soon appear in this space.