Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Every Winter


The foolish are always with us.

All across the snow belt people don’t think about how their snug warm car can become a death trap.

Recently a truck went off the road between Evanston, WY and Utah on I-80. The truck slid sideways into deep snow, the snow came through the windshield filling the cab then freezing solid. The driver and co-driver were trapped in the sleeper cab where they froze to death.

Sisty, who investigates truck crashes as an insurance adjuster, says she has seen truck drivers, during Wyoming blizzards, dressed in shorts, wife beaters, and flip flops.

Other bloggers have commented on map programs showing alternate routes. As far as I know, no program has, “select a safe alternative route” as a feature.

As always, YMMV

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Canada visits the Front Range

1°F  this morning so Banner needed his heavy cost.

I have him drag his leash because the building rules call for all dogs to be on a leash.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Two and Done

 Cataracts removed from the right eye. All went well.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Bumbling Around



The Taurus I purchased had good tires but were not adequate for the conditions I drive in; unplowed icy rutted residential streets and/or dirt country roads (often muddy). Happy with the Firestones on the Buick I was disappointed to find their price has gone up 30%. Further, the manager of the store has moved on and the current group doesn’t impress me.

Doing some research I found Falken WINTERPEAK F-ICE 1. The reviews were good so I called the local store (Peerless). The manager said,

 “We sell a lot of them to rural mail carriers”.


So far the tires are everything I wanted and handle the conditions as well or better than the Firestones.

I’d have voted for him    

100 Years Ago, for the fourth week of January 1923, from the pages of the Greeley Tribune-Republican newspaper:

• A County Judge in western Colorado was arrested this week for selling illegal bootleg whiskey to high school boys. Judge Michael Welsh is in jail today after sheriff’s deputies discovered he was selling the illegal liquor to high school boys. The boys were regular customers of the judge and came to his house regularly to purchase the illegal booze.

ODD: Oppositional Defiant Disorder  

Thanks to LL, Virtual Mirage, I now know what I have had for a lifetime. The problem? I like my disorder.

Loathing (P)regressives  

Colorado is unique in having in the State Constitution a Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR), a political bulwark preventing the complete Californication of Colorado. To get around it the (P)regressives enact “fees”. An example, from registering a newly purchased vehicle.

Where is all that money going? Roads? The only decent roads in Colorado are in Boulder County, IMO, and I have driven corners to corners and boarders to borders at one time or another.

Frayed Man Card  

In the past few weeks I’ve started making, and carrying through, mature and logical decisions. With a h/t to the Detroit SCCA, my whole life has been, “Press on Regardless”. Worse, I’m now almost diligent in following medical instructions. Further fraying comes from reading and following instructions.

This is difficult. I’ve been tested for patience, and am negative. Trying to be more flexible I resist, “If your only tool is a hammer……..”

Bastards Never Stop

Colorado Democrats prepare ban on assault weapon sales

Fort Collins lawmaker said public safety is his top priority

Bruen Decision? (P)regressives say, “Fuck you, we make our own laws”.

Banner Approved

He likes the new ride. The back seat is different from the Buick and he is able to put his nose between the front seats on my right shoulder; yes, a back seat driver.


Good news so far for next summer’s water. Only the Arkansas River drainage is below average. My rancher friends in Steamboat Springs say the snow was over the 4th wire on their fences but has settled to a three wire. Another two good storms should put the snow over the fence posts.

The deep snow is hard on the elk and deer population and likely will cause above average winter kill.

Coach Prime Time

The University of Colorado hiring Deion Sanders to run the football program is creating a big buzz. While I’m no Buffalo fan, for the sake of friends and neighbors who are, I hope this doesn’t turn out to be another Russell Wilson/Denver Bronco fiasco. Since the Buffs won just one game last year he can’t do much worse.

Good luck to him and the people he is bringing with him as they navigate the Boulder housing market. Can you say, “sticker shock?”

The Emperor has No Clothes

Polis busted for bogus crime rate claim, Colorado 2nd in FBI stats for property crimes

The Denver Gazette fact-checked Polis’s claim that Colorado falls in “the middle of the pack on crime rates,” and discovered that Colorado’s crime rate is higher than the national average.

According to the FBI, only Washington, D.C. had a higher property crime estimate than Colorado.

We are #2

 Gov. Polis and Democrat lawmakers campaigned for reelection on their alleged accomplishments of reducing the cost of healthcare in Colorado.


Our health care premiums saw the second largest increase nationwide!

Private health insurance premiums rose higher in Colorado for 2023 than every state except for one.

Axios Denver reports Georgia came in first place with premium spikes as high as 20%, followed by Colorado with a soaring increase as high as 19.6%.

The nationwide average increase for health insurance premiums in 2023 is 4%.

For those who excelled in the study of equity and inclusion but must Google simple math — those numbers suck.


h/t Colorado Peak Politics

 Win, win, win 

First win. The lady who sold me the Taurus had a stress free sale with cash in her hand. Second win. I now have a nice car at a very reasonable price. Third win. The Buick went to a very decent couple who are struggling. The wife is caring for her elderly mother who lives off a dirt road thirty miles from their home with hit or miss snow plowing. The Buick is a tank in those conditions so their primary vehicle can stay with her husband.

Firearms rant

The motives of those politicians calling for “GUN CONTROL” are, to me, highly suspect. A few are undoubtedly sincere but most are just posturing. They know what they are proposing won’t work, is likely unconstitutional, and unenforceable.

“Look, we are doing something!!!!”

The harm is the distraction from other, serious problems that aren’t addressed because of the time spent posturing. Nice way to deflect attention from their lack of accomplishments that solve real problems.

As always, YMMV.


Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Passing Thought

(P)regressives of all stripes and hues seemed determine to destroy the United States as we  know it.  Doing so, they will do untold harm to the common men, women, and children. Why? How do they justify those actions?

WSF now goes down a murky path that may, or may not; make any sense, to readers. You have been warned.

War mentality. In their minds are they at war? War causes causalities. Do they liken themselves to war time commanders sending Marines to storm Iwo Jima?

Those commanders grieved for the horrible casualties that followed but steeled themselves with the belief the cost was justified by the end result.

Ergo, the harm to common men, women, and children is simply the cost of war.

Of course, the (P)regressives envision themselves in the role of commanders, sitting in relative safety in offshore ships,  directing the action. Not for them to crawl in volcanic ash.

To “win” their war they must protect themselves, at all costs, from resistance or danger from the common herd revolting against them. If they study history at all, the focus is on population manipulation and control.

Seeing themselves as some political Audie Murphy must be an enormous ego boost.

As always throughout history, marching behind them are the opportunists and war profiteers. Which is more despicable?

As always, YMMV

Monday, January 16, 2023

One Down, One to Go

The cataract surgery this morning on the left eye went well. There will be a checkup tomorrow.

Right now I can’t focus well enough to read a computer screen so responses to remarks may take awhile.

Thank all of you for your good thoughts and best wishes.

Banner is staying with Sisty until I’m sure I can take care of a 80 lb Treat Hound.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Nothing too Important

Weather Coping Skills

My niece in Reno was recently without electricity for over 50 hours after a massive snow fall. She was able to fall back on experiences in her youth, plus country raised smarts, and come out unharmed. Discomfort yes but panic, no. Good job, Sisty,  on raising a smart capable daughter!

Outlets at Loveland


Fifteen years ago every store front was full. Over time more and more vacancies occurred. Now the North side is completely empty and the South side has two churches, a Boy Scout store, and a Mattress store.

Causes? I don’t know. Online shopping probably hurt. A newer snazzier outlet complex directly across the Interstate didn’t help.

More Closures


Two Lutheran senior housing places are closing in Greeley. A new high rise complex has been built twelve miles away in Windsor. These places are expensive with the least expensive apartments stating at $1,500 a month.

My place saw the rent rise $125 a month at the first of the year.

Fresh Ride

Sisty has an elderly relative by marriage that, nearly ninety, is relocating to Southwest Alabama.

My cell phone rings, it is Sisty, and she says, “You are buying a car”.

Said car is a 2002 Ford Taurus SE with 52,xxx miles.

In my many years retailing cars, I’ve seen perhaps three cars as clean. No dents, no scratches, no lot rash, perfect glass and excellent tires.

This is a wonderful win/win situation. The seller had no worries about the paperwork being done properly (Sisty has sold cars) and strangers coming to her house. She received crisp $100 bills. I now have a car that will probably go 200,000 miles with proper maintenance. 2002-2005 Taurus are prone to transmission problems. I’m not concerned as rebuilt transmissions are readily available and have corrected the piss poor Ford parts.

The car passed the Colorado Emissions test like it was brand new. Now insured, I have a DMV appointment Wednesday for license plates.

Thank you, Sisty.

Delinquent Mortgages

The assignments keep coming in with some new companies I haven’t seen before.

It seems many of the agents are intimidated by rural assignments and turn them down. Those assignments don’t bother me and I get well paid to do them. The assignments I don’t want are Metro Denver.


You are a traffic menace.


 Bad Girl


Someday I may learn how to do links but it will probably mean reading and following instructions.

Community Spirit

Over the years I’ve used this facility many times and then got coffee.

Avian Flu

All of us have seen the Price increase in eggs. The impact isn’t just domestic chickens.



Tomorrow morning is the first procedure. I’m having my best eye done first. In 2005 I developed macular degeneration in my right (shooting) eye. Thanks to marigold extract it hasn’t worsened.

The left eye is ok but I’m slowly losing low light vision which makes driving at night hazardous. My hope is the procedure will improve my low light vision. Two weeks later the right eye will be done.

Banner will spend an overnight with Sisty. I have several retired nurses for neighbors who will be available for help if I need it.

Don’t Low Ball Me!

My 1995 Buick I’m selling to friends for $5.00. Why not free? Quirks in Colorado laws and liability issues. They are good people and he can work on the minor issues the Buick has. I’ve driven it 50,xxx miles after buying it for $800. I’ve spent somewhere around $1,800 on tires and repairs. With only 206,xxx on the odometer they should get several more years use out of it.

Government Overreach

As always, YMMV

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Hypocrisy Writ Large

 What follows is a somewhat rambling but hopefully coherent thought that flitted through my mind.

Perhaps the first assault on the Deep State was the 1975 Church Committee. The Deep State's response, aided by the American Mainstream Maggots  (h/t BZ), was to brand Senator Church a homosexual based and his foot allegedly taping as he used a public restroom stall that was supposedly a signal to other homosexuals.

Today we have a sitting President whose own daughter says her father repeatedly molested her by showering with her; that she waited until he was asleep before taking a shower. American Media Maggots? Crickets.

Right now we have the Twitter revelations courtesy of Elon Musk (my favorite African American; that will irritate a certain family member!)

Once again the American Mainstream Maggots are staying away from any penetrating investigation and reporting. (Show my shocked face!)

As always, YMMV.

ADDENDUM: I've been informed some part of my post is inaccurate - Craig instead of Church. OK, sue me!

Thursday, January 5, 2023


 Wiggins, CO. Only railroad crossing in town with a 3 mile long empty eastbound train waiting for a 3 mile long loaded westbound train to pass. I knew a way around - saved 30 minutes.

The past few days have seen some large storms in the Nebraska Panhandle. This is Sutherland, NE.  I waited three days to do my assignments in the area.

Several wrecks are still waiting to be towed along I-80 and I-75. There are many more tracks where vehicles left the road and have been retrieved.

In years past I would have gone regardless. Am I older and wiser? Older, for sure; wiser or gutless?